USA : Miss Grand International 2020

Miss Grand International 2020 FINAL SHOW




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Sky De Silva
Sky De Silva:
Maybe the Judges don't know the song of Whitney Houston😅 Congrats USA👏👏👏 Greetings from Peru perung bukid😄
Her speech in Thai language really have a meaning for Thai people. It is touch my heart!! Thank you, it gonna become true😘
Kiattisak Chanthasarn
Kiattisak Chanthasarn:
มองไกลๆ ไม่เท่าไหร่ แต่พอมองใกล้ๆคือสวยมาก
กะด้อ กะเดี้ย
กะด้อ กะเดี้ย:
เท่าที่อ่านๆcomment ก็จะมีแต่คนฟิลิปินส์ ที่พยายามมา ment ว่านางงามของประเทศนางตอบคำถามได้ดีมากๆๆทำไมไม่ได้...
Brisia Cedillos
Brisia Cedillos:
Usa killed it,I was impressed every performance she did..I felt right away when she gave those answers,that crown was her already!!!😊💖💖💖
สมมงมากพูดเลย เพอเฟคทุกอย่างจริงยิ่งชุดคือขับผิวให้ดูเด่นมาก เก่งมากจริงๆ
สนุกสนาน By ป้าเน
สนุกสนาน By ป้าเน:
คือดูเขาจริงจัง และ ใส่ใจมากๆ ในการประกวดครั้งนี้ ตอนพูดไทยคือแบบ..ได้ใจไปเต็มๆ ❤ ❤ เธอไม่ใช่แค่สวยเพียงน่าตา แต่เธอสวยมาจากข้างใจ สายตาเปล่งประกรายมากๆ สมมงมากค่ะ😊😊😊👌
Aleng Menggay
Aleng Menggay:
So proud of both of them 🇺🇸 USA and Philippines 🇵🇭 both deserving winners proud filam here!
USA already got two crowns in 2020! Earth and MGI wow

Btw, congrats to Sam ❤️❤️❤️ You made every Filipinos proud
kiori pache
kiori pache:
Congratulations to Miss USA💗 for winning the crown and congratulations to all the beautiful candidates of MGI, congrats Sam we Filipinos are proud of you💗
Nadala sa pagsalita ng thai bawi tayo Philippines next year thai language na po gamitin bwahahahhahah
The Melanated Nomad !
The Melanated Nomad !:
She definitely deserved the win, so proud of her. Beautiful inside and out our Ghanaian-American Queen!!!
Jaymee Mangang
Jaymee Mangang:
That yellow gown on her skin tone is magnificent!
Answers were crisp and not very Pageant answer.
And damn she had to by heart that long thai sentences!
Rodner Espinosa
Rodner Espinosa:
I Am so proud of you Sam. Even you dont get the crown for us, still you brought the Philippines pride in the beauty pageantry arena. I may not say against towards USA but to congratulate her. And congrats to the MGI for a well succeeded event night of pageant.
jose natera
jose natera:
Triunfo bien merecido, que Dios la bendiga!
Mark Arias
Mark Arias:
Congratulations to the Philippines 🇵🇭 you are indeed the true queen.
JustKenn RF
JustKenn RF:
For top 5 questions PHILIPPINES provided the best answer so I dont know why its a 3 way tie . On the other hand the tie breaker question Philippines answer it based on medical research which gives the unexpected and out of the box answer. She deserve the crown 👑 .

