The TRUTH About OnePlus Nord!

OnePlus Nord was inevitable. Here's why.
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Jyoti Kumari
Jyoti Kumari:
Marques: "it's better than not having a speaker at all"

*Don't give Apple ideas Marques*
john kuckian
john kuckian:
thank you MK. sticking with my 7 pro. haven't been excited by the corporate attitude they've taken on this year, will likely hold out for something worth buying that isn't incredibly inflated in price because it's now a "flagship" 😴
Mohan Deventhiran
Mohan Deventhiran:
Honestly, I thought he gonna be all praise for OnePlus post his interview with Carl Pei. Pleasantly surprised. Respect MKBHD!
V Kalki
V Kalki:
Rupee: "thanks for the shoutout, MKBHD"
Arian Lebedinec
Arian Lebedinec:
marques: releases video explaining "every review is called "review" in the title"

also marques: releases "the truth about oneplus nord" and says "this is the full review"
Frankie Tech
Frankie Tech:
Good to see the full details of the phone being revealed. I never had a problem with the phone being built of plastic, I just want companies to be honest about the materials used to build their phones. Nice work rectifying this Marques 👍
MKBHD: "Feels good in the hand, Ladies you know the procedure."
Weaponized Trombone
Weaponized Trombone:
0:11 It actually is my first time
mohd rafi
mohd rafi:
MKBHD: its better than not having a speaker at all.
Triggered Me: it means he is using iphone 13 from couple of months.
Mark Ananyev
Mark Ananyev:
"The logical thing to do here..."
*Turns on logics album*
That camera module is waste of space and they shoud've use plastic back instead of glass because "glass is glass and glass breaks"
Meer exe
Meer exe:
This phone is great but I only have 1 complaint that its front camera can record at 4k 60fps but back camera records at 4k 30fps 😅🤦‍♂️
Koshy Thomas
Koshy Thomas:
Aaahhhh!!!! 6:52 He said Logical right after he showed "No Pressure".

Homage to the legend
Abhijit Roy Choudhury
Abhijit Roy Choudhury:
MKBHD's hand is specifically made to hold phones like a boss of any size .
Purple Grass
Purple Grass:
When it comes out you should do a review of the realme v5.
Rajeev K.R
Rajeev K.R:
"Thirty thousand rupees" so the market has been recognised.
simon mwaura
simon mwaura:
mkbhd: still flaunting his magnetic table
pabs kingofswing
pabs kingofswing:
I appreciate his honest criticism of a not so good product especially after he had that One+ guy last week.
Aman backer M.
Aman backer M.:
Feels illegal to leave the video before he says PEACE, lol.
Marques: "it's better than not having a speaker at all"

Apple watching this: oh, what a wonderful idea!
They should've named this phone OnePlus Zero instead of Nord.
D Sethia
D Sethia:
8:32 "They can't make flagship killers because they now make flagships"
Basically OnePlus in a nutshell now
SE Rafin
SE Rafin:
I am just thinking how much he changed in this 11 years.
Zaid Qureshi
Zaid Qureshi:
"It's better than not having a speaker at all."
Well, he's seen the future of you know WHICH company.
Abel L
Abel L:
Its affordable and its smooth enough for daily use, decent indeed.
Jatin Patel
Jatin Patel:
The comment section: So I've been using this joke for a while now
Konrad Grabowski
Konrad Grabowski:
7:26 the truth you were looking for in this video.
ʟɪᴢᴢʏ ッ
ʟɪᴢᴢʏ ッ:
3:36 i was so confused when i saw that mini metal ball
I spent around 30$ on my realme 5 and honestly This is more than enough 😌❣️
Sandipan Chandra
Sandipan Chandra:
I think this is the first time you've mentioned the rupees
Shiva S Mohan
Shiva S Mohan:
“But it’s better than not having a speaker at all” LOL😂
King !
King !:
0:50 imagine yourself walking down the stairs and suddenly you drop the phone 💀
Peter Williams
Peter Williams:
Thanks for that assessment, all I want is an update to my OnePlus 2 this will probably fit the bill
Peek Bee
Peek Bee:
To me, one plus is like that shy awkward person you helped getting better and cooler and then breaks up with you to hang out with cooler people.
Sarang Tambe
Sarang Tambe:
1:26 MKBHD speaks rural Indian English😂 Fantastic video btw
Subham Jha
Subham Jha:
He mentioned 30,000 Rs.. being an Indian I liked that. 😊
This is actually the first time I'm hearing of this thing
David Campbell
David Campbell:
You should review and look back at the Xperia Compact series. They have basically been doing what the Nord is, just better, for a long time.
4:25 lol I always wondered who would buy that cheesegrater mac and here it is...
Mamoon Rashid
Mamoon Rashid:
MKBHD: "It does not have stereo speaker. It has mono speaker but it's better than not having a speaker"

