ZACK SNYDER'S JUSTICE LEAGUE MOVIE REVIEW | Double Toasted - Today at Double Toasted we have our Zack Snyder Justice League review. In this funny video, we take a brief look at the Zack Snyder Justice League trailer before going in-depth into our Zack Snyder Justice League movie review. We discuss Zack Snyder Justice League joker, Zack Snyder Justice League Superman, along with giving our overall thoughts on the full movie. What did you think about Justice League Snyder Cut? Let us know in the comment section below.



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Steppenwolf's face when he heard "50,000 more worlds" was hilarious. Like he was going, "Oh, that's some ol' BULLSH-T."
Chris Lopez
Chris Lopez:
Man that hostage wonderwoman scene was still better than anything that she did in ww84 its sad lol
Jack-EXZoltジャック・エグゾルト 【VTuber-EN】
Jack-EXZoltジャック・エグゾルト 【VTuber-EN】:
I can see why Ray Fisher was upset at the theatrical version, Cyborg's backstory was really well done. All that few minutes that should have been in the original movie, just gutted without a thought.
Zack Snyder said that Cyborg was the heart of the movie and I felt it watching it, his whole story arc amd stuff with his dad I loved all of it
We need that Batfleck/Deathstroke film
Savi Kilo
Savi Kilo:
His mom died, he’s insecure, and his father died I’m surprised cyborg smiled period.
The scene where Bruce Wayne is Talking to Aquaman and goes back into the water, ladies show up and start singing some hymn, scared the Jesus out of Bruce Wayne I laughed. Then lady picks up some sweater and Bruce is like “alright weirdos, keep singing but I’m gonna show myself out” 🤣🤣
Free Wifi
Free Wifi:
Darkseid is a amazing character. His story is hard to tell in one full movie.
Drake Santiago
Drake Santiago:
Steppenwolf in minute 6:55 - 7:23 realized what it means to be in a mountain of debt. In those few seconds, he became an American.
Raven TheShill
Raven TheShill:
Me,a not so big Snyder fan:Ok...I want a Justice League 2. That was so much fun. More Darkseid. More Martian Manhunter. MORE OF THIS PLS.
Mattovich Mahunik
Mattovich Mahunik:
I constantly kept thinking at various points during the movie “why the hell would they cut this?” Especially the Cyborg and Flash stuff. Also, this movie had an epic feel to it that was really missing from the theatrical. It felt like there were stakes in this version, where it didn't really feel like there were in the other.
Josh Rivera
Josh Rivera:
In the words of the Joker,

"And here we go..."
Lovin and agreeing on so many points
TBH I went in with 0 to no expectations so for me

Cons: 4 effin Hours, A lot of TryHard PRETENTIOUS "OPERATIC" Sounds overlapping SlowMotion scenes which GOT Old FAST But if you've seen Zack Snyder's Films you already knew that was gonna be there.

Pros: MUCH BETTER FIGHTS like Seeing Wonder Woman Hack up Parademons & Robbers with Blood Splattering is Hype, THE Story Cohesion is much better for the story they are trying to tell,
Cyborg's Character in this Film REALLY made me CARE & they did a lot with him & so you can see why Ray Fisher was Mad about the Whedon version, Subtle Comedy this time around instead overly Jokey like Whedon's version which is hit or miss imho, tbh Majority of the film had my attention which I couldnt say for WW1984 so thats a bonus to me personally.

Also I went into this with the mindspace this is just one of DC's Many Multiverses and this one happens to be this way instead of like the cartoon, cause some comics for DC have been this dreary as well.

