Klopp's Reaction: 'It's a game we should have won' | Liverpool vs West Brom

Jürgen Klopp offers his respect to West Bromwich Albion following a draw at Anfield, but says his side must show the same willingness in both halves, to take all three points.

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100 % Killed the Mood for the rest of day
Ayush Prabhash
Ayush Prabhash:
Unfortunately a result we absolutely deserved. A very poor second half. Hopefully, we learn from this and bounce back.
John Doyle
John Doyle:
I rate Curtis but why does he think he’s iniesta just pass the ball stop tryna dribble every player especially on the edge of ur own box
No klopp we didn't deserve to win, 3rd draw with teams from the bottom, we should use such games to collect points not to take a break!!
Ayush Prabhash
Ayush Prabhash:
A centre back signing in January is a must now. No centre half of us is dominant in the air except Nat Phillips who has got other problems. Matip just can't be trusted with his injury record. Every time he gets injured, which is quite often, the team's rhythm and confidence breaks a bit.
Anthony Yeboah
Anthony Yeboah:
Phillip should have come on as he is very strong in the air.
YoungG KealanYT
YoungG KealanYT:
Reds are still strong and positive! On to the next game!❤️✊
Couple of hours later and the chock starting to cool down, attest enough to write and say what a massive disappointment.. HOW could we not win a game like this.. Great play and still....
Adrian Cuibus
Adrian Cuibus:
I hope not to see such a game again in 2021 !. If a team is so closed, they park the bus, why don't you intentionally let them attack, go out and then catch them on the counterattack?! ... I never understood this !.
Indeed the team is tired, the last match of a year so strange, but this is how you can lose a championship, with the loss of a point with such smaller teams !. I wish you a happy new year ... health and at the end of the season to have the PL and UCL trophy on display. YNWA ❤️🤗
Mattafix Mattafix
Mattafix Mattafix:
It's a shame, we left 2 points at home! But we think positively! Good luck from Germany!
Klopp need to be more active and not just scream at the refs, Jones was giving the ball away all game and should’ve been off way before he cost us the game.
im Inc
im Inc:
Course it was our fault. Jones made a mistake
Joe Stockton
Joe Stockton:
Needed shots fron outside af...should've had OX and Shaq on for Jones and Gini at about 60 min.
Mo Salah
Mo Salah:
Last season we lost 12 points in 38 games and now we have lost 8 already. These type of games can cost us in future
11 11
11 11:
You never walk alone jurgen klopp
Mukhalled Rejab
Mukhalled Rejab:
This was totally klop fault, he never clinically intervene on time when something goes wrong, it was clear from the first half that Jones not functioning, waiting till minutes 80 of the game to make the change !!? it is too late.
Mark Doherty
Mark Doherty:
We've had a few of these types of performances this season. A bit complacent and lack of urgency. A few players, dare I say it, almost looked a little too arrogant at times. Very disappointing and a big opportunity missed today. Can't be dropping points to teams like West Brom if we want to retain out title.
A Yousef
A Yousef:
We go again strongly 🔥🔥🔥
Aldi Cena
Aldi Cena:
How can we drew to a relegation club? Klopp out
Décio Faria
Décio Faria:
the lads already in festive mood.
I knew they gonna score when jones was making that pass
Tsung Wei Liu
Tsung Wei Liu:
We need vvd back
First Born
First Born:
Jurgen ,you really seem to be a man against his opinion, (5 sub rule) but you aren't making the 3 subs in the r8 moment ,we r have strong players from the bench that could help us win the game such as shaq,ox ,milner ,minamino just bring the subs in time. I strongly believe they will do better🙂
I loathe people who're still talking after I say hi
I loathe people who're still talking after I say hi:
So many missed chances, Sir Jurgen pls start the reserves in games like these, let them grit it out with the smaller clubs, the big boys felt like they could coast through after the first half, disappointed to say the least
Basel shrky aser shwk
Basel shrky aser shwk:
McLovin Jr
McLovin Jr:
I don’t want to hear Klopp complain about the 5 sub change when he makes changes so late into the half. Ox should’ve had at least 20-30 minutes to get into the game and what exactly is Origi going to do in 5 minutes? It doesn’t make sense. Shaqiri also on the bench and we could’ve used his creativity. A week off for this boring performance.
