SNYDER CUT: Was It Good or Bad? JUSTICE LEAGUE Reaction Video

Zack Snyder's Justice League is finally here! In this video we breakdown the good, the bad, and everything that sets this apart from the 2017 version. Ryan Arey and Cameron Kasky discuss the Black Suit Superman, Cyborg, Flash, slow motion, Lois Lane's pregnancy, Steppenwolf, and how Darkseid "kind of forgot" where earth is.

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Written and Edited by Ryan Arey (
Hosted by Ryan Arey and Cameron Kasky

100+ ความคิดเห็น:

What did you think of the Snyder Cut?
Silvestre Sosa
Silvestre Sosa:
The Snyder Cut was THE JUSTICE LEAGUE movie we needed.
Matthew Pinion
Matthew Pinion:
Best part about Batman is he’s more vulnerable then any other character but he never shows it.
BigGucciSosaBaby DCUO
BigGucciSosaBaby DCUO:
They definitely shot that nightmare scene just to give jared leto his joker redemption and make batman look even more badass
During the movie I just kept thinking this movie would be 2 and a half hours if all the slo mo ran at regular speed.
Fabio Rangel
Fabio Rangel:
They finally did The Flash and Cyborg “Justice” with the Snyder cut!
Travis Greene
Travis Greene:
“His vision was bad, but he had one and not everyone does.” Is the most backhanded compliment I may have ever heard. 😂😂😂
The ax was wielded by Ares, so maybe more of a finishing blow than just some random axe. And the “jesus pose” in front of the sun was awesome. Superman just recharging before the flight.
Liz Dyer
Liz Dyer:
My partner and I had captions on and we would laugh every time the Wonder Woman ‘song’ came up, captions called it ‘ancient lamentation music’ lol ‘oh shit it’s the ancient lamentation music, again!’
bruce lau
bruce lau:
we can all agree perfectly, it is much much better than Whedon's Cut and far more superior than the 2017 theatrical cut
Funny thing about this move is that if you remember the quaman movie, the villain was complaining that the land people where throwing garbage in the ocean and seeing aquaman throw his bottle and shirt in the ocean made me like. Well..... you Wana pick that up?
David Mantilla
David Mantilla:
Now hopefully they can make a full movie from that Knightmare scene
Felicity Halsey
Felicity Halsey:
Wonder Women totally got redemption for WW1984. All the heros are OP more than before.
John Lawson
John Lawson:
Monumentally better than the theatrecal release. I'm stunned by how well this was done. It's 4 hours long and still feels rewatchable.
good things:
1. literally someone's lip
Drew Adams
Drew Adams:
I was at a premier, Jason Momoa did a haka , took off his tee shirt , put another shirt on , tossed the tee shirt a teenage girl caught it and sniffed it. Maybe Snyder saw that and replicated it.
Rick Rome
Rick Rome:
I think the black suit was self explanatory because before the axe hit his shoulder, he was in space soaking up the sun
Double Features
Double Features:
I expected it to be bad but I'll go as far as to say it's the best movie Snyder has made. It's not very great, but it's quite good.
Shannon Kickbuttmama
Shannon Kickbuttmama:
It was worth it - just for the final battle alone - finally a team up movie not a Superman is everything and the others are just wasting time
Joel Turner
Joel Turner:
This is the redemption season 8 of game of thrones needs
allan hs
allan hs:
We live in a society where this line is not in the movie.
I like how Zack Snyder is approaching his dc films as mythology. Or at least that’s what’s suggested in the way he talks about them
The scenes were filmed with Superman with the red and blue suit but Zach recolored it for the Snyder cut. There was initially going to be a reason why his suit was black but when Zach was filming the movie the studio wouldn't allow the suit to be black so he never filmed the dialogue explaining it. He talked about it during the red carpet interview.
Colonel Stan
Colonel Stan:
It was fucking amazing. The scene where Clark visits the ship and hears his fathers voices in his head, I was in tears. Superman is my favorite, and that scene was absolutely beautiful. Well done, Zack Snyder. Amazing.
Roger Kristian Agan
Roger Kristian Agan:
One thing is for certain, it's 1000x better than what we saw back in 2017. I really enjoyed it and will watch it again soon.
I stayed up till 4am.. it was so much better
Don't Panic
Don't Panic:
I dunno, slo-mo moments aren't acts of pretension for me, but a deepening of emotion-- be it sadness, alarm, rage or glory. Certainly, anything can be overused, but, surely, every slo-mo usage isn't about a director's ego. After all, these moments are for us, not for them.
Matthew Lovgren
Matthew Lovgren:
YES!!!!!! I was thinking the same thing. Forget where you almost died? And forget your only loss? And forget where the equation was? That’s my only problem with it
Quinn McGowan
Quinn McGowan:
As someone who's music is in a Steven Seagal straight to DVD flick (Kill Switch 2008), I couldn't agree more😂😂
Max Covfefe
Max Covfefe:
Since viewing this movie, I can't stop thinking how much the final Star Wars trilogy could use this kind of treatment.
Paul Vazquez
Paul Vazquez:
The women in the village were not singing and worshiping Aquaman in that scene. They knew danger was coming and that is what they were singing about. They have fear in thier eyes and the sweater scene...that was her knowing there is a chance he will not come back and was smelling it for his essence cause she may never have that least that is my reasoning behind it
Omari Reece
Omari Reece:
I really Liked this,Best Part's Were Cyborg,WW,And Batman,Darksied Was AMAZING
I wanna see more of the Nightmare Timeline

