[M/V] Sam Kim(샘김) - Breath(숨)

[M/V] Sam Kim(샘김) - Breath(숨)

tvN Drama It's Okay to Not Be Okay(2020) Original Sound Track - Part.2

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I cried when she dreamt of him comforting her because it feels like deep down she wants someone to help her face her demons. Her arrogance and lack of empathy due to her antisocial personality disorder makes it seem like there’s no way for her to feel pain, but the thing is she does.
bqubbles. weeb
bqubbles. weeb:
The legend says that whoever watches this drama will never be able to move on from it. They just made a masterpiece that will always carry a broken heart.
Falin Octavia
Falin Octavia:
Anyone still can't move on from this drama?👆🏻
Apollo Kenji Genio
Apollo Kenji Genio:
Who's here rewatching the OST's after the drama ended? This is absolutely one of the best :)))
Aneesh Marie
Aneesh Marie:
Tessa Gray
Tessa Gray:
So ye ji's character looks so tough and mean but she is doing it all to hide her fears, she acts so strong cause she has nobody by her side, but in her dream when gang Tae was comforting her showed her vulnerable side, that how desperately she needs someone to be by her side to overcome her demons
Still remember when the fans can't accept that this story already ended and make a hashtag "psycho but its okay ep17" trending no1 worlwide
αʀɪɛs αςĸɕʀɱαɴ
αʀɪɛs αςĸɕʀɱαɴ:
Trust me, It's Okay To Not Be Okay, While You Were Sleeping, Hotel Del Luna, Goblin, Scarlet Heart, and Angel's Last Mission has the bestest OST's in K-Drama History! You definitely has to listen to these! A perfect masterpiece, The storylines are just as good as the Soundtracks! If you haven't watched these perfections, You will regret for the rest of your life! Watch it all right here! Right now!
whatzup itsmax
whatzup itsmax:
To be honest, Korean songs sound incredibly meaningful and sympathetic to me even though I don’t learn Korean.
This song is such an extraordinary combination of comfort, sadness and happiness. I became emotionally overwhelmed, and my heart was literally broken into pieces and I burst into tears instantly. “Breath” was played when Ko Moon Young was walking under the rain and then Moon Gang Tae came for her and they were staying, hugging each other under the rain. After this scene I suddenly cried like a baby, honestly. Both of them played the characters really beyond perfect. I mean, they may looked strong outside but deep inside they were vulnerable and needed a shoulder to cry on. I love this drama so damn much. This film deserves uncountable outstanding awards for the beautiful messages and stories expressed through the movie. Everything will be okay, I promise. If anything is making you feel exhausted, depressed, remember, after a hard rain, the weather will constantly be sunny.
Just like the title, “It’s okay to not be okay’.
Esta canción es super hermosa me hace recordar a los momentos dóciles y tristes que tuve que pasar...

Las letras y ritmo transmite una tristeza profunda que cada persona pueda afrontar.
El k-drama es hermoso las recomiendo que la miren mezcla un poco de misterios, melodrama y romance....