So now we are giving companies credit for adding speakers to there phones?
Julie Barber
Julie Barber:
“But it’s better than not having a speaker at all”
Now now, don’t give Apple the idea
Dhruv Kothari
Dhruv Kothari:
all of my friends have one plus phone and none of them are techies😂
Light Yagami
Light Yagami:
2:07 and in keeping up with the Kardashians
Arham Afaque
Arham Afaque:
Apple 3 years later:-Ok,so this phone don’t have speaker you have to buy airpods additionally😂
Phone makers: "By removing the headphone jack we gain space for battery and other components"
Also phone makers: "Here, take these 2 useless cameras"
6:56 - This is exactly what pixel 4a did
Aquib Lakdawala
Aquib Lakdawala:
When I see any of your video, irrespective of you review or impression, I am always impressed with your wallpaper. So please share link for those wallpapers , please !!! Request
Incredible Tech
Incredible Tech:
6:52 and its functional 😂😂😂
Abd. S
Abd. S:
1:00 when he scrolls it looks like its on onion skin mode
zad fab
zad fab:
"But it's better than not having a speaker at all"
who broke your heart mkbhd?
I wish design was like OnePlus X that would’ve looked 🔥🔥🔥
Rofern Fernandes
Rofern Fernandes:
They should have just cut those two cameras and invested in headphone jack.
Udders 18
Udders 18:
6:53 - Logic's album
6:57 - the logical thing to do here....
Anish Tiwari
Anish Tiwari:
I felt very happy when he said rupees. Makes me feel special although I live in euro zone. ❤️
Melih Ergundogdu
Melih Ergundogdu:
Carl Pei watching this:
"bruh, thought we were friends"
Hi there, I got a question!
I have a OnePlus 6 at the moment.
Is this phone comparable in speed for daily use or is it slower?
Doctor_ Phsyco
Doctor_ Phsyco:
I've still got a one plus 3t. Going four years strong. I think my phone will last me ten years. That's when I will choose another phone.
Arwatki Lyngdoh
Arwatki Lyngdoh:
This actually makes so much sense! I was actually gonna buy this, but having 2nd thoughts now. I still think it's a good phone. May be subjective though
Andre Thompson
Andre Thompson:
PLEASE!! review the Realme x3 Superzoom. I love taking photos just like you so I love phones like the pixel and mate 20 but the Realme x3 could be a serious competitor
Miknell Tech
Miknell Tech:
Welcome to another episode of "why smartphones shouldn't be overhyped"
Nitesh Jha
Nitesh Jha:
Russia launched covid vaccine today
Marques:so i have been using covid vaccines for like 2weeks now
Prashant Marshal
Prashant Marshal:
Hi Marq, as you use high-end phones for the most part, your reviews have been more critical for these mid-range phones.
Vladimir Korica
Vladimir Korica:
Watching this on OnePlus Nord and let me tell you ,this phone is awesome. 😄
Jeremy Wesco
Jeremy Wesco:
I like how all the reviewers always show logic album covers on the phones lol his new album was actually decent
when you said good news first and started with the battery ... I was like ... arghhhh here we go again with the cameras : )
Jimmy Newton
Jimmy Newton:
Have you seen that they used your clips in their commercials???
Omer Arik
Omer Arik:
7:41 lolll he thought I had friends😂
Jordan Hooper
Jordan Hooper:
When he said a beat slower I thought he couldn’t pronounce bit ahah
Amazing Aloha
Amazing Aloha:
*i love it* ♥️ CONTENTMENT IS THE KEY. THERE'S NO PERFECT PHONE IN THE WORLD. I don't prefer photos taken out from a phone anyway . Not a heavy gamer too.
6:50 :
MKBHD: No Speakers at all..
Apple: Write that down! Write that down!!
Joy Malou
Joy Malou:
thank you!! 💙 what do you think about the front camera for selfies or photos with friends?
sultan suryanegara
sultan suryanegara:
Lol no thanks, i’ll wait for the oneplus imperial, or oneplus dark elf, or oneplus argonian, been a nord for way too long
