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Joey (Lucky Boy) Nato
Joey (Lucky Boy) Nato:
*I didn't watch this video before uploading. I hope it's good. Here's my new album btw: ***
They said in a press conference today that doing this was a short term decision, since they're currently busy putting together their next album that's supposed to come out in the second half of this year, but when they got sent this song, they really liked the vibe the english lyrics had, so they didn't change the language and since they thought smth uplitfing and light would be great for ppl all over due to the current crisis situation they decided to try this style and put this out separately before their album. (with this next album they are said to be even more involved than they already usually are not just with songwriting and music production but also as project managers, visual managers, not confirmed yet who's doing it but v talked about getting jk to film the mv for the next albums title track for example...). I personally really love this vibe and style for them in this, so to think that this wasn't really planned... I honestly think while this is smth new and while they excell with more hip hop rooted vibes this really mirrors their personalities crazy well, it's just very much them as ppl imo, and I'm really glad we got it.
Lynn S.
Lynn S.:
"They dominate one market, why not move to another" why is this so true
Leina Army
Leina Army:
The fact that Joey can tell this isn't a BTS produced song without any background information is really impressive
Clara Nguyen
Clara Nguyen:
This one is made to cheer people during the pandemic. They just wanted a chill fun song to cheer up those stuck at home due to covid
Well, they say the whole intention of the song was to entertain, not to over analyse, but just kick back, chill and a little something distraction from the difficult times the world is in right now, lockdown, self isolation and what have you. It wasn't meant to be entirely in English actually but as the composition progressed they just thought it will sound better entirely in English and also just the right time for the international audience to enjoy with something they could understand without translation.
Jazmin Lopez
Jazmin Lopez:
It may feel disconnected but they said it's a song they wanted to make fun through these hard times rn. It's suppose to be upbeat not deep. Hope this helps clarify a little bit. Loved the reaction as always!
SUGAkemi Chu
SUGAkemi Chu:
"they are trying to brainwash you"

me: I dont mind◐.̃◐
MizzPazz Makeup
MizzPazz Makeup:
hmmmm i think i gata disagree on the forced thing because i have seen them sing along to this kinda music, like Bruno Mars and i feel like they had alot of fun with the song especially JungKook and J Hope cuz JK is very RnB upbeat and Hobi is Funky it suits them well its like just a FEEL GOOD SONG
PurpleSnowflake WeLoveJeykey :3
PurpleSnowflake WeLoveJeykey :3:
One of the reasons why they decided to sing in English is because they made this song for everyone cuz of what's happening in the world right now(Corona)
They will release an album later this year too but they wanted to release something early bcuz poor guys missed us and going on concerts
Actually, they said the intention was to only bring happiness so that's what they achieved ahahaha
rather than saying its artificial, i’d say they’re experimenting and challenging themselves to do something different. thats what i love about bts, they are brave enough to go outside their comfort zone instead of staying stagnant. although dynamite isnt something u would expect from them, i still think the song and the overall vibe is great.
Beth Dunbar
Beth Dunbar:
I dunno man, my mom is in her late 50's and she loves this song so I'm not sure it's aimed for young kids Lol
MJ Conserman
MJ Conserman:
"its a psychological trick, they're tryna brainwash you"

