OnePlus Nord review

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the OnePlus Nord's top features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality in a short and sweet video.

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[video timestamps/chapters]
0:00 Intro
0:25 Design and build
1:07 6.44" Fluid AMOLED screen
2:04 Under-display fingerprint reader
2:37 Speaker test
3:12 Storage options
3:22 Android 10 with OxygenOS 10.5
4:16 Snapdragon 765G performance
4:49 Battery endurance and charging speed
5:09 Camera performance and daylight samples
6:47 Low light camera performance and samples
7:28 Selfies
8:03 Video recording
8:45 Conclusion


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truth seeker
truth seeker:
I don't known why I started hating all tech YouTubers reviews they all seem just extension ads for companies.
Gsmarena is left unbiased.
Hlanganani Hlungwani
Hlanganani Hlungwani:
They could have saved so much money if they removed the two useless cameras at the back and the extra one in the front. Those funds could have gone to improving the ultra-wide camera or Better internals Like speakers or something.
Jack Howgate
Jack Howgate:
Wow, an actual unbiased OnePlus Nord video, never thought I'd see the day...
My dream phone: Asus ROG Phone 3
My mind: One Plus Nord
My Waller: Redmi Go
Surendar Tejesh
Surendar Tejesh:
Most over-hyped phone in the smartphone industry 😂
Emiel333 Official
Emiel333 Official:
I’m an iPhone user but I’m positively surprised by this OnePlus. Sure, it got some shortcomings but any smartphone out there has shortcomings in one way or another. Even iPhones. 😉
Just Some Panda With Internet Access
Just Some Panda With Internet Access:
Overrated phone
GSMArena rocks. Most unbiased reviews in times when others endorse certain brands directly or indirectly.
Aamir Bilal
Aamir Bilal:
No, NORD at all. That is a design "inspired" by Realme XT.
'Back to root' hype lol.. Just a midrange not flagship killer.
Marvel Girl
Marvel Girl:
Lol, why not complain about no removable battery too while you're at it :D
Caden Churchill
Caden Churchill:
6:15 Really makes me wonder just how much the depth sensor is actually used when taking portrait mode shots. Seems more like a glorified decoration to me.
Mario I/O
Mario I/O:
This phone is really nothing special: mediocre photos, mediocre audio and no jack.
Yea overall keeping my 7 pro.
Recenzii Pe Bune
Recenzii Pe Bune:
Got a OnePlus Nord ad watching this 😂
Awesome review as always!!! Does this mean the Pixel 4a's review is coming too? 👀
Now that's a true, honest and unbiased review !! Thank you so much and keep up the hard work.
Was waiting for this mannn!!
1:30 eyes watching us on oneplus screen lol
Aditya Gade
Aditya Gade:
Actually one of the best reviews available out here
Odin Son
Odin Son:
3:05 Neat! 😂
Imran Bangi
Imran Bangi:
Awesome Review!
Andro DZ
Andro DZ:
U took some time for this review since the release of the Oneplus nord.
What about the Google pixel 4a
rAaZ mEdIa
rAaZ mEdIa:
First time I'm watching your YouTube channel,I didn't knew that there is your Channel here.but whenever I check the specification of any phone your site is my first preference
Winengku Sasmito
Winengku Sasmito:
Finally, OIS video test is back
Shahbaaz Khan
Shahbaaz Khan:
Best Review ever
Why complaints about the speaker? I have a Nord too. It's speaker is very loud. And Quality is up to the mark
vinoth babu
vinoth babu:
Great Video!
I just got one for me. I just use it for normal media usage with casual gaming PUBG & COD... Decent camera to play with photos......It does the job. Planning to have it for another 2~3 years with 5G as a future proof.
Kuz Control
Kuz Control:
Still MiNote10 Lite 🔥
First comment... like ❤️
Harshil M Devpurkar
Harshil M Devpurkar:
is it any heating problem in nord? while listening sound, continuously 1, 2 or more hours?
Anup Pednekar
Anup Pednekar:
Realme x2 pro is still good option.
Colin Bailey
Colin Bailey:
Great phone. Second week in.
the segment with the headphone jack c':
Still no front facing 60 fps footage, WHY
Rakibul Alam
Rakibul Alam:
Around this similar budget and features, which phones would you recommend?
Love it when u take time to review units & don't go with the hype
slim shadey
slim shadey:
You guys do the best reviews of smartphones ever, thumbs up
Hey guys I was wondering what oneplus phone has the smallest screen size from oneplus 7 and above? I tried to google it but didn't get the right results, so I thought a person's mind might be more useful :))
Vlogger Deb
Vlogger Deb:
loved the review ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
K B:
Samsung tab s7 plus review plz 👍
shashank agarwal
shashank agarwal:
Watching this on one plus nord awsm phone go for it without any second thought
fire blade
fire blade:
it was never meant 2b a flagship killer!!!
80s Music
80s Music:
i love the blue one
Review Google Pixel 4a too and compare with one plus nord
Should i buy this or a71 5g Or Realme X3?
Is OnePlus moving away from the stock android experience with OxygenOS 11?
Dragon eye black ops
Dragon eye black ops:
Oneplus nord is to average for me i would get the realme x50 5g
Vishnu ps
Vishnu ps:
Is there any display issue... like colour change whean the brightness is low....?? Many youtubers had mentioned about that....
Sai Ahlad
Sai Ahlad:
Please bring the pixel 4a review 🙏
sazib ali
sazib ali:
portrait mod just software Optimization no camera working..surprised
Justin Casano
Justin Casano:
Better off going to Swappa for a 7t in great condition for $350 or a 7 pro in good condition for $375.
Lionel B
Lionel B:
No headphone jack and SD slot, only 2 really "usable" cameras, a pill shape hole, this phone is not what I was hoping...
Not to mention it was overhyped by OP.
At least Oxygen OS is good and battery life is OK...
Caught well those drops for mid range
That GamePlay
That GamePlay:
I like the Nord but those Pixel 4a photos,crisp audio and stereo speakers will leave you wanting more than speed in this social media times of ours ... So yes pixel🔥🔥
Alvin Tapia
Alvin Tapia:
Have a review who's better one plus nord or huawei nova 7 5G bro
Been in store yesterday and checked out all latest one plus and tbh their screens are dim and not as good as huawei phones., plus are too big all of them. Pixel definitely wins here.
unknown chi
unknown chi:
This is the only review that has a possitive feed back on the camera of the nord😁 just saying✌
Alin Banc
Alin Banc:
Well, what's the best phone in this category? It would be nice to know the best alternative at this price point at the end of the review.
Abhishek Mukhopadhyay
Abhishek Mukhopadhyay:
How can a manufacturer that produces expensive flagships, produce a flagship killer? It will end up cannibalising its own premium product. I have the Realme X2 pro. Now that's a real flagship killer.
Kiran Abraham
Kiran Abraham:
Watching on My One plus Nord❤️
12/256 Blue Marble
It's buttery smooth Device with Oxygen Os..🤗(10/10)
"Fingerprint reader" -Is Quick And Fast (9/10) (More fingerprints doesn't Recognise sometimes

