Justice League Snyder Cut ENDING EXPLAINED! Joker Scene & DCEU Future? (SPOILERS)

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In the Snyder Cut of Justice League, director Zack Snyder gives a fully ALTERNATE ENDING to the Justice League's battle against Steppenwolf and the forces of Darkseid. What happened between Superman, Batman, Joker and Lois that led to this post-apocalyptic Darkseid-dominated future? Erik Voss explains the major changes Snyder made to the ending of Justice League from the 2017 theatrical release. How does the Snyder Cut change The Flash Barry Allen to set up his future time-traveling plot in The Flash movie, adapting the Flashpoint Paradox event? Why does Batman need to keep Joker alive? With Martian Manhunter joining the Justice League, where is Green Lantern? And will Zack Snyder ever be able to fully realize his vision in a Justice League Part 2 film?

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Brendan Langdon
Cody Anderson
Dan Woodson
Karen Wang
O. Grometto
Pony Stark
Rick Denmon

Producer: Erik Voss http://www.twitter.com/eavoss
Producer: Zach Huddleston
Written by: Erik Voss
Executive Creative Director: Filup Molina http://www.twitter.com/filupmolina
Post Production Supervisor: John Costa
Staff Editor: Joshua Steven Hurd
Editors: Devin Cleary, Joshua Steven Hurd

100+ ความคิดเห็น:

Cem Sakalli
Cem Sakalli:
This movie made Zack Snyder‘s spirit and talent justice. RIP Autumn
Digital Dave_& The Dissman
Digital Dave_& The Dissman:
The Flash just doesn't get the credit he deserves. Without him there would be no future.🤟
Electric Lizard
Electric Lizard:
Is it weird that those four hours didn’t feel like four hours? It has really good pacing which made it seem like it wasn’t four hours
nelson ruiz
nelson ruiz:
THIS MOVIEEE IS AMAZING AND IM A HUGE MARVEL FAN!!!! I hope zack Snyder finds peace and he did a masterpiece!
I'm shocked that so many people don't know the plot of INJUSTICE: Gods Among Us.
Joker causes the death of pregnant Lois (in the worst way possible) and Superman goes evil
Stephanie Reneé DeRamus
Stephanie Reneé DeRamus:
Okay, it’s official. The Snyder Cut is a thousand times better than the dumpster fire that was the theatrical Justice League movie.
Creators Hub
Creators Hub:
I’m a Marvel fan boy, but like damn.
The movie is like actually good
Christian Villamil
Christian Villamil:
This movie did justice showing the extent of Barry and Cyborg´s powers.
Christine Crosby
Christine Crosby:
I went to high school with all of Snyder’s older children, and while I wasn’t close to Autumn, the dedication really tugged on my heart.
This joker may look like a creepy pasta but his laugh is that of a 45 year old smoker
Juan Herrera
Juan Herrera:
Everyone loses their s*** when the Kryptonian arrives. Joker just stands there smiling, unafraid of death like the true sociopath he is. That's my Joker.
kyla bacerdo
kyla bacerdo:
i really love how they gave each characters more depth and showed a deeper side on all of them, the 4 hours is really worth it
Asif Bagwan
Asif Bagwan:
I loved how lex Luther was calm and quiet saying batman is Bruce wains
Mike Justice
Mike Justice:
Joker killing Louis because Batman won't kill Joker, his best friend. CLASSIC!!!
I hope we get to see it!!!
maisi book
maisi book:
Superman: how did u get the house back from the bank?
Batman: i bought the bank
Ash Drako
Ash Drako:
Snyder "I got a second chance and I'm not gonna waste it"
Rylee Jonesey
Rylee Jonesey:
Yayyyyy still a chance too see more joker and Harley Quinn movies🤪😜😍😍😍😍😍
Juan Ignacio Saba Veloso
Juan Ignacio Saba Veloso:
OMG I just rewatched, and in the scene where Steppenwolf goes to Atlantis, was Mera trying to kill him by drawing Steppenwolf's blood out? That's pretty dark right there :O but totally cool power (blood bender type haha)
Prune Face
Prune Face:
The way Barry runs still cracks me up
Give Snyder whatever he asks for...No questions asked at this point!!
Mark The Shadow
Mark The Shadow:
Now I want a sequel. What the hell Joss, this is clearly better.
Hannah Johnson
Hannah Johnson:
Jared Leto is so creepy he is just amazing! Fabulous actor!
Dan DelVecchio - Guitarist
Dan DelVecchio - Guitarist:
I REALLY hope like many others that they continue building the Snyder verse. This movie was too good.
Cosmic Brick365
Cosmic Brick365:
When superman is holding maybe Lois’ body, it could be revisiting the injustice comic line
ending was just every character traumatizing eachother
Love how a year ago we had nothing to talk about, and now we got Wandavision, the Snyder cut, falcon and the winter soldier, etc.
Alec Fisher
Alec Fisher:
David Ayer: zack how is Jared gonna know he’s damaged?

