OPPO Reno 2 - Unboxing and First Impressions

OPPO Reno 2 - Unboxing and First Impressions
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Flossy Carter
Flossy Carter:
#Squad Roll Call
I was waiting for him to say "Giggity" when he said "look how deep the blacks are" 😂 FLOSS YOU MISSED A GOOD ONE 😂😂
285 Tech
285 Tech:
I feel like I've been slapped whenever floss says SLOT.
The smell test is mostly what I'm subscribed for
I love it when floss says “RAA” when he cuts the wrap LOL
"Nice clean white box" 🐈
"Giggity" 😂😅 -Floss
Watching Flossy in school

No problem...
sherwin cruz
sherwin cruz:
Best. Tech. Reviewer. Ever.
Matt Hlivjak
Matt Hlivjak:
You're one of my favorite reviewers, Floss. I found a video of yours by chance a few months ago and I haven't missed one yet. Keep the quality coming my guy!
Oussamah Hamdaoui
Oussamah Hamdaoui:
Mid range smarphones are performing and looking attractive nowadays.
Jim Jones
Jim Jones:
Flossy could review dental floss, I'll still watch. New favorite addition is the smell test MMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!
Rivoningo Ngobeni
Rivoningo Ngobeni:
I wonder when will flossy say "the price is too gatdamn LOW! "
Floss mentioned about India finally feels good! I'm from India and I've been watching your channel since 5-6 years
Yoongieeh V.
Yoongieeh V.:
I always laugh at the smell tests :'D
"if Star Wars had a smell, this is what it would smell like"
Malakulous HS
Malakulous HS:
I love your reviews Floss, I've even copy your catchphrases like "rah" and "micro-usb SLOT". I watch your vids all the time, and you've inspired me to do reviews! Thanks Floss!

