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This is INCREDIBLE...we are absolutely blown away

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ANMLY Reacts
ANMLY Reacts:
wow. this was incredible. if you want to know why this meant so much to us, please check out our latest music video > https://youtu.be/TV_f8fFU-t4
เลย์ โวลคาโน่
เลย์ โวลคาโน่:
ฝรั่งที่ไม่ได้อยู่ในไทย ดูคลิป4-5นาทีจับใจความได้ทั้งหมด ควายบางกลุ่มอยู่มา4-5ปียังจับใจความไม่ได้
itthipone tipkanok
itthipone tipkanok:
This is the true story in thailand 45 years ago untill now
สรญา โอสถานนท์
สรญา โอสถานนท์:
กุอายเวลาที่ต่างชาติดูเพลงนี้ แต่กุก็ดีใจที่มีคนรับรู้ความทรมารของคนไทย
The background of this MV is based on true story which is called Thammasart massacre.The situation is there is a student being hung up and hit with a chair by some guy from Civil boy scouts that have been manipulated by the government. And the lyrics from 1:42 it's from the vice-premier was investigated how he got his 25 luxury watches and ring so he claimed that he got them from his dead friends and dead mom.
Annpan Wan
Annpan Wan:
2 คนนี้ชอบจัง แบบรีแอคเข้าใจและสนใจ ไม่ดูแบบผ่านๆเพื่อเอายอดวิว จริงใจดี
นี่คือreaction ที่มีคุณภาพที่สุดเท่าที่ผมดูมากพวกคุณเข้าใจทุกอย่างในเพลงนี้แต่ผมไปไล่หาดูreactionคนอื่นมีแต่ดูผ่านผ่านเพื่อเอายอดวิวเท่านั้นชอบช่องนี้ที่สุดละ
รชต โชติธรรมรัตน์
รชต โชติธรรมรัตน์:
Today at 8 a.m. in Thailand.The police put him in jail in front of his child.
Busaba Bunchi
Busaba Bunchi:
Today this singer has been arrested by the police.
Akuma W.
Akuma W.:
I’ll talk about the background of MV. There was a situation in Thailand 40 years ago. That time older people in Thailand were convinced by lots of newspapers’ headlines (which is controlled by the government that time) that the university students were communists and evil (the truth is they were demanding democracy for them and wanted to get rid of picked PM). There it was like a civil war in the middle of Bangkok. The army and police used heavy weapons to make uni students surrender and stop the mob. Yes, students had no any weapons, they only had pens and paper. At the end, lots of students died in that situation. And the hanging man you see in the video is one of the students that was beaten to death and hanged his body on the tree. People around him were cheering a villager who was beating his body by a chair.

In Thailand we use this situation to represent our demanding for democracy and all the coup government do is treat us like shit. Even there was an election last year, this government tried really hard to make their own rule to win the election and be the PM again. That’s why this group of rappers need to speak a word.
นันท์สินียา เมธานันท์
นันท์สินียา เมธานันท์:
#WhatHappensinThailand on twitter.
zimzala Mint
zimzala Mint:
ผ่านมาจะ2ปีแล้วอ่ะ ทุกอย่างเหมือนยังเหมือนเดิมไม่มีการเปลี่ยนแปลงเลย เนื้อเพลงแม่งยังบ่งบอกถึงประเทศไทยจริงๆ
กํานัน บ้านดอน
กํานัน บ้านดอน:
นี่สิ แก่นแท้ของการรีแอคชั่น
คือการวิเคราะ ไม่ใช่เอายอดวิว
Jurgen Klopp
Jurgen Klopp:
ยินดีด้วยที่คว้ารางวัลระดับโลกที่นอเวย์ เพลงดีแบบนี้แต่ไม่มีที่ให้แสดงความสามารถ แต่ต่างชาติเขาเห็นคุณค่า
จี โอ แอล เอฟ
จี โอ แอล เอฟ:
ก็อยากจะบอก คุณ2คนว่า ประเทศไทยก็ยังเป็นประเทศที่สวยงาม แหล่งท่องเที่ยวยังพร้อมต้อนรับนักท่องเที่ยวอยู่เสมอ แต่สิ่งที่แย่คือการบริหารของผู้นำ หากคุณต้องการท่องเที่ยวคุณจะได้รับความสุขกลับไป ขอบคุณครับ
Suravuth Sintunawa
Suravuth Sintunawa:
I am Thai, what you guys see is what really happened in Thailand. The government created a beautiful outer frame for foreigners to visit. Come in to generate income for them But those money were never brought Improve the country a bit. Foreigners think that Thailand is a country to see and enjoy, but not at all.It's a lot worse than you think.
This clip comes back to viral in Thai's twitter timeline again, 2 years later we still living like those rhyme and lyrics(--and situations are getting worst)
FYI, the background of this MV is related to picture in Thammasat massacre that took by Neal Ulevich outside Thammasat University in Bangkok on Oct 6, 1976.
You can search for more info by using the keyword "Thammasat Massacre" and you will find why they representing mv as you saw.

