The Grisly Murders of Jack The Ripper

In this season premiere, we finally take on the most infamous serial killer of all time.
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BuzzFeed’s hit docuseries Unsolved True Crime follows conspiracy theory enthusiast Ryan as he deep-dives into the mysteries surrounding the most notorious unsolved crimes in history, in order to convince his dubious friend Shane that sometimes, the evidence isn’t always as it seems.

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Jackson Butt
Jackson Butt:
one day they're gonna accidentally solve something and it's gonna be amazing
Its Physic
Its Physic:
Kinda creepy that somewhere in the world, Jack The Ripper's peaceful body is lying in a grave somewhere, successfully taking his secrets with him
woman: *becomes prostitute as a way to survive*

jack the ripper: ...and i took that personally
Mani Savvy
Mani Savvy:
“Somebody come get her...she got stabbed by jack the ripperrr.”🎶🎵
My theory: He was the son if a prostitute and had a bad childhood. Could explain why he took the wombs of his victims, because he thought they didn’t deserve the ability to have children.
we have a barber shop in town called "jack the clipper"
Lilaka Oceana
Lilaka Oceana:
All those suspects really said "I was doing tasks in electrical"
its always .. who’s jack?
never .. how’s jack?
So your telling me Jack and Jill didn’t go up the hill to grab a pail of water? Instead, they just murdered women?
*my life is a LIE*
Bloop Teddy
Bloop Teddy:
My Nan’s theory on Jack the Ripper is that “he” was actually a woman. She was an abortion doctor who did abortions illegally and when they went wrong she would make it seem more like a murder than a failed abortion to save the shame on the women. The reason why so many of the bodies have reproductive organisms ripped out and thrown about was because of that.

I’m not sure how this actually stacks up with the evidence but it is an interesting theory. Just something to think about
Red Tiger
Red Tiger:
“They sent half a kidney....”

YouTube: *UBER Eats Ad*
fun fact, a huge amount of the men in the east end of london during this time worked in butcheries or as fish mongers, and due to this many of the workers had blood stains on their clothes and hands. buckets water were placed on street corners to allow workers to clean themselves. it is pretty easy to believe given this kinda climate that jack the ripper couldve just walked passed the cops and not looked at all suspicious
10:08 imagine you’re walking around London and you just hear “so the body’s back there”
Bre Cheese
Bre Cheese:
Ryan: “You either murder someone or you don’t.”
Me: *slightly yelling at my phone* “What about attempted murder?!”
Blackwood Films
Blackwood Films:
Plot twist: Shane and Ryan committed all the crimes they talk about and they are shape shifters and immortals.
Isn’t it strange to think that someone today could be related to Jack the Ripper???
Nicholas Williams
Nicholas Williams:
"unbaffleable is not a word!"

Oh and "ripperologist" is?
Watching buzz feed unsolved late at night while home alone is never a good idea :(
'oh little puppets, im on board with that' here is where the idea of puppet history was discovered
Hannah Hoke
Hannah Hoke:
What in the hell do you have to be into to be labelled "sexually insane"
anna reese
anna reese:
Jack the Ripper: *“Aight, I’m keeping her womb”*
Vicky Kluczak
Vicky Kluczak:
so is everyone gonna ignore how they spelled jews
Kayden Wood
Kayden Wood:
Jack the Ripper: *sees a prostitute* Peace was never an option
tiaga aisaka
tiaga aisaka:
Kids in 2016: *weave snatch*
Jack in 1888: *womb snatch*
Melanie R
Melanie R:
It’s interesting that Jack the Ripper basically has the same sort of description as Ted Bundy and they both have targeted women
This dude said “ha ha” in a letter, that’s how you know he’s crazy.
I'm Bored
I'm Bored:
Theory: He is more than one man.
Callum Standish
Callum Standish:
"ok little puppets... ok I could see _that"_

