MOMOLAND: Nancy answers questions from Filipino fans

While we all wait for Momoland's comeback, here's something for you Merries! Watch as Nancy responds to questions from PH fans in this video.

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Febri Haryanto
Febri Haryanto:
When she said "i'm not a shopper i just buy what i need" represent that she's humble person 🙂
Kitsune Sama
Kitsune Sama:
"I can live without my phone"
"I'm not a shopper, I just buy what I need"
Nancy needs to be a role model for all young women & girls!
Apple Tae
Apple Tae:
I don’t understand how people can hate her she’s literally the sweetest and nicest person ever🥺
Ashley L
Ashley L:
Nancy gets a lot of hate from antis even for things she said when she was super young.
I can tell from this video that she has learned from past bad experiences.
From her answers, I can sense she has grown to a mature and strong lady with a good outlook in life.
This can only mean that she has good friends and family that supports her even thru hard times.

Of course, she is not perfect, but I think she is a genuine good person.
Ria Carmona
Ria Carmona:
All of those who says she has an attitude problem, I don't think so. She has the sincerest answers. Like yeah she's right social media is just a picture and a video. Not a life! Stan Nancy. 😍
Bridge Gate
Bridge Gate:
This girl is not just a pretty face
Santosh Kumar
Santosh Kumar:
Nancy won my heart when she said she is not a shopper and buys only what she needs....Her future boyfriend or husband will be so happy ....
Trisha Ventura
Trisha Ventura:
I'm a super fan of blackpink but in momoland I I'm a fan of Nancy
She's so pretty, and cute, nice smile
chase Zy
chase Zy:
Nancy is literally the sweetest she's so humble and kind.
Julie Novillos
Julie Novillos:
We love you Nancy! From Philippines💖💖💖💖💖 im
Dany Omega
Dany Omega:
04:00 Okay I'm super impressed!
She just spoke my mind, It's one of the golden rules which I live by. Don't compare yourself with others, every one has their own unique qualities just be confident & content with yourself & with what you have.
Nancy is precious ❤️
purple_box 101
purple_box 101:
Her smile can melt anyone’s heart, even her haters. She’s an absolute sweetheart and a natural charmer. Great questions merries and great answers Nancy. 💙
Myra Dacipal
Myra Dacipal:
Now I know, why i like momoland. They are sincere and real.Saranghae Momoland. Fighting
Hongki Jeremy
Hongki Jeremy:
I know this is Irene's line or motto whatever, but Nancy can be considered as the 'I'm the original Visual' 💖
Shubham Malik
Shubham Malik:
"She is my queen"
She is super gorgeous and super smart and just so beautiful in every thing she does. I love her so muchhh ❤️❤️❤️
Joshelle Sacramento
Joshelle Sacramento:
My Merries sounds like a good music to hear.
Nancy's not just a pretty face but with a brain and a big BIG HEART. How could be a human this perfect 😍😍❤️❤️❤️
Mark Deo Loreno
Mark Deo Loreno:
She's a humble and good person.. That's why.. No wonder almost men have a crush on her.. Oh, I forgot.. She was so nice.. Godbless and looking fprward to watch the primetime "Soulmate"
NicKeLla Vlogz
NicKeLla Vlogz:
When she says think positive and don't compare other celebrities to the other,it makes my heart melt.....✨
Ily our baby Gru!.....💕
Jecca Carambias
Jecca Carambias:
She seems so sweet and natural. I will never understand how some people could hate her.
Joshelle Sacramento
Joshelle Sacramento:
My Merries sounds like a good music to hear.
Nowhere Joe
Nowhere Joe:
She is the Ultimate "Dream Girl". Love her so much. 💕
Taehyung's vEinY hands-
Taehyung's vEinY hands-:
Her stage presence is amazing and soooo strong but outside of that she's such a cutie! ✨😩😩❤️💕
seya gno
seya gno:
Sweetest Maknae.. 😊😊😊

