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The 18 million dollar cliff deer.
Imagine playing 8 games in 1 day against Secret and PSG.LGD and still win
Kapatc Filipov
Kapatc Filipov:
I just witnessed the most amazing TI run in the history of TI. Darkest of dark horses. Congrats Team Spirit.
Sui Generis
Sui Generis:
It's a total team effort. They won't be able to pull off those amazing plays without each other. All five of them. They compliment each other so well and synergizes so much. The trust between each of them is just on a different level. They're one hell of a team. Congrats Team Spirit! Definitely their fighting spirit is unmatched this TI.
aji wardhana
aji wardhana:
cant stop watching this, best match of the International ever.
literally PSG at final always give us the best show, TI 8 and TI 10.
comeback stronger PSG! Team spirit GG boys, you deserve to win 😎
Vince Light
Vince Light:
Magnus collapse is the true MVP of this TI. Literally initiating a lot of Team Spirit kills (pickoffs) of this tournament. Even Team Spirit banned undying in game 5 just to have Collapse have a good lane and lead their pickoffs later.
Everyone at the start of TI10: Team Spirit has no chance against these all-time great teams.

Everyone at the end of TI10: No one had a chance against Team Spirit.
Jamie Kane
Jamie Kane:
37:06 This really needs to be a voice line
Er iii
Er iii:
honestly speaking, i never thought of team spirit until they knocked down OG in a convincing 2-0 game. damn.
a well deserved respect for this team. cant wait for true sight
Slick Perspective
Slick Perspective:
That was a satisfying match. It's like having breakfast straight up to supper in one go. Love it. Great match!
Dennis gatot
Dennis gatot:
they beat the 2-times champion , beat the strongest & solid team in dota and beat the team that are predicted to win this tournament. what a story to tell . gratz to team spirit
Jonathan Van Staden
Jonathan Van Staden:
The Collapse plays in the fight from 14:00 - 15:00 are absolutely 110% top tier. He stayed in the fight with 200 or less HP and secured 3 kills. An absolute GOD on Magnus.
Congratulations to Team Spirit, the champions and the best team this TI. That was such an insane run and in my opinion is the most impressive performance at any TI ever, having beat the most dominant teams this season in the likes of LGD, Team Secret, and IG. ez game
Rolaz ralte
Rolaz ralte:
39:28 Yatoro stealing Aegis from Miposhka was Hands down the Greatest Aegis steal of all time...😍😍😍
Versatility of Yatoro + Collapse Godly plays + Mira/Maposhka's saves and map wardings + Torontotokyo's aggressive jumps. Really insane team! Well deserved!!
Some people just performs best when under pressure. Through hardships, to the stars! Congratulations Team Spirit!
monster cat
monster cat:
Well deserved win by a true dark horse of the tournament.
Thanks for the amazing plays, Team Spirit.
Here’s my analysis of why it made sense from LGD’s point of view to not ban Magnus. TLDR is that LGD did not need to ban Magnus, but TS made a gambit to allow LGD take its Tiny-Lycan combination so that it could get Magnus, and LGD accepted the gambit as it was confident in their Tiny-Lycan combination.

1. The ban and pick orders are very important as it allowed LGD to have first pick while having confidence in what TS would have banned with their second ban, which also meant that LGD did not need to ban Magnus.
a. In the first ban phase, it was LGD-TS-LGD-TS. And in the first pick phase, it was LGD-TS-TS-LGD.
b. LGD had already showed in game 4 that it could use Magnus well, so it knew that TS knew that LGD could first pick it to deny TS from picking it. That in turn meant two things: (i) LGD did not need to ban Magnus with either ban picks, and (ii) TS would have to ban Magnus or Tiny with their second ban pick.
c. So far, LGD actually got TS cornered. That’s because TS would have to either ban Tiny and let LGD get Magnus, or ban Magnus and let LGD get Tiny. Because LGD’s Tiny (+Lycian) was so feared, it was more likely that TS would ban Tiny and let LGD get Magnus. So that’s a double win for LGD — it did not have to use a ban on Magnus, while LGD had the credible threat of taking away TS’ best hero.

