Samsung Galaxy FOLD Unboxing!

Very excited to check out the New and Updated Samsung Galaxy Fold! I will show off everything you will get in the retail box and also give my FIRST impressions of the foldable phone! Subscribe for more:
Drop a comment and let me know what you think! More videos to come on the Galaxy Fold.
Galaxy Fold Review: coming soon
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I want this, but my wallet will be alot more foldable than my phone afterwards 🤣
RDJ fan
RDJ fan:
Who else is watching just for satisfaction??😊
Eric P.
Eric P.:
This thing is cool. It's gets a lot of hate, but I applaud Samsung for making this phone.
Noah R
Noah R:
I won't get it but I think the concept is really interesting and I want Samsung to keep working on this. I could see myself buying one that's more refined.
First phone that has made me not want to be an iPhone user
Colgate Toothpaste
Colgate Toothpaste:
Apple: we have the most expensive phones
Samsung: hold my free wireless earbuds that come with the phone
So was this an Unboxing or Unfolding video? :D
Mike Clark
Mike Clark:
Guarantee the next few models are going to look way better
Squisshyrat YT
Squisshyrat YT:
imagine folding it the wrong way when you first get this 😂
Nathan Brown
Nathan Brown:
Really gotta get my hands on one of these I'm in love already😍😍😍
monica williams
monica williams:
I see myself getting one of these phones, but maybe after 2 or 3 generations.
Chris Sullins
Chris Sullins:
Loving my Fold. No complaints except for that we need more cases.
HarD TarGeT
HarD TarGeT:
I m pretty sure future generations of Fold would be even more Awesome! & Wallet unfold worthy👍
Ryan Jay Binongo
Ryan Jay Binongo:
amongst all the people who made a review of the fold, this is the most straight forward review! Thank you Tim Schofield!
A great phone for college😭 when you forgot to the that online quiz split screen and bam
I really appreciate your videos and reviews Tim! Thanks so much for this. I will be purchasing tomorrow. ♥️👍🏾
The Nude Cookin Bro
The Nude Cookin Bro:
Im a phone geek for sure, always have to have the newest and best when they release and by far this is the most awesome phone ive ever owned. Future is def here and it def has a feeling of exclusiveness at the moment
Melissa Trusler
Melissa Trusler:
Great review. Just ordered mine at a great deal. Been with Samsung for years and EE gave me a huge discount for being with them since the Orange days. Get my delivery on Monday! ✌🏻😊
The Almighty Cornholio
The Almighty Cornholio:
Ive had mine since the day after launch and so far so good....
Neon shine
Neon shine:
Imma wait till it becomes like 500 dollars :")
Matthew Gill
Matthew Gill:
I cant wait to get my hands on this
Johnny Cochran
Johnny Cochran:
I am so tempted to get one of these. Have an OG iPhone X and have been an iPhone guy for a while. Damn
I'm watching coz it's too expensive to own one. I'm interested to know other choice of cases that you could find for this phone. Great video Tim!
Professor Langford
Professor Langford:
I got it when it first came out and hands down my favorite phone in a long time. I love the combo of phone slash tablet. It feels way more durable than everyone says. Also I actually like the screen in front as well its good for quick texting scrolling through quick reads, post, great for quick pics. Obviously inside is amazing. In general this has me really excited for future of phones. At least with samsung. I left apple because lack of innovation, every year same thing newer camera, newer battery, same old same old. , also pretty dope they threw in wireless headphones that are pretty good as well.
Tim Schofield
Tim Schofield:
I'll be around the comments, so let me know what you think of the Galaxy Fold!
Galaxy Fold Review is live as well:
Darrion S
Darrion S:
Watching this on my Galaxy Fold! The Fold has been my daily driver since it has come out and I love it.
Khoa-Nguyen Van
Khoa-Nguyen Van:
It’s impressive but i would like that when it’s folded, the phone would still be a complete phone and the open it up into tablet.

The way it is currently, the folded mode is forcing tip open it up.