My Merries
My Merries
My Merries
Our Merries

We are so lucky Merries.. We have this baby.. ☺️☺️☺️

I love you Nancy Jewel, Seung Ri, Geuroo, Aenan, Nanshiiyaa, baby Marshmallow, Baby Ru, Bunso.. ❤️🧡💛💚💙
Elija 555
Elija 555:
Hope she gets her driver license soon
Lots of love from india gru🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Joemar Digamon
Joemar Digamon:
Lourdes Estuita
Lourdes Estuita:
Very smart answers and good advice. She's so humble. ❤️
Bhagya Lucky
Bhagya Lucky:
When you said don't compare others and be positive .thank u for ur words. I am happy because of you Nancy ❤️
AAB Bangladesh
AAB Bangladesh:
This video has helped me know about Nancy more. I most like answer no 3 live alone, turn off lights and play music. Usually I don't do that myself but I like to do it for sometime's. And I didn't know before why I like Philippine but now I am understanding...
Mercedita Vlog
Mercedita Vlog:
nancy is the best example of beauty with a heart
I was watching your Thumbs Up fancam few minutes ago and a notificiation popped out saying "Nancy Jewel McDonie added to their story." 🥺🤍 I miss you so much!!! 💖
K P O P E R G I R L G R O U P S:
Nancy is so pretty ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Nancy is mi bias from momoland
Pia Evangelista
Pia Evangelista:
Me at Nancy answering the question at 1:23: You’re not a weirdo, Nancy. I do the exact same thing all the time. It is sooooo relaxing!
Merry GoRound
Merry GoRound:
waited for her to speak in tagalog actually 😆
gabu tutu
gabu tutu:
she's so sweet, i love her so much
Alex N
Alex N:
She's sooo cuteee i love her so much ❤️her smile thoooo🤤🤤🤤 she's so beautiful ahhzzzjjjj
CindyLee Ahin
CindyLee Ahin:
Stan the right group. Stan MOMOLAND!💙
Vhan Courtney Sanidad
Vhan Courtney Sanidad:
Our baby Gru is so sweet and humble Nancy we love you💗💗 And don't be sick 😷 always wash your hand love from ph merries
She's so pure and she talks so maturely❤ truly love her.
Merry GoRound
Merry GoRound:
nancy appreciating merries 😌
Jen dela Cruz
Jen dela Cruz:
He advice. I Love It. our aegi Aenan is not a baby anymore uwu
Why you so pretty baby girl??
Jaznyne Joaquin
Jaznyne Joaquin:
nancy i usually do that too when i got home i locked myself in my room and listen to the music and of course read wattpad too actually. and thats what im doing the entire quarantine after i finished my house chores!!! hahaha
Helen Almacen
Helen Almacen:
Your so beatiful and have a good heart.. 😯😯
Elmer Ynion
Elmer Ynion:
Follow momoland on ig:
Sweet Despair
Sweet Despair:
She's very wise considering her young age and humble, I honeslty didn't expect to hear those words from her I'm so proud of her. Nancy fighting!!
Jen dela Cruz
Jen dela Cruz:
Thank You again ABSCBN, more, momoland content please
how can you hate this baby i mean look she's the sweetest
Kauru Emman
Kauru Emman:
Smart answers, maganda na, mabait pa, sincere pa. ❤️
Dany Omega
Dany Omega:
00:00 : "Hi guys I'm Nancy from momoland..."
Me: *Clicks like button immediately*
Redz Latte
Redz Latte:
Baby gru , always think + ok, merries love you so much, merries Love momoland . ^^, .. we dont compare fighting..
charzkie odaga
charzkie odaga:
We love you nancy
Badeth Almadrones
Badeth Almadrones:
her smiles is so genuine 😍
How can some one hate this kind of cute sweet person
Norbu Thondup sherpa
Norbu Thondup sherpa:
I wish my future girl will like her.
Soo beautiful.. Genuine and humble
mR. CarloSerolf
mR. CarloSerolf:
I really like nancy , the way she talk and what she is , nancy has a big heart , thats why i really like she is , i love you nancy😍👍
Kauru Emman
Kauru Emman:
Smart answers, mabait pa, maganda pa, sincere pa.
More Celes
More Celes:
You smile is beautiful.
Jeremy Gw
Jeremy Gw:
Nancyyy 😍💓Why u always look so pretty in my eyes. I really like your smile ur smile are so adorable and u also humble btw Nancy habit is same with me I also like to be alone, Turn off the light only use one lamps, and listen the music , Love youu Nancy 😍😍. Greetings from Indonesia
Badeth Almadrones
Badeth Almadrones:
Yes, we're always here for you
Lazy Chard1⃣
Lazy Chard1⃣:
Nancy is so humble 😍😍😍
Pink youkai97
Pink youkai97:
Nancy is so cuteeee 🥺😭😭✨
Kauru Emman
Kauru Emman:
Nancy has the most kindest, sincere heart ❤️
Merry GoRound
Merry GoRound:
"my merries" so sweet 😘
Brié G.
Brié G.:
She's more beautiful than liza.
Nanyeonri Bae
Nanyeonri Bae:
Your the ideal girl Aenan💙
Kauru Emman
Kauru Emman:
Nancy ❤️ we miss you.
Lee So-ri
Lee So-ri:
She’s the sweetest person I don’t know why people hate on her or her group. They are super talented and deserve more love than last year or these past few months
Leoj Oatcal
Leoj Oatcal:
She's amazing like WOW
Kriscel Ariones
Kriscel Ariones:
That answer about loving yourself was extremely refreshing to hear, especially coming from a celebrity herself.
Joey Santobal
Joey Santobal:
Nancy: "I like getting massages here too"

