LIVE: KAZZ Awards 2020 (The Full Live and Exclusive Coverage)


Watch the full live coverage with exclusive access to the different zones, backstage, interviews, and behind-the-scenes of the much anticipated KAZZ Awards 2020 inline with #KAZZ Magazine's 14TH Anniversary celebration.

Meet the winners, your favorite Thai actors, actresses, BL couples and never before seen on the actual awarding ceremony and red carpet event.

100+ ความคิดเห็น:

Marianne Baclaan
Marianne Baclaan:
"oh i don't know 'em"

*skips, skips, skips*
Sabrina Shoily
Sabrina Shoily:
I'm here for Singto Prachaya, Krist Perawat, Mew Suppasit, Gulf Kanawut and Bright Vachirawit
So many of my fav BL couples are here
singtoKrist- sotus ( singto missing 😭)
BrightWin -2gether
MewGulf- Thartype
MeanPlan- LBC
BounPrem- UWMA
J9- 2moons2
PavelDome- 2moons2
BenEarth -2moons2
Perthsaint- LBC
PoddKhaotung- ThonhoChonlatte
EarthMix- Tale of 1000 stars
KaownahTurbo- Nitiman
MarcPawin- My gear & Your gown
I only listed the Bl couples who attended the kazz awards❤️
Red mOOn
Red mOOn:
1:39:18 MewGulf
suway batul aslamiah
suway batul aslamiah:
I'm here for all of Artists.. because i'm multifandom
เซเตียลิ้นมัง Setya Lingga
เซเตียลิ้นมัง Setya Lingga:
Indonesia here 🇮🇩
Light Yagami
Light Yagami:
KristSingto won best couple now 4 years in a row !!
afifah makarim
afifah makarim:
quick question: are they really put gulf, mew, and art picts like that?
Ma. Carmela Mejos
Ma. Carmela Mejos:
Congratulations Krist and Singto! You deserve all the awards you received! You truly are the best, the unbeatable and the legendary couple😘🇵🇭💞
javi 123
javi 123:
1:39:21 Mew y gulf 💚💙
Melanie Thompson
Melanie Thompson:
1:11:58 Oh no they didn't just do that!! Tell me they didn't sandwich Mew's picture between Gulf and Art! 🙈🤦‍♀️
Lolo Rakha
Lolo Rakha:
Where is drake and frank?!
Rhona Caintic
Rhona Caintic:
From Philippines I'm proud of MewGulf they got an awards ...also congratulations to all actors and actresses and BL Couple
Morena Navarro
Morena Navarro:
3:40:30 aparecen Bright y Win 🥺💚
Edit: 3:40:00* Se me escapó un tres
Leticia Felix
Leticia Felix:
🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷#MewGulf and #BrightWin ❤️
Anjali Ajikumar
Anjali Ajikumar:
Am I the only one who just wished that Maxtul were also there.🥺❤️
Effeyerin 12
Effeyerin 12:
MewGulf the powerful couple
Jewel Fish
Jewel Fish:
The loudest scream from fans -> MewGulf (I just can’t😭)
Bống Bo
Bống Bo:
Love MewGulf ❤❤🇲🇦
Jewel Fish
Jewel Fish:
Don’t understand what they are saying, but am I the only one in delululand that keep on hearing MewGulf name even from the beginning 😂
Tatsumi Yin
Tatsumi Yin:
Mohaina ali Sarat
Mohaina ali Sarat:
I want to watch this for sake of peraya this is the best our peraya got again an award " best cp" congratulations baby and congratulations for got another award🎊🎊💐💐🎉🎉🎊💐
Димка Куликов
Димка Куликов:
