"No chance" of Messi joining Liverpool but would like to see him in the Premier League

Jurgen Klopp brushed off rumours of Messi joining Liverpool, but would be open to having Messi grace the Premier League.


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Niroj Shrestha
Niroj Shrestha:
This man...klopp ...he is so respectful to each and every player....huge respect for this man... Liverpool are lucky to have a coach like him
Lucy Reid
Lucy Reid:
If we cnt sign werner why the hell are u askn this question about messi to lfc 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
that green screen though... lol
Fabian Padur
Fabian Padur:
Messi wants to proof, that he can do it on a cold rainy night in Stoke
If Chelsea would actually sign Havertz and Messi that would be phenomenal. I'm not a Chelsea fan but I love exciting football
kermit the frog
kermit the frog:
We could if we sell half the team
Shailendra Singh
Shailendra Singh:
The first thing which attracted me to watch football was the style of Ronaldinho .I watched him and fell in luv with his football and because of him I became the fan of Barcelona then came Messi and he strengthen the fan inside me of Barcelona.Now ,I am a huge fan of both Messi and Barcelona. I don't want him to leave this club.But I can understand his stand all the best Messi for ur future endeavour. Hope u achieve a lot of sucess.And for Barcelona long live and fuck the shit off Board members. A very sad situation for me .Don't know whom to support😥😥😢
Maruf Padaya
Maruf Padaya:
I'm LFC fan and I want messi in pl. Though it will make hard fr us but I want him in the league, fr any team. Even if it's city.
Tbh you’d probably make Messi’s money back in a day with T-shirt/Jersey sales lmao
Somsher Lepcha
Somsher Lepcha:
Let's his hope will be assured that messi playing in priemer league...
Vamp 1r3
Vamp 1r3:
Messi might join Leeds United who knows 🤷‍♂️
Smart Beast
Smart Beast:
Imagine messi speaking English

