The Black Panther has passed away.. RIP Chadwick Boseman

The actor best known for his role as Black Panther in the MCU has passed away after a battle with colon cancer. Horrible news! Thoughts and prayers go out to his family!

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Yellow Flash
Yellow Flash:
Forgot that War Machine from Iron Man 2 was technically the first black MCU hero. My apologies, Iron Man 2 was pretty forgettable.
Combat Medic Mercy
Combat Medic Mercy:
I think it's for the better he kept this very private because the media, being the parasites that they are, would have leeched off of him and given him no peace. Cancer is a horrible thing...we can only hope he was able to spend the time he had as he wished. Rest in peace, Chadwick.
Vishal B. Karma
Vishal B. Karma:
So he was delivering all these masterpieces WHILST fighting for his own life?? He is truly a legend... Thank you sir for all the joy and happiness your work has brought us all. RIP.❤️.
I give the MCU a lot of crap because I don’t like the movies, but it still pains me to see their cast members go.
Coldplayrocks1 1
Coldplayrocks1 1:
What a great actor and it is sad to see him go. May he rest in peace.
Blaque Link
Blaque Link:
I can’t imagine someone else playing black Panther other than him.
Mr. Nunuisance
Mr. Nunuisance:
2020 just keep on giving us disaster.
Damien Harkat
Damien Harkat:
This is no place to die. Rip man. You brought a smile to many peoples faces.
Unholy Corn
Unholy Corn:
Wow. If he's had it for four years, that means he's been fighting it his entire time as Black Panther. I won't be able to see him on screen the same way again. RIP
Isacc Tavares
Isacc Tavares:
Never said anything bad about fans. Seeemed by all accounts a genuine, nice man. All Hail to The King.
Well I was having a good day till I heard this news.
😢 Rip, just goes to show that even when we’re young, we’re not untouchable. Live life to the fullest everyone
Tippytail McKitty
Tippytail McKitty:
RIP. He was blindsided by this no doubt. 39 is too young to get colon cancer. Colonoscopies start at 50 usually. It does happen though. A 20 year old woman can get breast cancer.
Vladimir Manosalvas IG: TheVladMan
Vladimir Manosalvas IG: TheVladMan:
Reminder that Black Panther made even more money than Batman v Superman.

A movie about an previously unknown character outgrossed a movie about the two biggest superheroes of all time.

Chadwick Boseman did that. RIP. 🙏
Noah Lynch
Noah Lynch:
I am praying for him and his family. Thank you, Mr. Boseman, for bringing us an excellent Black Panther. Wakanda forever!
Jay H
Jay H:
Gentlemen, get screened for colon cancer! If you’re not feeling well get checked!
The sad thing is he'll only be remembered for playing Black Panther and iirc he didn't particularly like being known for only playing that role.
Paul Rivera
Paul Rivera:
death is not the end. it's more of a stepping off point. You reach out with both hands and Bast and Sekhmet, they lead you into a green veld where... you can run forever."

I've struggled with ulcerative colitis all my life since 2005. Colon Cancer has always been something I've dreaded and tried to fight from getting as my condition kept getting worse. After 10 surgeries and all my colon and rectum removed I finally no longer have it to worry about. But the fight to NOT get colon cancer was brutal and I can't even imagine what it'd be like to have to fight colon cancer... and on top of that do all these movies while fighting it. Lot of respect for someone with that comitment and dedication. Such a tragedy and a great talent gone far too soon. Did read we both are Baptists, so hope to meet him in heaven one day and thank him for the work he gave us and giving so many people a hero and an icon.. He'll be a lot of people's Christopher Reeves.
Well Blade is mcu
RIP CHADWICK , he was really a special actor , very much will be missed
Stan Lee: It's time to go, my old friend.
Chadwick: Was I good?
Stan Lee: No. I told you were the best.
Mr Crazy786
Mr Crazy786:
I’m honestly heartbroken about his passing. I was worried for him when those skinny pictures of him were online and had no idea he had colon cancer. RIP Chadwick Boseman, you will be dearly missed and I wish the best for your friends and family too
Blaque Link
Blaque Link:
The King is dead. 😫The pridelands will never be the same again.
Rumor Control
Rumor Control:
Oh so this is why Tachala's sister sent him off into space
2020 can't get any worse they said
Christian Rosales
Christian Rosales:
Passed away before my birthday.
This day extracts a heavy toll.
MEGAtr0n TV:
Bro he died at 42, today the MLB were celebrating Jackie Robinson Day, in which he also played in the movie 42... The symbolism is crazy. Rest In Paradise my friend you will be greatly missed
Latha Umesh
Latha Umesh:
Black panther role belongs to Boseman.
People who think that no other person must recast black panther like...
Rip boseman
Straight Jacket
Straight Jacket:
Ooooooooooohhhhh....... I've got to break my nephew's heart about this. Black Panther was his favorite movie and character. He was a good actor who, as far as I know, kept his politics and personal life to himself. Bruh, this hit ME hard! Prayers going out to the family.
Juan Manuel Cardona
Juan Manuel Cardona:
I wish they didn’t recast him but they will most likely will replace him with a strong independant whaman
bubble gum
bubble gum:
“peace to the fallen” - infinite warfare.
RIP. Guys it’s just going to get worse.
It gets bad before it gets good.
Please 2020 be the most horrible year that gets it all over with and throws everything even the kitchen sink at us so that in 2021 everything starts to get better afterwards.

