Miss Universe 2019 Final Question and Answer Round | Miss Universe 2019

Miss Universe 2019 Top 5 answers timely questions about global issues.

Courtesy of: “IMG Universe, LLC” The Miss Universe Organization

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100+ ความคิดเห็น:

Anant Shekhar
Anant Shekhar:
In my opinion same question should be asked from every finalist as this will make judgement more fair and rational
4 พิชามญชุ์ ขําสกุล
4 พิชามญชุ์ ขําสกุล:
Thailand’s question is like “Buddhism or Islam” “Christianity or Buddhism” etc. It’s like asking between things that are so depend on each context.
V B:
“I dont believe in violence because violence will always create violence”
niye losy
niye losy:
I feel Miss Thailand's question is no one can answer.She nailed it.
Enos Adieri
Enos Adieri:
Miss Thailand got one of those questions we get 2 hours in law school to answer.
Franki Espinosa
Franki Espinosa:
the questions are not fair. miss thailand got the hardest question and she answered it really well. she deserves to be in the top 3
Henry Windsor Rurikovich
Henry Windsor Rurikovich:
Gorgeous 💓💓💓💓💓
i feel like Thailand had a difficult question. Her’s was like choosing sides. Love South Africa’s outfit tho. It looks really beautiful!
Maya Zoey
Maya Zoey:
No one:
South Africa: *radiates queen energy as she walks*
Kim Jae Min
Kim Jae Min:
I love Miss South Africa, she looks so elegent and styles and she shows a woman with power to change
4 พิชามญชุ์ ขําสกุล
4 พิชามญชุ์ ขําสกุล:
Steve said “It’s good.” after Thailand answered. Only.
Christian Lloyd Comia
Christian Lloyd Comia:
Miss Mexico first Latina English speaking in this Universe.
Lina Chaouk
Lina Chaouk:
When thailand's interpreter was so prepared and excited for her moment to shine, Ms Thailand was like ; "K let me crash her career." LOL
Lila Sophia
Lila Sophia:
I’m sorry but is no one going to talk about Steve’s suit ?
Al Ong
Al Ong:
Thailand has a vey difficult question 😔
Rakzo Antares
Rakzo Antares:
Best answer was from South Africa, second best MÉXICO and third was Thailand. Puerto Rico was so nervous and talked too fast.
Miss Thailand had the most difficult question but the best answer
Tea For You
Tea For You:
The way miss SA talked, is so attractive.
xie xivv
xie xivv:
I feel bad for this one of the most intelligent candidate from Thailand. She speak with her honesty and her wisdom to answer that very hard question. She deserves to be in top 3. 😭
Rebreb Yap Diaz
Rebreb Yap Diaz:
Honestly this is the strongest top 5 in MISS U history. Everyone nailed their answers.
Sanele Mathe
Sanele Mathe:
Did y’all see Steve’s reaction after Miss South Africa spoke😭 Priceless💯💯
sothea rak
sothea rak:
Thailand deserve TOP 3 . love from cambodia .
Kantawit Sriprasert
Kantawit Sriprasert:
Could I use this video during Miss Mexico answering into my video clip just for educational purposes.
K G:
I'm Filipino and I was rooting so hard for Thailand after she nailed to answer that question, I was really expecting her to be in top 3. what happen to the judges?
lavah yu
lavah yu:
Thailand, the most difficult question but she answered it really well.
Sendelo Kath
Sendelo Kath:
Thailand deserved to be in top 3
Kiesha Exeal Mendoza
Kiesha Exeal Mendoza:
I really admire Miss Thailand's beauty.
Cher Dren
Cher Dren:
Miss South Africa knew what she's been telling the universe... and she deserved the winning
Stephen Anderson
Stephen Anderson:
South Africa hit it out the park as she answered the question then personalized the topic in a clear concise answer
Anjali Singh
Anjali Singh:
Miss south Africa is soo beautiful I just couldn't take my eyes off of her
I thought steve was fired after the last miss universe mistake
paul paul
