Suez Canal crews partially refloat cargo ship

Engineers have 'partially refloated' the Ever Given, the colossal container ship that continues to block traffic through the Suez Canal. The vessel's stern has been swung away from the bank while its bow remains lodged. 

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Evergreen Marine is the name of the company. They have a full fleet of giant container ships, all with names stemming from the word “ever”: Ever Given, Ever Giant, Ever Gaining, Ever Glory, Ever Golden, etc.
somewhere on the ship is a huge pile a graphics cards. we neeeeeeed this!! lol
Hobo Ryan
Hobo Ryan:
We have gone full circle; praying that the moon will come and fix our problems xD
Braughn Gavin
Braughn Gavin:
I'm gonna miss this when the boat gets unstuck, its so uniting
Jonh Beckham
Jonh Beckham:
Suez Canal represent 30% worldwide boat traffic, thats why shakes everything on world economy.
Very exciting moment, thanks to all Guys on the site.
Manuelito Torres
Manuelito Torres:
Finally, its good news. Now, its time for Root Cause Analysis, lessons learned and what can be done to avoid the same issues in the future. Is there something to be improved?
Miles Lougheed
Miles Lougheed:
The "No F---s Ever Given"
Sounds like a name on the rez, ever siiiiiiickkkk
Anyone see the ironic name of the ship “Ever Given” more like “Never Given” lol.
Huy Nguyen
Huy Nguyen:
"No Ever Given!" - will now be a nautical adjective.
Lex Slate
Lex Slate:
The canal authority should never have let a ship that large in to the canal with that kind of weather coming. It wasn't a surprise. Just a natural result of prioritizing profit over caution. It'll probably happen again, given how container ships are getting larger, but not often enough for the canal authority to be properly prepared to deal with it.
Tang Pun
Tang Pun:
Sounds like they've already moved a lot of earth through suctioning methods alone. Hopefully this is remedied soon.
140694 1994
140694 1994:
Does the suez path allow cargo ship type crossing?
Eli Schultes
Eli Schultes:
Thought they freed it already. Was dragging it to a “lake” to off load some and inspection
Foofoo The Great
Foofoo The Great:
Send in Relic. He'll have this thing underway in no-time.
Riz B
Riz B:
The ship officially free and traffic is moving
John Feeney
John Feeney:
It’s all about the big money grab now make sure you put it on the public
꧁Cat G꧂
꧁Cat G꧂:
She called the ship ever given? The big name on the side says evergreen. Have they ever explained how this happened?
allthings real
allthings real:
Sky News Australia says the ship is free and expected to start back up in a few hours. Why don't you know this?
Andy Carol
Andy Carol:
Depending on one stream of income had never made any millionaire and earning check don't put you on forbes
eConOMY iS BaCk Boiissss
glad they hired waterbenders during a fullmoon
Loco Weed
Loco Weed:
give me 40 acres and I'll turn this rig around
Armir Saraci
Armir Saraci:
She keeps saying Evergiven as the name of the boat...
Only the bottom of the ship is stuck. So glad we have experts reporting !!!
wow finaly
jeff morgan
jeff morgan:
ever given is the name of this ship it is being run by the ever green company and the ship is free now
Scott W
Scott W:
Now Free Britney!
Other ships can now move past.
at the time this was out ship was free! outdate news at start
Bruh Bruh
Bruh Bruh:
Step boat, I'm stuck
David David
David David:
Who the hell would down vote this? Old people or not children that dint know what the use of that button 🔘
Octo Games
Octo Games:
What, You see the live cam? Its already being towed away.
Wict·Imov Go·Vo·Nca
Wict·Imov Go·Vo·Nca:
I wonder if they will prioritize traffic (perishable goods, etc) or just go first come first served.
Wict·Imov Go·Vo·Nca
Wict·Imov Go·Vo·Nca:
8 days doesn't compare to 8 months or 8 years of the previous closures. This is just a momentary blip.
cqvio doli
cqvio doli:
It’s all about the big money grab now make sure you put it on the public
Norman McKinnon
Norman McKinnon:
These huge container ships need escort tugs thru the tight spots in the world.
Andrew Walsh
Andrew Walsh:
Low tide and wind I’ve heard could be to blame. Nothing to do with its massive weight and size going though a narrow waterway lol Could be technical or human error but I mean come on. Are there no restrictions on weight or size?
James Lane
James Lane:
Where’s the aerial shot?
We can tell anything from this ground shot.
joanna freedom
joanna freedom:
Let's see what is inside those containers!
Mamdouh Tawadros
Mamdouh Tawadros:
I think the lady reporter, has not updated her info, the free ship is on its way to a wider area where it will be examined.
Wait for new movie "" The Evergreen "
Duke Murphy
Duke Murphy:
Guess folks cant read the side of the ship
Duke Murphy
Duke Murphy:
Guess folks cant read the side of the ship
Pursue Happiness
Pursue Happiness:
WooHoo! Back to the deep waters of billions of dollars. BusinessWarFare is Big Money!! WooHoo!!
Frostika Gameholic
Frostika Gameholic:
Wow..these is big news lol...
But Ontario and Quebec have been telling Alberta that the world is done with oil.
john jones
john jones:
they knew this could happen, not enough water in this canal for this vessel.
Never Movin
Joshua Stephen
Joshua Stephen:
Capitalism be like: We won’t widen the canal because it will cost too much money, but we also won’t put regulations on the size of ships passing through that may get stuck because we want to make more money.

