Zack Snyder's Justice League - Review! (No Spoilers)

The Snyder Cut has been released! Check out my spoiler-free thoughts on the director's vision of the 2017 DC team-up, and come back this weekend for my spoiler review!




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Damn, sounds like Warner just completely fucked over this movie.
Mike Riley
Mike Riley:
This movie feels not just like Zacks tribute to his daughter Autumn but a love letter to all DC comics, cartoons or movie fans. I absolutely loved it.
Karen Claudino
Karen Claudino:
EVERY review I see of ZSJL, people talk how great Cyborg is in this movie. Imagine being WB right now after removing him from The Flash movie.
Wasim Saleem
Wasim Saleem:
A youtuber who acknowledges what they said in the past and still has an open mind. You are like gold dust!
Alexander Nigro
Alexander Nigro:
Just seeing Dan praise the movie like this, has already helped restore my faith in DC comics.
Dan “it’s fine whatever leave me out of it” Murrel liked or even loved it???? Wow, I was not interested but now I’m excited
I hope this version makes all the DC fans happy, even if just for a little. After all the crap from last year, we need to start getting back to joy!
Christopher Henry
Christopher Henry:
This is why you’re my favorite. Honest. Analytical. Fair. You’re such a good critic.
Dylan Perez
Dylan Perez:
Dan liking this changes my perspective going into this immensely.
Vaxus Kriegor
Vaxus Kriegor:
Flash's role in the 3rd act I literally said out loud "Run Barry, RUN"
Maybe we could get a new game of thrones season eight.
ubaid memon
ubaid memon:
Respect sir. Nobody likes to admit their mistakes these days. Gg
Factory of Divisive Opinions
Factory of Divisive Opinions:
What's funny is that WB studio execs once called this movie "Unwatchable" while during the screening of BvS theatrical cut, they gave it a standing ovation.
Dan's stamped of approval has gotten me more hyped for this than anything other promos for this film.
Stephen Inman
Stephen Inman:
You can tell every single frame from the 2017 version when Joss Whedon said "You know, it worked in Avengers. I'm F***** brilliant!"
venkat sanjay
venkat sanjay:
I really felt bad for Steppenwolf at the end :'(
flash when he saves those scientists from rubble with that techno music in the background is awe inspiring
Yoooooo Dan praising a DC film by Snyder???? I'm even more hyped. Gonna watch it at 1am on the dot when it comes out
Greg Squire
Greg Squire:
The impression of you saying mother was better acting than the first cut of JL
The amount of people won over by this movie is really hyping me up. Really looking forward to seeing it now.
Oliver El
Oliver El:
Seeing Dan be so overwhelmingly positive about JL gives me hope that this will be the movie to change my mind about Zack Snyder
loved Man of Steel, loved BvS, im ready for this.
Well, looks like I’m gonna have to find 4 hours to clear so I can see this movie. Thanks for the recommendation
Flash and Cyborg team up movie sounds soooooo good
Masterson Agency
Masterson Agency:
Cyborg dad saying "I'm your father twice over" has so much meaning. It's for cyborg but can be for this movie. He was the father of it and it died and he birth it again.
Mr.Farrow's Class
Mr.Farrow's Class:
I kinda figured it would be a throw away project for HBO MAX until I was trying to watch it at 2am and kept getting kicked. Checking the traffic and down report HBO was having issues because they had so much midnight traffic at premier time.
With this much fan and critical reception they might actually take a leap and make more movies in the same universe.
Max Bino
Max Bino:
That stare down between Superman and Darkseid was chilling.🔥🔥🔥
Dan likes it? Well damn now Im 10X more excited
Walter White
Walter White:
The streaming wars are the reason we have this. Disney+’s success made WB want to invest in a huge HBO Max property. Love it!!
joss whedon saw what Snyder had shot and said "Nah bro this shit is better than Avengers. I better yeet that footage."
Ramses Ochoa
Ramses Ochoa:
Props to you Dan. For admitting you didn’t believe in this project and changing your mind. Unlike a lot of other movie pundits. Great review! Can’t wait for this 💪
Raffaele Perniola
Raffaele Perniola:
I‘m joining the choir of people saying that you liking it got me hyped, and I was very „meh“ about it before.
After this cut it makes sense why James Wan was directing Aquaman
Javier Orozco
Javier Orozco:
"In time, they will join you in the sun"

Wow, i was not expecting Dan saying he is a fan of this movie. I'm excited.

