Why RUSSELL CROWE escaped from Australia and go to Bangkok, Thailand?

The Hollywood superstar, Russell Crowe, got off his first flight after 2 years locked away in Australia. He made headlines in Thailand while filming his latest movie.

Crowe went viral for his positive experience with the country going through the Phuket Sandbox Program. The Sandbox Program is a mandatory 2 weeks quarantine on the southern island of Thailand.

On October 11, Crowe posted about the Phuket Sandbox, describing the procedure simply and sharing some Thai sites around Phuket and subsequently in Bangkok. This sparked an internet frenzy.

Even though he started the 14-day quarantine right before it was cut to 7 days, the actor was largely happy with the experience with the Sandbox program.

Crowe wrote on Twitter, "Go and look at Phuket. I'm sure the rest of the country has amazing experiences to share too," he also said on Monday, posting about his experience in Phuket, along with scenic pictures taken during quarantine.

The Gladiator and A Beautiful Mind actor is currently filming a Vietnam War drama in Thailand.

As of 2021, production will be split between Thailand and New Jersey. The movie "The Greatest Beer Run Ever" is based on the novel by Joanna Molloy and John "Chickie" Donohue, which Peter Farrelly will direct.

The new movie's plot involved John Donohue, a 26-year-old former U.S. Marine in New York City in 1967, who was challenged at a bar. He and several of the guys had lost loved ones in the raging conflict in Vietnam. It was suggested that one of them should smuggle into Vietnam, track down their fighting friends, and deliver letters of encouragement and beer to each of them from home.

The new movie will star Russell Crowe and Zac Efron. Who's Zac Efron? He is best known for his smash Hollywood hit in 2017 Baywatch, the movie, starred alongside The Rock.

Crowe shared several photos on Twitter, including Tuk-Tuks and Chinese shrines and the Kanlayanamit Temple, which he seems to like.

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