Nowadays we still fighting, for more information, you can search in #WhatsHappeningInThailand in Twitter
Now in Thailand, #Whathappensinthailand let's educate on Twitter 🥺🙏🏻
BomBie Natthaphon
BomBie Natthaphon:
Nakarin NT
Nakarin NT:
ถ้าเขาเก็ต ตรงคนเชียร์เเล้วคนโดนเเขวนคอเเล้วใช้เกาอี้ตี มึงจะสยอง
J Kop
J Kop:
Wa Bawe
Wa Bawe:
คลิปที่มีคนโดนเเขวนคอเเล้วถูกตีอยู่เป็นเหตุการ์ณจริง(น่าจะ)ในวันที่6ตุลา2519 เเล้วที่มีคนเชียร์ด้านหลังคือเชียร์ให้เขาตีศพที่ถูกเเขวนคอ ดูเเล้วหดหู่มากก ไม่คิดว่าจะเกิดในประเทศไทย:(
Chin Lawliet
Chin Lawliet:
Hockhacker one of the members was arrested on Aug 20, 2020 at 9.16 local time. The officer arrested him in front of the house in front of his wife and child under the allegation that he attended and performed this song at the Democracy Monument. Also last night before there were more 4 people arrested middle of the late night

No free speech here in Thailand...
มีดราม่าการเมืองทีไรคลิปนี้จะเป็นคลิปแรกที่เราคิดขึ้นมาให้หัว ในวันที่มีเยาวชนปลดแอก คลิปนี้ทำให้เราสบายใจมากที่สุดมันทำให้เราใจฟูเลยแหละ😊
bb cy
bb cy:
Tomorrow (16aug2020) we gonna protest again please help us. You can see #Whatshappeninginthailand on twitter.
น๊อต โต้
น๊อต โต้:
24 March 2019 Thailand's most humiliating elections
Summer Peace
Summer Peace:
Update: One of the RAD members is arrested today. #WhatHappenedInThailand #ThailandNeedsDemocracy
Nukul hengyai
Nukul hengyai:
The singing man was arrested by the police on August 20😭😭😭😭😭
My Neymin Channel
My Neymin Channel:
2020 ยังฟังอยู่ ฟังทีไรรู้สึกหดหู่ใจทุกที เป็นอะไรที่แย่มาก #ประเทศกูมี
Natthaya Ch.
Natthaya Ch.:
Recently, one of this rapper is arrested by polices 😢
Kunk K.
Kunk K.:
This is the "reaction" suppose to be like these guys did. Listening and trying to understand what hidden messages in the song and MV.
NOT only this one but all.

