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[Verse 1]
Feeling like a drop in the ocean
That don't nobody notice
Maybe it’s all just in your head
Feeling like you're trapped in your own skin
And now your body's frozen
Broken down, you’ve got nothing left

When you're high on emotion
And you're losing your focus
And you feel too exhausted to pray
Don't get lost in the moment
Or give up when you're closest
All you need is somebody to say

It's okay not to be okay
It's okay not to be okay
When you're down and you feel ashamed
It’s okay not to be okay

[Verse 2]
Feeling like your life’s an illusion
And lately, you're secluded
Thinking you’ll never get your chancе
Feeling like you got no solution
It's only 'cause you're human
No control, it’s out of your hands

Whеn you're high on emotion
And you're losing your focus
And you feel too exhausted to pray
Don't get lost in the moment
Or give up when you're closest
All you need is somebody to say

It's okay not to be okay
It's okay not to be okay
When you're down and you feel ashamed
It's okay not to be okay

When you're high on emotion
And you're losing your focus
And you feel too exhausted to pray (Ah-ha)
Don't get lost in the moment
Or give up when you're closest
All you need is somebody to say

It's okay not to be okay (Oh)
It's okay not to be okay (No, no, no)
When you're down and you feel ashamed (When you feel ashamed)
It's okay not to be okay (No, no, no)
It's okay not to be okay