Bhumika Goklani
Bhumika Goklani:
When her father choked her but she was laughing with extreme pain in her eyes literally made me cry..
Johnason Lin
Johnason Lin:
I never watched Korean Drama before, and a friend said this was pretty good cuz the story is quite true, everyone is ill in some ways mentally we just hide it and cover it up....
Mayank Lalwani
Mayank Lalwani:
it was my first Korean drama, It's full of emotions and It makes me miss someone that doesn't even exist.
Adhani Fatwazulintan
Adhani Fatwazulintan:
Gwaenchana Seo Ye Ji.. Ur fans always support you.
hey Nazrul
hey Nazrul:
This drama is totally different from others.
liam skye
liam skye:
I have a 5 years old son with Autism,,watching this drama really touches my heart❤ i hope my son will grow like moon sang tae,,a person with disorder but has the purest hearth to accept everyone as a family and protect them,im crying everytime i watched how gang tae take cares of him,i hope someday god will blessed me another kid who can love and accept his brother like gang tae to sang tae,😭😭😭😭
ainnn syarafanaaa
ainnn syarafanaaa:
Am I the only one who can't move on from this drama after a few months 😭😭😭until now I still haven't found the best drama like this..😭😭😭😭
p r e a c h
p r e a c h:
The fact that almost every ost's videos are just them staring at each other says a lot. Love isn't just about saying I love you's and kissing, "eyes are the windows of the soul". A loving gaze, or just a mere touch from your s.o is enough to see how they truly feel about you. I'm glad that I chose this as my first kdrama but I'm afraid that my standards are set too high now XD. Even if this doesn't win kdrama of the year, remember that quality > quantity :)
Drone Mom
Drone Mom:
I used to be a fan of Kim Soo Hyun but after this series, I’m converted to an air-conditioner.
It is 2021 now... the world is somewhat better... I watched IOTNBO during major times of quarantine in 2020.

It has helped me heal mentally and emotionally. Childhood trauma and how it affects you as an adult... how you try to keep a smile on when everything hurts.
5P razan
5P razan:
" The body is honest, when you're physically in pain, it cries. But the heart is a liar, so it stays quiet even when it is hurting ",

why is this so relatable;
Sunita Shrestha
Sunita Shrestha:
How to move on from this drama, I am so hurt, it hurts even more listening to OST.
Nadia Tarisa Putri
Nadia Tarisa Putri:
hotel del luna and it's okay to not be okay has the best OST's in k-drama history, for me.
SuryaPro MLD
SuryaPro MLD:
What am I doing here?? I dont even liked dramas. I like actions, crimes, horror, psycological, gore and thriller movies. Yet, here I am after the series ended pulled by Seo Yea-ji's beauty, charisma and voice.

Thanks to my wife who literally forced me to watch episode 1 of this series. I watch with scepticsm but boy oh boy, I am hooked from the 1st episode.

It has all the movie elements that I enjoy: crimes, thriller, horror, psychological, gore, blood splas and a lil bit of actions.

Bravo to the casts, director and crew. This is a very good series indeed!
Margarita Alfaro Garcia
Margarita Alfaro Garcia:
¿Alguien más llorando a pesar de que no entiende ni madres que dice la canción? ;-;
I hate that everyone rushes to her 'old and frail' father's side after he strangled her while leaving the real victim lying on the ground.
Mahendra Pratap Singh
Mahendra Pratap Singh:
Zalika Zahwa
Zalika Zahwa:
its 23rd december 2020, and i still can't move on from this drama
Jane Apriesta
Jane Apriesta:
there's nothing bad nor boring about this drama its simply just an epic masterpiece
Janice J
Janice J:
The girl cares for no one but herself, while the boy cares for everyone but himself. Can't wait to see how they support each other in a healthy healing process <3
Marissa hyuga
Marissa hyuga:
Já se passaram 9 meses q assistir esse dorama, jámais irei esquece-lo
Neeti's Art & Painting
Neeti's Art & Painting:
I feel like Sam Kim's voice is a mixture of EXO's D.O. Chen and Baekhyun and obviously has his own uniqueness.
Amina Mina
Amina Mina:
the only bad thing about this drama is that it ended
Kesi Restian
Kesi Restian:
Its Okay to Not be Okay = best drama, best actor, best OST, best couple, best best best!!!!
constantine •
constantine •:
As a psychology student,I totally can relate to this drama. In fact, lots of people out there still lack of awareness in mental illness. They just can't understand this mental illnesses things and always blame the patients for behaving the way they had to. I'm so glad for choosing psychology,never I thought that choosing this course can open my eyes so wide about the perspective of mental illness. I'm glad that I'm able to help people surrounding me with the knowledge that I've gain in university. Sometimes what they need is an ear to listen to them,just listen and try to feel their story. It'll help them even just a bit.
Raquel Alimento Cañedo
Raquel Alimento Cañedo:
This is the only drama that I felt sad and empty after it ended.. I'm not usually like this😭 I mean I really² love this drama, I'm so hooked i can't move on..this drama is just 💗💓💕
Satvika jadhav
Satvika jadhav:
Please I can't be the only one who smiled with ko mun young at 00:17 when the song was beginning.
Naveeda C.
Naveeda C.:
I literally started balling in my room at 3am when ko mun yeong cried in her nightmare where her mom said “I’ll kill the price who comes to save you”, but luckily Gang tae heard her and immediately hugged her instead of leaving her alone. I’m only on the 7th episode but the plot keeps getting better and better. The female lead is so straightforward unlike other clique female leads which makes the drama so good!!! I’m glad that it’s featured as one of the Netflix originals😄😄😄
Rrr Rrr
Rrr Rrr:
Almost 6 months since It's Okay To Not Be Okay first episode 💔

