New iPad Air 4 (2020) is Here!

The new iPad Air is here!. But first, lower your monthly phone bill and get a $25 credit at

The September 2020 Apple Event is over and the new iPads are here!

iPad Air 4 has a scalding fast A14 processor, a new, modern design, Touch ID in the top button — because the Home button is gone! — and Apple Pencil 2 and Magic Keyboard support.

iPad 8 has been bumped up to the A12, last year’s Air chip, so for the same $329 you now get even better, faster, stronger performance.

It’s what’s new in #iPadAir and #iPad 2020 and I’m going to explain it all to you!




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100+ ความคิดเห็น:

Imagine air 4 had 120hz that would be the best apple affordable iPad ever
Vru Patel
Vru Patel:
Why not rebrand iPad (329) to iPad SE, and iPad Air to just iPad so you have device parity with SE line, Regular line and Pro line
It's scary how 40% of Americans can't even come up with $400 cash for an emergency, but will still buy this $600 device with a credit card.
J Z:
wish they did a product red iPad Air 2020...
ben designs
ben designs:
Other people: Cool new Apple Event
Rene: Looks like it's going to be another 40 hour day...
Tory Larson
Tory Larson:
“But it’s pastels this year, I have no control of’s another 2020 thing.” 😂😂😂
Aye Bee
Aye Bee:
All this did was make me excited for the iPad Pro 🤷🏾‍♂️
Michael Hall
Michael Hall:
I love the new colours. But I think what’s most interesting is the fast that the iPad Air included a 20w adaptor.
Thunner Plays
Thunner Plays:
I’ll get the new ipad air instead of an ipad pro😁
Reggie T
Reggie T:
This is gonna be a helluva upgrade from my Air 2.
Who’s currently waiting for iOS 14 update?
Also iPad Air‘s Display is 500nits, whereas iPad Pros has 600nits
Watching on 2019 iPad Air.
Enoabasi Omonigho Idara-Umoren
Enoabasi Omonigho Idara-Umoren:
The only thing making me consider the air is the colours 😢
I love the colours soooo much but I want a Pro just for the power and storage.
Do people really take pictures outside with their tablets? The one on the iPad Pro seems excessive if it never leaves the house.
meyyyank :-D
meyyyank :-D:
still without Phill Schiller, Apple event doesnt seem that apple(y)
Alexander Horner
Alexander Horner:
I want 120hz, but I’m definitely not buying the pro now until they update it as well.
Thunner Plays
Thunner Plays:
I was expecting also a product red ipad😅
Naitik Maru
Naitik Maru:
Finally!!! Was waiting for your video on ipad air.
Thanks Rene! Always value your videos I’ve never really had a need for the “pro” but I’m really excited about this new air I’ll be trading my 2019 in!
Sy’Kiera Lightsey
Sy’Kiera Lightsey:
Watching bc I just broke my iPad lol
Brian Fetz
Brian Fetz:
Hey Rene ! I'm a casual user on the iPad. I'll keep my iPad pro 10.5 from 2017 !!
Can't beat the stereo speakers.
iPad Air 4 is priced I think $100 too much.
Vivek Pachpande
Vivek Pachpande:
Any views on the microphones and speakers?
Thank you Rene.
Gashti Karim
Gashti Karim:
Honestly I really loved your more scripted videos. They were way more unique and it is definitly your style. I hope you keep a hold on it.
Techie Science
Techie Science:
U bring Out Great Reviews 👍👍