Me: **dancing to this song after my 3rd time watching it and still dancing into it now (I dont know how many times now)**
"They succeded and I don't mind. I love it" 😂😂
Elite Squatter
Elite Squatter:
I get what Joey is saying. I feel like if I listened to this two years ago, I would be extremely disappointed that BTS put out a such a saccharine poppy song just because I'm so used to BTS wallowing in anger and that has always been what has drawn me to them. But y'know what, this song just immediately boosted my serotonin levels and I'm happy to know a key change is what did the trick. Thanks for the breakdown for us production-inept, Joey!
Salty Vincent
Salty Vincent:
“what if i did no intro at all?!!” me: *whoa whoa whoa we ain’t never done this before*
Evil _Tower
Evil _Tower:
I think they are saving the deep stuff for their upcoming album? I get what you mean that it might sound forced but I think this was a new style they tried and I like it personally and I can see why some might not but this it was a great overall pop song! Also pretty catchy like you said
Wiktoria O
Wiktoria O:
I don't think it's forced. They wanted cheerful song without any dark stories hidden, to bring pure joy to people. RM said not tooverthink it too much and just enjoy in hard times we live in during pandemic. But I appreciate your honest opinion:)
I don't think so really forced considering they have other happy upbeat songs. This just a fun song to bring everyone's mood up 😊💜
It wasn't written by the boys! It's gonna sound lotssss better when they perform it live, cause then it'll sound more and more like them. No shade to the writers/producers, I love the song! But it sounds different cause it wasn't written by our boys.
frida medina
frida medina:
Ima gonna inform you on those last words you said lmao 🙂 the song was written by two american songwriters and RM said that when they received it they really liked how it sounded so they wanted to keep it that way. They liked it because it was really positive and happy so it would be good for all of us to listen to something like this during hard times of the pandemic
emelyn hernandez
emelyn hernandez:
They say that this song isn’t part of their style in general... this is a song more for the American market... because u know that plataforms like Grammys or billboard don’t give them the recognition just because they don’t sing fully in English... and the other thing it’s that this is a bright song to comfort people for what it’s happening right now
Summer Kaur
Summer Kaur:
Maomao Cerise
Maomao Cerise:
😭 dont worry joey they'll release a new album this quarter too. this song isnt part of their plan. this project was made just to cheer everyone who can hear the song, armys or not, hence the reason why it was released in english.
Thaqib Meyer
Thaqib Meyer:
i made it louder at the beginning to here Jimins "Pah" then the fcking gun shot gave me a heart attack lmfao
Ivy Kim
Ivy Kim:
The intention of the group is to spread positivity and a bit of happiness in the middle of this pandemic situation. This is their 1st all English song (which was not the original plan BTW but the boys thought it was best that way). BTS knew that this is not the usual music they create or what they're known for, but they do enjoy exploring and you can consider this like a "one-off" desicion in their music career.

If you chance to watch some interviews and read articles about how the song came to be, get more context about this new pop song.. BTS has always been genuine to their self and their music 🙂
Battle Beast CR
Battle Beast CR:
Everyone go and stream dynamite mv after watching this!
Rula hasan
Rula hasan:
The song is addicting and catchy and not targeted towards “kids” as u said. They have a certain purpose with this song which is bring happiness to people in a pandemic.
they mentioned they came across this demo and it seemed just super fun and made them dance, so they just wanted to release it as a fun single for everyone during quarantine to cheer us all up. They said they kept it in English instead of making it Korean because the lyrics fit the melody very well and flowed better.

To them, this was a fun release without wanting to put too much though into it, and it worked! It's made everyone sooo excited, happy and energized. They are, however, still working on their new album which will be coming out later this year!
Miggy Stuart
Miggy Stuart:
Ngl, that gunshot scared me
Nomad Girl
Nomad Girl:
Bts is like a chameleon. That's why i love them. Ya never get bored.
I think "being yourself" is not just keep your style of music
But also to do with that music what you want and give messages what you want
They are really wanted to cheer up armys and do just a nice song without analyzes dark themes and etc.

And we really loved this
Not always analyzes needed sometimes you just need some fckn good rest with a nice chilly song 😌
Yoongi 100% Done
Yoongi 100% Done:
"We call this our own recharge project, and we hope this will recharge your own batteries, even if for a moment. We hope to restore some of this energy to anyone who listens to this song.” - RM 😁

The happy super poppy sound is also new to them according to BTS and it's intentional. 😁. But to each his own, thanks Joey as always. 💖
they made this to cheer up international ARMY during COVID times. that’s it. that’s the comment.
Idk why I'm not sleeping yet but I'm glad I got to watch this early
PhantomK 5023
PhantomK 5023:
Those 80s Funk inspired autotuned roboty vocals in bakcground sounded so cool!! It was little too much but still added so much funkiness I think. Overall really loved it!
Isabel López
Isabel López:
Is not forced. This song has a point, a meaning, to make you smile and dance, that’s it. They clearly said the song came to them and they wanted to released as there is cuz during this hard time we need this kind of vibe. 💜
I disagree about it being aimed for kids lol the old school vibe gives me Jackson five vibes and I think that’s why a lot of older people are loving it as well because it brings a somewhat nostalgic feeling lol kids these days know nothing about 80s retro 😂😂
After releasing deeper songs like on and black swan this year, a song like this during difficult times with no real purpose but to bring happiness is perfect🥳bts can be upbeat and happy in their music all they want
Melissa Martinez
Melissa Martinez:
I had the SAME reaction with the key change, like DAMN I get it I should be happy haha haha this literally gave me pure musical euphoria pumped into my VEINS lmao honestly I get where you’re coming from but they said this song in particular is because of the global climate, they wanted to send a message of positivity in this time where there are a lot of medical and social issues going on (don’t forget their fans are worldwide and they don’t forget about us). I was glad to hear something that made me want to get up and dance 💃
Elizabeth Avila
Elizabeth Avila:
I like this change of music type for BTS. They have such a wide variety of music. It’s what brings all different types of Armies together. We got the rap line stans, vocal stans, dance stans, pop stans, funk stans just adding more stans to the list
Monica Michelle
Monica Michelle:
I was streaming th mv but got this notification so I had to come here lol. But right after this I'm going back to my duty as an army
J B:
Honestly this is the most legit reaction video among the reactors.
Edit: Please react to Dreamcatcher.
Boca,Scream and Dejavu.
You would be surprise by kpop with rock elements.Pls.pls.pls.
My thought when i heard this song was, "shut up. you're stuck in your house, stop thinking and just dance." 💃