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Geek Abhishek
Geek Abhishek:
I really need this song today
Sumaya 7
Sumaya 7:
it hurts me to know how many of us young teenagers feel nowadays🥺
MImk Semk
MImk Semk:
Dear stranger,
I’m writing this to tell you that you’re not alone in this universe... it’s okay to feel down for a moment in life, but always remember that the light will come and everything has a solution even if we feel like there isn’t... if you are studying now and you feel lost or cannot concentrate, please do not compare yourself to others. You don’t know anything about them and the same for you. Take a break. Laugh. Enjoy your alone time and cherish yourself. And please never forget that everyone in this world shine but each one of us has a different light. You don’t have to be like any other person. Love yourself! Love your alone time and enjoy this journey in life! It’s short so make the most out of it! All my love and support for the ones who are struggling!!!
Yash Kumar
Yash Kumar:
Two best types of feelings in the world
1) Pretend to be happy when you are sad even if no one is seeing.😁
2) Looking at your bitter past and laughing on it.☺️
who else thinks they found this song when they needed it the most.....
Achtung Baby
Achtung Baby:
This should be the official anthem of 2020.
Palak Chawla
Palak Chawla:
All you need is somebody to say- "It's okay to not be okay..."
I felt that
Vandana Sharma
Vandana Sharma:
The random person seeing this"its ok not to be ok, wish your problems end soon , wish luck for life "😊🙂
Serana Marie
Serana Marie:
Jesus loves you anyone reading this! You are wonderfully made! God bless and stay safe
Udenie Samankumarie
Udenie Samankumarie:
Anyone who remember the K DRAMA?
FLS Nevermore
FLS Nevermore:
I sent this to my Girlfriend who suffers from anxiety and multiple forms of depression. I'm not able to always be there for her it's to help her fight the demons she faces. That no matter what, even if I'm not around that it's gonna be okay.
This song suits the k-drama "it's ok to not be ok" so well
My best friend in the whole wide world is going through some hard times. I wanted to do something nice for her, so I am trying to do a cover of this song, record it, then dance over it with my own chores to send to her. Wish my luck because this could be hard but I will do whatever I can to see her happier again. <3
Today I learned there's a difference between in being happy and ignoring the sadness
Pratima Parbat
Pratima Parbat:
There's a very tough time going on at my home....I feel like everyone hates me and no one needs me....this song helped me to cheer up a bit....cause there's really no one to tell me "it's okay not to be okay"😭😭😭
You Really Are A Simp
You Really Are A Simp:
You know the saying "just focus on the good things in life" I did that but I only thought about the good things that happened to me and ignored all of the bad things now when I get depressed I don't know why, I think my life was perfect but when I keep thinking I realize it wasn't but then I feel guilty because I feel like I have nothing to feel depressed about when I do. Don't forget to think about the bad things every now and then. Because if you only focus on the good things you won't notice the bad things happening and then when you get sad you'll be confused why.
Samsung Second
Samsung Second:
Hello dear strangers, my mother passed away 2 days ago. She was also my best friend. I'm dealing with terrible grief, but remember, it's ok not to be ok. It's ok to grief.
Pamela Das
Pamela Das:
This song is a life saver during my tough situations... When I'm needing support to stand up after falling down due to the challenges of life.... But stay strong 💪💪💪,we shall overcome all the problems ... 😃😃😃😃😃
Janette Nava
Janette Nava:
I like how the lyrics are deep and sad yet there’s hope in them & the beat of the music is catchy and uplifting.
Javier Leal
Javier Leal:
Finally, one of these Disney girls coming out with the right song, especially for the times running! 👌🏻
Crazy Girls
Crazy Girls:
All you need is somebody to say"it's ok not to be okay"...... saddest reality is that we are still waiting for that "somebody" in our life!!
Animesh Goel
Animesh Goel:
"when you're high on emotion, and you're losing your focus, and you feel too exhausted to pray" are my favorite lines that i really relate to rn. But hey, guys, it's okay not to be okay. I love you, strangers!
Mac The8thWonder
Mac The8thWonder:
I’ve been in bed crying for nearly 3hrs and this song popped up on my TikTok. It’s perfect timing and I am grateful.
kookies and creams
kookies and creams:
My bitter past gets over my nerves all the times..It hurts! It feels bad! It feels lonely😭😭😭😭
Worst feeling in the world: REGRET😬😬😩
I sometimes feel that not all the comment section is full of like no one understands you or something like that this whole comment section is just so relatable. Bless uh all ❤️
We teenager really needs this song😭😭😭
*Despression* and *Fear* is the hardest thing to win
I don't know if YouTube is stalking me for putting this in my recommendations but thank you I needed this ☺️
Claudia Stien
Claudia Stien:
When your high...
On emotions ...
And your losing your focus...
this reminds me of my friend (She is 10 years old)
she thinks she is the worst person on earth and whenever she is happy someone on the world is dying but sometimes *you have to be there for your fwends no matter what happens*
Delaney Parker
Delaney Parker:
Gosh, she's just like a best friend. I really really needed this song today.
Ellie Yaen
Ellie Yaen:
Needed this song everyday
Almost took my life 2 days ago.. Still struggling with the things that pushed me to that point.. This song makes me feel like I'm going to be alright.
fairy dust
fairy dust:
Let's all be honest we all have tried to hide our pain because we thought nobody would care well that's not true emotions are a real thing and we all experience them so don't ever hide yours
I'm a simple guy, I see marshmallow I click.
Also I did find this song when I needed it the most.
I’m glad that I searched up this song instead of cutting..
Purple Pink
Purple Pink:
I had a really bad day 😥😢and this song is just like how I feel 😢
I need this song for my bad scores....
Fire Gamer
Fire Gamer:
„Dont give up when your closest“
Its hard not to give up when your whole class hates you, your crush doesn’t like you back, and your dog is about to die, but as said, dont give up...

