Protesters bring Hong Kong airport to standstill

All flights had to be cancelled as crowds of protesters occupied Hong Kong's main air terminal, bringing it to a standstill. (Subscribe: In an ominous statement, the authorities in Beijing said things had reached a 'critical juncture' and declared there should be 'no leniency or mercy' shown to those involved in violence. Hong Kong police have defended their crowd control tactics over the weekend - after tear gas was fired in a train station - and a female protestor was shot in the eye. A warning - there are distressing images of the violence in this report. ----------------------- Get more news at our site - Follow us: Facebook - Twitter -

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Z Z:
Did anyone see the British flag at the beginning?
Xiao Zhang
Xiao Zhang:
man... why these interviewers think it's more acceptable for protest throwing real gases than the police throwing tear gases?
David Battlefield
David Battlefield:
Tis News is MISLEADING, it's only part of the footage !
Gblili H
Gblili H:
"The Real masters" are in England in Buckingham 🤮
With Confusion, chaos, and can lead the people anywhere anywhere.
sunnydays DDT
sunnydays DDT:
I would like to see some yellow vest clips. How did French police react to the protestors?
Aj Wood
Aj Wood:
The protesters are violent? Man, these people must not realize how violent the founding fathers of America was...

If you want freedom and democracy,
YOU HAVE TO FIGHT FOR IT. it won’t just be handed to you!
Suhaila Mohammed
Suhaila Mohammed:
They threw molotov to the police station? What is the difference between you and rioters
Giao-Chi viet
Giao-Chi viet:
Tiu lu mu HAY TRASH Hongkock young kids. no BRAIN
Throwing exploding petrol bottles to the police station is ok,while the police taking action on these not ok? Screw you
Carl Kiehne
Carl Kiehne:
If they aren't careful this will change from protests to violent revolution.
Nigel Soh
Nigel Soh:
My Bolster Smells Like Popcorn
My Bolster Smells Like Popcorn:
“Today communist party papers released footage - complete with sinister soundtrack ...”

wait what
Abd Allah Aamir
Abd Allah Aamir:
This woman loosing one eye in the protests is portrayed in every video. What about the hundreds who lost their eyes one or even both in Kashmir by Indian forces. What about them..???
peter atherton
peter atherton:
Watch you don't get yer vital organs harvested for the elites. Mainland China don't respect life...
Lulu Berry
Lulu Berry:
Let's fund the independence of Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, Gibraltar, the Falklands ...for starters.
The only way for Hong Kong to not be part of China is for human civilization to end on earth.
N W:
Riots are paid and controlled by the illuminati
nick Ngunjiri
nick Ngunjiri:
Unless you didn't see yellow vest protests in France or Catalonia in spain, it was total chaos.
chen li
chen li:
Is that the British flag? Seriously?
So they want to be colonized.
Tony Võ
Tony Võ:
Mess with the power of the people and you'll not end well
Adam Gilmore
Adam Gilmore:
This is where the 2nd amendment comes into play.
Big Brother is scared. Just watch CGTN.
Hong Kong will never loose support!!!
Love from America!
liu gang
liu gang:
protestors chose a violent way to provoke police which shows their lack of rational, some of them are like terrorists threatening the security not only for the people of HK, but also pose great danger to people in the airport
Got Seven LOVER
Got Seven LOVER:
Hong Kong and China people...please think that 'SOMEONE' had laughing and smile see your country the protes peacefully.....why be like sad
Salty Medpac
Salty Medpac:
Anyone in Hong Kong should either run or fight. They will bring the military if they have to.
Dave The rave
Dave The rave:
Can’t channel 4 find France then??
Hermand Lo
Hermand Lo:
Abandon the HK dollar to BTC. Take the power away from govts
Haiwen Zhu
Haiwen Zhu:
Until now, no one dead at least. I wandered what will happen if protester surround and throw smoke and fire to police station in other countries. I admire those HK police officer.
dan bogdan
dan bogdan:
What happened here it's like in Romania. 2018.2019.
This is how people react when you take away what freedom they have left.
Thomas Crowley
Thomas Crowley:
Keep fighting my brothers and sisters in Hong Kong! We the American people love you and are with you!
Barret Ghislain
Barret Ghislain:
"Channel 4 News" please get to the ground and get your facts right rather than selective reporting.
symun buuntw
symun buuntw:
The million protester should be prepare to fight back n prepare to die either way all gonna be die.
Dan B
Dan B:
Its about time. People all over the world should be protesting against the corrupt government. Why should corrupt men and women control a population?
In history when people are fed up with the corrupt government they usualy revolt. Shouldnt be surprising!!
Woogy 1
Woogy 1:
Never give up your guns. It ultimately is the people's only way to protect their freedoms.
Pu ma
Pu ma:
From what l see, Beijing been and being very patient .
Oliver Q
Oliver Q:
Kathy Newman still on air after Peterson blunder. Lol. The matriarchy is real.
lance miller
lance miller:
Why doesn't ch4 interview the good people of How ask them why they are protesting! That's the problem the HK leader is a traitor! She's lost control and she's the problem she should resign!
Stay safe Hong Kong 🙏🙏🙏
Banjo Tion
Banjo Tion:
Jackson, Yukhei, please stay safe!! 😭😭😭
li chai
li chai:
Hong Kong will not tolerate outside forces, but to show their hands. The state‘s internal affairs cannot interfere, the central authority cannot challenge!
J Q:
Hong Kong people are doing everything wrong, They should protest peacefully without damaging things.....
America supports you we love you tear down the criminals
jake the snake
jake the snake:
What freedom and democracy?