That in it's own way makes this sing 10x more meaningful.
there’s actually an instrumental of the song on itunes if you wanna hear it more clearly!
Lady Sugarquill
Lady Sugarquill:
Not forced, but it was a low stress release, they wanted to do something uncomplicated for once.
⟬⟭Jungkook Bunny Angel⟭⟬7
⟬⟭Jungkook Bunny Angel⟭⟬7:
This is song make me so cheerful and makes me want to dance
Diana Gibb
Diana Gibb:
The dancing was influenced by Michael Jackson. Jimin's solo with the kick and turning left is exactly one of Michael Jackson's moves,
now this is what i love from reaction vids from professionals and people that actually know their shit. They make quality analysis videos, being in depth and specific, make people hear sounds from music that we wouldn't hear by ourselves, not just making a reaction video and just saying that they liked the video. this channel deserves so much more views and subscribers, good stuff man.
Ashraf Danish
Ashraf Danish:
I've watched a few of Joey's reactions before. Then I started getting into the YouTube hiphop/rap community bc I was trying to find good new generation rappers (hoping they still exist as compared to Mumble rappers smh). So I found artists like Crypt, Gawne, NF, Dax, Tom Macdonald, Quadeca, etc. (some aren't actually YouTube rappers i know). Then I found that Joey produced a lot of the beats for their songs and found out Crypt and him did an album and holy shit I'm blown away.

I always thought that the rap game/community would look away or make fun of those who love both Kpop and Hiphop (Bars and lyricists especially) but omg Joey is one of the ones who broke that stigma. Thanks Joey! Looking forward to more tracks, collabs and reactions, as well as a part 2 to the Crypt x Joey album :)
The goal was to lift spirits and spread positive vibes during a time that we desperately needed it. Mission accomplished!!
sara Vante
sara Vante:
Well they’re searching the whole map of their souls bruh !!! U can’t always go deep deep and mysterious yk!!!!! And they did say that the purpose of the song is to bring happiness to ppl in these difficult times soooooooo!!!!
They have been pushing the message of loving yourself and being happy. You can't even tell me that this doesn't make you feel happy.
Ev Untal
Ev Untal:
I am in my 50's and I love the song, the vibe, the retro visual, and all. I don't think it is forced but rather, the boys are exploring and trying a new level. It is not something that they really are, but sometimes you need to go out of your comfort zone & explore to test your capability. And I think that's the intention basically, to explore and try something new and to give the international army new energy & positive vibe in this pandemic time. This song is a happy and energetic song. Love it!
Lady Sugarquill
Lady Sugarquill:
Also, I get the feeling RM may have liked the lyrics, they are a bit word salad-y with more focus on sound and wordplay than meaning, and he did the same in Joke (only that was to make haters cry lol).
his song is in english and they are from Korea. They can't speak perfect english and you're saying they should rap in english?
just don't sit there and don't judge BTS. they are great and they work really hard. this song is mega good and has brought many records
Carol Holaday
Carol Holaday:
I got a kick out of Dynamite, even though it's not BTS' norm. It feels like BTS was having fun playing with a poppy kinda retro boy band vibe, upbeat and catchy, "let's have some sunshine, bro!" When things get heavy and overwhelming, especially like they are around the world right now, you really need something that is fun and light and playful to cheer you up. Dynamite totally fits the bill. I'll be singing along with this one a lot and going around with it playing in my head, I'm sure. 💜🌞💙🌺💚🌼❤️⛱💜
It´s funny and great at the same time how differently people can perceive music.
This song was an instant like for me, even though I am a person who tend to gravitate towards their heavier, more aggressive and serious style. My jam is predominantly pretty much all rap line related/ centered and Boy with love was a song I had to learnt to appreciate while gritting my teeth. I kinda surprised myself that I like this one so much. 80´s disco vibe is very dominant in it so maybe that´s why:-) It is light, catchy, bubbly, fizzy, joyful, dancy, I can´t complain. Nothing I would wrack my brains too much over but a great song in its genre.
not true to bts's heart 😂 lol buddy what
it's just smth that came into their hands during quarantine n they thought it'd be nice to release since the world's going through a hard time rn thats pretty much it
edit: i also dont see why you'd call it forced really since bts do whatever the hell they wanna do with their music 😂 like this couldve easily not happened if it weren't for the quarantine imo ;; also they said they wanted a new challenge and they make it a point to constantly switch things up n try new things
side rant, i know bts have said before that singing in eng is not their thing and they wanna stay true to their roots, but christ is american radio xenophobic as all hell. they barely ever give bts's korean tracks any radio play because it's in korean. it's tiring as hell to see tbh. theyre getting so many spins now that theyve put out an eng track, spins they couldve had with their korean releases as well but didnt.
aisa min
aisa min:
"This song will stuck in your head"