Chris Stokes
Chris Stokes:
Ive just got a Samsung A9 and loving it. I've been a Sony fan for the last 8 years and after the awful xperia X I jumped to Samsung and never looked back. 👌👌👌
You are My Favorite Tech Youtuber. Waiting For You to cross 1 Million Subscribers
Lucky you are. Wish could have it someday
Zhi lu Wang: Wow awesome!
Kim Ngan Tieu
Kim Ngan Tieu:
I’m debating between this and the Z-flip 🤔🤔 both have something i like and something i dont like. Damnn this is hard.
Nice video dude. Can't wait to get my hands on one of these!
Cameron Edwards
Cameron Edwards:
Question. Watching him fold the phone every time, he had to push in the middle of the screen, is that the only way or can you fold it using one hand?
I held this first hand. I have to admit - this is so lit! Looks way better in actual!
I'm curious to see over time how much the crease shows but this double screen is really cool!
I can see why it's so expensive!
Thanks Tim,
Peace From London. 👍👍
Vikas V Hiremath
Vikas V Hiremath:
Long time no see!! :)
I enjoy watching these videos at other people's expense. Enjoy and thanks for the video!
Achintya Mantravadi
Achintya Mantravadi:
thank you tim scfiled for manking this many videos i am very proud
Tim, I've been with you since the qb77 days. I think that's right. Too bad rooting isn't what it was. Good unboxing. I love the fold.
Sam StarMuffin
Sam StarMuffin:
kick ass review man 👍👍👍😎 you sold this puppy when you demoed the 3 app screen 👍 BAD ASS
Jerson P. Severe
Jerson P. Severe:
Dude, I don't usually comment, but let's just say I had to like and comment this video!
좆나 사고 싶다 너무 멋있자너
phil Wang
phil Wang:
I just cant get over with the folding mark in the middle of the screen. It will appear to be more and more obvious when you use the phone more often.
Isaiah Bailey Sr.
Isaiah Bailey Sr.:
John Johnson
John Johnson:
6:00 - don't worry, once that oleophobic coating wears off on the outer screen, it too will collect fingerprints. :p
Muneer Khan
Muneer Khan:
I been watching ur videos since u were qbking77 making Samsung Epic 4G root videos all those years ago lol crazy to see how far you've come bro keep up the great work!!
Clifton Baker
Clifton Baker:
I went to the AT&T store this evening and saw this device was on display!! I was like WOOOOOAH 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Heriberto Mendoza
Heriberto Mendoza:
Hey Tim...Great Video as always. Enjoy this Amazing Phone...Take Care!
Business Email
Business Email:
I just ordered this today should have by Friday I'm so excited
Pupin Siang
Pupin Siang:
Wow looking great 👍 watching from Dubai
Pupin Siang
Pupin Siang:
Wow looking great 👍 watching from Dubai
Pupin Siang
Pupin Siang:
Wow looking great 👍 watching from Dubai
Pupin Siang
Pupin Siang:
Wow looking great 👍 watching from Dubai
Sandra Fuller
Sandra Fuller:
Will be getting it just going to be awhile.Got to get through the holidays first and pay off hubby's phone first (at&t next plan)so I can trade in note 10+
Anfaal M.
Anfaal M.:
Your unboxing videos are so beautiful..
Alex Colbert
Alex Colbert:
Thank you 🙏🏾
Roy Campos
Roy Campos:
Love you videos and love the concept of the galaxy fold. But was wondering what are your thoughts on the Microsoft Surface Duo phone?
Steve Steele
Steve Steele:
You should separate vids for blogs including fitness :)
Celeste Black Feather
Celeste Black Feather:
It looks beautiful 😍😍 want one now!!
Michael Nunley
Michael Nunley:
I like it, gonna order one for my next phone. Got a sonim xp-8 now and love that too. I'd have to be far more careful with this one.
ENT. Media
ENT. Media:
Even if its first gen of it's kind. Still really cool. Just seem like you have to handle it more delicately.
Falah Alkhaldi
Falah Alkhaldi:
Good review thanks thumbs up
Great video!!