All in All, Better than I expected since I got to watch it at home
JonGon Productions
JonGon Productions:
Corey's comment about Zack Snyder's style resembling music videos makes sense, especially considering he actually use to direct music videos.
T James
T James:
I actually liked this version of the movie
Mary V R
Mary V R:
Thanos was so cool that my 70-year-old mother was like “Who is that and why does he have to be so mean? Why can’t he be nice?” because she was crushing on him. 🤣🤣🤣
Jay Color
Jay Color:
Okay, we’ve seen your version of the review. Release the Herman Cut.
Gamer 37
Gamer 37:
I feel zack synder grew as a director in this film. It's fucking incredible
Korey calls it music videos but I call it commercials. The scene when Aquaman walks looks like a whole drink commercial lol
I like how they made Steppenwolf kind of a sympathetic character, even if it’s been done before.
Zach H.
Zach H.:
The best villains always see themselves as the hero
Indian Superman is a tale of legends 🤣🤣🤣
1:05 Martin's Joker Laugh
Rob 37
Rob 37:
Snyder's Barry Allen looks like Enrique Iglesias, and acts like Wally West. Jason Mamoa's Aquaman looks like khal Drogo, and acts like Jason Mamoa.
William Clarke
William Clarke:
Dark seed. That had me rolling. Lmao.
Plastic Life
Plastic Life:
I was entertained by the 2017 Justice League too, but after the Snyder Cut.. I don't think that I can ever watch the old one again. It was a Masterpiece!
Edward Sanchez Productions
Edward Sanchez Productions:
I am so happy that the Snyder cut is finally here
Para will
Para will:
These guys forget that Thanos made appearances in 2-3 Marvel films before Infinity War. This was the first time we have seen Darkseid and he was much more than a simple villain when we saw the flashback where the Gods of Earth defeated him. He will be more prominent in a sequel if they make it.
So Snyder did well with his cut, it's a shame he wasn't wearing his black and white tee so he could've looked good the first time!
Saikō Shinema
Saikō Shinema:
Just seen it, we pretty much agree with all of the points made. Does the 4-hour cut need to exist? Scrictly speaking no. Are we glad that it does? Kinda.
One plot hole that got me, if you're the Martian Manhunter and you've been on Earth for this entire time and you know about a possible world ending invasion why are you sitting on the bench and not helping all these other super powered folks?
Zack Synder is visual director
Ricardo Siahaan
Ricardo Siahaan:
Samuel L Jackson as Steppenwolf
"I had enough with this Mother Boxes !! "
"He owes 50,000 worlds. I thought my credit was bad" Korey Coleman. You got me dying over here Korey 🤣.
horror gasm
horror gasm:
I like how the people in chat have such short attention spans they somehow didn’t understand why he was saying Darkseed and were getting all mad about it
This is a significant improvement over the theatrical cut. I genuinely liked it.
Jairo Romani
Jairo Romani:
7:00 🤣 hahahaha yo he made it sound $50,000 sound possible lmao 50,000 WORLDS? Ahh heck naw 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Phantom Sidious
Phantom Sidious:
This movie was far superior to the first version, by miles, really liked the enhanced action scenes and Superman was awesome, the black suit was such a better inclusion and liked seeing more of the villain's back story
S V:
Between his Joker laugh and proposed cut, we just need the Martin-DC cinematic universe
I guess the Synder Cut was really the friends we made along the way
Marlon Barberena
Marlon Barberena:
Yo I’m dead he said did he find a way to put 300 into this movie 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Parris Price
Parris Price:
"If you're fucking superman, you're a hero to somebody" that is a line for the ages.
music videos interrupting scenes? sounds Bollywood as fuuuuuu.....I'm in.
Teddy Wap
Teddy Wap:
13:02 "A sesame seed gets a slow mo scene." I saw that and was like, "C'mon now Zack" 😂😂😂
Keith Owens
Keith Owens:
Did you notice the “me too” moment between steppen wolf and Wonder Woman?
Justice for Ray Fischer. What a relief.
Not a Zach Snyder fan here. Didn’t like Man of Steel or BvS all that much, and hated the garbage 2017 Justice League.. This Snyder Cut was fucking awesome and metal as hell. I loved it from start to finish. And where has THIS Wonder Woman been?! Best depiction of her character yet. Thoroughly enjoyed the Snyder Cut. I’m happy he was able to make his original vision.
southpark 981
southpark 981:
This version of the joker is like Jared Leto dressed up as Marilyn Mason doin a Jim Carrey impression 😂
Andrew I
Andrew I:
Snyder Cut Is amazing!! I really loved the better treatment and development of the characters. Pacing was great, didn't even feel like 4 hours, though I might have just been more engaged than some. It's surprising how much the fights got butchered in the one released by Joss Whedon. Each characters strengths were very well utilized.
It's a completely different movie, the 4h flew by, so much epic stuff, and at the same time the movie had heart. Got chills several times, WB execs know SHIT! about moviemaking!
Robert Erniso
Robert Erniso:
Steppenwolf is a Huge improvement!, Zack's Directors Cut should've been released in Theaters as well.
This was indeed a much better version than the 2017 debacle, the one thing that wasn't needed and pointless it was obviously just for fan service was the Joker
David James
David James:
Between the Josstice League and Zacktice League there's a great cut of the movie waiting to be edited. And it'll be no more than 3hrs.
Omar B
Omar B:
Pay attention, every Jason Momoa movie and tv show he on the sly steals something. From Stargate to Conan to now, he randomly steals something.
David Μυρμιδόνες
David Μυρμιδόνες:
I'm so happy I came across this channel. Such wholesome guys, chillin' and chatting. ✌😁
Iam _ad
Iam _ad:
Just put his version of his universe only on HBO max that’ll be great
And wonder woman has regained her honor.