paul paul:
Thailand nailed it, her question is so tough yet she answered it well.
A.J. Caberto
A.J. Caberto:
Can we talk about how Miss Thailand got the hardest question and answered the best. Then still didn’t make it to the top 3? I’m confusion!!!
Bharat Jamatia
Bharat Jamatia:
When miss south africa began her answer by saying "steve", that shows she is in conversation naturally.
Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel:
Thailand should have chosen a side in answering, and defend her answer with conviction.
Arkadi Khansanamyan
Arkadi Khansanamyan:
Thailand was deserve to be in top 3...
Lucia Welsh
Lucia Welsh:
"violence will always create violence"
- Mexico 2019
Pichitchai Cheusungnoen
Pichitchai Cheusungnoen:
.... *** After Ms Thailand got a question, we felt immediately "" this show will go down and down **** It is Unfair question !!!!
Carl Jewel Taas
Carl Jewel Taas:
Thailand got the hardest question she should’ve been in the top 3.
I love the South African woman! She’s gorgeous and she really knows how to answer!
1 2
1 2:
Steve rolled his eyes after asking zozibini the question
Ruth A
Ruth A:
God miss South Africa is so beautiful. JESUS HOLD ME, she’s stunning
Addison W
Addison W:
I think I lost like 20 brain cells watching this😂😂
he rolled his eyes after the climate change question
Linda Röth
Linda Röth:
miss mexico is really very pretty.
Wow, Miss Thailand and Miss Mexico are such beauties. My two favorites.
One of the characteristics South Africa has that I also felt in Catriona last yeat is the air of inspiration. They inspire when they walk. Inspire when they talk. Inspire when they socialize.
Lily moonico
Lily moonico:
The most difficult Miss universe questions
Joseph Virrey
Joseph Virrey:
That commanding voice and tone from South Africa reminds me of Lara Dutta. Thailand gave a good answer. Not sure about Puerto Rico. I just thought, Thailand, Mexico and South Africa dominated this round.
Jairo Samar
Jairo Samar:
I cant get over to Miss Thailand, she must be fighting on the TOP 3! that answer is very good
papao ro
papao ro:
Why Mexico could answer 37 seconds with no any sound effects?
Catherine Chiong
Catherine Chiong:
only SA answers like she's having a conversation, she even address the name of the one asking the question. I mean very natural.
Gopika Gopi
Gopika Gopi:
South Africa is simply wow. The way she answers the question. She is the true deserving winner.❤️
I was waiting for Steve to yell “good answer” after Thailand 😂😂
Coffee Lover
Coffee Lover:
They're all smart and beautiful ,but Puerto Rico and Mexico are my favorites... Love from Philippines!!!
"Violence is always going to lead to violence'- Miss Mexico 2019
Dan UK
Dan UK:
South Africa is veryyy confident - she gives clear and concise answers
Fathema Choudhury
Fathema Choudhury:
I'm not mexican but Mexico was so cuteee
Elba Kapllani
Elba Kapllani:
South Africa looks like a queen and gives out queen charisma! Powerful woman! On my opinion she should win! All though are gorgeous.
Richard Webb
Richard Webb:
Miss Universe is under-represented by extra-terrestrials.
that thailand question would’ve had me stuttering like crazy. she did very well for the circumstance wow
Danai Danai
Danai Danai:
Her Question Miss Thailand difficulttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
Daniel Inso
Daniel Inso:
Love Puerto Rico and South Africa’s answers, very thoughtful and powerful
Daniel Inso
Daniel Inso:
Seems like Miss Thailand didn’t use her interpreter at all, same as Miss Philippines Maxine Medina way back in 2016
Front Lobe
Front Lobe:
1:14 Look at the colors of the gowns from left (South Africa) to right (Mexico). The colors transition to the colors of the next gown.