I miss this drama so much
Huyen Anh Bui
Huyen Anh Bui:
everyone is talking about the drama but can we appreciate Sam Kim's beautiful voice pls
Nur Faizy
Nur Faizy:
Orang Indonesia kumpul sini😁
We are having Season 2 right? 🤔

Because I'll never get over this 😭
40. Ni Wayan Cipta Suandewi - X IPS 1
40. Ni Wayan Cipta Suandewi - X IPS 1:
I hope they can date in real life, because they from the same agency. I can't move on from this couple. Helpppp!!!
bang kris
bang kris:
The best kdrama i've ever seen
Giovanni Hosen
Giovanni Hosen:
The song deserves to rank higher on music sites, THE DRAMA DESERVES TO HAVE HIGHER RATINGS.
Dam La
Dam La:
Ok I finished this drama. It’s a masterpiece. I cried like a ugly nugget. So how can I move on to a new drama after this?🥲
Help I'm still not over it's okay withdrawal. This drama ending made me feel like I'm saying goodbye to my favourite person 😭.pls I love this drama so much
I don't really cry when watching dramas even if it's a heavy drama but when I watched It's Okay To Not Be Okay, I cried so hard. I realised that yeah, it's really okay to not be okay. It's okay to cry. It's okay. I'm hoping that I could also have a happy ending just like them. I hope we all could have a happy ending.
Jee-Ann Labares
Jee-Ann Labares:
Can't stop crying on this OST😭 best kdrama ever. Reality in life we can't stand alone we need a person that we can lean on. This drama show us the real situation in life.

#Best Kdrama
obok woo
obok woo:
this drama doesn't deserve a skip. i feel bad for those people who sleep on this drama.
Fitri Wahid
Fitri Wahid:
Yeji ini tinggal kenangan,gw sedih knp harus lu yang kena apes
Shambhavi Sinha
Shambhavi Sinha:
_I'm NOT an empty can_

can you move onto this drama ever? Maybe you will..in the upcoming weeks or year ... but what it taught and what you felt .... it's gonna make up a beautiful memory for life.
julieta juarez
julieta juarez:
Un minuto de silencio para los que aún no descubrieron éste temazo y el drama🖤🤞🏻
Mayra Arpi Conca
Mayra Arpi Conca:
Me encanta la canción, la voz de Sam Kim es muy dulce, canta con tanto sentimiento que logra transmitirlo a quien lo escucha, lo amooooo.
I love the song, Sam Kim's voice is very sweet, he sings with so much feeling that he manages to convey it to the listener, I love him.
Saba Abdulla
Saba Abdulla:
This drama really is a ‘healing’ drama. It’s touching me in a way a drama hasn’t in a long time. I mean I CRIED I can’t remember the last time I cried because a drama, a movie or anything like that. We are all fighting a battle we choose not to show, we really don’t what a person went through or is going through by how they present themselves to the outside world.
I WILL NOT MOVE ON FROM THIS DRAMA. it really touched my heart. i miss them huhuhuhuhu
this guy it is a real real good ACTOR.....THIS GUY MAKES ME CRY.
Dee Hia
Dee Hia:
Let's all agree that it's the best healing drama ever made.
this is my first kdrama and i fell into kdrama world deeply after watching this
still cant get over in 2021
What sets apart is all characters in this drama fighting their own demon which is their past trauma.
And its heartbreaking coz others can't heal the illness unless ownself realize and accept their circumstances.
Also willing to heal, eventho its painful process.