Overall 8/10 Would love to see more Of Snyder's Universe
Lunitic Fringe
Lunitic Fringe:
I really liked the way he used the ensemble cast and showed other characters we know exist on the background and will see in the future. I was extremely impressed with the way this now differentiates DC from Marvel. I really hope tptb take notice or they will never have another successful DC movie.
john cobb
john cobb:
snyder cut was amazing, much better than the first release, 4 hours long so make sure you have plenty snacks and drinks cos youre gonna need them
P Snitkin
P Snitkin:
"If you want to watch a movie that has the Justice League in it, then definitely watch it." LOL, great recommendation!
Chris Valera
Chris Valera:
Snyder wanted Batman and the Joker to share a scene together but Affleck and Leto didn’t film together which was obvious in all the closeup shots and editing and took away from it.
Jennifer ciaccio
Jennifer ciaccio:
In my mind, the slo-mo scenes represented the comic book panels. That mindset actually made it more enjoyable.
Paula Bollers
Paula Bollers:
Thank you for talking about the slow mo walking music video scenes. I thought this was much better than the theatrical but those scenes took me out of the movie.
Willie Walker
Willie Walker:
I never knew how weird Ryan arey blinking is lol/was until this video lol
Alexander Russell
Alexander Russell:
What you said about Zack Snyder and his family being hard done, about being badly interpreted as a DC hater and being pro-fandom really hit home, Ryan. That's one of the best things of people who like and respect that others have preferences different to their own and still talk and discuss and celebrate these crazy stories we all love so much.
Nick Lewandowski
Nick Lewandowski:
Should have been as you say a black absorbent suit, but made by Alfred/Bruce given to him when he shows up at the cave in his farm boy flanel.
"You must be Alfred."
Ricco Permana Putra
Ricco Permana Putra:
lol the dream sequence made me like.. this is Injustice, (when superman came they said he found us, and about joker yappin about louis) but why darkseid's ship is on background?
Take you on a Winter Trip
Take you on a Winter Trip:
Beyond impressed with this movie. The amount of lore, and set ups there is.... this movie definitely deserves the watch. 4hrs long and I enjoyed nearly all of the movie. This movie actually made me excited for what the dceu has to offer for their next movies.
Your payoff to the Martha scene is in "Jay and Silent Bob Reboot". I'm not even joking.
Every time someone says the name "Martha" I go into a batman voice and say "why did you say that name"
Jase Boon
Jase Boon:
100x Better than the Theatre release, I loved it
abhijit chanda
abhijit chanda:
The Amazonian “choir” or signature tune totally reminded me of Tarzan’s yell. 😄
Random Task
Random Task:
Short answer, yes much better!
my cat just passed and i may have teared up a lil when i saw urs stealing some screen time in the background
The Technie Traveller Sydney
The Technie Traveller Sydney:
loved it. Great final act. The fights in this one esp the finale is great.
Dele Mala
Dele Mala:
Yeah it might be made as a origins set up for the next chronicle of each JUSTICE LEAGUE characters, if that would come up to the light of day
9/10 no joke it felt just as massive as Infinity war, we need a part 2 with Snyder
Well, it at least had to be better than the theatrical release.
Dude is blinking so hard. Hope all is well.
Courtney Lyn
Courtney Lyn:
I wish they seemed like they had their stuff together in DC like they do in Marvel. I grew up watching and loving the DC heroes on tv as cartoons
Alex Gwynn
Alex Gwynn:
I had watched a couple of reviews and was a bit annoyed at the lack of criticism, but I loved yours! This movie has lots of pros (especially if you compare it to Whedon's) and cons, but if you're into superheroes you should give it a go!
Mek BCE:
He went out of space to absorb sunlight after he put on the suite. I think the reason for wearing it was for the same reason but it was fan service to hardcore fans so they didn’t explain it. Must be more of a Easter egg than a pointless outfit
I am now wondering why we have only seen Doug? How come you have that beautiful cat (name of cat?)lol and it has not been highlighted on your Channel 😂
Jamill Maldonado
Jamill Maldonado:
For me it's perfect I Love zack snyders art form and this is just what I wanted from him I've watched Watchmen 100s of times so this one is just another bonus
Alchemistic Academician
Alchemistic Academician:
I really thought Flash would go to an alternate dimension after the time travel part, setting up a Flashpoint movie. But considering they teased Injustice instead, I'm happy. This was great. Truly an epic.
Take each part as an episode. I did that and it really improves the whole thing. It works perfectly.
It was perfect to me... 🤷🏾‍♂️... hell i want my super hero team ups to be long events... in cartoons the team ups lasted longer a few episodes... felt that here
Crispy Gamer
Crispy Gamer:
The thumbnail tho XDD
Bert Koutney
Bert Koutney:
Cameron, you are amazing! So well spoken & thoughtful!!
Alan Dombrow
Alan Dombrow:
I liked it a lot better than Whedon's version and had no problem at all with the 4-hour length and character introductions. I also liked all of the slo-mo scenes. But I don't think I could enjoy it that long in a movie theater and I wish it had been wide-screen.
No disrespect intended at all, but I got distracted and then concerned by the fact that Ryan is blinking with half his face !
And a whole lot too !