I dont know how they judged 😕
Rattanaporn Bunnark
Rattanaporn Bunnark:
เหมือนตุ๊กตาบาร์บี้เลย รักๆแอบเชียร์ดีใจที่ได้มง
J κ.BōaZα
J κ.BōaZα:
3:33 สีชุด ขับผิวดีจริงๆ เด่น สวย ชอบๆๆ❤️
Unknown unknown
Unknown unknown:
im from usa but her answer is not delivered clearly and no sense 😔 Thailand what happen?
Juanita Jacinto
Juanita Jacinto:
Beauty and elegance. What a classy act Ms. PHILIPPINES. YOU will definitely make Filipinos proud
ขนม ' ปัง เนยสด
ขนม ' ปัง เนยสด:
สวย เก่ง เพอร์เฟค สวยอินเตอร์จริงๆ สมมง ไร้ที่ติ ❤
R R:
Standard of beauty is really changing. Congrats
Benjamin Maliwat
Benjamin Maliwat:
She is beautiful, well deserve love from the Philippines
ให้นาน กว่าที่เคย
ให้นาน กว่าที่เคย:
สมมงมาก รักนาง ทุ่มเทการแข่งขันมาก ฝึกพูดภาษาไทยอีก ได้ใจไปเต็มๆ
Michael Joven
Michael Joven:
THAILAND is the BEST country to host any beauty pageant. Congratulatios Ms.USA ❤️ sending love from the PHILIPPINES!! 😘
Maggi Delatorre
Maggi Delatorre:
Greatest love of all by Whitney houston that keeps on repeating hahha...and 15 yrs old became 16 yrs what avperfect answer👏👏👏👏
that is why she speak thai, she is a plus for that and also the yellow color..
Satawat Lewchaloemwong
Satawat Lewchaloemwong:
ตอนพูดไทย คือ ชนะใจมาก
Ji Xi Tachibana
Ji Xi Tachibana:
Baka wala silang pake sa mga senior,
Yet Sam's answer was really lit, to the fact na pagmamahal ng parents ang pinopoint. The impact of how she delivered the focal of her answers gaves me chills and it crushed my heart, naluha ako. Sam is the best Miss grand international that we never had, to be exact.
Carlo Martinez
Carlo Martinez:
Philippines loves Abeena!! All the hard work finally payed off this is your destiny and I'm proud of you
Asmin Macabidar
Asmin Macabidar:
I just searched the song of Whitney because I read some memes about Miss Grand International USA, so indeed.. Congratulations Whitney hahahaa
Zhou Shou
Zhou Shou:
Every moment is importannt of the this stage...

Not only a question make you the winner but every time of you in the thailand....
i decided long ago never to walk in anyone's shadowww xDDD
After I watched the performances of miss Philippines and miss USA no bias but I'll go for miss Philippines to crown as miss grand international 2021.the final answer..dhuhhh Sam Bernardo nailed it.
Tahn Hosier
Tahn Hosier:
หัดพูดไทยจนชัด เก่งมาก
Sarah Laladaxxx
Sarah Laladaxxx:
Thailand did a great job! Thank you 🙏
My Sugar Glider
My Sugar Glider:
i love her!!!! ❤
Klian Biscocho
Klian Biscocho:
I like MGI USA's original pasarela and that message half english and half thai gave me goosebumps
Amanda Andrea Rose
Amanda Andrea Rose:
Proud of My home country and my mom's home country!