Zack: I’ll have Jared act, you made his joker aesthetic, I’ll have the actor..... act
AdventureEd 916
AdventureEd 916:
The sizes of Joey doesn’t matter folks 😂😂😂 that was funny
joe bond
joe bond:
One of the coolest moments which no one is talking about is when the 3 mother boxes become evil looking mothers trying to attack cyborg, mythology was next level this movie
Gamer Graye
Gamer Graye:
snyder cut (especially the epilogue part) was like a big doorway for the future of dceu. Love the film on every second
Primesh Mohanty
Primesh Mohanty:
We live in a society where Warner Bros executives disliked the snyder cut and released the 2017 theatrical cut.
Nigel Abram
Nigel Abram:
After learning all this, I must re-watch the 4hr Snyder-cut.
Luke Oliphant
Luke Oliphant:
i thought "the congratulations by the way" was because Lois was wearing the ring meaning they were getting married
Mr Bring Back The Classic DayZ
Mr Bring Back The Classic DayZ:
Still have goosebumps from Flash's scene at the end. So good.
I can't believe you glossed over the fact Superman was floating into the Hall of Justice holding Batman's cowl
who else just binged the whole movie and quickly went to see reviews after you finished
Clough Says
Clough Says:
4 hours I'll never get back. I'm okay with that. I'll definitely watch this again.
Lucki ecks
Lucki ecks:
Your impression of how Leto did joker is so accurate
reo vasquez
reo vasquez:
almost didn't blink my eyes for 4hrs, soooo amazing
Anna Marie LeBeau
Anna Marie LeBeau:
Your Batman & Joker impersonations are on point
Juan Rocha
Juan Rocha:
At this point I just need a nightmare sequence movie.
Steven Soto
Steven Soto:
Woww! I missed so much in that ending! Well done :)
"...I'm happy to discuss why you sent a boy wonder to do a man's job." - I just saw Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, this is going to make me cry again...
Rob Daniel
Rob Daniel:
Fun fact: that joker card design is also the one that appears in the Flashpoint Paradox animated movie.
Honestly the flash and cyborg in the Snyder cut wow , the whole thing was wow but they had such a great impact
Andreas Karandreas
Andreas Karandreas:
We live in a society where Joker doesn't say the phrase "We live in a society".
Ravenghost Route 66
Ravenghost Route 66:
I love how jokers hand does that hand shake knowing he’s always killed someone after that for even messing with him, I don’t know how many even picked that up but @JaredLeto yasssss!!!
Not going to lie that snyder cut was all that I needed for that movie!!! Great stuff..
Savyamm Jhunjhunwala
Savyamm Jhunjhunwala:
Will Alfred be alive in the Knightmare sequence??
"If you can't bring down the charging bull, then don'twave the red cape at it."
problem child wit da crooked smile
problem child wit da crooked smile:
Flash didn't reverse time in that scene while talking to batman. He ran back into time. The flash has the ability to run back into time
Henry Bloodborne
Henry Bloodborne:
Me: Aw, Clark is going to be a dad