And *PLEASE* don't let this be a jinx.
Emilio I. Valdez
Emilio I. Valdez:
RIP Chadwick. I know Marvel has changed actors before, but this is a different circumstance. A tragic circumstance.
Kevin Nelson
Kevin Nelson:
I am honestly shocked right now. I saw a bunch of people posting about it and I didn’t believe it but he really is gone. R.I.P. to him and prayers to his family and friends.
Hero of light
Hero of light:
How much more can we take this year? For real I'm just ready to be done and over with I have had it with 2020. Rest easy King t'challa you're with the ancestors now wakanda forever
Black panther was my brother’s favorite marvel movies he’s gonna start crying when I tell him about this 😢😭 WE LOVE YOU Rest In Peace 😭😔🥺❤️😘
Wakanda forever! RIP, my king.
2:32 What about War Machine?
Turbo Alpha 2
Turbo Alpha 2:
Damn man. Wtf.
pasiden b6
pasiden b6:
Man I had no idea
Dang man he faught through shooting all those films
Kvng Grace
Kvng Grace:
*A moment of Silence, For His majesty, King T'Challa, He will be dearly Missed*
speedy lewder
speedy lewder:
Atleast he went out doing a movie franchise that was worth it
Robert Landrum
Robert Landrum:
RIP Chadwick.. but about the first black superhero, what about War Machine, Flash? The groundwork for that was in the first Iron Man, aka the first MCU movie, but everybody forgets about him!
CanDo Entertainment
CanDo Entertainment:
Damn shame. He was excellent as James Brown.
F. We just lost a great actor. Rest in Peace.
Sam Bachand
Sam Bachand:
I’m so upset right now 😖 Rest In Peace Chadwick u and ur family r in everyone’s prayers 🙏🙏🙏
I've just about about had it with this year we're losing too many Heroes and too many good people. You're with the ancestors King t'challa now find your way home you are free
I liked his acting. Considering he had it the whole time he was working the last few years, that took guts. He kept doing what he loved for as long as he could. Reminds of me Raul Julia and how he worked until the end as well.
Sai TheSnake
Sai TheSnake:
He had cancer for 4 years . I can't imagine going through that and playing a great Black Panther
Aaron Coleman
Aaron Coleman:
RIP. I felt something was off when talks to replace him were mentioned and channels like this one took the news and ran with it,
“Black Panther replaced!!!”
Well, looks like this was what they meant. Now they HAVE to replace him with his sister.... 😣 I feel for his family...
John Bernardino
John Bernardino:
"I hope they remember you" - Thanos
Also in terms of the comics I think BP was the first, Falcon was the first African American marvel superhero
RIP Mr. Boseman
Mikel Alfa
Mikel Alfa:
I told my little 2year old brother that he's in heaven and he keeps repeating the words "happy man".❤️😢😖😭😭
Bryce Banks
Bryce Banks:
This year extracts a heavy toll
Vangelina Barrow
Vangelina Barrow:
The righteous will possess the earth, and they will live forever on it.”Psalm 37:29
“The earth remains forever.”Ecclesiastes 1:4“
He will swallow up death forever, and the Sovereign Lord Jehovah will wipe away the tears from all faces.”Isaiah 25:8
“And I have hope toward God, which hope these men also look forward to, that there is going to be a resurrection of both the righteous and the unrighteous.”Acts 24:15

These scriptures give me much comfort in sad times like these. Condolences to everyone touched by loss.
Amelia santana Rodriguez
Amelia santana Rodriguez:
The number 42 was on his hat and he passed away at 42
Steveprogamer27 YT
Steveprogamer27 YT:
He will be in our hearts...❤️
TheLuisberg Top Commentor
TheLuisberg Top Commentor:
The fact he was battling this while filming the marvels makes him the most powerful avenger of all
Even though the script of BP was hit or miss. He died way too young.