I applaud the scriptwriter for putting the storyline so well written.

All casts and crews made this masterpiece.
Waiting for other cameos like KDY, he made a great scene in eps 3
Madhushi De Costa
Madhushi De Costa:
Yeah, it's okay not to be okay.🙃

So just Breathe 🙂💔
B Hlutei
B Hlutei:
I don't watch this drama but am here for Sam Kim
Aakash Verma
Aakash Verma:
You know what i am just reading the comments while listening the song most of the people are saying that they are feeling sad and can't move on listen one thing ☺️ it's okay to be sad , to cry ,to stay for little while longer cause it's okay to be not okay ❤️
Alia Rafa M
Alia Rafa M:
Gia Luxamana
Gia Luxamana:
Admit it guys, no matter how dark Ms. Seo Ye Ji's character here is she pulls off being a comedian! Like when she mimicked the screaming deer, or when she stucked her tongue out to the nurse's back or when she yelled "do you want to sleep with me!" to Moon Kang Tae etc,I was just about wheezing from laughing so hard. Now I am determined to watch all the shows/dramas she has ever been. Why did it take me so long to notice her? She is absolutely a very good actress. 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜
Keziah Serrano
Keziah Serrano:
Am I the only one who cries when I hear this song?
this ost lives in my mind rent free
Dewaayu Nopiyanti
Dewaayu Nopiyanti:
gang tae make me cry
Sam Kim has one of the most recognizable voices and its just so beautiful! As soon as I heard his voice in the drama I immediately stopped to download it. His voice just brought all the emotions out in the drama. Love this dude!
Avtansh Singh
Avtansh Singh:
This drama is masterpiece. Guys please rate this drama 10/10 on IMDb. Please guys....Love OST
Ivo Gismi Lestari
Ivo Gismi Lestari:
ireally like how Gangtae staring at munyeong
randomness overloaad
randomness overloaad:
My relationship with kdramas is on and off since I always stumble upon the cringey ones but this... this was a whole masterpiece. I can’t describe how much it changed me. It made me accept my negative feelings and the pain, face them and then move on. It made me more empathetic and understanding towards people. It made me wanna become a better person.
ice princess
ice princess:
chu xiao
chu xiao:
best drama 2020..IOTNBO..
It’s okay to not be okay needs to win an award for having the best ost of 2020.
Tú Quyên Nguyễn Huỳnh
Tú Quyên Nguyễn Huỳnh:
HAPPY 10 MILLIONS ❤️ I'm still here listening to this beautiful song and remind about this wonderful drama ❤️ I miss them ❤️
This song remind me their feeling to overcome fear and sadness while life must go on 💜
Lee Lung Kei Rick
Lee Lung Kei Rick:
This drama and it’s OST are absolutely fantastic!👍
Johanes Li
Johanes Li:
Everything is just perfect in this drama !
Perfect cast
Perfect story line
Perfect values
Perfect 2020 K Drama !
this drama is not just a love story of two people who are both broken BUT this kdrama is the story of all of us. We are Gang Tae and Mun Yeong at times. We are them in a way that only us will understand. More on feeling sad and always crying because of the scenes, they are teaching us something else. They are making us feel that what we are feeling is valid. It is okay to not be okay at times. We dont have to keep it inside. You are not alone in this world. Someone, somewhere is feeling what you are feeling right now. Hold on to that little hope. You matter.

