OPPO Reno 2Z: MOST cameras for the buck?!

This is the OPPO Reno2 Z. Quite a unique offering of the Reno2 series because it looks like them but, is actually quite different. Yes we've read your comments. We should extend our conversation to phones launched predominantly in India. This phone is actually the first to launch with the MediaTek Helio P90 chip in that region, so I think this is a good way to start. I'm Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow, and let's go hands-on, brought to you by MediaTek.

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My Reviews
My Reviews:
We need more of these cheap phones here in the US. I'm so tired of apple and samsung and their outrageous prices.
Review The Cheapest
Review The Cheapest:
Now this is a flagship killer, not like the Oneplus.
Walid walidcak97@live.fr
Walid [email protected]fr:
I bought it recently nd honestly wow !!!
Man, pocket now has come such a long way, such amazing videos now,
No camera bump! Very nice
Ron D.
Ron D.:
So sleek, love the color
Stony P
Stony P:
Luv using it in NZ
Ademir Machado
Ademir Machado:
Really nice vídeo! Really cool congrats!
Abul Quamer
Abul Quamer:
Great review
Tony Talks
Tony Talks:
I seriously wish we had far better options here in the US, our phones are grossly expensive, and at times, underspecced.
J Rods
J Rods:
Jaime, tell oppo to turn on the US frequencies and sell that shiz here!
Rob Chandler
Rob Chandler:
Mine is arriving tomorrow! Excited!
Lucky to have this amazing cheap phone available in Australia 👍
Siddarth Thirunavukkarasu
Siddarth Thirunavukkarasu:
yo really happy that you care abut india and please do more videos on realme who completeky transformed the budget segmant in india
mike m
mike m:
I Think We
Miss Choices
A Lot Of The Phones You
Review Aren’t Sold In America
Chac Mool
Chac Mool:
You are right. This one is a standout. But...but...I am holding out, saving my rupiah (ex NYorker now living in Indonesia) for the ace in the hole, the OPPO Reno Ace. You've gotta review that one.
This is the best looking Chinese phone, if I was in the market for a non Samsung phone this is what I would get
shavoina wright
shavoina wright:
Base on all you just shown it looks like a nice phone to give a try cause I definitely like it
Peter Trần
Peter Trần:
i'm thinking of these 3 (xiaomi k30 zoom, reno 10x zoom & reno 2z); not sure which one's to pick yet...HELP!
Pepe Ciccia
Pepe Ciccia:
I’d like to ask about the dual nano sim.
Is it still required to physically change from sim to sim ?
terry mallon
terry mallon:
I bought one it's fantastic for the money 💰, it's so close to a flag 🚩 ship phone with great camera 📷 and features.
Sanjay Sanju
Sanjay Sanju:
so beautiful...
Moyd Wathiqi
Moyd Wathiqi:
Indian Anupam
Indian Anupam:
Great video brother..please make a review over upcoming budget king 👑 Xiaomi redmi note 8pro..I assure u that u will get thousands of new Indian subscribers if u review this phone.this phone is going to launch in India on 16th of October.
Ur biggest fan from India🇮🇳❤🇺🇸
tarun john
tarun john:
Can u make a review on the realme xt(64mp camera) it's actually quite good phone in it's price segment. Please can u review on that phone
sunday john
sunday john:
Just got mine today very good 😁😁😁
Lee Gilbert
Lee Gilbert:
What's the biggest size memory card you can put in this? I know it says expandable up to 256gb, so does that mean a 256gb memory card or 128gb because the phone is already 128gb?
Is this phone coming to the states and is it available in a CDMA version I love the fact that it comes with a headphone jack and no notch
حمودي حسين
حمودي حسين:
گمـ سـعرهہ
Soni Graphics
Soni Graphics:
Watching this on my reno 2z
It sucks with the ultra steady mode in low light (glitch occurs in video movement Contacted oppo,almost a dozen times. Went to Customer Care service... no solution)
Available in Australia for AU$599 with 2 year OPPO warranty... :)
OPPO is a popular option in OZ for those not willing to pay >$1000 for a phone...
Vision one
Vision one:
Thanks for Reviewing Indian Made Phone. I got Oppo Reno 10X zoom after your channel reviews , Yes it is true beast phone , coming from S7 edge feeling far far better no heating issues which is annoying in Samsung phones
Greg Alonzo
Greg Alonzo:
I like both Oppo and OnePlus. Both have proven that they can make quality products. However, I have stuck with my Samsung Note. I believe that Samsung produces their J Series in India and Microsoft is now in the country. I guess it just boils down to quality control.