Both 🇵🇭 and 🇺🇲!!
Virgel Pacquiao
Virgel Pacquiao:
MGI nakakatawa kayo.😂🤣 Akala ko ba pageant to bat naging singing bee🐝🤣😂😂😂
Rhea Mae Hervas
Rhea Mae Hervas:
i assumed for another mistake in announcing the winner, Sam is best in every angle, so smooth and gorgeous esp in q and a... anyway its 15 not 16
Chanya Tidbit
Chanya Tidbit:
สมมงมากๆๆๆ เก่งสวยครบบ❤❤❤
Sultan Al Mugheri
Sultan Al Mugheri:
I was rooting for Ms Samantha to win because I know she has everything embodied in her for that title and so far she is the strongest representative of Philippines in that pageant but thats fine she has showed the best manner of sportsmanship she’s still a queen for Philippines
This is a real cooking show.
Tristan Ndianga
Tristan Ndianga:
Oh wow what a Slow Mo turn 💕💕Abena
Jennalyn Tumilap
Jennalyn Tumilap:
Congrats ms. Usa from phillipines🥰🥰🥰🥰😘😘
elex ziii
elex ziii:
ได้ใจทั้งน้ำ และusa❤️
A R I E S:
Too worth it <3 Love from VietNam
Limarioo lil
Limarioo lil:
CONGRATS MISS USA greetings from Philippines❤️
Trish Banayag
Trish Banayag:
If you are THAILANDER can you TRANSLATE her well scripted answer in thai? I just want to understand what she said and if the judges of this pageant can all understand/ learned how to speak THAI now? 😂😂😂😂
Baby 3 colors
Baby 3 colors:
Intelligent performance! Congratulation girl!
Laughy Comedy The Nolz
Laughy Comedy The Nolz:
Miss grand is nice more than universe their performances are so beautiful and nice
Hannah Gwyneth
Hannah Gwyneth:
Ako lang ba yung mas gusto pang makita mga sumasali sa mga miss universe,international,world etc. Kaysa sa mga artista
mervin aquino
mervin aquino:
ang galing mag thai language eh . Congrats✌️😊💙 congrats philippines❤️✌️😊
Ino De Jesus
Ino De Jesus:
Ms USA goodluck to your MGI journey, Sam and the Philippines are behind you. Stay strong and shine even more, show them what you've got!! Love from the Philippines!!!!
iwant xxx
iwant xxx:
Miss USA works so hard and her overall performance is great ! We understand your expression, Miss USA ( mixture of English and Thai languages in one certain answer )
Sana nanood muna si samantha ng BL series 😂😂 how to learn thia? Hajaa
Narith Lifestyle
Narith Lifestyle:
Congratulations USA
Greeting from Cambodia 🇰🇭
Who is international fan like me? 🤝
Jack Frost
Jack Frost:
Without being bias I know that Philippines wins with her overall performance and the last Q&A, anyway still I would like to say congratulations to USA from . 🇺🇸🇵🇭 🙏 🙂
So Phia
So Phia:
BJ Molina
BJ Molina:
Sa US kasi common na kapag matanda na yung parents ay nasa Home for the Ages na di na nila inaalagan kung hindi naman sobrang yaman..
L O U I E:
Congratulations Ms USA for winning SINGING BEE. ❤

Justice for Sam

I felt the same as you guys When she said ill go with seniors (I started to think woah why did she pick that) Pero after niyang ipinaliwanag nakakaiyak talaga lalo na its about parents

*History repeats Itseft as Nicole as in,Napakaganda din sagot ni Nicole dati pero anong nangyari nabigo parin siya....

*I think si nawat yung nag ranking sa top3 at parang hindi niya gustong manalo yung philippines
*Hindi pwedeng bakunahan ang mga batang under 18 years old kasi may tendency na mamatay
*Miss Usa parang may Attitude kasi nung natapos yung pag answer ni sam yung mukha niya.....Buti pa si Guatemala,I think guatemala agree with Sam kaso naka buo na siya ng mga Words so mas mahihirap siya kapag binago pa niya.
*Tapos parang sobra na yung pag iyak ni miss USA everytime na makakpasok siya every stages dumating sa point na nagiging OA na siya...

