The Reno 2 Smartphone Has Some Fancy Tricks

The Oppo Reno 2 has a very unique smartphone camera setup. It features a quad camera array on the rear and a stylish pop-up style front facing selfie camera.

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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy:
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Elmo elmo
Elmo elmo:
Willy du cam!
What a time to be alive
Ryan Cummins
Ryan Cummins:
Lew was the interested wife.

Will was the disengaged husband.
Abhishek Deshmukh
Abhishek Deshmukh:
Youtubers : gather info about device, write a script for video.

Lew : asking Will about specs of phone in an ongoing video 😂😂
Kenyatta Barton
Kenyatta Barton:
Glad to see Willy Du !

No one can do what Willy Du

Don’t let anyone try to JACK your spot
The green circle at the back somehow reminds me of sony erricsons backn in the day
"They included a headset unlike anything ive ever seen" 😂
Amandeep Singh Malhotra
Amandeep Singh Malhotra:
05:39 Me introducing my sibling and myself.
Sbn Sage
Sbn Sage:
"Will , looks good?"

Will : ( straight face ) Oh Yeah .
I appreciate Willy Du's vibe

Most Youtubers have way too much energy.

Lew: "Will! Are you impressed??"

Willy Du: "Yeah, looks good"

Chill af
Andrew Suhadi
Andrew Suhadi:
Lew : "I'm super bright, he's not"
Willydo : am I a joke to you?
Meh meth
Meh meth:
3:08 When your eyes having an eye contact with your crush
Bishal Dutta
Bishal Dutta:
The phone fits my hand and doesn't look too big, and using it is also so easy.
Raja Hazara
Raja Hazara:
Long battery life and great storage - all I needed!
Abel Largo
Abel Largo:
Love the Dog. He’s tired of listening to Lew every day
Top Tech List
Top Tech List:
6:16 "Will, are you impressed?"