Me:*trying to sleep*
My head: dynnnnaaaaa eh
Paulo Valencia
Paulo Valencia:
"They are trying to brainwash you!"

Me: No they can't! I'm a trained Army!

Also me for a 100th time: Dynanananananamite 🧨💣💥
The volume was so low that I turned up the volume, and my ears almost exploded and died 1:17
Great reaction thank you and I love love love this song - but I also agree with you that it does seem more like a wonderful frothy lark and doesn't necessarily reflect their deeper musical style.

Perhaps that makes it the perfect entry for new fans, since it offers the charm and performance/high quality without what some would find more challenging about them? (Korean, layered sound, nuanced lyrics and fantastic agile rap included)
Taesweetnigh t
Taesweetnigh t:
9:15 I agree ^^ They wrote this song for the people who struggle bc of all the things that happened this year :) and tbh I needed a song like this. SO HAPPY :(
Ohm Bhandari
Ohm Bhandari:
Hey Joey, I listened to your whole album and definitely enjoyed it! My favourite songs were Parachute, Melt and Package however I do wish you experimented with more EDM. I sometimes found the Trap elements to be a little repetitive but your vocals were nice and compensated for it. I would really love to hear a song like Ateez "Inception" come from you! Great job, keep it up.
Lala Lila
Lala Lila:
*I believe You'll going crazy if you listen to TREASURE song title: BOY MV it's* 🔥🔥🔥
*They are YG Ent new group a.ka little brother of: BigBang, iKon & BlackPink*
Jecca lovelive
Jecca lovelive:
They heard the song and liked simply! They wanted something fun and bright to cheer up people in this difficult times ^^ They didn't come up with the song itself, so i guess that is why you think is not "from their hearts". Honestly is a good song for a digital single! And i thought the same thing about hearing it on a movie hahaha i had flashbacks of "Trolls" and "Can't stop the feeling" by JT

Nice reaction btw!
I get you Joey is like the pop version of them on steroids lol honestly for what they were trying to give I think is fine 🙌🏼 I still love the hip hop side of them more but this song is a ear worm 🤣
I appreciate you keeping it real with your opinion! I have to disagree about it feeling artificial. As an army myself, I feel like it's geared to cheer their fans up and it comes off super genuine in my eyes! I could tell they were having fun making this one.

Loved your take on the music production though; as a dancer I'm trying to study music more and hearing what makes this very poppy and catchy is good to know!
this is my 8th reaction video
ive streamed few reaction videos lol
Evan J
Evan J:
I just love your opinions xD
They said they wanted to do a more fun song because of the times, and hell yeah they did us really happy and hyped with that sound
Wendy Thomas
Wendy Thomas:
They did it in English as that is one of the biggest languages learnt all over the world and they wanted to lift everyone spirits through these hard times 💜
R Vermillion
R Vermillion:
Joey: It may sound like an ost of movie
Me: Um....Space Jam 2?