Looks good on em’ if you ask me
Gunther Rose
Gunther Rose:
Everrrrrrrr GiVeN!!!
M L.
M L.:
Relying on the full moon?
Gerald Perry
Gerald Perry:
We the people are going to pay that 400 million per hour.
laskin riubn
laskin riubn:
give me 40 acres and I'll turn this rig around
Mamdouh Noshy
Mamdouh Noshy:
Congratulations Egypt
Parthasarathi Jena
Parthasarathi Jena:
I need Superman
L M:
They need to start building bigger tugboats lol
Let’s hope we don’t have to get tankers of KY jelly in
Sol Rosenberg
Sol Rosenberg:
Why not take some containers off?
Sol Rosenberg
Sol Rosenberg:
No cranes in Egypt?
Mamdouh Noshy
Mamdouh Noshy:
Long live Egypt Long live Egypt Long live Egypt
Maurixio Garcia Sanchez
Maurixio Garcia Sanchez:
Keep building ships the size of a city , corporate business are becoming a complete Collapsed.
More like keeps on giving.
serdy ximi
serdy ximi:
Now Free Britney!
misuyy fong
misuyy fong:
Now Free Britney!
Frank Zambory
Frank Zambory:
It's not the EVER GIVEN, it's the EVERGREEN!!!!!
Team Ally Racing
Team Ally Racing:
It's say evergreen why keep calling it company name?
Unload it
senni bgon
senni bgon:
Never Movin
James Murphy
James Murphy:
Why does every story suggest something different
Star Beam1
Star Beam1:
Duane Mclellan
Duane Mclellan:
ever given she blind
aldmn horya
aldmn horya:
Egypt 💪❤️🇪🇬
Denis Baribeau
Denis Baribeau:
Did they try Prayers yet? I heard their god does special things for them ,I don't know for a fact ??????
Auntie Semite
Auntie Semite:
That skipper needs to find another job, maybe pushing a broom.
Jason Joy
Jason Joy:
Wow... such repeat and emptiness in this video that should have been a post it.
Kris Topher
Kris Topher:
The one thing that baffles me is, how can they have ships of this size going through narrow waterways like this? I realize it's a canal, but they really should have these things designed so in order for said ship to use the passageway, they need to be able to perform a 360 degree turn. It should never be so narrow. It was only a matter of time before this sort of thing happened. Given what Dubai has proven over the last few years, you can construct anything if you put your mind and your back into it.
Mister M A.K
Mister M A.K:
EVERGREEN?? misinformation ?
Kris Topher
Kris Topher:
Explain to me how 1 billion dollars a day equates out to 400 million dollars an hour? Do they only have 2.5 hour workdays?
Mohammad Al Weis
Mohammad Al Weis:
Lebanon and Syria might have shortage on oil loool
Robin Goudy
Robin Goudy:
Shows over, let's get back to scaring ppl with Covid
Random Stuff
Random Stuff:
Cameron Hastings
Cameron Hastings:
For everyone wondering it has officially been refloated
Shudda just nuked it..
Star Beam1
Star Beam1:
They said canal only Effects 15% of economy!!!!!!! And thats all!!!!!????
Did they get some SJW's to move it.I think not.Need more green hair,That's what we need.
McKay Mckay
McKay Mckay:
Build a dam on the other side of it
They’re going to blame this on climate change lol or to create the low food/ distribution supply in June
Build a tunnel underneath it or a bridge over it and the ships can go under or pushed over it, attaching wheels to the ships if needed
Robert Couch
Robert Couch:
Not sure why they don't bring a couple big ships in and tie up to the Evergreen and help pull with the tugs
Metalworks Boilers
Metalworks Boilers:
Leaving it there would help reduce global warming
Helen Yochum
Helen Yochum:
Unload the cargo! Check the containers!
do we really know what is in side the containers ?
Could’ve been clear a week ago if the us or England brought in their massive harrier aircraft carriers and pulled it from behind
Black Panther
Black Panther:
Evergreen pull out game weak
Bob Lamb
Bob Lamb:
Evergiven?? Says Evergreen
Wanda Braun
Wanda Braun:
Why are you calling it the Evergiven? It is the Evergreen! Weird, lol
Evergreen was a nickname for H.Clinton and this ship is famous for transporting human "cargo". Time for checking the content of this boxes is coming...
Eduardo King
Eduardo King:
The Dutch are so smart! Good job!