Sharing COVID-19 experiences: The Thailand response

In response to community transmission of COVID-19, Thailand introduced a whole of society response, implementing a range of measures to contain the virus, including extensive testing, contact tracing, clear and consistent communications to the public, and nationwide mobilization of health workers. This video tells the story of Thailand’s response. More information:

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eden williams
eden williams:
I think Thailand's biggest weapon against Covid 19 is their respect for other people. Something sadly lost in the West.
Thanpisit Tadsri
Thanpisit Tadsri:
The Thais fear the virus way more than the Western perception, since the first case reported. The level of Thai awareness is beyond many Western countries. And that fear has led many Thais to cooperate strictly with the health regulations issued by the government. In Thailand, if you forget mask before entering the shops, people don’t call on their individual right and fight for their freedom to enter without mask, they simply wait outside and the shopkeeper grab and purchase what you need for you.

It doesn't make you any stronger or cooler if you don't believe in Covid fatality, as Trump and Bolsonaro have attempted to demonstrate. The most foolish thing a leader can do during a pandemic is to discourage its population from following health regulation, economy won't continue growing if the market isn't safe.
Dexter J. T.
Dexter J. T.:
another factors are
1. Prime minister let doctors from CDC and famous public hospitals are the main handler of this pandemic instead of the ministers quickly since Thais believe the doctor and medical professionals 2. Thais get used to wear a mask since we have wore a mask since last October due to Air pollution.
3. Every sectors cooperate in handling this pandemic such as the entertainment industry and news industry.
eakphoto Bangkok
eakphoto Bangkok:
อยากมาตอบเป็นภาษาไทย ว่า คนในประเทศเรามีการตื่นตัว และป้องกันอยู่เสมอ
somporn pornprasit
somporn pornprasit:
คนไทยกลัวคนอื่นใกล้ตัวจะเดือดร้อนจากการติดโควิด จึงเคร่งครัดกับตัวเองในการป้องกัน
Sneaky Islander85
Sneaky Islander85:
Proud to be Siamese we will get through this Thailand
Sakorn Sirima
Sakorn Sirima:
Thank you all for saving our life in this country.
จุฑามาศ สายชุมดี
จุฑามาศ สายชุมดี:
คนไทยแค่ห่วงคนใกล้ชิด ห่วงคนรอบข้าง
กังวลว่าหากลูกหากหลานติดเชื้อ จะโดนแยกรักษา แยกกักตัว ลูกจะอยู่ได้มั้ย จะกลัวมั้ย จะร้องให้มั้ย
ห่วงผู้สูงอายุในบ้าน ห่วงผู้ป่วยในบ้าน หากติดขึ้นมาภูมิต้านทานของร่างกายจะสู้เชื้อได้มั้ย
คนไทยยอมขายที่ขายทางเพื่อรักษาชีวิตคนรอบตัว ขอแค่มีชีวิตอยู่ด้วยกันก็ดีที่สุดแล้ว
โชคดีที่รัฐเลงเห็นคุณค่าชีวิตของประชาชน เราจึงเดินหน้าไปในแนวทางเดียวกันได้
คุณหมอในเมืองไทยไม่เคยยอมแพ้ในการรักษาผู้ป่วย สรุปทุกคนร่วมมือร่วมใจกันค่ะ 🇹🇭🤟
Thank you WHO for your advertisement.🙏 That's true thai people collaborate to protect covid-19 pandemic in nationwide. Everyone wear masks in everyday nowadays .☺️🇹🇭
Douglas Sunlin
Douglas Sunlin:
I'm proud of my adopted country and its effective response to COVID-19.
Thank you World Health Organization for helping fighting diseases around the world!
Олег Неверов
Олег Неверов:
When snow starts speak Finnish.
When trees starts speak Vietnamese.
When air starts speak Thai.
Skywalk2sky Trip travel
Skywalk2sky Trip travel:
Good job Thailand 👍
Manf red
Manf red:
Well done 🇹🇭Thailand👍🏻
So proud​ of u my country... Thailand. ❤️​🇹🇭
Mirco Andrei
Mirco Andrei:
Very good ❤🇹🇭
I'm just so scared for my life and my family's, that I'm willing to follow all the protocols.
Krzysztof Cieszyński
Krzysztof Cieszyński:
Boris Sheen
Boris Sheen:
who = traitors
Cherries Jackmate
Cherries Jackmate:
Sir please help Priya Kumari who is on hunger strike since 5 days please save her. India
Nerd Doc Quirks
Nerd Doc Quirks:
Um exemplo de País para os outros
Gaston Paquet
Gaston Paquet:
On peux-tu avoir la vérité maintenant!
Caramelcandy good night
Caramelcandy good night:
you might not die but your lung get bad working in the future,we break our business but we safe our children,we share food for each other,we are happy to do this,we are fine when we do nice for our people.
Haniff Md Mahmood the servant
Haniff Md Mahmood the servant:
16 Sep 2020. Kopkun
Николай Терещенко
Николай Терещенко:
All bad things must pass
What about economics?
The median IFR of SARS-COV2 in western countries is 0.24% (Stanford Prof. Ioannidis). That makes it maximally 2x more deadly than a medium-strong influenza virus.
I wonder, did that justify lockdown measures, which subjects an additional 135 Millions in developing countries to severe risk of starvation according to the UN. Not to mention all the other costs and loss of lives, such as via unemployment, deferred surgeries and medical treatment, lack of exercise, lack of human interaction, increase in depression and domestic violence etc. Could you make a video and assess those massive and overlooked costs in detail?
Paul MOXY:
<3 from the UK. Well done my home from home. Showing the ignorant rest of the world how its done... open you eyes and ears UK and America... this is how you crush it.
Duan Xiaowei
Duan Xiaowei:
Erik Janse
Erik Janse:
The problem is that Thailand has a kind of a zero covid case policy (like many other South East Asian countries). If they do not change this policy, they will not be able to open up, due to the fact that a vaccin is never 100% effective. They will need to change their policy towards: opening up to be off set against the number of people to be treated in hospitals due to covid, i.e keeping this number under control. In this way gradually the lockdown requirements can be eased based on the number of covid patients in the hospitals. The idea is that the vaccins will gradually realise herd immunity, i.e. less and less people will need to be treated in the hospitals and the country will open up in parallel. As long as Thailand does not adopt this way working, the lockdown/closure of the borders will continue, with catastrophic consequences for the economy and well being of the Thai people. Unfortunately currently it looks like Thailand does not have an exit strategy.
Migara Tennekoon
Migara Tennekoon:
Who traitors
Cecillia Chen
Cecillia Chen:
I though the 1st country is Taiwan?

Oh right, WHO don't recognize Taiwan as a independent country
Fake virus!
Not just that, king
Ananda Mahidol studied medical science, and he invented a very effective health care system. He built many hospitals with his own money from his pocket. Not from taxes.
Barbara Botanica
Barbara Botanica:
Propaganda works - WHO is a privat organisation. Bill Gates and CHina are the main financiers. everything is planned.suppression of one's own intellect. As they say? whoever believes it will be saved.