Sam is the Miss Grand Internation Winner that we never have😢

Justice #Pageant_are_not_cooking_show
Randy Nueva
Randy Nueva:
Another cooking show from MGI. Thank Mr Nawat
The greatest love of all miss USA. Its easy to achieve. Learning to speak thai is the greatest love of all. I believe the children.... passing the mic to miss USA.
Bancol ID
Bancol ID:
Congratulation MISS GHANA 😁
Crumm Bee
Crumm Bee:
Janine Tugonon and Olivia Culpo version 2.0 Hahahahaha joke
Reniel Bustamante
Reniel Bustamante:
Nanalo iyung may patawa-tawa na medyu naiiyak🙄 napakadrama😂
Just two of us
Just two of us:
Contrats miss USA you deserve what you've got. Love from philippines
jen jen
jen jen:
OMG Miss Grand USA so perfectly splendid speaking n Thai🙊🥰🥰🥰so stunning even if shes n my country speaking same like my language for sure 💘 shes so humble , not just a beauty and good heart but 🥰 Shes really a Queen.🥰🥰🥰 i love her ..
Viii Vann
Viii Vann:
Congratulations Miss Grand USA🇺🇸🇺🇸🎉🎊👑👑
Venny Lazala
Venny Lazala:
Well deserved 👏 miss usa l
Love from Philippines 🥰🥰
Sharleen San Pedro
Sharleen San Pedro:
Na Raikantopeni si miss Philippines HAHAHAHAHAHA CHOZ
Vanesa Salazar
Vanesa Salazar:
Soo BEUTIFULL mis usa congratulations
Ama ka
Ama ka:
Her energy tho>>>>>
Some of these comments are disappointing. Everyone's entitled to their own opinions; however, to see that fellow kababayans are targeting Abena's skin colour and making assumptions that pageants are based solely on physical appearance (when in fact they are also based on how you carry yourself) is problematic.
angelica dorpa
angelica dorpa:
congrats ms.philippines samantha we're so proud of you❤️❤️❤️👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
rod rod
rod rod:
Akala ko nag titinikling si miss USA catwalk pala 🤣 anyways. Congrats ✌
ณัฐวุฒิ พรหมธิ
ณัฐวุฒิ พรหมธิ:
Love u ❤️
From Thailand
Mina Lebreja
Mina Lebreja:
Congratulations Miss USA.and Miss Philippines you both deserve to be crowned.God bless!!❤️❤️👍👍👍Both of you have a good heart..
Nge for me Sam talaga HAHHAHA natatawa lang ako sa mga Sagot ni miss USA to be honest hate nyoko pero yan ang naramdaman ko HAHAHAHHA
Bluesky Thailand
Bluesky Thailand:
harris Sema
harris Sema:
Nawat miss grand international cooking show...
ฤทธิไกร ภู่ทรัพย์
ฤทธิไกร ภู่ทรัพย์:
สวยสมมงแล้ว ใส่ชุดอะไรก็ดูดี♥️
Webb Sanchez
Webb Sanchez:
Lilik Widia
Lilik Widia:
Tidak selamanya org hitam itu jelek.
Dunia sdh mengakui kamu cantik, So proud of you👏
cesar velasquez
cesar velasquez:
Well done ❤️❤️❤️
Hx Mobile
Hx Mobile:
Love you sis💕💕
วิลาวัลย์ แก้วพรหม
วิลาวัลย์ แก้วพรหม:
ทำไมนางพูดแล้ว นางสวย อ่า
Lovepo Kita
Lovepo Kita:
Why did you not show the top 3 q and a

You shy?🤣
Agustin Sumuroy Facebook Group
Agustin Sumuroy Facebook Group:
Miss USA Grand International as well as the judges were both not good listeners.. hahahahahaha..
Another thing is ODD number will never come up with the same answer. How come there is a tie???
Kim H
Kim H:
When she spoke Thai it was over. Congratulations!
Noom Graham
Noom Graham:
She is the best. ตอบคำถามดี สวย ชุดสวย
Neil Pradhan
Neil Pradhan:
Wow American can speak Thai, after some year they will speak Chinese for sure 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Liza Laksamana
Liza Laksamana:
Congrats to the winners feel proud
Mazlanjuju zuriat
Mazlanjuju zuriat:
Miss grand USA is similar 2 miss Tiffany JEZEBEL frm USA who won d title in Thailand 🇹🇭, smart girls 👭
angelica dorpa
angelica dorpa:
congrats ms.usa ❤️