It would be epic
Tushar Mhaske
Tushar Mhaske:
KBD & Messi.... What a combination for city, though i am LFC supporter... Love to see him in EPL.... Bang on !!!
Having to already manage Dortmund, he’s one of the smartest and wisest manager there is. It’s all about financial stability and Messi is just too hefty of a price, even with his marketing and endorsement. It’s wiser to invest in the youth team. Ajax and Dortmund knows.
Dave Mustaine
Dave Mustaine:
If Messi to Man City, Ronaldo needs to come back to Man Utd.
Only Man City & PSG can afford to pay him
bread and games....
Lmao we'd prolly have to sell half the team and the stadium to afford messis left foot
Dee woos Dee woos
Dee woos Dee woos:
Yeah football is different in PL 💪
Emma - wir uns kennenlernen
Emma - wir uns kennenlernen:
0:39 special
Revanth Goud
Revanth Goud:
Even if city goes against Koop with Messi I doubt they would beat him in the mains 😂
Keyser Söze
Keyser Söze:
Messi in epl would make it harder, yes but it would make the league definitely the best
Natostar OG
Natostar OG:
Come on Jürgen Kloppy, win so trophies for LFC and we go wild wild wild we go wild wild wild
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Sourish Saha
Sourish Saha:
Lol Messi got sidelined by the best coach
Mike Jones
Mike Jones:
Messi wouldnt join Liverpool regardless
Damian O' Sullivan
Damian O' Sullivan:
Ffs Liverpool can't sign anyone let alone Messi
julian philp
julian philp:
Liverpool will lose Klopp soon lol
Mezyan Journey
Mezyan Journey:
What a manager ... Jürgen Klopp!!!
David Keeling
David Keeling:
I think its to rough for him, but i hope he proves me wrong as he has been the worlds be for a while. Saying that from a Liverpool supporter i still think George Best & Pele were better.
AzrayeL IkhwaN
AzrayeL IkhwaN:
Love it when a manager or club doesnt give a damn about who will sign messi🤣🤣
I love how Liverpool couldn't financially hold up to any other top club but still beats everyone.
phelson colaco
phelson colaco:
Havertz is kind expensive shud be little less to 60 million
Bongani Arthur
Bongani Arthur:
Good player? Lol
You know better
Banaan Appel
Banaan Appel:
100 per cent :/
fighting force
fighting force:
No chance for the dwarf that get rekt 2-8 in here. Lol
Lei Noey
Lei Noey:
Messi will go to Liverpool obviously, but as away team. Another encounter with Robbo
ck Leung
ck Leung:
Salah + some money for exchange Messi
PaulDaniel Ocampo
PaulDaniel Ocampo:
I would like to see Messi Can Speak English Perfect too.
Jack Arnald
Jack Arnald:
Man even if I support man city but i still admire klop as manager and his personality
If messi come to city you are in big trouble
Shane Rodriguez
Shane Rodriguez:
Im a barca fan and dont rlly like Liverpool but got all respect for this man hes a legend
Liverpool FC not big enough
loverboy arshad
loverboy arshad:
Messi to epl
My dream will be complete!
Sharul Nizam
Sharul Nizam:
Messi join liverpool 😘😘💕
Vincent34 Valentine
Vincent34 Valentine:
Messi will sighn to Burnley
John Kurian
John Kurian:
Liverpool's doesn't have the finances to afford messi/ronaldo ...why to comment if u cannot afford......but great respect for klopp for rebuilding Liverpool
back wards
back wards:
This is old news
Only a small club will say that...
Obviously, ‘he’ will not leaving Barcelona.
Sadio Mane
Sadio Mane:
What Barcelona needs right now is to bring Per Guardiola back, and problem solved. Simple as ABC.
Paolo Legaspi
Paolo Legaspi:
bruh imagine messi to liverpool give the trophies already
edward bellamy
edward bellamy:
Christ all we seem to buy are kids when did FSG actually buy a player over 50 million from out of there own pocket I mean Alisson and VVD came from the sale of Coutinhio as for Messi they where having a laugh
Harshit Singhai
Harshit Singhai:
He is a good player? LOLOLOLOLOL
Bruno Conti
Bruno Conti:
he can join city or chelsea or bayern. it is not like there are no top teams other than Liverpool.
kyle coleman
kyle coleman:
I just hope we get a fully fit Naby Keita you'll see. That guy is a better player than Thiago, just because Thiago plays for Bayern makes him a Luxurious midfielder yes he finds passes but this season a remind all he's fancy passes got him 0 assists and 3 goals in 40 games in 2020. Naby coming off injuries and mostly the bench 3 assists and 2 goals in 18 games. When Gini leaves Keita will remind the premier league how good he can be. Last 4 seasons Naby stats for Leipzig and Liverpool vs Thiago, Naby has 28 assists and 22 goals not forgetting his injuries. While Thiago has 18 goals 16 assists. YNWA
Best player in the world. 😍
Monkey Guy80
Monkey Guy80:
Liverpool will not pay £624M for Messi.
Redmi Note
Redmi Note:
I'm glad if Messi join Liverpool
Its all a ploy for Messi to have Barcelona's president removed. He aint going anywhere
Shrinivas Hebbal
Shrinivas Hebbal:
Messi to Arsenal.
Lal Shrestha
Lal Shrestha:
Liverpool have no money , they can't afford Lionel Messi 42 million Salary, Liverpool is poor,
Manchester united, Manchester city, Chelsea are rich they have lot of money, Liverpool beg some money from Them,
Rabin Wasti
Rabin Wasti:
Messi ever not join liverpool fc noted my comment
Jason loves Cake
Jason loves Cake:
I just wanna see Messi join man city and destroy Liverpool again and dance
Ahmed Mahmoud
Ahmed Mahmoud:
Klopp doesn't wanna sign anyone...and you accept him to sign Messi loool...Klopp we need reinforcement signings the club needs some new top talent in midfield bring Thiago sell Naby
Ahmed Salsabil
Ahmed Salsabil:
Lol...we Don't need anyone more...
We need thiago silva
Why is he saying best player in the world?😂
Ronaldo is of course. Everyone knows that.
No One Likes Rat Messi 🐀
Dvir Fight
Dvir Fight:
Messi is 33 years old And the English league is a physical league Players there will break his strength There have no eibar or Espanyol What Messi did for the English teams was that he was young 4 goals against Arsenal wolves is the best team They will reach the top 5 this year. Remember what I wrote
durian kampong
durian kampong:
Messi ruining his career going to premier league. Better go to farmer league.
Md afnan Islam
Md afnan Islam:
I think Liverpool will win However, Arsenal is a very strong team I'm Frome Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩
Tommy Robinson
Tommy Robinson:
Yh cause loserpools a piss poor tiny club 🤣🤣🤣