South Africa’s gown is aqua & bright gold.
Next to her is Puerto Rico with bright gold.
Next to her is Colombia with a toned down gold, or more on bedazzled beige.
Next to her is Thailand with bedazzled beige & deep red.
Next to her is Mexico with deep red.

Do you see the connected transition of colors? Coincidence lang ba ito? 😄
X Finity
X Finity:
Sofia's answer goes so perfect in what's going on in the States right now... She's right though. Violence creates more violence. Yes, raising your voice is good, and fighting in what you believe in is definitely what you should do, but creating more violence, doesn't fixes anything. It just makes it worst.
Mixerz sjrk
Mixerz sjrk:
Steve also said "it's good" in Thailand's answer.
Ashley Graham
Ashley Graham:
Did you hear it?

"That's very tough question"
-Fahsai Paweensuda Drouin!
DC Batoon
DC Batoon:
i feel like even if this is already the final round, South Africa is still going to win it
Virgo Ako
Virgo Ako:
the interpreter of Thailand is just a display
J Guz
J Guz:
Miss México 🇲🇽
I believe in the cause, I believe in change, I believe in raising our voice, we need to be heard, many of these protests are very powerful and can create positive change, but I don't believe in violence, because it will always generate more violence " Sofía Aragón.
Sopida Singkhala
Sopida Singkhala:
The most difficult Thai question
Ángel Jacob
Ángel Jacob:
Miss México amazing so beautiful 😍✨
Gilson Farias
Gilson Farias:
Theo were preparad. Theo Anders até very good. I loved miss Mexico.
Wilton Duhapa
Wilton Duhapa:
I love Colombia's Answer
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez:
I think this round should be cut and only have the same questions for everyone to make it fair
Jasmine Bigner
Jasmine Bigner:
Honestly in my own opinion Thailand should have advanced into the top 3 because she did elaborate her answer clearly for those of yall saying that she didnt and she choose between the question cause she chose privacy and i do agree because we all dont need our personal lives out to the government but she also said that security is also important but if yall dont understand she did have one of the toughest questions given and she answered it perfectly and also thailand has political problems and as im always watching miss universe thailand mostly gets questions due to political problem unlike the other contests which get world peace questions or womens rights but we all have different preferences to the situation but i do believe thailand shouldve moved up
4:53 you guys Steve murmured something after “social media...-social media” .... conspiracy
Brian Samuel Bumatay
Brian Samuel Bumatay:
I though Thailand's question was very difficult. Well done Miss Thailand!!
Mavhyck Delrosario
Mavhyck Delrosario:
Best answer is South Africa. She really deserve being a winner of Miss Universe
Vinson Mechael Plame
Vinson Mechael Plame:
I really love Miss Mexico!!! 😍😍😍🇲🇽
Adeyemi Rhoda
Adeyemi Rhoda:
I loved South Africa and Thailand's answer
Jaime Garcia
Jaime Garcia:
MEXICO you were the best !!
Supreme Tatenda
Supreme Tatenda:
Thailand asked the most difficult question
Nina Koch
Nina Koch:
can we all just take a moment to appreciate how good their english is. yes, mexico for example said some weird stuff but you gotta admit this isnt easy in a second language.
เทียน หอม
เทียน หอม:
ฟ้าใสตอบดีมาก สวยเด่นไม่แพ้ใคร ทำไม! ไม่เข้ารอบ 3 คน ปีหน้าเลิกส่งได้แล้วนางงามไทยเสียความรู้สึก
Well done Miss Thailand and South Africa!!!
Thejavizo venuh
Thejavizo venuh:
They were problem for judges,😁
They all gave masterpiece answer
Candice Holcomb
Candice Holcomb:
May I just say that Patch Magtanong would have reached final 5 and 3, and would have slayed the questions.
THD theKing
THD theKing:
inG Gutierrez
inG Gutierrez:
The moment Miss south África started talking.... It was game over... Thats how u answer a miss universe final question
Khelsey Her
Khelsey Her:
Thailand did have a very hard question but answered it well.
Raphael Modomo
Raphael Modomo:
Octavio Salas
Octavio Salas:
Mexico was the best, forever reigns🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽👏👏👏👏
ChrisTv &Vloggs
ChrisTv &Vloggs:
I've watched this many times, both ladies answered well but i really love how oMiss South Africa answered her with question
xxcastanosx 21
xxcastanosx 21:
omg the fact that he rolled his eyes after the question ugh
cmonly445 cmyonly
cmonly445 cmyonly:
miss thailand the best of answer in question on game today
Legendazf Betancohurt
Legendazf Betancohurt:
Correct answer, Miss Mexico.
Ken Powers
Ken Powers:
I've gotta get a jacket like Steve Harvey's.....said No one ever.