BrightWin and MewGulf the best
I'm here for my MewGulf 😍 my heartbeat💕💕
Sanna's Bright
Sanna's Bright:
Here for Bright vachirawit🐺❣❣
Red mOOn
Red mOOn:
For Peraya:
58:30 Krist on red carpet
3:43:10 Best couple award
Allexandra Luistro
Allexandra Luistro:
Mewgulf krisingto we love you 🥰 Philippines here
No eng subs ? 😭
Mannat Khan.
Mannat Khan.:
I'm soo happy 2 moons 2 cast join award this time.. I love them..
Happy for j9..
zcarlou paras
zcarlou paras:
im here for #mewgulf only <3
jazteh datoc
jazteh datoc:
saint 😍😍😍
and kristsingto for bl couple,, 🤩😍😍💕💕👌👌
Sasi Fitri Maulani
Sasi Fitri Maulani:
Congrats to BrightWin from indonesia🇲🇨❤❤❤❤
Mutawadiah Bahar
Mutawadiah Bahar:
Cheer up for Mew and Win, but i respect all other artists👍
Maria Kanawut Gonzales
Maria Kanawut Gonzales:
Gulf baby Kana ..Iam very proud of you my love 😍☺
Nethmina Sankalpa Pathinayaka
Nethmina Sankalpa Pathinayaka:
joong and nine look so handsome and cute.
congratulations... *j9*.i 'm so proud of you guys.we always love & still with you.i love them so much.
starry night
starry night:
Here for my bl kings😌✌
Kira Maxiliera
Kira Maxiliera:
i'm so proud to all of them especially to all my babies (bl actors) i wanna cry when i saw saint and perth ohmygosh finalllyyyy 🥺
Liriel Cassandra Dos Santos
Liriel Cassandra Dos Santos:
Everything so good in this awards. The cute blue concept!
Myles Ejara
Myles Ejara:
KristSingto Supremacy❤
Proud of you..... Mew & Gulf <3
Anisa Nisa
Anisa Nisa:
Congratulations BrightWin
From 🇮🇩💐👏
Koichi Koichi
Koichi Koichi:
No entiendo porque estar feliz por el encuentro de Saint y Perth, sabiendo muy bien lo incómodos que estaban porque si no fuera por ese premio no se habrían acercado, ya basta de ser tan tóxicos, lo único que se confirma es que ellos no volverán a actuar juntos, ya dejen el pasado y apoyenlos en sus proyectos futuros
Arreeya Aa
Arreeya Aa:
Leane Chang
Leane Chang:
Am here for Peraya # KristSingto
Congratulations to all winners
ساره اا
ساره اا:
Please give me the name of the actor who wears a black ribbon around his neke🥺
hinoreb sh
hinoreb sh:
Congrats to MEWGULF💗
Maricar Baltazar
Maricar Baltazar:
Wanna see mewgulf
Congratulations both of you.
aira inga
aira inga:
Saint, Gulf, Mew💓💓👏👏👏 go go boys
Marvin Channel
Marvin Channel:
Peraya lang malakas 🤟🥰😍
Zorinpui Renthlei
Zorinpui Renthlei:
From Mizoram ❤❤
3:44:00 KristSingto🐢🦁❤❤❤❤
TharnType_Waanjai MewGulf
TharnType_Waanjai MewGulf:
Rewatching this for MewGulf 💖
Kenny Husty
Kenny Husty:
Win is the best congratulations 💖💖🌹🌹
Came here only to see MewGulf but hard to find which time stamps they did appear. Can anyone tell? I am past forwarding it but cant see them. (Sigh)
aeyy moon
aeyy moon:
After a whole years , now saint can meet perth 😭💘💘💘 huhh that is sad to know that saint can't work together in lbc s2 🥺💔
Umai Syah
Umai Syah:
i watch this just because i want to see all bl actors 😂