You are even making me emotional.
Average Joe
Average Joe:
This is unbelievable. I was literally open mouthed and slack jawed during parts of this movie. It is so good. If this movie had been released, it literally could have changed the direction of DC and its movie future. Bravo. A masterpiece.
Juan B
Juan B:
Synder’s dc movies have so much symbolism behind it which require some diggin in but once u see it , u realise how good of a director he is
Dave Graham
Dave Graham:
This film is a perfect example of what happens when a director has full reign to create a film when the Studio agrees to have zero interference.
sourav kumar
sourav kumar:
NOT TO FORGET , it's a tremendous success for the fans who's waited for this
Angel Cortez
Angel Cortez:
Don't be that confident my dude do you know our new hashtag? #RestoreTheSnyderVerse
The version we all deserved... hope they continue the saga
Ahsoka Tano
Ahsoka Tano:
who else teared up when the universe heard Superman’s dying screams :,(
Patrick Kessenich
Patrick Kessenich:
Seeing Dan so pumped about a movie made me very happy. Can't wait to see this, and so happy there was a movie coming out for Dan to get so excited for.
vasanthakumar yogarajah
vasanthakumar yogarajah:
Can we appreciate the flash in the final scene... that was one of the coolest super hero movie scenes I’ve seen ever
Wow. I never thought I'd want to watch the Snyder Cut, but this has definitely changed my mind.
Snyder needs bring the animated movie “dark apocalypse” to life and make it rated “R”
Neon Tiger
Neon Tiger:
I'm just glad this cut gave enough time so that I finally got to witness these characters develop and connect with them.
I cried with JOY when I saw how good they fixe flash in the movie. I LOVE THIS MOVIE xD
Christine Mikhail
Christine Mikhail:
I’m so thrilled for Zack Snyder and the fans. Can’t wait to see it. Looks like I’m subscribing to HBO MAX
Isaac Alonzo
Isaac Alonzo:
Looks like I'll have to clear the Thursday afternoon to properly watch this before it gets spoiled on social media.
Alexander Miller
Alexander Miller:
This is why Dan is the best reviewer in the game. When he’s wrong about something he owns up to it. He never has an agenda. He just loves movie and speaks honestly about them.
Steve E
Steve E:
This is the most epic and emotionally stirring film since Return of the King. Snyder absolutely crushed it. And yeah - That sequence with Barry at the end got me right in the feels, too.
Kam Kalambay
Kam Kalambay:
It was so EPIC. u really felt that bombastic vibe like a Lord of The Rings
The flash is my favorite DC character.. so when That "flash scene" happened, I literally choked up and said out loud "run Barry run!"
AT&T is the reason we got this--they saw the fans clamoring for this, and they also saw potential $$$ in this.
So they told WB to make it happen. I too, am stunned by all of this.
Felicity Halsey
Felicity Halsey:
See what happens when the creators listen to fans. They fully loaded this movie and everyone is totally OP.
"for reasons I just don't understand" pretty much sums up the Whedon cut
Gauthaman K
Gauthaman K:
Also 1 more thing. They did 2650 vfx shots in 7 months in a pandemic. They deserve a ton of praises. No one appreciates their work enough.
Jobs mine
Jobs mine:
Thanks, thanks thanks for believing in second chances. I also wholeheartedly support Batflecks solo movie as well.
DIY Writes
DIY Writes:
I guarantee the execs at WB said "Hey Snyder this isn't MCU enough make it lighter and funner." Then when Snyder had to leave they got Whedon to do their version.
Javonne Dandridge
Javonne Dandridge:
I was already hyped up and now Dan’s here saying he’s a fan...JUST A FEW MORE HOURS!!!!
Pedro Henrique
Pedro Henrique:
"Wow" - Dan 2021
...dammit, Dan. Now I have to buy a damn subscription to watch this damn movie. Thanks a lot.
Ryan The Animator
Ryan The Animator:
Zack Snyder's cut is gonna be the greatest redemption arc since Sonic redesign!
Dezmond Broadway
Dezmond Broadway:
This is delightfully surprising. I’m happy that you enjoyed it for the most part. I’ll check it out for sure now.
Daniil Ashurov
Daniil Ashurov:
Watched Fandom review by Roth and Eric a couple of days ago, and they seemed to be on high horse talking about Snydercut. Unlike some other reviewers, they didnt go full hate and remained kinda respectful towards the fans of the movie, but their general message was kinda like "snyder fans will love it because they are into some weird shit".
Dan on the other hand shows real understanding and appreciation, and I always thought that he was one of the best screenjunkies.
This sounds like a “Kingdom of Heaven Director’s Cut” situation.
Todays the day 😁
Tomorrow the Internet might blow up again cause of this