andres Khushrenada
andres Khushrenada:
Wakanda forever.
Shirley Sipho
Shirley Sipho:
I'm sick, this is so sad😭
Bruce Comstock
Bruce Comstock:
Wow. He looked healthy and strong as hell.
Condolences to his family.
Zarfa- de
Zarfa- de:
He was a warrior in the movies and in real life R.I.P.
RIP Brother. Prayers to his family and friends. God Bless you🙏
Anthony Flores
Anthony Flores:
Couldn’t even wait a day huh? Run them ads too!
Rip Chadwick Boseman...
I'm worried twitter might say something nasty about this...too late
Joe Fix it
Joe Fix it:
Wakanda Forever! Rest in peace and god 🙏 bless you brother! My condolences to his family 👪 😢
Great actor! I never watched Black panther but loved him in 42 and the James Brown bio pic .
Invid of INP
Invid of INP:
Wow. RIP.
Wendell Stephens
Wendell Stephens:
Damn.... I should go watch more of his previous movies. I wish he got to do more.
Anonymity t
Anonymity t:
Cancer took my grandpa and almost got my dad... it's a scary thing and I hope hes resting peacefully. Hope his family is ok
I remember when people said he was thin because he was sick of hearing "Wakanda forever" all the time. It was all jokes, but nobody would have expected this. He was fantastic in the role, especially in Civil War. Such a shame.
Slicer Neons
Slicer Neons:
War Machine-😭
A great loos of a good man. If Hollyweird only had more guys like him.
Legendary Cryptid
Legendary Cryptid:
I just now found out. Rest in peace, man...
April Salvatore
April Salvatore:
May he Rest In Peace 🙏🏼
We didn't just lose an icon. We lost a brother, a friend, and a legend. RIP Chadwick Boseman. You will be missed. #WakandaForever
Moth man
Moth man:
HOLY SHIT THIS CAME OUT OF NO WHERE!! I am lost for words honestly! RIP Chadwick Boseman , he seemed like a chill guy and it’s really sad to see him go.
I pray for him, his friends, his family and anyone else out there who has lost their loved ones. We got to stand strong and together in these trying times.
We knew something was up when we saw how skinny he was. RIP Black Panther.
The UnRepresented
The UnRepresented:
40's are the new 60's
Zemo X2
Zemo X2:
2020 keeps getting more depressing. RIP Chadwick. You were great as Panther
Tom Gaffney
Tom Gaffney:
As he said himself, this is no place to die, rip king
Yeah very sad my condolences to his family and friends
Lauren Rhoads
Lauren Rhoads:
Oh that's so sad. He was a good actor rip
Phillip Boyd III
Phillip Boyd III:
Aww hell naw 😥! Say it ain't so?! He died too damn young at 42. I enjoyed his portrayal of James Brown and Jackie Robinson.
Demonetized Dreams
Demonetized Dreams:
This is sad news but thanks for letting those of us who don’t use social media know.
ya boi little pickles
ya boi little pickles:
Josh Broadwater
Josh Broadwater:
RIP Chadwick your a true legend
Soren Reznor
Soren Reznor:
Oh man, what a shame dude. RIP .
Lalala Rose
Lalala Rose:
wow that came out of left field. rip
Digital Apple
Digital Apple:
Damn it, didn’t even know he had cancer
Slotow905 Jaler
Slotow905 Jaler:
Yeah RIP.

Also the ghost unsubscribe is real. Just had to resub...
Burn Point Fitness
Burn Point Fitness:
Long Live the King. Wakanda Forever!! Love you chadwick
Zachary Willey
Zachary Willey:
Sad to hear. Waiting to see what we burn about it
Freddy Turner
Freddy Turner:
I hope a lot of people learn a lesson from this.....
When you post in those photographs and videos looking all thin....And not looking like his black panther counterpart....
Everyone was already bitching about who’s going to be the new black panther?.........Is he trying to make a political point?......
Was he doing like the same thing a lot of actors do and lose a large amount of weight for a roll?.....

I don’t think anyone really saw the possibility that he wasn’t doing well. But what upset me is that they were all the whining about him not being the black panther anymore and not being concerned if he was OK..... and sadly.....He was not.
I don’t understand That he hid his condition from almost everyone..... and I respect that he did it because he didn’t want anyone to feel sorry for him...that’s true strong✊✊✊✊
Me and my family are going to pray for his family and hope that they can stay strong during this time of grief..... Because I know what it feels like to lose someone you love.
John Tucker
John Tucker:
That is incredibly sad news.
Warm Lillie
Warm Lillie:
May he Rest In Peace 🖤🐆🖤
Lauren Masters
Lauren Masters:
What a icon and great actor. 😢😢💔
Brigand Boy
Brigand Boy:
Man... he was so superb in Civil War. He was Tchalla, through and through. I didn't enjoy the movie Black Panther, because I felt that they really screwed over Boseman and his character, and I also felt that they really missed a chance for something spectacular with Wakanda.

Which, as petty as it is, makes this news that much more of a bitter pill to swallow. Terrible news :(