ชนิสรา นิติมงคลชัย
ชนิสรา นิติมงคลชัย:
Leane Chang
Leane Chang:
Candra darmawan Zega
Candra darmawan Zega:
how can i turn on the caption for this video? help me to know. thank you in advance
Mulu Nyekha
Mulu Nyekha:
Why Zee didn't turn Up?
Third Kamikaze
Third Kamikaze:
Congratulations Trinity winner 💕❣💕
Jhoy Gonzaga
Jhoy Gonzaga:
Ano award ni singto at krist
K E N I A :’
K E N I A :’:
FARCH Vélez:
*1:48:00* P'Mild is so close to P'Mame...oww that is friendship chica asi es
John Daryl Ocampo
John Daryl Ocampo:
Here for BRIGHTWIN and P'Jennie <3 We love you all the way here from New York CIty!
aeyy moon
aeyy moon:
29:15 i saw you saint 😂🤣🤣🤣
XxBiaxX Honor
XxBiaxX Honor:
Valió la pena la espera dkskdodjs el bebé mew canto su canción 🥺❤️ mewgulf Is Rial.
ចាន់ថា ស្រីនាថ
ចាន់ថា ស្រីនាថ:
I have to spend time for 3 hours to watch this 😹💜
3:07:44 👸 queens
Poornima Goes Vegan
Poornima Goes Vegan:
♥️Art ♥️
Amna Gulzar
Amna Gulzar:
Congratulations mewgulf 🎊🎉💐😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Wow congrats to all participants and winners! They all deserved it
Koichi Koichi
Koichi Koichi:
I do not understand why to be happy about the meeting of Saint and Perth, knowing very well how uncomfortable they were because if it were not for that award they would not have come close, enough of being so toxic
Taekook 4ever
Taekook 4ever:
Am I the only one for Mean plan?
Jea Carbajosa
Jea Carbajosa:
manood kahit walang subtitle HAHAHA
Naisha Sánchez
Naisha Sánchez:
Bb saint congratulation😍😍😍
Mirian Torre
Mirian Torre:
En que momento sale mark :(? Y Tbn Perth y Saint Para Las fotos
Rishitha Reddy
Rishitha Reddy:
Bright win and saint my life ❤❤❤😘😘😘😘😘😘🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Nazmul Hasan
Nazmul Hasan:
How do downland this video??? Tall me
outta here
outta here:
Winnida Sirinai
Winnida Sirinai:
เสียดายอ่ะ แจ็คกี้ติดถ่ายละครมาไม่ได้❤️🥀
mariah nialle abarquez
mariah nialle abarquez:
Ha _ wa
Ha _ wa:
ทุกคนคือหล่อมากกกหล่อสุดๆไปเลยหล่อไม่ไหวพี่ไบร์ทพี่วินนน ฉันเขิลอะแก😳♥️
These award’s blue concept screams PERAYA!!!!
VSCO Girls
VSCO Girls:
Here for MewGulf 😍🥰😘
i came here because i saw Art of Instagram
ค่ะ คะ
ค่ะ คะ:
คุณ คนดูเยอะขนาดเนี้ย ต้องละเอียด และหาคอนเท้นละนะ
May Munah
May Munah:
Mew the best👍❤
Kim Hatsu
Kim Hatsu:
3:41:30 Always support MingEr 🙆♥️ I love Saintsup 🐉♥️ congratulations na kha 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Wish you from Indonesian 🇮🇩
R_ F
R_ F:
P Mame looks so prettyyy🙏💜
aas aas
aas aas:
Dhita Adhitiyan
Dhita Adhitiyan:
I'm here because Janeeyeh and Nanon😍
This award us brought. All GMM stars.
k six 7teen
k six 7teen:
2:42:26 j9 :)
Guilty Pleasure
Guilty Pleasure:
29:31 who is this?
Galaxy Kushiro
Galaxy Kushiro:
Njir mc-nya yang laki rambutnya kek upin ipin 😂
nok nok
nok nok:
saveG อยู่ช่วงใหนใครรู้บอกหน่อย
กานต์มณี นาคกระโทก
กานต์มณี นาคกระโทก:
Trinity ❤️✌️