I love what you did. Both of you

Many of reaction clips are like "nothing". They just only want number of viewers and subscribe.
R RyoO
R RyoO:
The questions u asked 4:20 - 4:50
"Choose either eating truth or bullets" can be paraphrased as "swallowing the truth of having a dictatorship or eat the bullets" . Well, based on our horrible history on 24th May1992. Citizens, including , decided to stand up against the bloody DICKTATOR, which resulted a massive death by soldiers' bullets and yes, there was an actual dead body hanging on the tree to aggravate the failure.
Treerapat Angsusingha
Treerapat Angsusingha:
dark side of thailand Land of cry
Buried Alive
Buried Alive:
ตอนแรกที่เพลงออกมาผมโคตรสะใจเลย ที่มีคนกล้าออกมาพูดแทนประชาชน แต่ตอนนี้กลับมาดูมันก็ยังสะใจนะ แต่จะร้องไห้มากกว่ามันดูเศร้ามันดูโดนกดขี่โดยพวกโง่ไม่กี่คน 😥
Tonliew Yada
Tonliew Yada:
Naddado Channel
Naddado Channel:
คือเพลงนี้มันนานละนะ แต่พอกลับมาฟังอีกมันกลับทำให้รู้สึกอีกแบบ ตอนนั้นเราฟังเเล้วก็สะใจจริงๆที่พวกเขากล้าออกมาพูด แต่ตอนนี้เหมือนซึ้งกับ meaning มากขึ้นว่าเราถูกทำลายด้วยคนในชาติด้วยอำนาจเงินมันทำให้น้ำตาจะไหลอะ เราทนอยู่กันได้ไง
I love Footboll
I love Footboll:
They have been arrested
คนที่ดูเเอปสีแดง โง่ๆไปวันๆ
คนที่ดูเเอปสีแดง โง่ๆไปวันๆ:
ไม่อยากจะพิมพ์ เยอะ
ง่ายๆครับ *คุณคือสุดยอด*
เข้าใจทุกอย่าง ทั้งๆที่เป็นชาวต่างชาติ
Very good 😊😊
Saran SAL
Saran SAL:
Help please. We need your help to spread the unfair arrest.

One of these rappers was arrested in front of his kid and wife just because of his prrsence in the mob against dictatorship.

If you see this. Please help spread the news and attention.
Nat natth
Nat natth:
It’s called “Thammasat University massacre” on 6 October 1976
Prior to the massacre, thousands of students, workers and other leftists had been holding ongoing demonstrations against the return of former dictator Thanom Kittikachorn to Thailand since mid-September. Official reports state that 46 were killed and 167 were wounded, while unofficial reports state that more than 100 demonstrators were killed.
And the man who was hung on the tree was a student.
Nicharat Pichairittiwat
Nicharat Pichairittiwat:
The simulated events in the MV are true stories that actually happened in Thailand, on October 14, 1973 and October 6, 1976. Was a very violent and cruel event If you want to know more information, do a search on google All of them who died in that incident were heroes.
imnuttis js
imnuttis js:
และนี่ก็เป็นเหตุผลที่ทำให้พวกเราลุกขึ้นสู้กันในวันนี้ #WhatHappensinThailand
กรรณิกา โพธิ์ศรี
กรรณิกา โพธิ์ศรี:
Thailand is not as beautiful as you think. We Thai people have to endure being stressed by the government for 6 years. But we can't do anything. I'm glad you listened to this song. I want many foreigners to listen to this song. He will know our condition.

I'm not good at English But I want you to know that I'm really glad you listened to this song. |||
John TheRipper
John TheRipper:
mamaaim PHUKET
mamaaim PHUKET:
08:40This really happened in Thailand.
2519in Thailand.
Wild man คนป่าเถื่อน
Wild man คนป่าเถื่อน:
วิเคราะห์ได้ละเอียดมาก รู้ลึกรู้จริง
Glucose Lover
Glucose Lover:
Thank you so much for reacting to this MV.

