Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker | Final Trailer

The saga will end, the story lives forever. Watch the final trailer for #StarWars: #TheRiseOfSkywalker in theaters December 20. Get your tickets now:

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Palps: "Nobody is ever really gone"

....(followed by evil laughter)

Kenobi: Hello there!
Full Fat Videos
Full Fat Videos:
Well, at least we'll always have this trailer.
RJ- Gaming YT
RJ- Gaming YT:
"The Saga Will end"
*10 Years Later*
*Star wars: The Return of the Sith*
Kaleb Medina
Kaleb Medina:
*"T H E S A G A W I L L E N D"*
*2029:* Star Wars Episode X: The Sith Strike Back
Love or hate this movie, you have to admit the music in this trailer is on point 🙌
Johnny Cash fanatic
Johnny Cash fanatic:
Keep your fingers crossed Palpatine says “Dew it” at least once in the movie
Stormtrooper EQW-5181
Stormtrooper EQW-5181:
2019: The Saga Ends.

2022: The Stormtrooper who bumped his Head: A Star Wars Story.
_xXPigmenPlaysXx _
_xXPigmenPlaysXx _:
What i've learned from the sequels: John Williams never lets you down
Rare Videos by Javier Vargas TV!
Rare Videos by Javier Vargas TV!:
*:') back when life was good*
Noir Angel
Noir Angel:
Fans: Nothing can fix this sequel trilogy.

*Dave Filoni: Is that a challenge?*
Patrick Church
Patrick Church:
It’s a CRIME this music was not in the movie
Danielle R.
Danielle R.:
Give the sequals a few years. Soon, everyone will love them. Its just the prequals all over again.
2019: the Saga ends

2030: Star Wars: Infinity War
Matthew Quezada
Matthew Quezada:
POV: You are here after the LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga reveal trailer that came out yesterday just to listen to this epic music
mr incredible
mr incredible:
this trailer is now a year old already.. back when life was good
Niamh HA
Niamh HA:
"The end of a saga."

There's some people who've heard that about Star Wars for the third time in their lives.
Is it just me or every time I watch a Star Wars trailer I get the chills.
Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau finally gave us the Luke Skywalker we all deserved to see in the sequels
Dew It
Dew It:
“Long have I waited, for my grandchild to come home”

Drew Am I?
Drew Am I?:
"The Saga will end"
2192: Star Wars: The Imperial Mouse.
Shnibbs Games
Shnibbs Games:
Vader: How many pizzas should we order?

Palpatine: Order 66
Ethan Johnson
Ethan Johnson:
“The saga will end”
2069: Star Wars revenge of the clankers
May I ask why I just got an ad of this movie coming to theaters? It’s 1 year after this movie came out
Nathan Derrick
Nathan Derrick:
Trailer: The story lives forever

Me after seeing this movie: I sure hope not
teehee_ olo
teehee_ olo:
I feel like this would’ve been ok if they teased the emperor in the earlier movies, fixed a few plot lines, and made the characters more fleshed out
Clark M
Clark M:
Disney: “The saga will end”

Also Disney: “There is another”
This movie Trilogy was a mess , I hope the rumours are true and there is a Snyder cut in the works.
the killer gonk droid
the killer gonk droid:
When the trailer is praised far more than the movie.
The last 10 minutes of the mandalorian season 2 alone made those movies look like they were written blindfolded
The Full Spectral Method
The Full Spectral Method:
Man! That's easily the best Star Wars trailer I have ever come across! Just Epic!
Palpatine: Our grandchildren will kiss each other.
Anakin: What?
Palpatine: *what*
This trailer Made me want to watch the Sequels Again after a YEAR!
2029: The Very Last Rising of Jedi
2031: Empire Somehow Reforms Again
2033: Hope, Friends & SJW Family: Skywalker 3
Joe Pendergrass
Joe Pendergrass:
The trailer was so hype the movie was meh
“Confronting fear is the destiny of a Jedi” “The force will be with you always” bro that’s make me cry
Strwbrry Photos
Strwbrry Photos:
Did anyone else get this as an ad was super tripped out about it......or was i in an alternate dimension where its 2019.......
Candice Fields
Candice Fields:

എങ്ങനെ ആ വളരെ വേഗം ലെക് കൂട്ടി മക്കൾ , ചമെല്ലിഅ പിടിച്ചു അവളുടെ താമസം , പിന്നെ എല്ലാവരും അവർ ചാടി ചെയ്തു എന്ന വീട്ടിൽ . മാത്രം മിലൊഛ്ക ആൻഡ് സെറാഫിം തുടർന്നു ൽ മുറി .Eugene
Vasya , ke ... nka nahana joang hore ba tla mo tlosa ho rona ...
«Non ti bastano quelle dei vampiri? Vuoi preoccuparti anche delle regole umane?».
కానీ అమ్మాయిలు రాశారు మార్కిస్ , ఆలియా . ఆశ్చర్యపోతున్నారా పేరు ఈ అందమైన లేడీ వచ్చింది నుండి ? మరియు సాధారణంగా ఏమి ఆమె చేస్తుంది అనుమతిస్తుంది ఆమె ?
clavid idk
clavid idk:
Lol I'm still getting ads for this movie on my YouTube ads and it came out last year lol. 😆😆
Mohammed Sarfaraz
Mohammed Sarfaraz:
This is like watching wedding vedio after filings divorce
“Confronting Sand , is the destiny of a Skywalker”
-Luke Skywalker 2020
Fans: they destroyed the character of Luke Skywalker irreversibly

