QUIZ TIME! Katie Nolan grills Liverpool’s Andy Robertson on Mo Salah, Messi & Mariah Carey | ESPN FC

It’s quiz time with ESPN’s Katie Nolan as she tasks Liverpool’s Andy Robertson with quite a few pressing questions ahead of the FA Community Shield against Arsenal. How many goals would Lionel Messi score in the Premier League? Who is older: Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane or Roberto Firmino? What was the No. 1 song atop the charts when he was born in 1994 (hint, hint … it’s by Mariah Carey). Plus, Nolan puts Robbo on the spot to see if he can spell Georginio Wijnaldum correctly!
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Joshua Fernandes
Joshua Fernandes:
She’s fit
Papos Extalorse
Papos Extalorse:
Where Andy Robertson gets to try to flirt with women

Wonder if he hit the back of the net
"You were the no. 1 hit that year."
Cool line.
She has a strong attitude it’s great lmao
Talia Mason
Talia Mason:
Didn't know Katie was into football. She mostly covers NFL and on some occasions NBA as well.
Alexander Hikmala
Alexander Hikmala:
1:58 u r born on march 11 94, it s crazy uh ( he s much younger than me 😂)
Alexander Hikmala
Alexander Hikmala:
Best Lb in the world the one and Only Robbo
Mahdi Rahman Inan
Mahdi Rahman Inan:
3:56 How many Premier League Goals will Leo Messi will Score next season?
Chris Conway
Chris Conway:
Katie would be a great regular fixture here on espn fc
That's wrong. Bobby is the oldest
Clearence Parents
Clearence Parents:
Firmino is literally the oldest
She is sexy and she knows it!
Benedict B Chao
Benedict B Chao:
Katie Nolan is beautiful ❤️❤️
farra smit
farra smit:
Mariah's, 'Ken Lee', that's a classic.
Not MainManMané hth
Not MainManMané hth:
Katie is so fit icl she needs to be regular on here more
Umaru Zubairu
Umaru Zubairu:
I love Katie Nolan's presentation style. So fun!
Ville Jokela
Ville Jokela:
Messi would break Mo Salah's goal scoring record. That's for sure.
....When being grilled by someone is a real pleasure.....
Fatir Yamin
Fatir Yamin:
Destroyed Him 😂
Rumen Petkov
Rumen Petkov:
Firmino is the oldest actually, however great video i loved it
She bangin how have i never seen her before
Kam Sandhu
Kam Sandhu:
Bro am I tripping? Firmino was born October 1991 and the other two June 1992...
Critdef Matt
Critdef Matt:
Absolutely charming interview. Well done to both
The Music Theory 001
The Music Theory 001:
Saw an article about this interview and they made it "sound" like Robertson is angry at Messi... Quoting "Hopefully he stays away from Liverpool and the premier league"
katie you can grill me anytime
Kyle Unger
Kyle Unger:
Robbo mate, you’re in there
Dave Otabor
Dave Otabor:
Guardiola was spotted at Barcelona yesterday
Trust The Process
Trust The Process:
its easy. Whynahdlum
Abu Dhakal
Abu Dhakal:
She's so good looking
Love this! More of this!
Gabriel Carrasco A
Gabriel Carrasco A:
Were they flirting?🤔😂
Ognjen Popovic
Ognjen Popovic:
Its clear that she doesn't know anything even tho she has the answers... BOBBY IS A YEAR OLDER THAN MO AND SADIO...
Tim !!!
Tim !!!:
that last question needed more backstory!
Nathan mike
Nathan mike:
I wanna b grilled too
Luka Mitrovic
Luka Mitrovic:
Firmino is the oldest, he is born in 1991. Sadio and Salah in 1992. What a disgrace!
Karl Ali
Karl Ali:
Andy ” yeah that was good dat 1” Robertson
Simply Balling
Simply Balling:
That lady is very good looking. Well done ESPN FC
Huh? I thought Firmino was born in 1991 and the other 2 a year after.
Kawcharalli Kawcharalli
Kawcharalli Kawcharalli:
Next season Premier League Messi 50+ goal
othmane elmoujarrid
othmane elmoujarrid:
Firmino is a year older than salah & mané !!!!!
Hammad Ali
Hammad Ali:
1:44 the what?
What Are We Winning Again?
What Are We Winning Again?:
Espn ftw
Firmino is born 91... hes the oldest by some distance
Jesse Lingard
Jesse Lingard:
3:58 all the prem left backs be like this when they realize messi is coming
Hanamichi Sakuragi
Hanamichi Sakuragi:
So, she's single?
Andy Parker
Andy Parker:
Andy Robertson is a good, but not at this!
Ryan Monk Reactions
Ryan Monk Reactions:
Faiz Malik
Faiz Malik:
how did she pronounce celtic? lol
Alessandro Braz
Alessandro Braz:
Does anyone know that Italian disco song?
Please make her a regular
SisHant# Abu
SisHant# Abu:
Waaw I enjoyed it, she really get my attention 😍
Anto Erickson
Anto Erickson:
Andy Robertson is enjoying this quiz.
Darth Dulla
Darth Dulla:
Double standards....

Keep your legs crossed honey
c122 h122
c122 h122:
I love Katie
Bhavishya Agrawal
Bhavishya Agrawal:
God i missed Katie.. Last I saw of her was after Gronk Decided to join Brady at the Buccaneers
T T:
she knows more about football than ale moreno
MSP anime lover
MSP anime lover:
Marcus Holloway
Marcus Holloway:
How many premier league goals will messi score?

Robertson sweating at the idea of marking messi
Dr. Vegapunk
Dr. Vegapunk:
Katie Nolan is fine 👌
ismael medina
ismael medina:
Nice of katie to do her makeup and hair for the first time this year.
It only took until September
Christian Flores
Christian Flores:
I wish Messi would come to liverpool
A.K.A 10k
A.K.A 10k:
Actually Famino is the oldest because he will turn 29 in October
John Snowman
John Snowman:
She's not flirty, she's American
More Katie Nolan talking soccer and things
4th Genna - Rayan Cherki The GOAT
4th Genna - Rayan Cherki The GOAT:
Abu Ceesay and Joa Brado, I'm calling you both out to challenge on the PL being the best league. If you're here, I'm calling you both out right now.

The PL is the best league in the world.

However, The UCL isn't a domestic league so stop reverting to the UCL as your saving grace for La Liga and BL being a boring two team race for years.
Sadif Rahman
Sadif Rahman:
Robbo you should have known Boston Celtics are the most successful NBA team come on man.
Lightning Von Karma
Lightning Von Karma:
Is Katie trying to date him????
nomen nominandum
nomen nominandum:
Robo is the best.
Murali Krishna
Murali Krishna:
first comment
Bu Rida
Bu Rida:
This girl needs to leave us alone
Arjun Venkateshwaran
Arjun Venkateshwaran:
second comment
Brian Ho
Brian Ho:
Katie Nolan is hot
Cringe lady Katie Nolan.. Smh
They were literally flirting.
Lightning Von Karma
Lightning Von Karma:
Katies toes 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
tiger blaze
tiger blaze:
Shes kind of cute but I'm getting pretentious vibes off her
Lionel Messi will score 0 Premier League goals next season, because he won't play in the competition.
She is the biggest fraud Liverpool fan of all time.
Tommy Robinson
Tommy Robinson:
Alphonso Davies, Ben chilwel, Marcelo, jordi Alba, Alex Sandro, David alaba > Robertson the fraud