Thaddeus Bigsby
Thaddeus Bigsby:
This review sums up the movie PERFECTLY! I thought it was...ok (better than the Joss version) I just wish Zach had built a better foundation for these characters, because in the end...I really didn't feel anything for anybody. I had fun to some extent, but everything felt a bit weightless.
chanel henderson
chanel henderson:
I loved it. I'm about to watch it again
Bo Jackson32
Bo Jackson32:
this movie made me want to see the rest of the story especially batman and cyborg
When it comes to The Flash the movie manages to use slow-motion for storytelling purposes: First, to show how slow the world feels to someone as fast as him, like in the bit with the dog that barks at him. Second (and this was in the 2017 version too), when he and Superman fight in slow-motion, Flash is actually moving at "normal" speed, while Superman was in slow motion but still fast, to show the different nature of their powers (this sequence was the main reason I watched the 2017 movie in theaters more than once).
Kryss The Alien
Kryss The Alien:
"Thanos was wearing regular Kanye clothes on his farm, after the snap!. lol
Shaun Sway
Shaun Sway:
So funny Korey pointed out the sesame seed slow mo. That had me in stitches
Cocle Cucuy
Cocle Cucuy:
Watched with my 10 year old son and 13 year old daughter, they loved it and rewatched final battle 3 times
Internet Bandit
Internet Bandit:
This was the most fulfilling 4 hours of watching a movie. The Snyder Cut did not disappoint. I really want a Zack Snyder led DC universe now
Seeing Ezra Miller in this actually raised my interest for the flash movie.
Stephan Bruno
Stephan Bruno:
They set up a perfect time for Brainiac.
John Cadden
John Cadden:
Watched it today. Great improvement. The characters are fleshed out, the story makes sense and the action is epic.
Ruobing Qian
Ruobing Qian:
1:28 Never thought of it that way, now I can't unsee it no more
Lloyd K
Lloyd K:
This is the most forgiving I've ever seen Korey with a film and it is pretty funny.
Been waiting for this review. I wanna hear what Chris has to say 😂
xellos metallium
xellos metallium:
Zack Snyder's Justice league can be sum up by Pedro Pascal from Wonder Woman 1984, "Life is good, but it can be better."
Venice Beach Sports Network
Venice Beach Sports Network:
Not releasing this as two movies and bringing in joss is the biggest studio self own in film history with an opportunity cost in the billions
All I can say is Zack's Snyder's Wonder Woman is MY Wonder Woman... Everything we liked about the character and the Amazons was in this version. Suddenly I was hyped about WW again. It is Night and Day between this and WW1984...
"If you're fucking Superman, I guess you're a hero to somebody."
Dirk Leon
Dirk Leon:
Been waiting to hear from my 2 favorite reviewers on this cut of the film.
micah fuller
micah fuller:
They were still the Justice League before Super Friends, that was just the name of the show. In the opening of the show it all out says "In the great Hall of the Justice League"
Mike Manhattan
Mike Manhattan:
Zack Snyder: ( while editing his version of the film) remember, no russian.
Aquaintence Buddy
Aquaintence Buddy:
I want that Martin Cut!
Green Lantern
Green Lantern:
Edit: So we're just going to breeze on by Martin's shirt? I see you, fam! 👍👀👏👏👏
Man, I loved all 14,400-plus seconds of this movie.
Stunnaful Photos
Stunnaful Photos:
The Super Friends! Y'all young people don't know about that epic shit! 😁🏆🥇
I'm real hungry to buy the DVD/BluRay of this, because I'm not getting all these damn subscription services.
Silky Johnson
Silky Johnson:
The barry allen slowmo scene towards the beginning was awesome. Not sure why they didn't like it.
Jim Jimjim
Jim Jimjim:
Really liked Steppenwolf in this. Was surprised with how I felt for the dude
john lopez
john lopez:
WW: remember who u are....
(Super man grabs her by the neck)
Ezra: wait.. I thought that is my job?
Optimas Crime 2
Optimas Crime 2:
This was much better then I expected this to be🤣🤟
Obviously the superior version genuinely enjoyed it. But my guy HAS to speed up some of those slow-mo scenes and improve his soundtrack selection.
Mars Johnston
Mars Johnston:
Here for it, release the #MartinCut
The Superman vs Justice League fight actually had a lot of different stuff. Superman destroyed a bunch of army vehicles, cyborg saved a cop from one of them. Cyborg, Flash, & Aquaman took another run at Superman before he fought Wonder Woman. Instead of Superman picking up Batman and threatening him "do you bleed" which made no sense, he was still confused and just attacking anyone he thought was a threat. He shot heat vision at Batman on the ground instead. There were no jokes either, it was a consistent tone, much better.
If you are not a subscriber you need to today. Martin revealed a movie to Corey and he lost his mind.!!! Best reaction ever.
I loved it. I didn't mind the 4 hours. I want to see more. I want Ben Affleck to continue as Batman too.
Bro that batmobile backwards shit was beautiful. I will be a prisoner of the moment. It's my favorite of all time.
Now I bet this is gonna be the excuse for all DC movies whenever they make a bad movie they just gonna be like don't worry we will just release the new cut
I'm mad we didn't get a society cut, but it's better than justice league at best

Martin must've been feeling good af that day
Love. Yall remind me of kids in grammar school. Every bad point about the movie turns into a roasting session🙏
deadpool The joker
deadpool The joker:
Good for dceu, and good for zack snyder. Almost cried when i saw the end.
D'Andre Browning
D'Andre Browning:
I can't wait to hear what Chris Herman has to say. That impression of him was spot on. #releasetheMartincut
Yolanda Carroll
Yolanda Carroll:
"If your f**king superman, then I guess your a hero to somebody." 🤣
Umm, Henry Cavill can get it, so Lois Lane deserved her music video.
Tyler Hackner
Tyler Hackner:
Was waiting for this 🔥🔥