Shoaib Boat
Shoaib Boat:
Salute to oppo. 2020 ready for 30 mins full charging #oppo ace
Mad Ness
Mad Ness:
Does Reno 2Z have dual speakers like Reno Z? The actual Reno 2 only has a single mono bottom facing speaker.
Tony Gaines, Jr.
Tony Gaines, Jr.:
Adham R
Adham R:
Every time I get a new phone I feel like the next week another mid range phone is released that is a much better deal. Oppo is making a big move with these prices.
Drazen Tor
Drazen Tor:
2 Major pluses in my book. 1. Headphone Jack 2. No rear camera hump😊😊
Rahul kumar
Rahul kumar:
I suggest you to check out Motorola's One Macro. Moto's budget device that comes with a macro lens. and Realme XT which is currently the most popular budget device here in India.
your channel logo looks like TEAM PARALLEL's
Big L 139 Danger zone
Big L 139 Danger zone:
I have this phone my question is ,are the four cameras really working or is just one that's working???
Mellory Tutt
Mellory Tutt:
My last 5 phones have been HTC, I wouldn't even look at another brand, but their batteries have been getting worse and worse. My partner got one of these Reno2 Z's a couple of days ago, and after playing around with it a bit, I went and bought myself one. So far, I'm really pleased with it. Here is Australia it's between $499.00-$599.00 outright, depending on where you go, which I think is a great price for what so far appears to be a great phone.
Mo Guru
Mo Guru:
Reno 2z vs Reno ace , which one is better in camera ?
Bradley Larcher
Bradley Larcher:
And the rear cameras are flushed. No camera bump. Nice
Etzel Calderón
Etzel Calderón:
420$ two cameras if you are lucky? 😐, like from my Xiaomi 9t, 300$, 3 cameras
Al Smythe
Al Smythe:
Which one has a better camera and goes better in games, this one or redmi note 8 pro? And also, does this one have a macro lense?
Sahil Mehta
Sahil Mehta:
Best decision of my life to buy this phone, you pay mid range price for a top end phone. Have had Apple and Samsung but will stick with Oppo or OnePlus in future
Asyraf Abdul Malik
Asyraf Abdul Malik:
What is the frame made off?
Does it have an expansion slot for extra storage?
Ahmed Dirar
Ahmed Dirar:
Please review the oppo Reno ace
Meanwhile $1100 for the note 10 with no headphone jack
Rafael Naeyaert
Rafael Naeyaert:
Man im gonna buy that phone so badly!!
Venomous VENOM
Venomous VENOM:
So not much different apart from expandable Internal memory of 256 GB storage vs non expandable 128 GB memory from previous Reno Z.
Home Cooking
Home Cooking:
Killer 😅😅
Should i get this or note 8 pro for screen and camera
Was that David Stern at 4:26?? 👀
seven henson
seven henson:
How does the processor compare to snapdragon?
Munkhdul Enkhbaatar
Munkhdul Enkhbaatar:
K20 pro or reno2z??? Which one is better???
Compare this to the xiaomi note 8 pro
Islamic Affairs
Islamic Affairs:
Try blackview 1 max
Pelin Buçukoğlu
Pelin Buçukoğlu:
What about battery life?
Chinese phone made in India 😂
Underrated phone imo
That bokeh video looked atrocious
Arif Yavuz Gökçimen
Arif Yavuz Gökçimen:
WiFi 6 ve 5g yok almam
fardeen hassan
fardeen hassan:
Made in India for India
Mtk p90 is pretty good capable, it is basically sd636
Ritesh Baranwal
Ritesh Baranwal:
Check out the realme XT
Realme XT
stinky Fart56
stinky Fart56:
The Infamous JuneBugg
The Infamous JuneBugg:
Veselin Marković
Veselin Marković:
You do know you may alienate Western audiences by presenting single-region devices ... right?
Manoj Federer
Manoj Federer:
Try Samsung M30s
Ali Hussain Gondal
Ali Hussain Gondal:
Total waste of time. Not a review. Just a marketing video.
For 48MP, why is the camera trash tier? My two year old non flagship LG phone with a 16MP camera that I got for 200 bucks takes much clearer, detailed, in focus shots than this pathetic thing I paid nearly 400 euros for.
Dr. Jé
Dr. Jé:
Was that Pikachu
If oppo still have headphone jack why oneplus can't? Just curious considering they are sister companies
N0 Em0tions
N0 Em0tions:
Apple take notes, this is how you do multiple cameras. I don’t know WHAT y’all was thinking with this iPhone 11.
That Squirr3l
That Squirr3l:
Next to the mi 9t pro, for the money... It's total trash... Thanks for trying...