Nahuel Fiocco
Nahuel Fiocco:
i´m learning how to talk in front of a camera and i use your videos to it, i like your voice tone and speech, cheers
Deepak Aley
Deepak Aley:
i am happy for your unbiased review about the phone. i was like ready to buy it but thanks to you for opening about it.
Sumanth Kumar
Sumanth Kumar:
" Trash speaker, better than not having one " - he is realllllyyyy disappointed. So am I 😂😂
Mini Militia
Mini Militia:
Good review 👍 I need a suggestion my OnePlus Nord battery draining too fast android system consuming higher usage any suggestions to improve battery backup
Sakif Kabir
Sakif Kabir:
What I learned from this video: Marques is a Logic fan
Same bro. No pressure is a masterpiece
Mrutyunjaya Mandal
Mrutyunjaya Mandal:
Always love your reviews Marques.. this one was actually diplomatic... the best part was “it’s better than not having speaker at all”.. 🤣🤣🤣
I'm so glad I just bought a OnePlus6. It was less expensive (300€) and imo better than nord, it has less ram and storage, but better processor, more resistent, headphone jack...
Mathew George
Mathew George:
Marques: " But it’s better than not having a speaker at all"
Niranjan Ganapathi
Niranjan Ganapathi:
Hey Marcus, can you review the one plus buds ? I really want to go with your words.
I'm using one plus bullets 2 and audiotechnica m40x.
sri nath
sri nath:
I want this phone in courier will u give for me
AkkordPiano boyyy
AkkordPiano boyyy:
i bought the phone several hours ago
i was scared as i saw this video
FRK Vlogs By Anupa & Nikhil
FRK Vlogs By Anupa & Nikhil:
You say the truth and that's the reason I love & respect you brother !♥️🙏
Vivek Paul
Vivek Paul:
I love how neutral he is. Even though he has a good relationship with the company and the company admires him a lot, he doesn't let it cloud his judgement.
Ronin Sabers
Ronin Sabers:
Love the no pressure album here and there. Also could you do a comparison the Nord vs pixel 3a? Or 4a
Kamal Mahmud
Kamal Mahmud:
Glad I can still trust you for bringing honest review!
Mapiya Aldaw Vlog
Mapiya Aldaw Vlog:
I like how honest this review is.
Looking at prices in general I think I will stick with my 6t for another two years
Jonathan Mallett
Jonathan Mallett:
The majority of people don't care about wireless charging, especially those looking to get a mid-range phone.
iPhone mid range budget with old specs - "Buy it, it's an amazing bargain, it won't be as great as the best iPhone because of lower specs but still"
OnePlus mid range budget with decent specs - "The camera is really dissapointing guys.. it's not a flagship which makes sense but I don't like it"
Utter bs
Bro repping that new Logic album, respect ✊🏽
Sebastián Reyes
Sebastián Reyes:
Could you make a video of the best work from home setups, for different budgets please. I’m struggling with that now
someone on the internet
someone on the internet:
*when a phone has three times ram than your laptop and costs just as same as your phone*
Arnel Covers
Arnel Covers:
MKBHD: Metal
Linus: Aluminium
Jerry: Plastic
Hotel: Trivago
Simply Mxngo
Simply Mxngo:
Did you know that someone used one of your videos in ad? I have a screen recording of it if you want.
World Entertainment Channel
World Entertainment Channel:
Watching on my OnePlus Nord Mobile 😂😂😂
Jake Stone
Jake Stone:
Thank you MBL for what I consider a truly comprehensive, insightful and honest review. I thought after having the CEO of Oneplus on your channel, you would surely sell out. ....and You clearly did not. So good for you and good for us! I stayed Subscribed because of this Review.
Suraj Gopan
Suraj Gopan:
9:47 30,000 Rupees!!!

You know my man India Rocks 😎😇💪
MKBHD: * says he always puts Review in the title when it's one to stop confusing people
also MKBHD: "The TRUTH About OnePlus Nord!"