Before Chris Patten became Governor, the preceding 3 Governors ruled mostly with an executive branch of British civil servants and a largely appointed legislature. There was no One man one vote.

After Hong Kong was agreed to be handed over to China, Chris Patten tried to rush. through a democratic system that was skewed to elect pro Western politicians.
There was fear of communism amongst the population then. Thus most people would vote for anti-China politicians at that time.

In order to ensure the continuation of their influence after 1997, the British pushed for many peculiar electoral systems. There's the one constituency two member system to double the effect of the pro-Western plurality vote.
There's also the "new nine constituencies" to dilute the influence of the elite and the professionals (many were becoming pro-China out of necessity) and magnify the effect of popularism In all fairness, the British governed Hong Kong very well.

Yet, they never implemented any democratic system in Hong Kong until a point when they realised it would be to their advantage to do so.
Brenda Smith
Brenda Smith:
Pray for Democracy in Hong Kong and their people
Uler Kadut
Uler Kadut:
uhm so PLA can deploy if Hk government request them.
but if PLA deployed they breaking the promise.

uhm... lady... you confuse me. basically once HK govt sent invitation, everything is valid.
and how can they break the promise?
They Them
They Them:
i was wondering why it seemed like there were less cheaters on the pubg servers lately....
first last
first last:
this channel 4 interview is mediocre at best
Quball Productions
Quball Productions:
God Bless the woman who lost her eyeball. These protesters are so damn brave.
Book of Katherine
Book of Katherine:
Imagine this happening to #Antifa or #ClimateChange activists- they shut down #Heathrow with a drone. These guys want #rights. The others want a #classsystem (slavery). So- beatings.
Nutrition Facts
Nutrition Facts:
im chinese in the US ... I hope HK and China can be at peace...:(
Yan Z
Yan Z:
Go back to your school! Or immigrate to USA!
Cherry Kook
Cherry Kook:
I feel bad for Hong Kong in the end their the ones whose gonna suffer
paul hoskin
paul hoskin:
A massacre is imminent
Qing Chai
Qing Chai:
Why the Channel 4 don't show the full video ??? You just choose the part the police begin to arrest the protester,where are the violence actions!!!!
The book 1984 is coming true, sad times
Abhijeet Bishnoi
Abhijeet Bishnoi:
India 🇮🇳 with you Hong Kong 🏮 🏮
Forest Cobra
Forest Cobra:
The only language the oppressor understands is brute force. So speak slowly, clearly and in simple words.
Jeffrey Davis
Jeffrey Davis:
Keep fighting for your freedom! Don’t fall victim to your tyrannical government while you still can!
Hendic Tan
Hendic Tan:
You bxtrd reporter should say Police subdued terrorist, not peaceful protesters. They should be beaten together with wicked reporters !
police gone mad? Police failed to protect HK! The hostess never asked tough questions or facts, just let the thug delivered propaganda whatever without being challenged.
Yeah, HK police get their training from the Chinese communist police. It shows.
dimsum den
dimsum den:
How about interview the opposite side. Why just interview pro-protestor. Why not have a civilized debate between both sides and see who will win more support.
scoony G
scoony G:
Ive been to kowloon. This is insane!
Jay Dong
Jay Dong:
强烈要求香港外籍法官下台 强烈要求香港外籍法官下台 强烈要求香港外籍法官下台 支持的顶起
PL888 中美日
PL888 中美日:
Carrie Lam, 你絕對不可以讓步 ~ 讓 CIA 和廢青治港 >>> 簡直是天方夜譚!!
What Are Thooose!!!
What Are Thooose!!!:
ccn seemed to stop broadcasting the protest as soon as the protesters began flying the us flag and claimed they too wanted the 2nd amendment and in dire need of it.
Duncan C.
Duncan C.:
How funny it is for a man to wild talk over a place, which he has never been to...
Robert Pajkovski
Robert Pajkovski:
Awesome! Fight the Power. Stop another Chinese Cultural De-Evolution.
Daniel Scheiber
Daniel Scheiber:
