Liverpool v West Bromwich Albion highlights

Highlights of Albion's 1-1 Premier League draw against Liverpool.


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JP 7
JP 7:
Well deserved draw we should have faith in big Sam👍👍👍👍
Thank you big SAM and Brom town for This fantastic result from a united fan
Emmanuel Opembe
Emmanuel Opembe:
The EPL is proving to be difficult, i cant imagine LFC vs WBA results
Greg Blade Gaming
Greg Blade Gaming:
If we play like we did second half we can get out of the bottom 3
Phil H
Phil H:
I've been a huge critic of Sam Johnston, in the last 12 months. I never saw him as a premier league keeper, wow he's proved me wrong!!! Now it's a quick turn around for leeds (another huge test) COYB!!! We can do this.!!!
Cam 111
Cam 111:
"We've Out Tacticked Him"
Anonym Anonymowskyy
Anonym Anonymowskyy:
West brom vs Liverpool in fifa 21 5:0 West Brom 😆 i love my favourite team ❤
risi DominDomi
risi DominDomi:
Good. I wait for love from you 💝💖
Ashok Dhanda
Ashok Dhanda:
Great finger tip save from Johnstone 🙌 COYB 💙🤍💙🤍
Names 9
Names 9:
Nice highlight. Thanks, WB!
Pal Sangha
Pal Sangha:
First half wasn't great, but it did the job. In the second half, it looked like we could even go and win the match. Great performance by the boys.
Dean & Blondie
Dean & Blondie:
Something to build on hopefully, big sam plan on the way. Boing boing
ramo AbramAbra
ramo AbramAbra:
Need lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️
That's corner was very clever..
Good Job Big Sam..
mnur kholis
mnur kholis:
Boots Gray
Boots Gray:
Fair play. We were outplayed in the second.
tendangan pojok
tendangan pojok:
good defence by west brom....😄
Xila - man
Xila - man:
It's very hard to find highlights these days
abdultalib manaf
abdultalib manaf:
Good goal by Mane from fantastic Matip assist. One mistake by Jones, William and Allison denies the 3 points. Anyway, don't underestimate Big Sam.
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee:
No estoy diciendo que eso suceda, pero este pudiera ser un buen negocio para las casas de apuesta, ir con el claro favorito y ofrecerles unos millones por perder y decirles que si logran el empate ganan un poco más, sería un buen negocio, para ambas partes
Dodge the Badger
Dodge the Badger:
Done an excellent job in the first half subduing the giants the second half we should of won the game , top class strategy and game play from the Baggies let’s hope we can do a job on Leeds and a special mention for Sam Johnstone with yet another excellent save he is good enough for an England spot !! COYB 💙🤍💚💛❤️💛
Luke Ferguson
Luke Ferguson:
No commentator or score board?
FN Pyferium
FN Pyferium:
It should have been 2-2
Emmanuel Emenike
Emmanuel Emenike:
That is what big sam does
rijik purnomo
rijik purnomo:
Well played
Andreas Prasinos
Andreas Prasinos:
Brom's goal should not be count cause of faul on Fabinio!
Bondan Wibowo
Bondan Wibowo:
Good Job
King of PES Football
King of PES Football:
Michael Lawrence
Michael Lawrence:
A deserved draw the save from Johnstone, save of the season so far
Vamba S. Fofana
Vamba S. Fofana:
Why did Coach JK change the team that started against Crystal Please? What a sloppy pass from Curtis Jones that ultimately led to WBA equalizer. Is Curtis Jones one of the most LFC's overrated players?
Kuatman Demang
Kuatman Demang:
Rapet banget
R Hropic
R Hropic:
I put some cash on liverpool to win champions league. $$$$DONT LET ME DOWN
Sunny Austin
Sunny Austin:
Great point
Stuart Cox
Stuart Cox:
Seeing is believing
Kyle Johnson
Kyle Johnson:
My fucking club
Mané is the best
Nabil Ahmad
Nabil Ahmad:
Rhys williams is very slow
Zuia Xtreme
Zuia Xtreme:
3:15 why is this not taken as offside?
Trifena Melisa
Trifena Melisa:
Parth Tripathi
Parth Tripathi:
sams goal was all LUCK i hate west brom