This is a collection of individual underground rappers who only gather specially for this project. I believe for this project they call their group ‘RAP AGAINST DICTATORSHIP’ and the song name is (ประเทศกูมี)

They use green screen for this because the backdrop is the forbidden location that they are not allow to go in and film. The MV director is actually a film director who worked on this as his first MV and he’s also showcase his interests in Thai political history here.

The director also films it in circular motion to symbolize how Thai cycle of violence keep repeating itself because the authoritarian government try to erase history so people never learn their mistake. This is one of the reason why Thailand has the average of 1 Coup d’etat every 11 years, the most recent one was 4 years ago.

The scenario in the MV is one of the most hidden dark page in Thai history. It referred to event in 6th October 1976 where Thai citizen that got brainwash by dictatorship propaganda at that time enjoy lynching, hitting (with an iconic chair that appear in the lyric too), and pissing on the dead body of the student that fought for democracy in Thailand. There are an actual photo of this event you can search too (spotting a laughing kid in the photo always give me chills):


This MV was suppose to release on the annual memorial day of these massacre event in Thai history, but the production takes too long so they only release it now. I personally think they’re lucky to release it later because the tension will be too high if they release it during the memorial day. It’s likely that this MV won’t survive on YouTube for you to react.

It is a very special Rap as the artists could face jail time by criticising the current military government (it's been more than 4 years since the coup d'etat and they're still in power). 

Thank you for reacting to this MV. I really appreciate it. The message really hit me hard too. I hope the MV will get more view to slap back at the dictatorship.

What they preach in this MV is considered illegal under the current regime. The polices escorted these rappers for interrogation already and there are threat from the authorities daily of how to deal with this MV and artists. Even those who share this MV got threaten and it’s quite serious as people in Thailand got jail time or visit by authorities from social media post with negative view on those untouchable before.

Thank you again though. It really mean a lot to me that you check this MV out.

Here I add some notes and context so that the non-Thai viewers will understand the lyrics better if they wish to. 


The direct translation of Thai name is “My country has…” or "My country has all these" but the official ENG sub use “WHICH IS MY COUNTRY"

If you don’t know what this shitty country has, we gonna tell it all

1st Rapper:
The country where the panther was slain by riffle*
* NOTE: This refer to the news where a Thai billionaire went into the protected national park to hunt endangered species. One of the animal he infamously kill and eat is the black panther. He got caught but because of his influence and money, the news died down and he left untouched.

The law can’t fight against Dharma or Bible**
** NOTE: Dharma is Buddha’s teaching. Thailand suppose to have religion segregation, but many laws favor Buddhism practice so we don’t have legalize abortion, gambling, and sex industry etc. Some of the religious ceremony the government arrange often use tax money too.

The country that judges get houses in national park***
*** NOTE: national park suppose to be protected and no buildings allow to be build there, but the government build this luxurious village for the judges who suppose to uphold the law of the land. Though the project started by previous elected government, but the current military government still continue to finish it even when people want them to stop destroying the national park.

The country that its capital’s hearth turned into killing fields****
**** NOTE: This refer to many political events in Thailand where people fought and die in the capital. But the sad things is the authoritarian government try to cover up and forget about the bloodbath and many citizen actually bought what they sold. Propaganda is very effective in Thailand.

2nd Rapper:
The country that minister’s watches belong to ghost*
* NOTE: This refer to one of the top Military leader that hold an important position in the current government. He made news because many of the watches he wear is so expensive (prizes in millions, some as much as luxurious car or house). Which should not be possible with his salary. But he used excuse of “I borrowed from friends” and when asked further he said "the friends already dead". So people can’t dig any further where he get all these collection of luxurious watches from.

Charter is written and erased by the army’s boots**
** NOTE: This refer to Thai history of repeated coup d’etat (once every 11 years statistically) so our constitution was ripped by army often.