I'm depressed now .. i feel alone . So i listen this song and feel the lyric
It's Nobody
It's Nobody:
I needed this. I've got some work to do but I'm not so confident about it and totally not feeling my Best. But it's okay.
Akshat Shah
Akshat Shah:
It's fun in watching at 1.25 speed
Ashish Kandola
Ashish Kandola:
There is nobody here to say to me" it's ok not to be okay"😫
Methuli De silva
Methuli De silva:
Really needed this song right now. This is what I'm going through now ... so I'm high on my emotions and I'm losing my focus and I feel exhausted to pray 💛 It's okay to not to be okay cuz I believe that everything will be alright in the end if it's not then it's not the end ❣️
Sheena Khate Balluang
Sheena Khate Balluang:
Found this song when I needed it the most...😭 Im so close to breaking down💔😭
Kavy Roll no 29 Class 8th A
Kavy Roll no 29 Class 8th A:
Found the song from someone's whtsapp status and its just amazing
Chelcy Toppo
Chelcy Toppo:
In life we go thru' many things sometimes up sometimes down only things we need to say "it's okay not to be ok"
fairy snow
fairy snow:
Hey you! Listen!
It's okay not to be okay . You yes you the one who is reading this you are strong enough . Love yourself. Speak yourself. If it was a bad day, don't be sad only wait for good day. They are on their way.💜💜🤣
Jehna Larson
Jehna Larson:
This is definitely my spirt song!
Dew Drops
Dew Drops:
Each & every word is so true😭
Zleah Zhenrietta
Zleah Zhenrietta:
Everybody facing work, in school, in family, in relationship 😔 and u feel exhausted to pray... All u need is a hug..
Julianne Willoughby
Julianne Willoughby:
This song really lifts me up. I suffer from depression and anxiety and this song really helps me with that.
Kannamah Kartar
Kannamah Kartar:
This song literally healed me ! Wishing everyone will be okay too ❤
lay mann
lay mann:
demi lovato one of the best pop singers in hollywood
Lisa Scamponi
Lisa Scamponi:
When you feel like a drop in the ocean and your losing your focus it’s ok to be ok it’s only because I’m human
"when you're high on emotion, and you're losing your focus, and you feel too exhausted to pray" are my favorite lines that i really relate to rn. But hey, guys, it's okay not to be okay. I love you, strangers!
Kyla Riego
Kyla Riego:
I love this song. really.❤️❤️❤️
Eliana Plays
Eliana Plays:
Like 3 months ago I couldent sleep,
THEN this song came on, on my radio I felt better and now I remembered this today and I feel high emotion so this song made me feel better
Treis Amadeus
Treis Amadeus:
Well know one ever said you have to stay down. For so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son.
i love this song a masterpiece of DEMI
Vesfah Pansacala
Vesfah Pansacala:
Could be an ost of kdrama it’s okay not to be okay starring Kim so Hyun and seo ye ji

Read my name btw
Emma Martin
Emma Martin:
I could listen to this song everyday
Booktuber Stasha
Booktuber Stasha:
this song helped me so much
I really did need this today
Madhu Pandey
Madhu Pandey:
Whenever I want to get motivate I just come here and listen to this song and feel the lyrics and happily continue my work , thankyou for this song
Shubham Sapkal
Shubham Sapkal:
This is my happiest day , last year i made friend online we had common interest that is Harry Potter ❤️ and we started talking all about Harry Potter soon we developed a bond so beautiful i don't think it can be broken she became my little sister.. yess i found a little sister on instagram . Even though she is alot younger than me she looks after me like my elder sister she scolds me whenever needed and love's me always and today she dedicated this song to me ❤️ and this is one of the most beautiful thing happened to me ❤️ love you alot my cute little sis Aasawari ❤️
Sofia Jawad
Sofia Jawad:
AFTER failing my exam me coming home:
Mom: How was exam?
Me: Good! Guess 15 marks would be deducted!
Mom: It's okay you tried and worked hard! That is enough for me!
Me: I am not okay!
Stomping upstairs and slamming the door!
Mum: Its okay not to be okay!
Me searching for this song and playing it using head phones and vibing + crying out loud!
Hazel Gerodaga
Hazel Gerodaga:
I love the songs ❤ all i felt now.
Lalitha Premraj
Lalitha Premraj:
I thought it's the song of kdrama🤣😂" ok not to be ok"
Am mad🤭😜
Yogeshwari Sirsikar
Yogeshwari Sirsikar:
My mind immediately thought of the kdrama called it's okay not to be okay
I recently had a emotional breakdown due to depression and this song just made me feel better.
Mohar Patil
Mohar Patil:
Every time when i didn't feel okay... I will listen this masterpiece and feel like I'm power
Gffgg Ftghj
Gffgg Ftghj:
I love this song ❤️❤️ it makes me okay 😍
Jaliana Rodríguez
Jaliana Rodríguez:
I every day fell sad but I’m crying right now because my father just left and l hope he’s ok and this song really help me
chalapathi 5034
chalapathi 5034:
This is a Master Piece!!!!!!!!😍😃
lulu aria
lulu aria:
All of my emotions in this song at this moment.
Irmalyn Susada
Irmalyn Susada:
When the first time i hear this music its feel like a fantastic thats why i love this song its ok not to be okay
Stef vd Oord
Stef vd Oord:
And you feel to exhausted to pray.

