Liverpool Reach Club World Cup Final! | Klopp, Salah, Alisson & The Ox React

Jurgen Klopp, Mo Salah, Alisson and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain react as Liverpool reach the Club World Cup final with victory over Mexican side Monterrey.

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XGames Channel
XGames Channel:
Salah was great and created both goals. Doesn’t even get enough credit! Allison was amazing without defense.
Naby Keita is Liverpool's most talented midfielder don't think there's ever been doubt about that. He's value for money just keeps getting injured.
Great strategy! By the end of the match you have your front three in the match to finish the game for you! Best Klopp!!!
A Roshan
A Roshan:
Naby Keita is in the House.
multi jam multi jam
multi jam multi jam:
England defender
African striker
Save by brazilian keeper
Win the match by brazilian
German boss very2 happyman
Amazing team
EpicLedger LLC
EpicLedger LLC:
When you put Thor between the sticks, you know what you get... :D
Senninha mcl
Senninha mcl:
No doubt Alison was the best player.
Ijul Wandy
Ijul Wandy:
No winner this games without Mo Salah
Sahabiya Mohamed
Sahabiya Mohamed:
Great quality video!
pakhorarazi abdullah
pakhorarazi abdullah:
Several players playing out of positions, still we came through Bravo YNWA!
Prince Ali
Prince Ali:
Allison played so good without any real defenders in front of him showing his worth all his individual medals 100%
Alisson. MOTM. Best keeper in the 🌎. GO THE MIGHTY REDS
I am Team Liverpool
Everyone who you see my comment I have Respect more
I love Team Liverpool
abu fuad
abu fuad:
Liverpool is not about individual players it about team players!!!
Eslam Wehba
Eslam Wehba:
allison is legend
Saj Jay
Saj Jay:
Great Game for Naby
Abdullaahi Afgooyaani Abdullaahi Afgooyaani
Abdullaahi Afgooyaani Abdullaahi Afgooyaani:
Congratulations my darling team Liverpool special firmino and mane
The Hunter Official
The Hunter Official:
I am musician from Tanzania I am also Liverpool fans
Shiro Al-Fatih
Shiro Al-Fatih:
Salah 💪👑
Matthew du Sart
Matthew du Sart:
Yellow card 1-2🔥🔴
Naby Keita will be a starter come next season.
Cheikh Diouf
Cheikh Diouf:
Sadio Mané 🔥🔥🔥
O S:
Reds show their quality tonite though limited player options and delicate work in managing their their fitness
nomar mar
nomar mar:
i love ox, even as a liverpool player arsenal fans know that he was honest with his football and never hate on him
mothusi letsatsi
mothusi letsatsi:
Will vvd, gini be there??
Samuel Z Valerio
Samuel Z Valerio:
Carlos Rodriguez had a great performance for Monterrey in the midfield it was a long pass from him that gave Monterrey the first goal..
Jama Mohamed
Jama Mohamed:
Ynwa Liverpool
Alibaba cloud 😂😂😂........ oh and great result. Let’s hope we kick some flamingo arse on Saturday. YNWA.
jordan harvey
jordan harvey:
Finally a video whats not zoomed in
ABS BR games
ABS BR games:
Flamengo campeão
Shanti shanti
Shanti shanti:
Who trust Klopp ♥️♥️♥️ bestt ever
Hossam Mourad
Hossam Mourad:
Mo Salah The Egyptian king
cxvx GUN
cxvx GUN:
Green Shirts
Green Shirts:
What about VVD? injury?
Jama Mohamed
Jama Mohamed:
Allez allez Liverpool
Drew Smith
Drew Smith:
Alisson the best goalie in the world ...
Man with the Plan
Man with the Plan:
That what happen when Bobby get enough rest, Shaqiri was really poor and many of the guys have very poor first touch on the ball. ALLISON defended his price tag today. Milly ran out of breath lol. YNWA
Hector Vazquez
Hector Vazquez:
Algún comentario en español😕
Best two players were definitely Allison and Salah. Salah created both goals and Allison saved our ass time and time again. Hendo should be given credit for playing in a completely foreign position to him. But, most of all, it's always about the TEAM!
how are they in the final after one game? can someone explain pls
Superfly Samurai
Superfly Samurai:
Liverpool don't give a shit about the world club cup, there focused on winning the premier league. Flamengo will beat Liverpool!
Rhy John
Rhy John:
Naby deco keita, Allison and Fermino is the men to watch in this game... few changes more impacts.
Alex Martons
Alex Martons:
Mohammed salah is the greatest player of all time ynwa.
Emanuel Galván
Emanuel Galván:
Well done, Monterrey!!! You show the best of the Mexican football!!! I hope you won the League MX.


¡Bien hecho, Monterrey! ¡Ustedes mostraron lo mejor del futbol mexicano! Espero que ganen la Liga MX
Elaine Gardner
Elaine Gardner:
pol dem up
Ibrahima Faty
Ibrahima Faty:
Super Mane Mane Maneeeee
Moses Tsarai
Moses Tsarai:
I feel for Bobby and Alisson, they may have to sneak back in to their country after beating Flamengo!! We all know Flamengo is supported by about half the population in Brazil....that's over 100 million people, just in Brazil!!
Today Tomorrow
Today Tomorrow:
Monterrey: (Brian ocnner) I almost had you
Liverpool: you never had me
خالد الطيرى
خالد الطيرى:
ايوه ايوه وانا بقول كده بس الموضوع ده مش لازم يتسكت عليا لانو موضوع كبير جدا ؟ هوا حد فاهم حاجه
Monterrey was the better team, missed a lot of opportunities and failed at the end after 90 minutes of good football. No excuses from Liverpool, Monterrey exposed their weaknesses, a team very weak in defense, but you need to make those chances into goals. Flamengo is not the strongest in South America, they won to River Plate a very dominant team. This final game is a coin in the air.
everyone speaks really good english wow did not expect that from alisson
Indra Zareen
Indra Zareen:
Allison's english is better than Henderson's.
Pos 2gosis
Pos 2gosis:
Son > Mane
Yacine Eddy Haouchi
Yacine Eddy Haouchi:
The secret in Liverpool team is the chimestry in between its players it's not individuals, look at each player in their national team ,their not sound much ,so let's say it's more about a team, salah in egyptian team is nothing (000000)plus Alison who saved liverpool
Stuart Cumings
Stuart Cumings:
Waste of time cup..
Not like they playing barcelona or psg or inter...
Certified Records
Certified Records:
Its the club world cup🤣 obviously liverpool is wayyy better than every other team so whats the big deal, the other teams are all farmers