I’ve watched more than a couple of Ryan’s videos, and I’ve never noticed this before.

you OK there ?
Steven Lawson Sings
Steven Lawson Sings:
Hexagons are in the background of this video floating around! This must be set in the Wandavision universe meaning this is the Justice League for the MCU world and we are just watching it through a window lol.
d. car
d. car:
It’s a good film broken into 5 parts, so it works much like a mini series.
Noah Burch
Noah Burch:
I enjoyed it. I can’t wait to see the sequel
KN0CK 2wice
KN0CK 2wice:
27:54 - Highlight moment from this reaction vid!! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Francisco Camarena
Francisco Camarena:
I’m a die hard Marvel fan and not a huge DC fan but man was this an awesome movie and really makes me excited to see more of the Snyder verse that may never happen!
Chris Andrews
Chris Andrews:
Such an incredible film blown away!
I watched it in VR and I think that helped a lot. watching it even in a virtual cinema helped focus me and be less distracted, checking the time etc. but I did watch it in 3 sittings anyway haha.
Drew Adams
Drew Adams:
Funny , I was watching a toy hunter episode last night , it had the GiJoe Aircraft carrier.
Michael Cowin
Michael Cowin:
Loved it! Please continue the story, Zack.
Rotating camera = good cinematography
Cool, got it.
Existential Ghost
Existential Ghost:
I really enjoyed this new Justice League movie. Hopefully it gets a sequel.
A N:
Làntháñøîd x
Làntháñøîd x:
Can you timestamps for all the topics you guys speak on that would be nice
Wilfred balmores
Wilfred balmores:
i enjoyed it, just makes me sad that there is no sequel to this dammit
Big Rob 904
Big Rob 904:
I definitely feel like the original battle of the 3 armies was a lot better, the green lantern death and having actual gods needed to fight darkseid to win raised the steaks and showed how powerful Superman is as well.
KP Kev the Poet
KP Kev the Poet:
"Henry Cavills lip looked amazing." 😂
sanjay krishna
sanjay krishna:
I feel like people went with such low expectations of the original jl and pretty much decided that this would be good regardless of their opinions
Danish Mohammad Syed
Danish Mohammad Syed:
Since they were trying to cram so many new characters together, I thought another way that they could have cut down the runtime was by having two main characters 'accidently' interact while at a crime scene or something. You get a lot more out of one scene that way - kind of Guardians of the Galaxy 1 did it. Gamora, Peter Quill, Rocket and Groot are all at one point fighting with each other to get the infinity stone and they setup so much of their character in one scene. 5 birds with one stone. That's good storytelling.
Jeremy Toh
Jeremy Toh:
YES! SO much better
Loved it, still had a few eye rolling moments, but a massive improvement over the original. We're lucky the unfortunate series of events that were 2020, with WB and HBO having a streaming deal, that this could even get finished and come out. Amazing.
Scott W.
Scott W.:
@ScreenCrush - Wait a minute... Didn't Avengers ALSO do the **constantly-rotating-camera to dutch-angle** schtick in the equivalent team meeting/team assembly scene? Aren't those two scenes even more directly comparable now?
It was...grrreat (Tony Tiger style)!
Randall Rapp
Randall Rapp:
Thanks for reviewing this, because I will not find the time to watch it.
N Scard4life93
N Scard4life93:
He did a fine job putting that movie back to what it actually was I thought it was badass and Ray fisher got robbed from the theatrical cut it was just a way better film
Asher’s Tribe
Asher’s Tribe:
I think this movie was a complete redemption from the Whedon cut. So much better and coherent. Not perfect, but a good interesting movie to watch.
Classics Lover
Classics Lover:
Thank you for explaining the black Superman suit.
Neil O'Connor
Neil O'Connor:
I'm super looking forward to seeing this
akhil ashraf
akhil ashraf:
Can't really argue with a person who felt the BVS knightmare scene was just okay
Alonzo Richardson
Alonzo Richardson:
I haven't watched this review, yet, but I'm TOTALLY impressed that Ryan didn't really even get out of bed before he sent this out! No video store set this time; it's like: this review has to go out & it has to go out RIGHT NOW!!!
Luhanga Herbert
Luhanga Herbert:
Good and better than 2017. Limited replay value though!
Well done guys. And HI Apollo!
Amy S
Amy S:
I still can’t believe I watched 4hrs of it and enjoyed every bit.
Michael Cowin
Michael Cowin:
The vision was great. Superman can't be a good-to-shoe all the time. He has to go through a bumpy life just like the rest of us.