The country that follow leaders like an ant’s nest***
*** NOTE: There is Thai proverb that associate ant with hard worker (often in lower position), follower and symbol of unity.

3rd Rapper:
The poor have to die cause’ they don’t have 30-bath healthcare*
* NOTE: Before 2002 there is no universal healthcare. So if you’re poor and get sick, you die. But a democratic elected prime minister, Thaksin Shinawatra, who won with the populist idea make the ’30-bath health care’ happen where as Thai citizen you pay less than a dollar to get healthcare. This health care is very important because it’s so popular that after Thaksin was oust by the army and living in exiles for years now, but he still has influence in Thai politic to the point that the political party that related to him keeps winning the election even after several coup d’etat later. That health care system still stand today, even his opposition can’t get rid of it because of its popularity among the citizen.

So powerful country that eats panther like sashimi**
** NOTE: refer back to the 1st Rapper NOTE again. But I’ll add that people suspect that there are no accountability in this case because the the help from the officials.

The law can stretch more than arms of Luffy***
* NOTE: Luffy (Monkey D. Luffy) is a main character from famous Japanese manga and anime ‘One Piece’. He has special ability as his body can stretch like elastic man.

4th Rapper:
The country that points gun at your throat*
* NOTE: A double meaning here as it means they have you at gunpoint, and also pointing at your throat to silence you

Claims to have freedom but have no right to choose**
** NOTE: The military government promise to have election one year after the coup d'etat, but it’s been 4 years going on 5 now. They actually get to stay longer than most of the democratic elect government.

6th Rapper:
The country that politics is splitter in two sides*
* NOTE: In the passing decade Thai citizen mainly split into 2 camps; Red shirt Vs. Yellow shirt. The Red shirt is the supporter of Thaksin Shinawatra who was oust by the military. The Yellow shirt hate Thaksin Shinawatra and often side with the military. This is a super simplify explanation but things are so much more complicate than this

Even the PM is still picked by the army**
** NOTE: After Thaksin Shinawatra and his party got taken down many times, the military appointed a PM in 2008. There are more PM appointed by Army in Thai history, some are the military official himself.

7th Rapper:
The bizarre country with money hidden in bureaucrats’ house*
* NOTE: refer to news where a high rank Thai bureaucrat’s house is mugged, but when the police arrive they found the hidden stash of cash in millions. Which is not possible with the person salary.

Four years under the top-boots, nobody works in the house.**
** NOTE: Because they military government is very conservative and try to campaign on anti-corruption scheme, the bureaucrat often play it safe to keep their position, resulting in no one brave enough to start and run innovative idea for the development of the country.

Are you ready
If you are, raise your middle finger up to those Fuckers and walk with us!

9th Rapper:
That country that fires protesters at night*
* NOTE: Back in 2010 the government appointed by the military fire and kill almost 100 people (mostly Red shirt protester), because the people ask for the military appointed government to end its role and call for a fair election.

10th Rapper:
The country that close its ears, never hear people in the gap*
* NOTE: 'people in the gap’ refer to those that falls through the gap or those that people in power tend to ignore.

The country that everyone keeps talking and listening**
** NOTE: ‘keeps talking and listening’ therefore no action taken. If you wonder why suppressed people in Thailand don’t raise up to the power, one of the reasons is our educational system and culture that teach people to put importance in unity and be a follower rather than questioning authorities.

The country that chair is the answer. You will see if you’re good at counting date***
*** NOTE: ‘chair’ in this case refer back to event in 6th October 1976 at the beginning of the comment.
Chalee Riverboy
Chalee Riverboy:
คำร้องที่พวกเขาร้อง มันเป็นเรื่องจริง
The Kop
The Kop:
ต้องเลือก จะอมความจริง หรือ อมกระสุน
- Egf
- Egf:
I want to tell them that the quality of the culture in Thailand is always beautiful.
Dreamq Sullivan
Dreamq Sullivan:
I can guarantee as I am Thai that Every lyrics in this song every sentences every words are all the truth.
Le' Gend
Le' Gend:
Into 6 years my country
Thailand = "DRESSROSA"