🙌You have encouraged ME & MOST to establish their youtube channe!🙌
stephen 9789
stephen 9789:
I like to watch these Apple things' videos even though I can't afford them
Watching this on the first gen iPad Air
I’m curious on how this vs the iPad Pro 2020 performs speed wise.
leon kastilyo
leon kastilyo:
Apple: 11.8B transistors
Me a non techie guy: WOOOOOooooo (looks back), what’s a transistor?
Great video, I love your channel!
Watching this on an iPad Air I bought 2 years ago,
Yanni Stath
Yanni Stath:
I need to take Rene shopping with me to explain everything about which apple products are best for me to buy
Play with Kartik
Play with Kartik:
Your Content is really good You deserve a lot more subs!
iPad Air 4 loses against iPad Pro with:
- 60hz vz 120hz
- 4GB ram (likely) vs 6GB ram
- Single vs dual camera
- Pro has LIDAR
- Students can get free Airpods now if they buy iPad Pro. This might not be the case with iPad Air 4.
Micomicomi Micomicomi
Micomicomi Micomicomi:
I love it, may you give me some😂😂😂
Jit Kapur
Jit Kapur:
Ting is a US only service, thanks for the review Rene
Gashti Karim
Gashti Karim:
Honestly I really loved your more scripted videos. They were way more unique and it is definitly your style. I hope you keep a hold on it.
Lamia Farjana
Lamia Farjana:
getting blue base model air :D
Thunner Plays
Thunner Plays:
The new ipad air would sold out fast!
Вера Рыбкина
Вера Рыбкина:
I love your reviews! Good luck with growing your channel
Will that "ting" thing work with my nokia 3310...i can put a sim card in it...
Erald M.
Erald M.:
God I hope somehow this touch ID is included with the iPhone 12. Would love to use it when I'm wearing a mask.
Jacob White
Jacob White:
Really liked the pacing of this video.
xTmX Korrupt
xTmX Korrupt:
Keep it up Rene! I love your videos.
Renaldo V
Renaldo V:
It’s so pretty
The colors are beautiful
Rohan Debbarma
Rohan Debbarma:
Hopefully the upcoming iPhones get usb c 😭
Karim Salloum
Karim Salloum:
I really hope they include that new Touch ID sensor into iPhone 12. It's needed in the Covid age.
time to drop my ipad mini5
Peewah’s Channel
Peewah’s Channel:
I really dig the quality of your videos. What cameras do you use?
Vijay Rao
Vijay Rao:
Does the new iPad Air have 4 GB Memory?
Its Shünmi
Its Shünmi:
Watched this both in my iphone 6s and ipad air 2
Ronald Dañoso
Ronald Dañoso:
A14 (5nm)
Justin's Cinema
Justin's Cinema:
I bought the air 3 three weeks ago rip (got free air pods with it though at least)
Nahum Raccoon
Nahum Raccoon:
Does anyone know which camera he is using for this video?, it’s fantastic.
Sayan Tech Vlogs
Sayan Tech Vlogs:
i love your videos rene ❤️
Peat381 Low
Peat381 Low:
120hz comment here. Love my iPad Pro😎
Hajar Rashed
Hajar Rashed:
I wish if they expanded the storage to 512gbt
Philip Capanas
Philip Capanas:
Should I get this or look for a used 2018 iPad pro?
erick the god
erick the god:
Lmao 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ting
Arihant Tomar
Arihant Tomar:
Shud I exchange my iPad 5 for an air?
I just bought ipad air 3
Where is it then. As per of your video title ?
That air is nice, but I mostly use my iPad for gaming and content consumption, and it’s just a little rich for my blood. I really hope the 10.2” iPad gets a refresh next year.
Justin's Cinema
Justin's Cinema:
Mark Lennon
Mark Lennon:
Love this guy always to the point and no freeboard !!!
Mike Albers
Mike Albers:
What aspect ratio do you use on your videos? I really like it!
Sam Chiu
Sam Chiu:
I want an iPad pro mini 😕
star dust gaming
star dust gaming:
They should make a good battery when it's turned off the battery still drains
Rob Oo
Rob Oo:
DO you think Apple Silicon will be the new Moore's law champion? With Intel dropping the ball, will apple keep Moore's Law alive for the foreseeable future.
Martin Poole
Martin Poole:
I'm sticking with my iPad Pro 2018 12'9" 256gb until the next iPad pro refresh.
Sudipta Maiti
Sudipta Maiti:
Hey Ritchie Can u plz elaborate What's going on with Apple watch Series Im totally Confused
Stephen Crockford
Stephen Crockford:
Hi there,

Great video. Quick question. I've been waiting for these new iPads to come out. As I need one to run a golf simulator called flight scope Mevo+. I'll be connecting the iPad to a projector. Would you recommend any iPad over the other for doing this? Eg with graphics, connectivity speed etc. I'll be connecting both the projector and iPad through a HDMI cable. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
What is the video link to the Apple vid in the beginning
Utsav Ratti
Utsav Ratti:
Would my iPad Pro 9.7” Smart Keyboard work with the 10.2” iPad 8? If that works, I wouldn’t need to pay for a new keyboard and pencil.
Ryan duffy
Ryan duffy:
I love the style of iPads in the last two years but my 2017 10.5 pro still works a treat so until it breaks I think I’ll stick with it
Have a gut feeling that Apple will not make any 11" iPad pro in the future and will just stay with the 12.9" size
To your view on Apple being fearless and having A14 in iPad Air, what possibly explains keeping iPad 8th Gen at A12 instead of A13? Cost wise, there won't be difference for them considering the scale. Is that a cheap move?
Mads Sorensen
Mads Sorensen:
love your videos. 👍
Straight Dope / Flipped Script
Straight Dope / Flipped Script:
"Rock solid 60 hz". Cmon! Weak!!!
Traycen George
Traycen George:
120hz bruh
Tarun Tanay
Tarun Tanay:
60 hz Saves the battery life👍
Gary Horsman
Gary Horsman:
I was thinking about upgrading to the latest iPad Pro, but the new iPad Air seems like a reasonable alternative with tolerable compromises. Thanks for the comparative analysis. It really helps.
Akhil Sai
Akhil Sai:
I guess A20 will go quantum at this rate
Gabriel Okenwa
Gabriel Okenwa:
I enjoyed the Thanos joke
Jangay Sarkar
Jangay Sarkar:
Gift me this
Bill Sprague
Bill Sprague:
The Air easily surpasses my aging 9.7” Pro and I’ll be buying one for sure!
Doris R. Reichman
Doris R. Reichman:
I stopped my 9-5 because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
sadly over here the ipad air 4 is probs gonna be cheaper than the 2018 ipad pro sooo air it is for me, and i really want that blue lol
Andrew Palla
Andrew Palla:
I can understand the jump in technology and the power of the A14 but I wish Apple would prioritize storage more. It’s almost insulting to see a 64GB option at $599 when there’s $200 smartphones out there with 128GB internal storage.
I want them to do a $150 keyboard for this. I can get a Surface Go keyboard for $100, and it's hard to justify a $300 Apple equivalent keyboard for a $600 tablet.
Geoffrey Gioja
Geoffrey Gioja:
I don’t know got to make a comment in 120 Hz. 😉
Fav feature of this iPad Air: Facetime cam on top in landscape mode. First iPad to have that, right?
Ojas Nimsarkar
Ojas Nimsarkar:
I just hope iphone gets A14X and macs A14Z
The Wuffball
The Wuffball:
TRINI 트리니:
does the air4 have headphone jack?
did it beats intels i9?
Paul Anderson
Paul Anderson:
Yeah, I was shocked as well. I didn’t expect them to unveil the new A series processor in the iPad Air, that’s always been the iPhone’s thing.
King Arthur
King Arthur:
Hey where is 14???