AmOLED fluid Display 90hz is Good and smooth :(09/10) Viewing Ankles on white background also showing reflection and rainbow effect
Video Content Viewing is Awesome and Enjoyable.(9/10) my Old Honor 8 pro contents where having more Natural Colours.
√Alert Slider: Very Useful function All devices Must Have now.(10/10)
√Haptic Feedback on this device is On the better side,No Lag..(8.5/10)
Built Quality is mix of Plastic and Glass as many YouTubers say METAL is Always best & yes it Feels more premium in hand but I don't feel anything difference and normally use with the case 😅
Glass finsish is awesome and it's very comfortable light weight in hand so that's my preference ONE HAND USAGE (9/10)

Rear Camera -8.5/10( Clicks alternate best or normal.... IT'S A HIT OR A MISS) OIS VIDEO FOOTAGE IS AWESOME
Ultra Wide is Steady And pretty Cool
2× DIGITAL MODE (4/10) GIVING SOME PINK AND GREENISH TINT PROCESSING HAVING ERROR AND GLITCHES ON MANY PHOTOS(Attached pics Amazon Reviews) (Before this issue was not there but now after Updates i noticed they can fix by OTA Updates.(((ONE PLUS PLEASE FIX THIS SOON)))

Front camera-7/10(not good in low light,OIL PAINT LIKE IMAGE ,Pink Grainy) updates came but still camera dept have to be fixed
Camera photo processing takes 2 seconds time not as Fast as A flagship it's A MIDRANGER but below flagship😁
Depth Cam: Is Decent
√Macro Camera : Actually Why they Included this 2mp in this phone as that what 20k other Chinese Brands do instead an 8 or 13mp Telephoto lens would have improved the cam completely

AFTER UPDATE 10.5.7:: FRONT CAMERA HAS IMPROVED ALOT Now it clicks Better low light Images Still processing takes few seconds

nothing Much to Talk about Macro Not mucu Improvements.

√√GCam I installed but not all features ultrawide fixed on it,Need a stable version Soon.