seems familiar, too familiar
I'm getting concerned for myself and my strange obsession with murders, killers, horror movies, and urban legends... Like, why can my brain process all this and not get scared like I used to before? Anyway, I will update yall if I end up in a mental institution 😁👍🏼
Debbie Godinez
Debbie Godinez:
It’s so weird that serial killers have a habit of requesting nicknames, like Son of Sam who wrote the police to specifically request the name and now Jack the Ripper. So weird
Video: is scary, in detail of murders and conspiracies
Comment section: you’ve yee’d your last haw
Shannon Katzenberger
Shannon Katzenberger:
what if the murders were done by someone within the police department and that’s why the investigation was such a failure in the end
María Bravo Avramow
María Bravo Avramow:
My theory: The letter on the diary is too poetic to be Jack the Ripper...
His style of writing in the “Dear Boss” letter is more informal and even grammatically incorrect. It’s not the last suspect...
My guess is that suspect number 7 is the closest to be Jack the Ripper.
Bauer Roberts
Bauer Roberts:
Anyone else rewatching Shane and Ryan’s videos during COVID-19?
These our my parts. I live here. Elizabeth Stride got killed on the street of my grandad's house. Mary Ann Nichols got killed on the back street of my school.
peepee poopoo
peepee poopoo:
He can’t be a doctor, he has good handwritting.
El_fantasma_ loco
El_fantasma_ loco:
For some reason I want the Jill the Ripper theory to be turned into a TV show, I don’t know why
Natalie R
Natalie R:
shane: cuz I love "from hell"
sure demon
Anyone here after Netflix dropped that “The Ripper” documentary?
Shiney Cherry
Shiney Cherry:
My theory: H H Holmes could be Jack the Ripper, he was in London during the times of the murders, he fitted the physical appeareance of the Ripper, and, what does a serial killer like to do on vacation? Kill a different way. That's why when H H Holmes was back in USA, the killings stopped
Mrs Puff
Mrs Puff:
Imagine going on a midnight stroll and hearing one of two men say “yeah, the body was over there”
one of the reports was a self report. I think red is sus ngl
chloe c.
chloe c.:
is no one going to talk about "saucyjacky" ...
Christopher Dwyer
Christopher Dwyer:
We could talk about how Buzzfeed wiped all the Unsolved comments, OR we could talk about what a crime it is that the Boys haven't done the *Loch Ness Monster*!
Donatelia Sakura
Donatelia Sakura:
Jill the Ripper theory: **exists**
Me: _is this Black Butler_
*some women had to turn to prostitution as a way to survive*

Jack the Ripper : *_are u sure about that?_*
This was so helpfull i am doing a i guess task for school i dont remember the word thx so much : )
Fun Fact: Jack The Ripper is seen in the movie "The Night Before Christmas" as the main character Jack.
Matthew Hale
Matthew Hale:
Aron Kalwinski was committed to a asylum by police after the last murder and all extra police officers were withdrawn from the area. The leading detective wrote in his diary that the police knew he he the ripper but sent him to an asylum because an arrest and Sentence would have lead to anti Jewish riots in London.
Why are we all watching this around the same time? Like are we all doing the same work in history or what 😂
Tamy X
Tamy X:
Jack the Ripper: *sees a prostitute*

Jack the Ripper: It's free real estate
tryingmy best
tryingmy best:
MyCatAndMe • 999,999 subscribers
MyCatAndMe • 999,999 subscribers:
This sounds like he’s narrating a game of Among Us
Leo Valdez
Leo Valdez:
2:40 and so Puppet History was born
Roy Earle
Roy Earle:
I love how oddly polite Jack's notes sound compared to other serial killer's messages.
Jacob Vinten
Jacob Vinten:
Woman: *becomes prostitute as a way to survive*

Jack the Ripper: “So you have chosen death”
jungwoos left kneecap
jungwoos left kneecap:
when my mum was younger she lived near Whitechapel and she would literally go roller skating where the victims were found
No mention of Bruce Robinson's work? "They all love jack" novel. Most compelling of any theory. James Maybrick's diary was a forgery, but by his other brother, Michael Maybrick, a member of the freemasons. Many members of law enforcement were also members and would have participated in covering up the murders as most reference masonic rituals in the manner in which they were killed and composited. It sounds far fetched until you read all the linking evidence and motive. There's so much to this theory, and i'm baffled to why it was left out here.
Roy Piltdown
Roy Piltdown:
"did they even HAVE cosplay back then?" yes, they did - people would throw parties with a "come dressed as your favorite Dickens character" theme, for example, and i've seen newspaper adverts from the turn of the 19th century for cosplay accessories for the "new" sci-fi novel (cant remember the name but it was for a gas mask (?))
you you
you you:
For anyone wondering- They moved the older BuzzFeed Unsolved videos from the original channel over here, and this resets the comment section.
Trinity Phillips
Trinity Phillips:
Serial killers work their way up to the intended target so maybe look at the last victim. Not just the Five, look at the last one.
i am ømņıpřęşəñţ
i am ømņıpřęşəñţ:
Police: We will never find this guy lol