Heres hoping for future 👍
Poochyena Jones
Poochyena Jones:
I'm glad to hear this cut isn't garbage, cuz when I'm about to watch it I'm not giving it any slack. If there's something that's bad, then it's bad no matter what. And if there's something that's good then it's good no matter what.
They wanted a 2hr popcorn flicks to fill sits in as many viewings as posible.
Lucky Day
Lucky Day:
ok so snyder was peeved at wb and made a parody of a superhero movie. I’m currently watching the Flash stuff his pockets with loose weiners
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf:
From a silent Dc/Justice League fan, I wanna salute your humility.
Phoenix King
Phoenix King:
Joss whedon turned out to be an even bigger villain than Darkseid
Thank you so much for your honesty
i can't wait for this 54 minutes....hell yeah....bring me that 4 hours of excitement
I am really amazed by visual quality, feel and whole experience. Thank you Zack Snyder.
Chris Harrison
Chris Harrison:
I never saw the theatrical version as the trailer seriously put me off seeing it. But since this was announced and then the trailers that have been released I am fully on board. And the fact that Dan endorses this I am watching this FILM!!!!
Someone has to try to make a 2 h cut of this film just to see if it can be better than the theatrical cut
Sushant Deshmukh
Sushant Deshmukh:
I love the cliffhanger at the end of movie ❤️❤️
Zack Snyder getting the love from critics and fans now lmfao. This shows you how much better movies become when studios don't interfere.
I did not just watch Justice League... "I just watched The SuperFriends" - This movie blew me away!
Micah Young
Micah Young:
Remember, this was always intended to be a 2 part movie. We might have gotten the full 4 hours like Infinity War and Endgame
Getting Dan Murrell seal of approval. I'm even more hyped for this film
What I found interesting is that you could see that the vision for Aquaman was a bit different when they shot this movie, mainly with Willem Defoe's look and Amber Heard's character's backstory.
Thank you Dan. This is LITERALLY the first time I’ve been amped to actually seek this one out.

Haven’t given two shits until just now. Now I’m super excited! 🤘🏼
Jason Love
Jason Love:
Stayed up till 2am. All I'm going to say imo, GREATEST COMIC BOOK MOVIE OF ALL-TIME #RestoreTheSnyderverse #ForAutumn
Fly Hacks
Fly Hacks:
This is the one man i trust his judgment on when it comes to movies.
Alexander Bunt
Alexander Bunt:
Yesss! Nailed it Dan. I also love this film and cannot comprehend the changes they made to so many scenes either.
Maax Ross
Maax Ross:
EXCELLENT "Whatever face" in the thumbnail Dan, you got me.
Jason Courcy
Jason Courcy:
Now we need to get WB to make this canon, hmm....Mom, Dad? ...How are hashtags born?
Amal Jani
Amal Jani:
Just expanding each scene made the movie much better. Add to it some crucial scenes that got cut and a better design for Stephenwolf made it one of the best superhero movies
I am surprised at how happy I am to hear this is actually good.
Never cared much for the DC movies but have been really looking forward to seeing this.
Paul Rizzo
Paul Rizzo:
Saw it at the world premiere at IMAX in Melbourne, Australia with a packed crowd.
Moray Rhoda
Moray Rhoda:
I was sceptical, but you convinced me. I'm excited now.
Dan Murrell's opinion on movies can be taken to the bank, so excited now!!
Brian Li
Brian Li:
Gonna be honest. I was super skeptical of this snyder cut.... But Dan's emphatic stamp of approval has me really excited now!
The Mahesh
The Mahesh:
What a movie i just saw it Awesome..... almost Same story BUT DIFFERENT director and it changed the whole story and level of storytline...
Fuck we actually needed more of this the ending had me wanting so much more😂
jason Brown
jason Brown:
Everyone will be able to have time to see this in the evening at home when they don't have an excuse not to have time to watch this movie.
Ess Be
Ess Be:
I am actually excited about it.
Scott Weese
Scott Weese:
You hit the nail on the head, vastly improved movie. Every single character was improved on, my favorite moment was the one at the farm. Superman and the women who build him up and help make him who he is. I also loved his flight sequence, really well done with the voice overs.