Donna Stuber
Donna Stuber:
I really want to get this so I think you sold me!
Jason Matthew
Jason Matthew:
Good review
I like it..but I like anything new and different. LOL. I'll be curious to see how the center crease does over time. For now, I'm still really really happy with my Note 10+. Great video, as usual. Thanks!
It is clean!!!
Alex Soccer
Alex Soccer:
SO COOL!!! I'm going to get the Galaxy Fold for Christmas!
Simon Wheeldon
Simon Wheeldon:
Super interesting to see it. Not for me. Maybe the 5th or 6th gen when the costs come down and a finger nail isn't a danger warning 😂
Welcome to the wonderful world of graphene! This phone looks really cool. Curious how it is compared to Galaxy 8s in terms of processing power, sharpness of the screen and camera. What are the dimensions?
Bradley Drennan
Bradley Drennan:
Very cool! I am more of an iPhone fan. It is very cool today here in Chicago area. I am nwIndiana not far from Chicago.
Watching this on my Galaxy A10e while I save up for the Galaxy Fold before 2019 is over.

P.s. Check out Major Ben's YouTube channel if you guys want to see his multiple Galaxy Fold usage videos.
recon forsales
recon forsales:
Excellent unboxing
Gordon Grigsby
Gordon Grigsby:
I would buy it for half that price range 😉
莫M H Khing
莫M H Khing:
Wow, I wonder how much it will cost?💲💲
Patrick Stark
Patrick Stark:
Hey what's up bro? That is one really great phone man. I love that phone. What's the cost for that?
Rafal Matysiak
Rafal Matysiak:
pre order in best buy...friday pickup...sooo happy😁😁😁
Glitter Kitten
Glitter Kitten:
They took "phablet" to the next level. I have all the want! I didn't think I would but I do!!
How is the camera quality and have you seen any changes in the screen as you've been folding and unfolding the phone
Vincent VanPaepeghem
Vincent VanPaepeghem:
Great video! A very unique phone. I've been a Samsung customer for years. I use the Note 9. Will have to say that the Samsung Galaxy Fold might be something I might consider. Thanks for sharing!
Jacquelyn Huston
Jacquelyn Huston:
Good video!!
Marcus Edwards
Marcus Edwards:
I like this phone but I also like the s20 ultra and the z flip. Not sure what I want now. Lol
Ranjeet Singh
Ranjeet Singh:
Just ordered mine today, can wait to use it
Billy V
Billy V:
I have had it for 3 weeks and it's a great phone fits in your pocket and easy to use. I had a note 10+ before but this one is a must if you like ease-of-use.
Lord King
Lord King:
Looks really futuristic and cool but I care the folding pattern on the screen is a bit visible even when the backlight is turned off.
I have learned to never get the first gen of any new tech. there is bound to be issues with it (dead pixels, increased crease and so on). I do hope it catches on and can be perfected, as once it is I'd definitely want one
Bre Holt
Bre Holt:
Roberto Sanabria
Roberto Sanabria:
Be careful with how you fold it. How about the camera? Compare to the note.
Hadi hossaini
Hadi hossaini:
I want it and i will buy it but my wallet...☹️🤯
Eliel Sanchez
Eliel Sanchez:
You can have 4 apps open at once now? Wow I was loving the 2 window feature
Mr MDub4
Mr MDub4:
Very nice video!
Maddie M
Maddie M:
This makes me want to get a samsung for the first time in a long time. The multitasking setup is intriguing.
jon s
jon s:
Dang that's a good camera, I see they put the finger print scanner in the power button like the Galaxy s10e.
Дмитрий П
Дмитрий П:
James Hernandez
James Hernandez:
I think this is the way of the foldable future. It will be interesting to see what Apple does after everyone else works out the kinks.
I love how you can have a phone and a tablet at once I just dont think it would fit my life style, I like to have water proof cases with a high drop resistance but I doubt they can make a case like that for this phone, I feel like I would break this phone
Ryan Bucad
Ryan Bucad:
Steven Lara
Steven Lara:
Buen video 👍