EDIT: Hi, to you who is reading right now I just want to say that I am proud of you for choosing to fight and live everyday. Just keep swimming. If you feel tired, rest. It is okay to breathe, it is okay to feel sad. No one will blame you.
Prasetiyo Hartomo
Prasetiyo Hartomo:
10 million views, congrats sam kim🥳🥳
Roberta Silva
Roberta Silva:
Saudades 😭❤️🇧🇷
honey noodles
honey noodles:
I wish sam kim and dara could do a collab for an OST .
Dewi Ratih
Dewi Ratih:
My fav Ost kdrama is a : Its okay to not be okay,hotel del luna,and descendants of the sun 🖤🌚
Pinar Akdas
Pinar Akdas:
The onyl bad thing about this drama is that we have to wait a whole week for the new episode 😫😫😫
Luciana Mesa Dacal
Luciana Mesa Dacal:
cada vez que veo o me acuerdo de esta serie la quiero ver
If they don't get big awards then I don't know anymore!
miamor divenda
miamor divenda:
everything is perfect about this drama ..
IOTNBO one of the best things happened in 2020
Sam Kim's voice is so beautiful. Hard work does pay off. I remembered him in Kpop Star where he got commented as having weaker voice but lots of potentials to grow, and he proved to everyone that he indeed can be a wonderful singer, guitarist, and songwriter.
Elizabeta Alipova
Elizabeta Alipova:
It's a Happy ending but I'm crying! We were given an amount of time to suffer but it is not forever. We have to make our own way to find what we so called a Happy Ending. 😭😭😭
kaniz fatema
kaniz fatema:
This is one of the best drama in the history of kdrama... never seen a drama so beautiful like this one...Kim soo hyun really knows to pick the best dramas out there..let's not forget the creators of this drama who gave us this brilliant masterpiece ...jst brilliant 👏👏 hats off to them 👍👍
I cant describe the emotional connection I had with this drama :((
Brilliantly produced drama series! The cinematography is hauntingly beautiful. The soundtrack is well-produced. The scriptwriting is both provocative and immaculate. The actors are well-cast and en-pointe in delivering emotionally raw performances. The 1st few episodes were initially difficult for me to watch as they depicted such an authentic portrayal of how people and their caregivers go through mental illness. I came away deeply moved and have just a sliver of better understanding of what they go through.
Ben Danniel
Ben Danniel:
This drama has one of the best cinematography amongst all the kdrama I've seen. All the unique ways of portraying the traumas, the world through which the characters live. I'm amazed.
It's ok to be not okay is the best drama for me. Best actor, best actress, best OST. Everything about this drama is perfect ❤️
alvaro zhou
alvaro zhou:
This drama is really super healing! Although my brother was a bit selfish in front, he was still willing to share with Moon-young and Gang-tae to protect them! It's so touching. This series has 16 episodes and is broadcast on tvN, and can also be watched globally on Netflix. If you cannot access Netflix, it is recommended to use a VPN, such as FlyVPN, to watch the latest film and television works online. https://www.flyvpn.com/en/
Syefi Khairunnisa Salsabila
Syefi Khairunnisa Salsabila:
I can't move on from this drama
Elizabeta Alipova
Elizabeta Alipova:
This drama means that we have our own fairy tale story to tell it's up to us if we read it out loud so that everybody can hear us or just keep it to ourselves because you don't want to looks like pitiful. But at the end of the day it is our choice on how we gonna end our story whether it's a happy ending or sad ending.
Seo Yea Ji said in an interview with Kim Soo Hyun that this is a *healing drama*
and i cannot *agree* more!!!
i cried so hard, like so baaaaad in the last episode aka ep3. the story of the boy with manic disorder was so touching🥺❤

This OST also touches the highlight of the ep so great!!

Kang Tae: "Should i just have fun with you"

if you know, u know

edit: im so glad many could relate to me, my friends even family did not even shed a tear🤧
++++ im planning to take psychology in college so this drama really hugs my heart