Monospeaker is loud but steroe means it would have been with hands we cover sides sometimes
Battery backup: 6.30-7 hrs of SOT normal usage Browsing & youtube ...standby u will get full day almost with 20% juice left
30watt dartCharging take around 50-60 mins
Many Issues have to be fixed through OTA updates in coming months (GETTING FIXED AND IMPROVING)
If your preference is not Gaming and not that camera centric person

Slight pinkish tint bottom of device on side bottom on grey background,Dialer side (DARK THEME)under 0-20 % brightness if we search for in depth
And After seeing it I btw keep checking it....but it is not a negative to avoid this device
(After Updates 10.5.7 (used one plus Updater app) it has Reduced to a limit by display Calibration but still it persist in gray background through sides and more at bottom of display,But now below 10% Tint is less and visible in 20%)

Lockbox Has some errors when selecting files..still there after Updates also
Gallery ,Filemanager takes 2-3 seconds to load photos and Videos
√√3.5mm jack is missing atleast they could have included Adaptor in box now have to purchase don't know how the sound output will be from that.
^Some YouTube videos are Getting cropped in when zooming in.... but cinematic are best and accurate
✓My Transparent Phone case which I recieved started becoming Yellow in 2 weeks I don't know howi tried cleaning but but still.😁...

Started using White theme😆 Google Dialer (contacts/settings/theme) Dialer as I can still see pink tint on grey background Dialer.

Camera Has Improved slightly after Update

Battery backup SOT I GET 6:30-7 HRS
And a full day of charge just plug it in evening in 40-50 mins boom it's Charged

I picked this device as my strict budget was 30k and other choices where Realme X2 Pro and K20 pro and 7t was not on my budget all are an year old device but my preference was Clean Os with Normal Social media usage not performance oriented..
one plus 7t was a much better choice but everything have pros and cons
Recent reviews of 7t was negatives on battery backup
5G More or less will take above 1& half-2yr to come to india i will usa a device min 3yrs
so Hope this wont disappoint me.
GEEKBENCH: single core 621/1909multi core
Avinash Jadhav
Avinash Jadhav:
Nord or Realme X2 pro ??
Anthony Palanog
Anthony Palanog:
i realy appreciate ur review in every brand hope u will review the xioami black shark 3..more thanks
the PandaB
the PandaB:
Cisco, you are? 😅
karthik sg
karthik sg:
Sir any heating compliment ?
Wow.. I hope you can feature also the UMIDIGI A7 Pro by its quality, camera, performance, etc.😊😊
Sunil Huilgol
Sunil Huilgol:
U could have suggested some options when u said shop around I felt
Andrei GB
Andrei GB:
Better Xiaomi mi Note 10 lite, Samsung Galaxy S10 lite and Moto One fusion plus
David John Tough
David John Tough:
Oppo FX2 Neo in another name! One Plus same company!
arvind kumar
arvind kumar:
Watching on Oneplus Nord
No led notification?
Viyyuri Srikanth
Viyyuri Srikanth:
when is pixel 4a review. can we get a date.
Any bugs in the software
I can get the 256gb S10e model for the same price as the Nord.. and the camera, lack of headphone jack, no IP68 and no stereo are really a bummer.
I'm going for the S10e. I don't need that much more from a phone anyway.
This first review I've watched/read that hasn't shot down the 2-megapixel macro camera.
Muhammad Haris Adam
Muhammad Haris Adam:
GSM ARENA Always My Favorite Review
Sanjay Melkani
Sanjay Melkani:
Anyone saw the tweet by POCO where it says if you'd rather wait for a new POCO? I'm definitely waiting.
Noor 7 bagewadi
Noor 7 bagewadi:
Which is best for long time using onplus Nord vs onplus 8 I have 40k budget
R Kanasamoorthe
R Kanasamoorthe:
which is the phone that he would recommend then if this isnt that great...
hari Singh
hari Singh:
How is haptic feedback on this is it comparable to one plus 7t
Reez 8
Reez 8:
Please do a best midrange phones round up
jason butler
jason butler:
love your videos. Keep em coming
To me the batterylife and OxygenOS is what makes it a Oneplus phone. I wish I could get a flagship oneplus 5.1 inch screen though. (please oneplus)
S.M.Shahriar Plabon
S.M.Shahriar Plabon:
Great Review.Critical but Honest.👏👏👏
dreamers lab
dreamers lab:
This phone is specs..but the price is very high in our region😢
Kalpak Shah
Kalpak Shah:
What phone would you propose instead.?
Prameet Patil
Prameet Patil:
Pixel 4a review please
gautham vasudev
gautham vasudev:
A J:
OnePlus pre-installs Facebook services that can't be removed on new phones. Beware.
I had t return my Nord because of tint issues
Earl Jason Jaso
Earl Jason Jaso:
Once I was a fan...... Now Im airconditioned
Sunithaunni 916
Sunithaunni 916:
60fps in pubg ?
Ashan L. Siriwardhana
Ashan L. Siriwardhana:
The price of OnePlus nord will be the same price as the OnePlus 7 pro in here
A critical Nord review?? Legends!!
Matej Mikloš
Matej Mikloš:
Santhosh Illa
Santhosh Illa:
Pixel 4a all the way.....
But I will buy poco m2 pro and install a gcam. All problems solved.
Raditya Arga Putra
Raditya Arga Putra:
that camera pill though 🤮🤮🤮
Anuj Sb
Anuj Sb:
Pixel 4a review please