"Yeah, looks good"
Says it with the most serious unimpressed face ever😐
Hay Haystack
Hay Haystack:
I’m so glad will is there to always double check makes me feel sure about all the information
Willie-Do like, "I really don't want to be bothered today."
Gamer Studio
Gamer Studio:
Put jack in a place with lighting similar to yours or maybe like a "csi suspect table" sort of place and lighting.
Matthias Rambally
Matthias Rambally:
Love that will are in these vids haha....I'm a big williedoo fan 😂🔥
Yeah the phone is cool but can I just say how adorable that sleeping dog 😭❤😔
Apple Inc
Apple Inc:
5:04 Oh my god that dog 😍😍
Joshua Baker
Joshua Baker:
Seeing will sitting with the pup just made me like him even more
snehal mukherjee
snehal mukherjee:
The display of the Reno2 performs quite well in the outdoor conditions.
Garrick Kidd
Garrick Kidd:
Lew : are you seeing that will?
Will typing on his laptop not looking: Yeah very kool
I have never used an oppo, and never cared, but this. This puts a smile on my face.
Super proud of how far will has come in front of the camera. 10 out of 10 man
Eric Tselovanskyi
Eric Tselovanskyi:
It's funny how Will Du has his personal camera that films him as he works on a couch)))
The only man on YouTube that can turn a simple unboxing video into a comedy show. Always loved your videos. Haha!
Jaime Mery
Jaime Mery:
Hello Guys, been waiting for you to make a playlist of your favorite songs, it could be on spotify or something. Im really looking into it, this could be great for future FAQ.
The sleeping dog next to Willy-Do made me smile. ☺️
Conrad Rebello
Conrad Rebello:
Everyone's talking about Willy Do Cam & the phone. I'm just in love with Otis' baby taking a nap next to Grandpa Willy 😍
kankan chandra
kankan chandra:
Such cool camera features! I feel like capturing every moment with Reno 2!
Lol the Will cam's awkward, just get him with you at the big man's table as usual :P
Any noticed a dog sleeping besides Willie?
Creativepic by Vishu Mahabir
Creativepic by Vishu Mahabir:
I’ve seen the Reno one and I fell in love with it. Oppo is definitelty doing a great job.
Munir Bajraktarević
Munir Bajraktarević:
Imagine if Willy Du sit at the black desk with the black wallpaper behind him, and then they are talking back to back, i think that would be cool 😎
the whole video it felt like Lew is trying to sell a phone to willydoo and willy is trying to ignore him and trying not to be show he's impressed with the device but lowkey he is impressed 😂
Stephanie Chaille
Stephanie Chaille:
LOVE the Willy Du cam!!! This is great 🤗
Mesut Baysan
Mesut Baysan:
the dog sleeping aside Will. Sweet! :)
It took me a while to notice a sleeping Otis! LOL
THANK YOU for always checking on the speaker quality 🙌🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Awesome upgrades in Reno 2z. Love the performance!
This Unbox Therapy has some Lew Later vibes :)
monalisha bag
monalisha bag:
That sleek design of the Reno2Z makes it so distinguished.
Jason Wang
Jason Wang:
Love Willie Du! Get him to do a review by himself!!
Kalle Teearu
Kalle Teearu:
The most chill tech video out there. The dog is totally enjoying it.
Hans Schoefisch
Hans Schoefisch:
Cool seeing Will in the episodes, adds a bit more dimension to be show
Elian Moreno
Elian Moreno:
I only watch you cause it literally feels like therapy it calms me and pulls me aside from my current life, maybe it’s because the name or it actually is or both but yeah
Yuri Ittermann
Yuri Ittermann:
So good with monoton Will XD
A Nagpal
A Nagpal:
Bro, do the Bold N1 by BLU! Just ordered one 🤔
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin:
When is that adorable puppy getting a show?
Ashik SJ
Ashik SJ:
That animation when the camera popped up....anyone noticed?
There's one nice feature where if you accidentally dropped the phone while the selfie camera is out, it will automatically go back in to protect it from further damage
I love watching your videos to see all the stuff i will never have.
kanan sharma
kanan sharma:
Loving the QuadCam setup of Reno 2!
nilesh thapa
nilesh thapa:
Can't get enough of the camera quality on the Reno 2
Mikey T
Mikey T:
Am seriously considering buying this just for the camera setup, amazed!
Rogier Deluster
Rogier Deluster:
Can you make a video on something with the camera solely on Willy Doo so I can put in on repeat? Thanks!
Bhanu S
Bhanu S:
The user interface is so cool!
A humble request
A humble request:
I think you should unbox Tool's new album "Fear inoculum"
Love the willydo camera view keep it
Steven Arnold
Steven Arnold:
This video is contrast to the max....Lew full of energy and Will is dead as a bone!
Mj King
Mj King:
Hmm I like the new camera & angle!, that echo though..
Loving the new unbox therapy set up! New lew cam and willie do cam! Awesome picture quality upgrade!
Bijoy Hazara
Bijoy Hazara:
Camera so good, I can't stop clicking!
Phillip Lawrence
Phillip Lawrence:
why don't you cover some outdoor working phones. For people who work outside. Just a thought.
Soham Nag
Soham Nag:
Will sitting there all grumpy wondering why Lew is so pumped 🤣😂
Kenneth Welch
Kenneth Welch:
cute doggy, WillieDoo!
Rodolfo Rendon
Rodolfo Rendon:
Oh man I have the Razer phone 2 with the Dolby Atmos on and that music near the end just blew me away I could hear it like it was back ground music around me :o
Lucas Hermann
Lucas Hermann:
Will Du much love and support here man!
The skywhite version of Reno2 gives it a very distinguished look and feel.
J Valdes
J Valdes:
the dog sleeping is too cute 😁
Lew "Yeah, very unique headset *Never Seen That*"
Axel Reich
Axel Reich:
I really like the way you tested the cameras in this video
Pinky Debnath
Pinky Debnath:
So excited for My Reno2Z to be delivered.
Anirban Dutta
Anirban Dutta:
The quadcam feature of Reno2 is simply amazing!
Nice way of filming in this video! I like it!
Wayne Carrigan
Wayne Carrigan:
Having Will on the side is a great Carson/Letterman effect. I really like it. Willy Sidekick.
Rahul Sharma
Rahul Sharma:
Every moment becomes instagrammable with Reno 2!
Jacopo Carboncini
Jacopo Carboncini:
New camera view, I like it.
Tech & wheels with Pat
Tech & wheels with Pat:
I am super bright, he is not lol, that was a good one ;-) thanks for a nice video.
Mark Sadlay
Mark Sadlay:
I like it, I like it a lot!!
Alec Goodwin
Alec Goodwin:
Hi, can you maybe do a review of a K1 impulse over the blockchain smartphone. Looking to buy one at the end of the year and would like to hear what you think. 🙏
Music Nation Records
Music Nation Records:
Ima go cop me one of those right now 😂😂
Like your videos when u do more talking about the product itself
Antonio González Segoviano
Antonio González Segoviano:
That back tho!!! It's fking BEAUTIFUL!
Pawel Kurzawski
Pawel Kurzawski:
yeah im not sure about Willis performance... get back to desk :D look pro !
Alex Wronowsky
Alex Wronowsky:
This new video format is really cool
sįmøn ÝG
sįmøn ÝG:
Unbox therapy got new phone
Me:maybe i will buy it 2025
Nathan Lambert
Nathan Lambert:
Any chance you will review the new momentum 3 wireless headphones.
The Reno2Z sure looks fancy.
Talon Waters
Talon Waters:
A new layer to Willy Do has been revealed today, and I like it.
John Paul Riego
John Paul Riego:
Willy is soo chil ahahahaha
6:16 "Will, are you impressed?"
"Yeah, looks good"
Luke Leitner
Luke Leitner:
Hey Lew, can you do a video on the new Motorola One Zoom? Thanks for all the awesome videos man. You keep us informed!
Naren Sharma
Naren Sharma:
For a video and photo buff like me, Reno 2 is the greatest blessing!
Veljko Milosevic
Veljko Milosevic:
New main camera, great
who the VOOC is that charger!? 🔌⚡
I'm a good guy
I'm a good guy:
5:04 That dog is cute ❤️