*** sorry I noob english and we need help
시리 파논마리아
시리 파논마리아:
Recently, that group of people was arrested. The Thai government is not fair 😃
Thank you for reacting to this song. But now one of the rappers who included rappers in the song has been arrested at the police station in front of his wife and child. Thai politics really can't be touched.
ลูกเทวดา v.2
ลูกเทวดา v.2:
june wannakan
june wannakan:
Where I have been? I really love how you guys did the reaction 🇹🇭
I sad
I sad:
RIP THAILAND Can you hear me.
SuperRAM______91 Kpop
SuperRAM______91 Kpop:
love your reaction.
so real.
like your comment for this song.
dlwlrma_ lily
dlwlrma_ lily:
8:41 is picture 10/14/1973 verybad!
วิชิตชัย อมรกุล ผู้เสียสละตนเองเป็นหน้าด่านแรกในการป้องกัน
ชุมนุมทางการเมืองอยู่ใน ม.ธรรมศาสตร์เมื่อวันที่ 6 ตุลาคม 2519

และทำร้ายร่างเขาด้วยการเอาเก้าอี้ฟาดและอื่น ๆ อีกมากมาย
และภาพเหล่านั้นได้ถูกผลิตซ้ำจนเป็นสัญลักษณ์อันแสดงถึงความรุนแรงของเหตุการณ์สังหารหมู่ 6 ตุลาคม
แม็กช์ อัญปัญญา
แม็กช์ อัญปัญญา:
ทุกสิ่งทุกอย่างมันผ่านไปแล้วแต่บางคนพยายามจะกอดอำนาจไว้ และคนกล้าก็พยายามจะยื้อแย่งเพื่อประชาชน นายคงเข้าใจนะ
Use Thailand in the House of Representatives more than 60% are military.
Dad Gh
Dad Gh:
You can search in youtube
“6 October 1976 in Thailand”
สะกิด TV
สะกิด TV:
นี่คือสิ่งที่ประเทศเรามี มีเผด็จการ มีความเอารัดเอาเปรียบประชาชน
suwannachai thongnoppakhun
suwannachai thongnoppakhun:
คุณเข้าใจถูกเลย​ ทุกฉากทุกตอนทุกเรี่อง​ ฉันคิดว่าชาวต่างชาติ​จะไม่เข้าใจซะอีก​ แต่พวก​คุณ​ก็รู้เรื่องเกี่ยวกับ​ประเทศ​ไทยมาก พวกคุณ​สุดยอดมาก
Lu Cas
Lu Cas:
Thailand is always beautiful Only during this time the government that runs the country is a dictatorship and oppresses the people. 🙏❤. 🇹🇭 Thai
ÄnàkŸ ŹF
ÄnàkŸ ŹF:
Tote 2871
Tote 2871:
หลังจากสองคนนี้ดูคลิปนี้เสร็จ....ค่อนข้าง!!!!..จะ..ระวังคำพูดคำจาเป็นพิเศษ..5555 ชอบครับ..ดูใส่ใจดี
จอมพลจัตวา จู๊คลืมซอม
จอมพลจัตวา จู๊คลืมซอม:
help Thai people, plz
Now!! THIS DAY 🥺😣 the owner of the song has been arrested.
รอฟ้า เปลี่ยนสี
รอฟ้า เปลี่ยนสี:
ฟ้า สีเทา
ฟ้า สีเทา:
This is my country
My country has everything in this song.
My country has no real democracy.
#Fake democracy
Suppasorn Cheersirikul
Suppasorn Cheersirikul:
the background is some situation from "Thammasart Massacre" that man hang on the tree hit by a chair if you want to know more you can find more information.
Zulkiflee Phuyuthanon
Zulkiflee Phuyuthanon:
02:41 Terry: หรือมันอาจสะท้อนได้ว่าคนมุงพวกนี้ทำได้แค่ "ดู" เท่านั้น เพราะพวกเขาจะทำอะไรมากกว่านี้ได้หากคนในอำนาจคอยคุมอยู่
Fight Faith
Fight Faith:
I'm from Thailand,
This is true story.
fai fai
fai fai:
Thailand is still a beautiful country to visit and we are always ready to welcome you. 🙏🏻🇹🇭
thank you for this reaction.
โอ้โอ้ เด็กอ้วน
โอ้โอ้ เด็กอ้วน:
miemie eee
miemie eee:
We appreciate you getting to know another side of our country through music ,Will continue to support your channel, love you guys❤️
"The Red Lift" is about Thammasart massacre same this MV.
Now Thailand got a protest ,they are singing this song on stage.
Manuela oliveira
Manuela oliveira:
All that they’re saying is all true
Phunghew Hachikime
Phunghew Hachikime:
This morning one of them was arrested for singing in a protest against government. How sad
J J:
You’ve got the whole point and do care. Thank you 🙏🏽
Mr. Winyou Siripatananont
Mr. Winyou Siripatananont:
Thank you both of you guys for reacting and analyzing this video clip with some interesting details about the video. Thailand has been going through a lot of changes over the past 5-6 years. We still haven't got to the point of living in a full democracy system. Nowadays a lot of teenagers and adolescence are coming out to protest against these dictators who are taking advantage and blaming others for having different opinions about democracy. Hope you guys react to more of the videos from RAP AGAINST DICTATORSHIP, these guys are getting more famous, and may Thai people find true democracy in the future.
Earn's Earn
Earn's Earn:
Urgent! Hockhacker, One of rapper in the music video “What my country got” has been arrested by the police around 08:30 this morning in front of his child.
l_llkwha ;-;
l_llkwha ;-;:
Hello, I'm Thai. Thank you for making this clip. I want to tell you that "In a beautiful image It's a good demon." Our country has been better. But now it is chaotic in the country. I am a child Who doesn't have the right to vote It's so sad At the moment, the news is only open to the government. I only hope that no one will die. I don't want to endure the miserable picture. As before
Tol Supakit
Tol Supakit:
The scene in this video is simulate the event of one of the greatest protest in Thailand which was held in Oct 16th, 1969.