Dave Filoni: *And I took that personally*
Wildan Aydin
Wildan Aydin:
This trailer is so f*cling good i so like full of my heart 🙏😀😀
Stormbreaker 309
Stormbreaker 309:
This trailer made the movie look really good
The music almost makes you think it's a good movie. I could cry to it but knowing which movie it's for, I'd rather pass..
Steven Baxter
Steven Baxter:
Remember seeing this in a room full of people we didn't know and no one was afraid of dying.
Hybrid C.
Hybrid C.:
Why did I get a trailer of this a year later..
Super Saiyan God 3
Super Saiyan God 3:
2019 marked the end of both the Infinity Saga and the Skywalker Saga
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi:
Hello there
Conor Gleeson
Conor Gleeson:
If I don't see Force Ghost Anakin moonwalking across the stars, this whole trilogy will have been wasted.
Jack Sadler
Jack Sadler:
Is there a way to find this whole song or did they just write it for the trailer??
Gabriel Paz
Gabriel Paz:
One year ago... OMG!!
I miss that vibe ❤❤
Jesser Hulshof
Jesser Hulshof:
This is honestly the best trailer i have ever watched
D H:
I swear that the guiding force of the skywalker tri trilogy was John Williams
Postyy y
Postyy y:
The music for this trailer should’ve been in the movie
dnbpimaz2 dnbpimaz2
dnbpimaz2 dnbpimaz2:
if someone told me that one day i would be angry and hate the sw universe i swear i didn't believe it. I am only here to give my dislike and say that I will never forgive you. what they did with this saga is to make fun of me and all the fans around the world.
when the trailer is better than the movie itself
This film is amazing pls never do that again
Captain Maximum
Captain Maximum:
11 Months later and the question on my mind is just: *"Why is this Movie?"*
This music makes me feel like I can take on the whole empire myself.
Sophia Lynn
Sophia Lynn:
Did we just go back in time? I just got an ad for it.
The hype for this movie is really a once in a lifetime
Jason Farmer
Jason Farmer:
I can’t believe it’s been almost a year.
Jesper van Ewijk
Jesper van Ewijk:
Star wars has the best movies of all times.
Ryan Melling
Ryan Melling:
Can't be the only one who actually enjoyed this movie?
Eduardo Yáñez
Eduardo Yáñez:
00:57 that scene makes me goosebumps
Blue Gangsta
Blue Gangsta:
Today's one year since this debut, God what a year it's been
Revenant in Apex Legends
Revenant in Apex Legends:
I seen this movie 5 times and still love it and I'm going to get lego star wars the Skywalker saga star wars will always be in my heart
Н. И.
Н. И.:
Palpatine: No one's ever really gone.

Kenobi: Hello there!
The trailer’s better than the movie lmaoooo
Leni Haylett
Leni Haylett:
and i thought they would bring back Anakin. no joke, he would probably make this movie worth it
Nah honestly it just doesn't feel like it's been a year
Broken Memes
Broken Memes:
dammit, it has that music that hits me straight in the feel bone
Lars Fredriksen
Lars Fredriksen:
The sadest thing about this movie, is probably that they didn’t add this epic soundtrack.
T K:
I literally got an ad for this 5 mins ago.... it’s 2020 btw
lionhardt nook
lionhardt nook:
Happy new years to 2021 and May the force be with you all!!!
Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Disney...
The movie might have been a disappointment but this trailer is awesome
Dave Fischer
Dave Fischer:
This music is truly beyond epic
Ambiental Cow
Ambiental Cow:
When J.J. doesn’t include the one thing that is good about the movie: *the trailer music.*
Look closely in the end of the movie we’re the “people” come to help the resistance in that scene look closely on the right there is “The Ghost“ form Star Wars rebels
Ben V
Ben V:
What a trainwreck of a trilogy
Morgan x 4
Morgan x 4:
Over a year later and the theme still gives me goosebumps
Teenage Groot
Teenage Groot:
“Who are you?”
“Rey who?”
“Just Rey.”
“No people, then? Rey.... Solo.”
I hope John Williams' back surgery goes well, with all the carrying he's been doing.
I just LOVE that reframing of the main melody starting around 1:27, where they slow it down and put it over a vi IV I V. Amazing trailer.
I watched this everyday. EVERYDAY. I've never been so let down in my life.
That moment where it flips to the opening theme.... AAAAAAAAAAAAAA
The Arkinator Assassin
The Arkinator Assassin:
I feel like the main story will end but they’ll still make story about characters.
Hugo Haase
Hugo Haase:
What???!!!! It was 1 year ago?? I remember like it was 3 months ago. God how fast the time flies
Shyamal Kumar Mitra
Shyamal Kumar Mitra:
Just watching the trailer for background score
Brian Skywalker
Brian Skywalker:
Wow😢 this trailer Is so epic and emotional
No matter how many times I watch it iI always get chills
idk what it is about this trailer but it hits different
CT-7567 REX
CT-7567 REX:
The Trailer music is the Best of the film 😍
Brian Freeman
Brian Freeman:
This for some reason makes me cry right when 3po says taking one last look at my friends and listening to the music and listening to luke say what he says
Mathieu Leader
Mathieu Leader:
Imagine if the future film trilogy ends on it being just a Jar-Jar Binks fever dream
Jack S
Jack S:
Trailer: the saga will end
Luke saying "no one is ever really gone": am I a joke to you?
Luis Grimaldo
Luis Grimaldo:
One year ago ❤ how time flies 🤧🤧🤧
William Wassmann
William Wassmann:
I'm sad that the "cavalry has arrived theme" when the billion rebel ships show up wasn't as epic as this soundtrack.
Jake M
Jake M:
If you didn't tear up even a little when the music swelled at 1:30, are you even a Star Wars fan??