2. TS made a gambit in allowing LGD get their Tiny- Lycan combination, so that it could get Magnus for itself.
a. By banning Undying using their second ban, TS effectively told LGD that it would be taking Magnus. Hence, LGD was left with a choice between Magnus and Tiny as its first pick.
b. The crux here is that LGD had confidence in their Tiny-Lycan combination, and thus went with it. (Personally, I wouldn’t call it a bait. LGD fully knew what it was signing up for, and had confidence in their own strategy. This is legitimate in my opinion, given how good it was against Team Secret.)
c. Remember the pick order — LGD-TS-TS-LGD — and see how LGD knew it could definitely pull off a Tiny-Lycan even without two picks in a row. LGD knew that TS will pick offlane Magnus since it had already banned Undying to enable a Magnus pick. And because it isn’t a flex pick for TS, TS definitely would not have picked Lycan with its second pick, since Lycan had been ran as an offlaner the whole tournament.
KrayXie Gamer
KrayXie Gamer:
Yatoro is really an underdog. His performance throughout the TI is impressive. GG Team Spirit.
LalA Jun
LalA Jun:
TorontoTokyo earned his "ez game" right. All 5 games were absolutely fantastic. Their mentality is really strong, playing 8 games and beating both Secret and LGD, they even beat the strongest tiny lycan combo.
Dota Technician
Dota Technician:
Unexpected at all but well deserved. I couldn’t wish any other than this team to win 🔥🔥😮
Azeem Gaming
Azeem Gaming:
the greatest underdog story in the history of The International.. TEAM SPIRIT! 😍
Not banning Magnus was what brought LGD to their downfall. Collapse MVP of this TI no doubt. Insane blind blink in horn toss skewer combo.
Hadi byad
Hadi byad:
What a team, literally the best ti ever 🙌🏻
Dk Trek
Dk Trek:
Fnatic, OG, Virtus Pro, IG, Secret, and PSG.LGD. They all took the best of the best. This might be the best and most improbable TI run ever. The pure game sense and teamwork. They deserved it. They took down all the giants. Well Played CIS. TorontoTokyo earned that ez game
Melnic Daniel
Melnic Daniel:
What an amazing run from Team Spirit.
Starting 2-6 in first two days of the group stage. "No worries, we are just getting warmed up".
Opening match of TI? Upper Bracket? "Nah... Too easy."
Lower bracket
R2. Crush Fanatik's dreams. "Just Starting."
R3. Two times TI Champions OG. "ez game"
R4. VP defeated your org 29 times in a row. "Nobody beats us 30 times in a row."
R5. Singapore Major Champions, IG. "?"
LB Final. The juggernaut of 2020 online tournaments, Team Secret. "Stay down!"
Grand Final. AniMajor Champions PSG.LGD. "Super Saiyan mode activated"

Some stats:
Team Spirit holds the record for nr. of maps played on main stage during one TI (20)
Yatoro holds the record for nr. of distinct heroes picked during one TI (14), 21 if you include the group stage.
Yatoro holds the record for nr. of rampages on the main stage (3). Before TI10, in 9 years, there have been only four rampages on the main stage.

Well done Team Spirit!!!
Alexandre Abreu
Alexandre Abreu:
TEam spirit was too good theese days, congrats for all the teams! The best team winned
Emile Akhmetshin
Emile Akhmetshin:
Man, imagine everyone's reaction when they saw backdoor activation. That was something else!
Tsvetan Bozhinov
Tsvetan Bozhinov:
That’s how it’s done! Congratulations guys, a true underdog story!
Probably PSG.LGD right now: "We should have banned that Magnus."