That event was ended as a big massacre the authority shot protesters who protest against the coup and the military goverment (most of the protesters were university and college students) down with live ammunition. The number of protesters that has been killed are sky high. The person on the hanging tree is one of the protester and people who were against the protest gathered around his hanged dead body. They punched, hit and humiliated his dead body. And the crowd was cheering with joy.... such a barbaric action if you ask me. And the worst thing is that our parent's generation tried to not remember it. The goverment are trying to erase this event out of Thai's history. This will happen again soon if Prayuth Chan O-Cha still govern this country.
It's been 45 years since this incident and we haven't gotten justice yet.
Desmond Doss
Desmond Doss:
นี่คือคอนเทนต์​reactที่ถูกต้องไม่ใช่มานั่งมึนๆขำๆ มานั่งตีความวิจารณ์​แบบนี้ถึงเรียกว่าreaction
ประเทศไทย ยังมีคนดีเสมอ
จากคนลาวววว ลาว-ไทย
K K:
After they finished this work, they were attacked by a black police. I was one of Thai people.
Ezula BaberiesPiggy
Ezula BaberiesPiggy:
Thanks for ur reaction! there was "Thammasart University Massacre" on 6th Oct. So tragic and sad for dead peeps.
วรัณปภา ชื่นบาน
วรัณปภา ชื่นบาน:
Onnatcha Siradonchai
Onnatcha Siradonchai:
The reason why this song is so sad is it’s made from true story.
Would like many countries to come to inspect Thailand leaders, please Thailand lacks freedom