Bruno Rojas
Bruno Rojas:
Nat Phillips should have been brought when Matip got injured
yahya khelladi
yahya khelladi:
i feel m gonna explode, tired to see that we lose 2 points while dominanting the whole game.
hope that we'll win the next one, ynwa.
Klopp got out-tacticked by Big Sam
Abdi Yussuf
Abdi Yussuf:
Every one will say first 🤣🤣😂 so I'm second 😂😂
Red Kop
Red Kop:
Oh for a good old fashioned Centre Forward instead of all this passing it about..Over 750 passes.....1 fuckin goal...go figure.
William Gillbanks
William Gillbanks:
I am fed up with the Reds, how come every time they play Relegation threatened Teams they Draw? City or any top 4 Team would hammer them so what is it with Liverpool.
Gin Tantovski
Gin Tantovski:
bring in milenkovic from Fiorentina to Anfield ,,,Mr Klopp !!!!
Matt Deadman
Matt Deadman:
We always struggle with these Teams, I mean the (PARKING BUS) bottom tier Teams! But we win against most of the top Teams, so that's why we are Top! YNWA
Mahmoud Mohsen
Mahmoud Mohsen:
Bilal Hussain
Bilal Hussain:
Two centre backs required in Jan...I hope these are already lined up
Evelia Tamaronis
Evelia Tamaronis:
What a poor 2nd half, my God...
Cameron Kilgore
Cameron Kilgore:
Roll on 2021, let’s go the Kop
St. James Hawke
St. James Hawke:
I could see the equalizer coming just 10 minutes into the 2nd half. Surprised that Klopp did not...🙈
Ronan C
Ronan C:
Reminiscent of the Houllier and Rafa yrs. Teams would come to Anfield, defend deep, grab a point. One of the reasons Lfc went 30 years without the title.
Tomasz Mintah
Tomasz Mintah:
Is Matip ok ?
Safet Saloski
Safet Saloski:
Shaun Andson
Shaun Andson:
I love trend but since when he come back from injury he's not the same Alexander we all
Ronan C
Ronan C:
Keita and Matip need to be replaced asap. Always injured. 😌
Тайлер Дерден
Тайлер Дерден:
Обожаю этого тренера , даже в момент неудачи он находит силы улыбаться , YNWA !!!
Borqna Angusheva
Borqna Angusheva:
Shaun Andson
Shaun Andson:
And Jones aah he always run with the the ball instead to pass to his matte look mistake he did
Hard to swallow the draw but on we go 💪🏻🔴 C'mon lads we got this
Ali Saleh
Ali Saleh:
Nothing new Klopp, wasting easy points
Alish Edits
Alish Edits:
No! What the fu*k! Virgil, please heal soon. I can't stand this. But now we have motivation, Boom! 💥
Fawaz Alfahad
Fawaz Alfahad:
Rafli Fardhani
Rafli Fardhani:
Never give up and stay strong

Next match I Hope 3 points and cleensheat
Ангелина Дмитриева
Ангелина Дмитриева:
Epic For Fun Studios ツ
Epic For Fun Studios ツ:
Herr Shipmans losing his head 😂😂😂
Kevish Apadoo
Kevish Apadoo:
Best team drew
Masroor Purewal
Masroor Purewal:
And we have another injury on our hands
Kadir Emre ÖZCAN
Kadir Emre ÖZCAN:
Please turkish subtitle most Liverpool turkish fans I love you Liverpool and we will never walk alone
Filip Koryciński
Filip Koryciński:
**** Atkinson, that's all
Aidan Jacobs
Aidan Jacobs:
Keep it up just say confident and improve where you can
Dzul Faliq
Dzul Faliq:
Comeback strong REDS
Danny Jay
Danny Jay:
Thought you couldn't play like that at anfield aha big sam out done him
Borqna Angusheva
Borqna Angusheva:
First like
Luis G Suarez
Luis G Suarez:
why all the changes??? we won last game, keep the same squad ffs!!