The witness that self-reported: Stonks
Alexandria Geiler
Alexandria Geiler:
Shane: Oh like a show with little puppets ? I can see that
*Later goes on to have a show called Puppet History*
Yung 6ix
Yung 6ix:
Why we watching at the same time 2yrs later
Annie Diaz
Annie Diaz:
When I went to London I went on a Jack the Ripper walking tour and our tour guide took us to all the spots the bodies were found. He was really into telling all the gruesome details and one woman on the tour literally FAINTED
Yeahitsme Ahuman
Yeahitsme Ahuman:
They were like her body was found- my mind went straight to among us 😭😭😭
Hydra Salesman
Hydra Salesman:
A theory: Jack the ripper was not one person, but was instead the unintentional creation of two rival gangs killing each other's girls as a deterrence.
Creterampage Studios
Creterampage Studios:
Who's here after finishing the fight between Heracles and Jack the Ripper?
Fun with Mish
Fun with Mish:
I may know what happened. MAYBE when he was killing the girl the other girl saw him that's why the body looked rushed he chased her KNOWING that she would report him to the police station then caught up to her and killed her also.
Paige Bridenball
Paige Bridenball:
Jack the Ripper: still unsolved and a very scary serial killer
(Shane): I know who it is....
a l l h a i l t h e w a t c h e r
mfw when people are treating a murder case into “funny among us jokes”
Vivienne LaGrassa
Vivienne LaGrassa:
When I saw the ripper in the title, I couldn’t help but to think of my boy Stefan Salvatore 😂
20P204 Ramiz Khan
20P204 Ramiz Khan:
Barnett tired so much but in the end was like "SHE BELONGS TO THE STREETS"
Christian Peterson
Christian Peterson:
Get someone who looks at you the way Jack the Ripper looks at courtesans from a dark alley
Lora *-*
Lora *-*:
When he was walking, people didn't see blood on him? Maybe at that time, there were less people, and the streets were not lit.
"I had not the time to get ears for police" kinda sounds like he had help
at this point I'm just scaring myself
chicken and silver
chicken and silver:
Imagine how terrifying it must've been for women to have to go on with their lives at that time knowing a serial killer was after them.
richard espanol
richard espanol:
Jack the Ripper: *if she breathes she's a THHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTT*
J R:
One of those suspects was definitely the killer🤔
Da Crammers
Da Crammers:
"The killer was likely nearby when Cross found the body."
That. Or HE was the killer... just saying 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️
Grayson The weeb
Grayson The weeb:
My Theory: jack was alone no, but instead he had a fiancè and that was his partner in crime
Lil Markos
Lil Markos:
This will sound crazy but i have just found out that my nan's grandmother's grandfather was Michael Maybrick aka Stephen Adams (James Maybrick's brother). So that would mean that i am Jack the ripper's great great great great great nephew. This is crazy.
Hiiruko X
Hiiruko X:
I think he would not like it when u would call him „jack the stripper“
Joseph Mowitch
Joseph Mowitch:
Me: ~getting to the best part of the story~

Nuuts_Inmy _Buuts
Nuuts_Inmy _Buuts:
When he said he didn’t solve it I was like: “Bruh” (Insert bruh video)
Hugo So
Hugo So:
Theory: 2:38 is Shane being subconsciously inspired to create Puppet History
Joe Gillen
Joe Gillen:
there’s an impostor among us...
Aria CD
Aria CD:
Police & witnesses: The killer has a black hat, a coat, is 5,7” and has a large mustache

Every man at the time: he can be any one of us!
It’s crazy to see that one of the people the reported the body could’ve been a self report 🥶
Alina's Music Void
Alina's Music Void:
'and they were roommates,
'damn they were roommates'
I’m now Turtle
I’m now Turtle:
Hello I’m still here. I wonder who the impostors is
Sandeep Wangde
Sandeep Wangde:
I know this is late but... Theory time!
Theory: The Ripper was a doctor. He went through mental problems. The Prince or someone of a high stature frequently visited the prostitutes and the women. Some of the women became pregnant due to the affairs. This resulted in the Ripper, an established physician with mental problems, being hired to remove the womb through any means necessary. This resulted in the murders being committed with decoys in between actuals to throw off the police. Such as Elizabeth Stride who was killed for namesake. But others who where disemboweled were the true victims. After media reports came in, the people of high stature stopped going there and this resulted in an end to the murders.
niamh mcl
niamh mcl:
The police at the time: the suspect is male with a moustache

Every man living in London at the time who had a moustache: 👀👀🧐😑
Kaila Olsen
Kaila Olsen:
When they talked about the suspects it reminded me of Among Us
MaryBeth Phillips
MaryBeth Phillips:
Some theories were that H.H. Holmes was Jack the ripper
Glacier • 10 years ago
Glacier • 10 years ago:
reminds me of the bowl hunter from re:zero!
Darth Bane
Darth Bane:
Jack the Ripper’s real name is Gavin. He knew that his best friend had knowledge that could ultimately incriminate him, so he concocted a devilishly elaborate plan to get his friend to go to America looking for a charming Englishman called Gavin, whom no one in that country had ever heard of. Gavin’s friend wandered and searched for years, and Americans eventually started thinking he was completely insane.
Mitchell James
Mitchell James:
womb: snatched
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman:
* A madman with no clear motive*
Me: He’s killed almost just women