But joke aside both teams performs really well, congrats on team spirit and hope LGD will come back stronger for the next TI.
what a beautiful final performance from both teams.
David Mung
David Mung:
Congrats to TS and what a astonishingly a mazing run to grab the title. You deserve it and Collapse is the true MVP in this tournament
xuân nguyên hà
xuân nguyên hà:
I watched a few game this team played in the grp stage. When my fav team OG played against this team in LB. Im kinda sure they would not break a sweat from Sumail. Now I'm cheering them not bc I'm a fan of their team but bc I admire their spirit. Not reckless but as the same time be bold enough to make a miracle run
They deserve it
Well deserved to team spirit.they come all along in the tournament and stick with their team play and defeated the Toughest team in TI(OG & SECRET ) and especially LGD. a warmest congrats to to team !🙌💪🎆
Samudra 1988
Samudra 1988:
i really enjoy TS run, it is almost unreal to see their teamwork
Well deserved win, congrats Team Spirit
Jaylord Goring
Jaylord Goring:
Well Deserved! Congrats team Spirit!
Ricardo Martinez
Ricardo Martinez:
What a performance from Team Spirit this TI. And what a tragedy for PSG.LGD, coming up short in another grand finals in TI, heartbreaking for Ame.

TI8 OG = TI10 TS
Foot Note
Foot Note:
Congrats team spirit ,,y'all deserve it👍
truely and underdog of this tournament, nobody expected they would come this far, WELL DONE!
I knew it since they beat OG, team spirit is a really strong team
Bunny S
Bunny S:
I was rooting for Spirit so much but didnt have much hope that they can beat Secret, let alone LGD. What a beautiful surprise and an amazing, history making performance
19:58 Very well played
1. Zero Casualties
2. 200 IQ team plan
3. Very clean execution

And this is them behind the walls trying to defend themselves against a very strong line up. This is something not everyone can pull off confidently.Truly Team Spirit deserves to be the champion.
Когда 🇺🇦 и 🇷🇺 в одной команде тогда получаеться Collapse)) GG WP Team Spirit, охуенно сыграли этот инт, заслуженная победа 💪🏼
Marius Richter
Marius Richter:
I haven't touched the game for 3 years now because I experienced more lows than highs unfortunately.

However I always watch the ti's and it's a pleasure to watch them and chear with your favourite team and I cheared for Spirit. Well played to all of them 🙏👍
Ilardo Zhejani
Ilardo Zhejani:
Thank you for bringing all the highlights to us that could not watch these live. Excellent channel!
Armando Oktaviano
Armando Oktaviano:
Both of team was so good,
Congrats for TS winner
Fun fact: it was stated that before even the TI started, every team was whispering how really good Team Spirit was during the scrims. I guess this wasn't a full surprise for the players.
Ernest Villanueva
Ernest Villanueva:
Team Spirit played well overall especially in game 5 where they managed to avoid every single ganks on their TS cores. Also, LGD misplayed their timings especially the teamfight at tier 2 tower bot lane at around 19mins in the game, they gave a way so much networth in that fight.
Ерсаин Маликов
Ерсаин Маликов:
Я чуть не расплакался. Очень рад за Спирит. 💪
AS Roma
AS Roma:
It is nearly a 3-2 comeback, but still big congratulation on TS!
Gear Segundo
Gear Segundo:
TS deserves that aegis. Imagine they are in low bracket and crawling to finals.🏆
Diego Ascorbe
Diego Ascorbe:
Seeing Team Spirit win is kind of like when OG once their first Ti, I love it 😂 nun better than an underdog winning n not only that buh winning while playing good ass dota
Aneesh Menon
Aneesh Menon:
What an amazing series. What an amazing story. This is why I love this game. It's a testament to the fact that ANYONE can win.

Congratulations Team Spirit. I am inspired.
Every team that goes against team spirit, they dont learn. Collapse with magnus is OP. GG WP team spirit. The real underdog story.
Again and again combo Magnus + Ember always win in game 5. Same with OG vs LGD in game 5, and same journey a team underdogS! Ggwp Team Spirit!!
D E X T E R:
The final game motivates me team spirit worked hard to win .... i got a bit emotional too
I lowkey want Ame to win and see him succeed; he's the only humble member of the old LGD roster with fy. Even if you watch true sight he never bad mouthed OG. Also its a redemption of some sort as he was heavily scrutinized for that TI8 loss by the Chinese dota community. Anyways, congrats TS, from Eastern EU Qualifiers to TI10 Champions. EZ game indeed!
Yashwanth G
Yashwanth G:
This win is gonna inspire many player who are grinding it out rn.