OK, who are the lucky bastards (male or female) giving her massages while she was in Philippines?!!
Cant wait to hear her fluently in tagalog
Jay Favz
Jay Favz:
Grabe namang mukha yan. Unfair si lord minsan ❤
Muy linda Nancy, good answers
Shadow James
Shadow James:
Nancy is so pretty😍
Jasper Yeo
Jasper Yeo:
Nancy is so wise and sweet.I love her💙
Ethan Verna
Ethan Verna:
the girl with the most beautiful smile😍
i Dante
i Dante:
Ok yes me and a lot of people follow her for being incredibly beautiful but the more I see the way she is, the sincerity on her speak (cuz let's be realistic, the 90% of the idols in the media shows a nice forced face), I really respect her and her parents for raised a simple but amazing girl like her, if you had faced really hard times in your life or you have lived enough experience to know a little about the world, you know how honest Nancy is, the person who becomes her lover will be the blessed one in the world.
Nahomy Ayala
Nahomy Ayala:
I love this girl bruh
Angelica Agas
Angelica Agas:
Thank you abs-cbn for giving us this vid
Kauru Emman
Kauru Emman:
Mabait na, maganda pa
dina fadilah 9
dina fadilah 9:
Nancy is adorable, hope he’ll become more and more successful in future
Jp Santos
Jp Santos:
I Love You Nancy❤
Portinto Kim
Portinto Kim:
I just feel bad for her going through alot of hate and discrimination before, look at her she's so pure. Why can't people just appreciate instead of hate?

Anyway, i'm not a fan of momoland but I do love them also.
Sophia Groom
Sophia Groom:
The girl with the beautiful face
Star light
Star light:
Nancy don't worry about the haters and the basshers just ignore them we always support you and love you no matter what happened and the other members to we always support you and love you no matter what happened take care
Laura Guterres
Laura Guterres:
Nancy ,love frome indonesia
Jz Buergo
Jz Buergo:
Beautiful always✅💖
Beautiful Smile✅💖

#Merries Forever💖😊
Peter Doran
Peter Doran:
Her voice is so cute!!
hahaha the baby Nancy pictures. 🥰🥰🥰
Nanyeonri Bae
Nanyeonri Bae:
I miss you Aenan💙
Cute cute gru😥😥😥😥she is so nice and gentle..her voice is amazing..haters should watch these videos to learn the truth
Gez Zeg
Gez Zeg:
She is the only one momoland's member that i can talk with, cuz she can speak english, so am i😆
Merry Ako
Merry Ako:
"Don't Compare"

so let's stop the fanwar
Katey Ash
Katey Ash:
I am not a fan of momoland but I can say that she is very respectable, kind and a humble person. 👏
Nancy.. 😍😍😍
Baby gru we love you. 😘