You are a bad deep staate channel 4 News.
Imtiaz Hussain
Imtiaz Hussain:
Faking mater
You lok also in kashmir indian arme how kill peopel
Experiment 75
Experiment 75:
Tianmen Square 2
Suk Dennison
Suk Dennison:
When you vote for wrongful person so many people suffer period.this is why you have to take your voting rights seriously because it's the only power common people have to stop this kind of traumatic situation.
Isaac Cabrera
Isaac Cabrera:
If a crowd was to take control of a major Airport like Heathrow Airport in London, O'Hare Airport in Chicago, LAX Airport or any Airport in the West I'm sure they will send the army to clear it out immediately and nobody will be defending the protesters instead they would be saying they are hooligans.
boycott china. troble maket in the world.
Bobby 2pistolz
Bobby 2pistolz:
If the police are using violence and cowardness, let the people use violence. That police officer is lucky he got away with only leg burns. Wish it engulfed every cop in that building
J. B.
J. B.:
Better get ready for re-education camps like on the mainland.
Kenny Rogers1987
Kenny Rogers1987:
bambino bambini
bambino bambini:
they can't beat the system so they block others' flights. This is democracy for you.
Kemarat Affeltranger
Kemarat Affeltranger:
8:30 she said that so beautiful🥺😔😥
Alan Milthorpe
Alan Milthorpe:
How come channel 4 and the main stream media are not reporting on the France riots for the past month's doesn't it support your loving EU agenda ? .
cx wang
cx wang:
J Newland
J Newland:
They throw one Molotov cocktail and injure what a couple of cops maybe one that sucks. that could have been way bigger explosion
ron taylor
ron taylor:
"Leaving no room to back down"
theres always room to back down and there are diplomatic solutions that can be explored.
Freedom is extremely strong.
if Confucius were alive he might say it is not wise to pick at a wound on your leg
because it might cause an infection that could spread throughout your body.
it is better to leave the wound alone so that it can heal itself.
D M:
Nowadays people only think about their own will over the others....keep talking about freedom like a slogan but never respect the freedom of the others.
William Barco
William Barco:
When all the cards are on the table the Chinese military will have the winning hand. These protesters better be prepared to travel to a place where the sun doesn't shine.
Yvette Nie
Yvette Nie:
See?! What a pos this Bonnie is
Ze David
Ze David:
What a liar and bias report.
kuruma fu
kuruma fu:
This Bonnie, the interviewee, is very irresponsible. Don't take her word for it. My observation instead, is that first, the protesters and rioters are losing sympathy because of their road and train blockage. Any adults with common sense would strongly condemn their brutal actions in creating this big mess in the Hong Kong Airport. Also, according to Article 18 of the Basic Law, it is possible that China would deploy its PLA army to restore order in Hong Kong if the situation continues to become uncontrollable.
A child speaking list and departure edition watches China Eastern speak in East side know what I changed China China your sister come on it's not every season yes.
🇨🇳.1. 12🇺🇲🇮🇳🇨🇦🇬🇧🇳🇿🇭🇲🇵🇳🇪🇺🇭🇰🇨🇵🇯🇵🇰🇷🙄😅
bunny Z
bunny Z:
People in the UK are given so biased information without realising it! You guys only heard one side of the stories, in fact, lots of people in Hongkong against those violent young protesters. Especially, the older generation, they built Hongkong, they worked hard everyday and they made Hongkong a better place. NOT those young protesters, all the did was DESTROYING and VIOLENT. And they left all the mess behind for someone else to clean.

Remember, RIGHT and RESPONSIBILITY are existing at the same time!
SHem Narvaez
SHem Narvaez:
Guyss im scared if my mom is going there shes ginna work there plss wish her luck
Wow This Is Incredibly S**t
janet ii
janet ii:
Most of HK media never show thug distroy city truth news
grm Abele
grm Abele:
The people fight for their life