They can hope to lift the aegis someday beating veterans along the way.

Amazing game and amazing series.
Goosebumps TS team was so amazing
Perla Antharas
Perla Antharas:
I’m OG fan , but I didn’t expect PSGLGD will lose the finals . Incredible performance by Big Yatoro and Amazing Collapse GG TS .
Congrats Team Spirit! amazing
Bro this next true sight will be fire!!!! Team Spirit is the team that you didn't expect to win TI like OG TI8. Salute to them man :Kkomrade:
Tomy Martin
Tomy Martin:
Honestly i never thought TS would win against LGD... Good job Team Spirit, yatoro and collapse such a beast in this tournament! GGWP both team
Earl Indangan
Earl Indangan:
I feel so bad for ame so close to winning 😥 gratz to TS they played well this tournament
Drake King
Drake King:
Fun fact: when ti10 finals true sight comes out, there will be a total of 10 players who have appeared in the ts series twice (5 players from og, 4 from liquid/nigma and ame)
Hateful Entity
Hateful Entity:
"I've been a Team Spirit fans since 2015"
Spirit had to fight through the Eastern Europe qualifiers too. That grand finals went five games with them being down 2-1 at one point.
They got knocked down to the lower bracket round one and came all the way back to take down the undoubtedly best team in the world. This is a once-in-a-generation type of stuff we just witnessed.

As for LGD, oof. What now? Do you break them up? They seem like the perfect fit. The director is one of if not the greatest coaches in China right now (game 1's pangolier pick was questionable, but okay). No teams in China come close to LGD. But this is the 3rd TI they've choked away in a row (2nd, 3rd, 2nd).

I think West EU will be fine. OG might've been decimated, Secret is still around, Tundra is still around. There's potential.

SEA will be back. T1 looked okay, a couple of moves and they'll get better. Fnatic can make moves too. I heard there are some SEA players in iG and LGD.

Pray for NA dota. The region where no players are actually from NA. I heard there are some SEA players in EG.
Both teams played incredibly. And props to the casters for hyping all the games even though no real crowd was there
Tramp Quoc
Tramp Quoc:
Congratulation Team Spirit. Verry nice team work
VeLVe B:
What a grand final! The amazing drafts, high-level outplays and crazy team fights!
So entertaining to watch live and quite intense at the same time.
Those Magnus plays were insane and will go down as another iconic plays in the history of TIs.
[Spoilers below]

And yet another Cinderella story for the underdogs, the dark horse of TI10.
No one can deny how strong PSG.LGD was, right from DPC and at TI, made their way to grand final quite easily on the upper bracket.
And people would not be surprised if they won the grand final and become TI10 champion.
But as history have taught us, there's always hope for the underdogs to perform and surprise everyone, just like OG run in TI8.

And Team Spirit did it through the end, despite the odds and having played many games in the lower bracket.
They have beaten many strong teams to get through the grand final.
They even beaten PSG.LGD when they had the drafts that they are very strong with, high win-rate and most comfortable with.