I am fine when u said that this type of music is not Bts. I feel a bit surprised hear no rap here. Well, maybe a bit melodious rap, but not the rap I thipought I will got, Bts said they saw this change of music as a challange, and the happy vibe us what they think we needed the most atm.
I had one thought when I watched the MV regarding the song: What a Throwback to the 70s and Jackson 5. I'm hearing the 2020 version of ABC.
BTS x Army
BTS x Army:
I was laying in my bed and i forgot to lower the volume and that gun shot sound made me jump and i think i awake them 😂
I like how you're always honest..(or you might be hiding your actual opinion but you don't always say what we're expecting to hear). Thanks for the reaction, great video!
Maureen Danguilan
Maureen Danguilan:
They have reason for doing it tho. It might not be the kind of style they used to do, but the fact they are exploring other genres, other market, other things is already their style. Bangtan Style.
Lele S
Lele S:
This one isn’t what I am used to from them. Feels like a happy song for those who keep asking for them to do a song in English. Looking forward to their new album. Thank you for your honest review.
Nurul Loves Sia&Eunji
Nurul Loves Sia&Eunji:
Jimin is like All in one Package
He had most beautiful voice
also dancer, visual, energy, looks everything
Sivarjun Thanneeru
Sivarjun Thanneeru:
Can we all request Joey to react to Dear God by Dax, probably his biggest hit so far. Please like this so Joey sees it
Tin Mendoza
Tin Mendoza:
You are the first reactor that I watched for Dynamic Reaction. I love your reaction in your music producer perspective. the credit for this song is truly american. Producer and writer not BTS. They just perform it. As per RM when they got the demo they original language fits better with the melody so that's why they kept it (paraphrasing). They just want to try something new and make a happy song for Army. Everything you pointed out is on point. I would highly recommend to listen to the instrumental version. There's going to be an EDM Remix and acoustic version - I don't know if BTS can make changes to how it will sound but I'm excited to hear that one, too. Stay safe.
Quiero Dolce
Quiero Dolce:
To be honest, I love the song, appreciate the fact they want to lift ARMY spirits up a little bit with it... but yes... feels to USA for me... either way... love it!
Oh thank god, I thought I was the only one who thought it had the same vibe as Bruno Mars. As soon as I listened to it, it reminded me of that kind of summery/ upbeat style.
Carla Pitsinger
Carla Pitsinger:
This song just reminded me of the Bee Gees "Staying Alive"....
Amal Jay
Amal Jay:
I love how you listen first, then explain it to us and then plays it again so we can understand what you're talking about.
I don't have to go back to listen again.
Thank you for that. Keep doing it 🥂
Hey man, react to Dreamcatcher - Boca!! Dreamcatcher is another K-pop group, one that has gotten quite a lot of fame with their last 2 MVs (Boca and Scream). Boca came out a bit over a week ago
J B:
Please react to Dreamcatcher's songs.
Boca , Scream and Dejavu.
You will be surprised hearing Kpop with rock elements.
Please ,,please please...
It's weird cause I was expecting to feel some of that forced feeling before it came out, esp with it being all English but I was really pleasantly surprised to not feel it after all. Maybe its all the promo they did, explaining why they made it and released it now but the over the top happy pop feeling is actually really refreshing. I think covid is the real reason, if this had come out at another time it may have felt more forced but I think we just desire so much positivity rn to combat the hell on earth many of us are living through that it just felt right.
Who's reacted to this song first?!

Nato *in the distance*
Congratulations on winning the Billboard 1st place in advance! I'm so happy to hear Bts' song. I know you're busy, but let's not starve and eat for your health!
Honey 0613
Honey 0613:
I'm an older Army (five years in a couple of months), and I'm still on the fence about it being so "pop" and all in English ... I like the song. I like the boys. They look super amazing and really going for it, but I miss the rapping and the hip-hop. Idk ... still debating, lol
This song was way better than I expected when they said it was gonna all be English.

You should definitely do ITZY Not Shy!
hasini gude
hasini gude:
9:13 have you seen their interview?! they want to make people happy, they made them happy. BTS wants to make people happy and they are so....shhhhhhhh. (sorry, ARMY here.)
With today's mainstream music I'm so used to direct key changes like that to be just the one step but they raised it 1,5 step and it really threw me off for a sec. 😆
oh yes. Someone agrees with me. When I heard it for the first time, I really thought it reminded me of Burno Mars vibe.
Vicky Singh
Vicky Singh:
Totally agree with you 😂😂
I put a comment about this , on that mv and
Trust me I m having a really bad tym 😂😂
Taffy Lamba
Taffy Lamba:
Man😂😂😂 you've won the awards
I enjoyed your thoughts! I was like hearing the things about music production that I wouldn’t catch on my own. I bet you’d like the acoustic remix of this song, it’s even more instrument-forward or something. I’m looking forward to seeing them perform it live with a band, hopefully on the VMAs.
Draco knight
Draco knight:
If you're going to do a video game music raction video anytime soon I recommend Warbringers:Jaina from World of Warcraft. A very interesting (and good) attempt at telling a story of a character through a song.
Greed Fortades
Greed Fortades:
the gun shot tho