She sings from experience.
Thank you for these words!
Morgan Rose
Morgan Rose:
There is no other phrase that could hurt more than “it’s ok not to be ok”...
Vlog No Copyright Sounds
Vlog No Copyright Sounds:
Sometimes, the music is the only medicine the heart and soul need. Like if you agree.
maizley unicorn
maizley unicorn:
i love this soing so much!
I rlly needed this 🥺
RPD Zone
RPD Zone:
This songs 😍 ,
These days songs depit what other feels
I agree that music understands you when nobody does.
But we can't forget those who write the words of the song, or make it's music, or sings it.
Hats off to every writer, DJ and singer who make those songs we can't live without.
Faiza’s Magical World
Faiza’s Magical World:
Tysm! Today I’m went to the mall and I heard this song. When I got home again I searched up “When your high on Emotion,And your losing your focus” (that’s one of the lyrics I heard in the mall <3) and this came up!
Sirla Varshini
Sirla Varshini:
.sometimes all u need is ourselves to say its okay not be okay 😉best encouragement
let's hope tik tok doesnt ruin this song.
Use me as an "I was here before tik tok" button. :)
PM - 12HC 586147 West Credit SS
PM - 12HC 586147 West Credit SS:
That is exactly what I want someone to say to me when I am upset or mad or frustrated it's ok not to be ok. That's what I need to hear. I have been looking and waiting for this type of song forever. I have behavioral problems. I have sudden outbursts.
Kevi Tero
Kevi Tero:
I KNOW....Ur so much into this 😘😘
Leila Maciel
Leila Maciel:
Just found this while i was crying i really needed this
Shruti Bohre
Shruti Bohre:
When I feel sad or exhausted ..suddenly this song hits my mind and next minute I AM HERE✌✌
Mrmr Mobdy
Mrmr Mobdy:
It's realy fits the Kdrama It's ok not to be ok 😅♥️♥️♥️
Sadia Aktar
Sadia Aktar:
It's awesome...this song makes me motivated when i almost left all I love this song....It’s my favourite one
Abhay Thakur
Abhay Thakur:
I love this drama most
The Hammad Gaming
The Hammad Gaming:
Drama It's okay Not to be Okay has my heart ❤️
Queen Rosales
Queen Rosales:
I'm feelin so depressed and I found this song 😭 God is truly great.💗
It really is ok. It's just what happened. I can't change my past, but I can better my future. I'll be ok, even if I'm not in the moment. I'm still here, and that's something.
M n M
M n M:
Why I hear Celina Gomez's voice here 😍❤️
Justin Seagull Flew Away With Jimin's Jams
Justin Seagull Flew Away With Jimin's Jams:
I searched for the drama "It's okay not to be okay" and it led me here
Now i am loving this song
Anyone else?
Kaitlyn Unlimited
Kaitlyn Unlimited:
This describes literally everything I'm feeling. I really needed this...