So, nothing but well-deserved win for them.
Congratulations Team Spirit! 🏆🥳🎉
And thanks for an amazing and entertaining TI10 grand final!
Must unexpected win ever. They played the best Dota and came out victorious...TI10 was by far the best one in my opinion, second to TI8 for sure.
Alexandr Komagorov
Alexandr Komagorov:
Молодцы парни, поздравляю 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
All the TI 10 teams sure is fucking Amazing! Especially teams that change rosters and still have a good run on the championship!
Rohit Biswas
Rohit Biswas:
No fluke here just pure skills ❤️❤️grats to team spirit n ez game indeed
jhong pyo
jhong pyo:
TS Collapse magnus is really making all the plays making space for the carry even TOKYO so aggressive and making play for the core to farm and ofcourse YOTARO really super farm in late game literally definition of carry in a team... both suport of TS also is so good also over all they sync as a team they really deserve TI0 aegis grats!! TS!!
DNY Printing
DNY Printing:
They just showing that teamwork still above all than talent... they know when to be aggresive, when to dodge and when to push.. they are not diving for no reason.. every move is calculated... that's why they are unique. they bring new brand of dota.. this is the new meta.. and we will see next ti this kind of strategy
After 10 years CIS region finally bringing the aegis home again. GGWP bois
Clarson Gimenez
Clarson Gimenez:
Yatoro man, 15 diff heroes throughout the tourna. Just shows how this guy can be so versatile in playing his role. Fucking beast 👏
Drew Alejandro
Drew Alejandro:
Great plays from team spirit goddamn that's some good dota right there.
damn congrats team spirit! thats alot of win series
Cuong Trieu
Cuong Trieu:
39:27 dropped the bottle before(it was cut) and snatched the aegis. What a true carry!
Agus Dev
Agus Dev:
I can't wait to hear a lot of "Blyat" in True Sight 🤣 Congratulations to TSpirit. Truly the Darkest Horse in Dota International history 🔥
kiwi sister
kiwi sister:
WP team spirit. All players doing great jobs, especially i liked to give MVP to Collapse.
Jeremy Clarkson
Jeremy Clarkson:
Congratulations Team Spirit you deserve all the praise and the Aegis. Props to Collapse he has done so much for the team, he is the Real MVP.
LGD: They picked Magnus for 2 matches already, they probably won't pick him again.
TS: Wins TI!
giri pamungkas
giri pamungkas:
after million years, finally there is a reincarnation of CIS team which bring back TI Champion.. i am sure Xboct, Funn1k, dendi are extremely proud
Torontotokyo already knew that they will win TI right after he said "Ez game" against OG. What a prophet!
This is the best team this TI no doubt. Team Spirit Baby!
After Secret dumpstered Spirit in g1 of their lower bracket series, I never imagined Spirit would dumpster Secret, let alone the invincible-seeming LGD.
Gravina Blancs
Gravina Blancs:
If i am GabeN. i would give justice to that Magnus and make an Arcana for him ❤🔥🔥
Second time in a row. PsLgd still got their spot at the second place. Which is another year to prepare. :D congratulation team spirit! Great gameplay
fermarl baliquig
fermarl baliquig:
Never gonna lie yatoro as carry really caught my eye in pubs he's a very good carry i wonder if he will win t. I because i didn't know what hes teammates playing style are... But as we can see now they are t. I 10 champions im very happy for them and for myself for seeing the potential of other person atleast i know who are the best :) peace!!!
Sandhy Winartja
Sandhy Winartja:
been a fan of Silent and Miposhka since 2013, when they were the part of Team Empire, nearly crying for them today
shir bir
shir bir:
YATORO is the Real MVP. Collapse is good on 3 heroes. But Yatoro, he played 15 different heores and he played so well. Very versatile and good. Ultimate Carry!
Eliwood Nguyen
Eliwood Nguyen:
I swear the final was so iconic😭😭😭😭😭 Spirit just sweeped other teams into shit and i cant😭 just cant
What an amazing run by TS at this entire TI. Ggwp
Holy Cow
Holy Cow:
The mad lads did it. Well played Spirit!
It's a wise decision to make a split commentator on the Grand Finals.
ODpixel and Fogged carried the last two TI finals with their casting.

Hope that this continues so it won't be so draining especially if it would reach up to game 5.
Edgar Alba
Edgar Alba:
Right before the international, like a week before I started playing Magnus with Shard and did exactly what collapse did and it made me climb at least +400 MMR, and I kept wondering why wasn't this picked more often , it was just get someone and get out to kill him, It was a little bit more secure pudge hook basically with more damage, faster and the possibility to grab more than 1 hero, I was just surprised how it actually worked vs Pro players too, I guess it's gonna get nerfed because I remember it was already nerfed from a low Cool down a couple of patches ago