Prometheus Group
Prometheus Group:
feels so good in the hands....ladies, you know the procedure! LOL
Charlie Scott
Charlie Scott:
I always gotta turn my volume down at the smell test...
I geeked out wayyyy too hard when he said it smells like Star Wars 🤣
3:17 “flick a da wrist” - Floss Man I love this guy 🤣🤣🤣
I find myself never wanting to miss a Flossy video, even if I don't care about some of the phones or products that much.
That's a credit to you and probably the biggest compliment I could give to a youtube creator.
Love your work Flossy, legend!
Brandon Quian
Brandon Quian:
Felt so different without white shoes. Love your videos man. Funny, straight to points, and all the while informational.
Qimat Swift
Qimat Swift:
You have a flight to Vegas and it’s called the Reno! That is hilarious 😂
30,000 rupees, idk why I laughed at that. #Salute floss
Skullet Trump
Skullet Trump:
Flossy carter is the only youtuber I wake up early to watch much respect floss.
Richard O.
Richard O.:
🤣 Floss said the full review will be out later, So basically we just spent 20 minutes for an intro?
Wavey_ Lit
Wavey_ Lit:
You right in the hood with that last camera video 👌🏽💯
kinky puff
kinky puff:
👏🏾You need to make ringtones. I would make your smell test effect and White Shoes anthem my ringtones. Thanks Flossy.
Snoop Anoop
Snoop Anoop:
That smell test lmao bruh you crack me up
My big woman life
My big woman life:
Yes another review!
Steph Carlo
Steph Carlo:
Floss hits another home runs with these great vids!!
Godly TJB
Godly TJB:
The best tech reviewer to go to in floss he kept it real and funny and original
Jeff Warren
Jeff Warren:
Okay that’s crazy how in the video you have my church I went to when I was a child. That’s Southside Jamaica Queens all day. Wow this brought be back thanks for that.
R. Simmons
R. Simmons:
No stove design camera on the back is way too funny 😆
kenneth leuta
kenneth leuta:
stayed for the fire music at the end🔥🔥🔥🔥
Motor City Dre
Motor City Dre:
I forgot what phone Floss reviewed, but I Loved when he smelled it & said "it smells like savings" 🤣😅😂
Leigendary Lei
Leigendary Lei:
i was about to sleep (it’s 12am at where i am) but i gotta watch this video
Zachary Franks
Zachary Franks:
That smell test though!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Torres 420
Torres 420:
You the man Flossy!!
No days off! My dude stays Workin, good looks on the review!
Ray Ray
Ray Ray:
Brother man I love your reviews and how you keep it 100 to who you are !!!
#Salute Prof Floss
"This is how you want to watch your videos... AT WORK!" 😂😂😂
M A:
Love the smell test. :D
Reign G4
Reign G4:
Rupees? I wonder can use all the Rupees I have in Zelda 👀🤣
Ambrose A
Ambrose A:
Yay! Liked! Be back when I get a break 🙂
aSLOTHx -:
Hey floss you should review the Asus ROG Phone 2. Nice vid as always 👌
Priyanka Mehra
Priyanka Mehra:
The battery back-up is very good. Quite helpful!
Your gamer friend 3
Your gamer friend 3:
your an actual useful reviewer cause your honest and just stay on top of the topic and you get shit done thanks
Damon Nevils
Damon Nevils:
Talking to the wifey: it feels so good in the hands, you know the procedures. 😏
Dab away the pain
Dab away the pain:
Starting the day off right with an unboxing
Nishin Nair
Nishin Nair:
Happy that u showed shoes in the vid ❤
Dr JMun
Dr JMun:
"You assed out...", that never fails to crack me up. Floss' "quick" unboxing has more detail than other reviewers full review. Nice looking phone.
Youssef Mahmoud
Youssef Mahmoud:
Flossy you need to review the Vivo Nex 3 asap! You'll definitely fall in love with it.
Quick unboxing makes me 20 minutes late to work...was worth it 👌🏻
usman abdulkadir
usman abdulkadir:
Great quick unboxing and hands on review as always
RL Cenizal
RL Cenizal:
Watching floss cellphone videos satisfy me haha it seems like i experience the cellphone myself haha
Just ordered this phone after watching your harass review. Felt at under £380 it was good value especially with that shark .com action! Thanks
Eddy Hourani
Eddy Hourani:
Love you man! On point 100%
Nice quick review. You are a monster when it comes to checking out tech. Still rollin wit ya!
Natefrm860 -
Natefrm860 -:
Great reviews as always 💯‼️even tho I won’t ever use this phone still the best .. that smell test always gets me 😂😂
Nick M
Nick M:
Nice phone need that beat at the end straight fire
Tharsan J
Tharsan J:
Dope review flossy been a fan since 2015.
Thumbs up for keeping the headphone jack alive. Also yah, shark fin pop up is slick
Floss I need that song @ 12:15 bruh! That joint goes hard! I'm watching this video at work on my Note10 Plus 5G! Crispy!
Troy Brown Entertainment
Troy Brown Entertainment:
Shout out to you Floss, salute🤙
Jordy Aguilar
Jordy Aguilar:
Tell me how floss don't got 1m views? This is quality review unlike other unboxing channels. Therapy not included...
tridha solanki
tridha solanki:
The shark fin camera of Reno 2 is superb.
Mark Burnett
Mark Burnett:
Flossy your the man haha this one smells like Star Wars 😂😂 wonder if they will bring out a Reno x 20 this time in that colour
Lon Denard
Lon Denard:
BTW I see you using the Osmo Mobile 3 with these video shots! Hahaha!
c h a m p a g n e p a p i
c h a m p a g n e p a p i:
Yo Floss, i would love to see another Simple and Effective Tech video. Been a long time
Marquise Thomas
Marquise Thomas:
I thought you said 30 thousand rubies i almost lost it 🤣
Nasar Here
Nasar Here:
I have been watching your videos since 2014 and they are very informative, thanks
Mareko Kekoa
Mareko Kekoa:
Micro Sd Slottttt!!! 😂👍🏾💪🏾
Flossy next please take your eyes on
ZTE AXON 10 Pro 12GB, 256GB 😎
Yea the selfie cam is beasty. Good unboxing. 👊🏾🔥
Muhanad.H Ameen
Muhanad.H Ameen:
Please do the nokia earbuds review 💔❤😭
his videos are just too good i sometimes forget to leave a like 😅
Mac Nizzle
Mac Nizzle:
Yo Floss, can we get a review of the skullcandy ANC crushers
First Last
First Last:
Damn, I live 10 minutes away from where you stayed at in Vegas
Christopher Powell
Christopher Powell:
I love how the cameras are low key and part of the design... Most of these phones coming out look like they made the phone and added a camera module later
josuke higashikata
josuke higashikata:
You know it's legit when he smells the phone
I would love to send send you the lamborghini version of this model just to see you hyping on the camera mecanism. Very innovative 👌🏽
Helmy Zainuddin
Helmy Zainuddin:
Let me do some smell taste😰best review ever😁😂👍
Floss running on that 5Gangsta speeds 😎
Jay Gonzalez
Jay Gonzalez:
Don’t even care about this phone but Floss posted 😂 so I gotta watch it
I was looking at these in Bangkok yesterday, so many different phone brands here with all these cheaper cool phones
Flavio Sebastián Pitkowski
Flavio Sebastián Pitkowski:
Star Wars smells just kills me, 🤣
Floss, keep up with these videos...
Hello L
Hello L:
It feels like we are family now cause i hear your voice everyday. And see ur videos cause even if i am not too into the product, u make me feel a way about it. Thank u and kind regards
anushka khaitaan
anushka khaitaan:
I can't keep my eyes off my new Reno 2z. It's really beautiful.
coral saranga
coral saranga:
Yooooo best reviewer in the game! Much love
V WorldWide
V WorldWide:
What up Floss nice one man,that shark fin is cool as hell,that sound sets it off even more.
insert a username here
insert a username here:
I saw one of these IRL and the build quality is incredible, definitely worth the money.
HMMMMMMPP !! Finally i can watch floss videos again
JaneLee Keller
JaneLee Keller:
Thanks Floss 😊

JL 🕊️
Ohh Chejoo
Ohh Chejoo:
Can you do a review on the CR8-P1 earbuds
Note 9 MNR
Note 9 MNR:
Lets smell test ... HmmmmM its Dmmn good .
I liked that smell test sound 😂
Chris Lopez
Chris Lopez:
Wud up Floss , u the man👍✌
Beautiful build quality 😊. When I saw the back of this phone, I started thinking of black onyx😂! Great video👏🏾! I see you OPPO 😉
Dope review. You definitely gotta check the Reno Ace, it has a 65W charging 100% in 28mins
Kevin Fisher
Kevin Fisher:
Great review as always Floss, ive watched them all for the last few years now, even brought the aomais go on your recommendation. That is a beautiful device, love the design.
Terry Turner
Terry Turner:
When are we gonna see the pro max full unboxing video? Or did I miss it? Love the cat...