Suhail pk
Suhail pk:
Liverpool ♥️🔥
Ryan Shah
Ryan Shah:
mohammed k 11
mohammed k 11:
Good job liverpool 👏
Ayush Prabhash
Ayush Prabhash:
Virgil wins the aerial duel which resulted in the West Brom equaliser 9 times out of 10. Can't believe people actually say we're not missing Virgil. An aerially dominant centre half signing is a must.
Victor Cox
Victor Cox:
Liverpool FC Koppy good
Tony Apedo
Tony Apedo:
Liverpool the best team my team love you so much unlimited love for this team
Abraham Ross
Abraham Ross:
Sam > Jurgen’s lotion 🧴
Calvin Liu
Calvin Liu:
I love Jordan Henderson
Puneet Kaushik
Puneet Kaushik:
Liverpool are dropping way too many by points by drawing these games, it might come back to haunt them just like the 97 point season when Man City pulled off a 14 game win streak at the end, similarly Man City will gain some kind of a form after arrival of fit Aguero.
Rayan Algosaibi
Rayan Algosaibi:
Sayidka Umada
Sayidka Umada:
Liverpool will still win the EPL. They played soo well and full of motivation and energy. I think they are on their way to another EPL with this masterclass display.
Ahmed Talaat
Ahmed Talaat:
حرام عليكم تضيعو المجهود اللى بتبذلوه قدام الفرق الكبيرة وتخسرو وتتعادلو من فرق صغيرة ،، بالطريقة دى هتضيعو الموسم
Adam Newstead
Adam Newstead:
What can you do against 11 at the back tho ?
Shaun Andson
Shaun Andson:
And at the back Liverpool thy still use old xool play style instead to send ball to the front but keep the ball at the back what nonsense is this
Fan Site
Fan Site:
You just know that the opposition deserves something from the game if they've stopped Bobby from scoring a last moment game changer. Anyways, need to get over today's result and look into the future games
Rene Wilson
Rene Wilson:
That is now 2 draws from 2 of the bottom 3
Its just not good enough.
gustavo chaccha cuicapusa
gustavo chaccha cuicapusa:
Felt like I was watching a cheap Guardiola or Arteta impression today. Lots of possession, spamming crosses but only 2 shots on target (2nd one coming in the stoppage time!)
That was never going to work against a team basically playing 4 CBs, unless you have Air Ronaldo or Zlatan up front
Needed to bring on Ox or Shaqiri earlier, they're the ones that can either pick a pass through the D or test the keeper from distance
Zawaar Khan
Zawaar Khan:
Honestly I expected the score to be at least 5-0 to us, mistakes happen, but our second half wasn’t good enough as we expected it to be, we deserved it because of the way we played, it saddens me but hopefully next match we’ll bounce back and win
It's me Black Jesus
It's me Black Jesus:
I don't know whether to be proud or ashamed that I got here this early
mada 999
mada 999:
Cah angon
Cah angon:
Its so naif... !!!
Sometime We can just win 1-0.. and enough🤦‍♂️
Harith Danial
Harith Danial:
Merry xmas klopp this is the best gift ever
lost 2 point
Prijanth Nanthivarman
Prijanth Nanthivarman:
Shaq over Jones next time pls
Borqna Angusheva
Borqna Angusheva:
Rakesh Gotwo
Rakesh Gotwo:
This is an absurd game especially after a 7 win away again crystal. There were lack of intensity and this win would have been crucial. But we love you kloppy.
The first watching
And subscribe
Mat Ezan
Mat Ezan:
Mu win Liverpool win.. Liverpool lost mu lost 😂 wt*
Elliot Bacon
Elliot Bacon:
Cry more
Had Haki
Had Haki:
Pas de MO SALAH pa liverpool
Trent et mané jones ne donne pas la balle a MO
LFC Spectre
LFC Spectre:
We give them their goal, without them working hard for it.
Klopp & co should have know Big Sam boring plan as simple like always against his team's.
Karl-Heinz Weiß
Karl-Heinz Weiß:
Hello from Germany, Jürgen Klopp should contact Mats Hummels for CB at least till Virgil returns in the team...