*Injustice flashbacks*

Also me: Oh no
balloon with glasses
balloon with glasses:
"A truce, Bruce. As long as you have this card, a truce, but all you have to do is tear it in half and I'm happy to discuss with you in any way you like, why you sent a boy wonder to do a man's job."
Thank you to Zack and his wife for going thru this process and finishing it. I sure nuff loved this version. So worth it
Mehmet Gorgun
Mehmet Gorgun:
I would so love to see that Knightmare sequence as a dark film plot like this. Unfortunately, it won't happen :((
Nick G
Nick G:
Didn't expect to have a talk about my Joey in a Justice League video from Erik XD
Royce Perez
Royce Perez:
If you watch it twice in a row, you become immune to covid
the snyder cut was so good ima watch it 3 more times.
Cameron Stennett
Cameron Stennett:
The curious bubble endoscopically surprise because japanese semiannually arrive before a even excellent excited emery. hard-to-find, charming jam
pSaiko Red
pSaiko Red:
Anyone else notice that shot of Superman finding Batman and crew during the Knightmare scene is the same shot of him in BvS when he found Lois in the desert?
Kael T
Kael T:
I now want a Martian manhunter movie that starts and ends with Bruce Wayne and Martian manhunter incognito having a cup of coffee and talking past tense about the events of Martian manhunters origin, how Bruce has been keeping tabs on Jon for months and how he got the job as general with a set up for the watchtower satellite a Wayne tech science project to monitor earth and space with rigorous background checks. after credits a scene with Supes flying down and saying he is here. it needs cavill, afflek and Lennix
"why'd you send a boy wonder... To do a man's JOB?!" That right there gave me chills
I thought this joker was robin turned into a joker by the first joker from the solo movie. And he says the “boy wonder” line cuz he's asking Batman why did you send me to do your job and now I'm like this. But that was just what I thought at first🤦‍♂️
Funny Moppy
Funny Moppy:
Me watching the Snyder Cut : Single tear streams down on my face as I experience all my dreams come true.
Carlos Ramirez
Carlos Ramirez:
You guys are going a very important service for a lot of people! 😄 one weekend is pretty fast, I’ll be waiting
Pancho Viteri
Pancho Viteri:
Erik, I loved your Joker's imitation laugh haha
N Like Flynn
N Like Flynn:
I thought the "massive cliffhanger" Snyder talked about was going to be Darkseid stepping through the boomtube at the end of the movie cutting with his eyes starting up Omega beams.
Honestly if I didn’t know this channel existed I probably wouldn’t have watched the movie as quick as I did
Landan Smock
Landan Smock:
Straight up made me excited for future DC movies.
Caleb Butuyan
Caleb Butuyan:
I rly hope they make this into some kind of injustice storyline cus it would be so cool and it could actually happen as it looks like its being hinted at
Ankur Shrivastava
Ankur Shrivastava:
The ending did feel like a twisted start to Injustice..
Andrei Maruis
Andrei Maruis:
This is the first time When I watch a sponsored product without skiping it
Under Appreciated
Under Appreciated:
Your joker and Batman impressions are pretty good wth
Simon Yazkaron
Simon Yazkaron:
The Nightmare scene was so awesome and interesting. I would have liked seeing this story. But WB sayz NAAAHHHH
It’s crazy how the theatrical cut cut out 2 HOURS OF FILM 2 HOURS
Gabriel Pellicano
Gabriel Pellicano:
Flash literally saved the entire world with time-reverse, how sick was that sequence?!
illy avitan
illy avitan:
“and we see The truce card broken in half, TRUCE BROKEN”

~but now uNdeRWeAr
Dee M
Dee M:
*Haha!!!* Great job with the Joker laugh @3:13 Erik! I even played it back again a couple times lol.
Colton Voss
Colton Voss:
I love how Snyder had more background with cyborg and flash it felt like in the other version it just felt like they were thrown in there
nep elif
nep elif:
I want to see an entire movie that is just the nightmare sequence.
Nikola Kosovic
Nikola Kosovic:
People saying 4 hours is too much but c'mon, we've all binged stuff for more than that 😂
this is a different timeline so hopefully harley isn't permanently dead
Dam I didn't see any of these easter eggs while watching Snyders cut 😂 sneaky
Daniel Chavez
Daniel Chavez:
The boxer part. Chefs kiss 😂 really funny
SuperWhy 007
SuperWhy 007:
One of the take aways that I got from this is that the joker killed Lois witch on top of Lois dying with a baby just keeps on reminding me of injustice.
Jonas Ablang
Jonas Ablang:
I don't know about y'all but I find Steppenwolf's puppy eyes adorable
i just read an interview zack snyder did with vanity fair about what he planned for his justice league movies/snyderverse, definitely worth the read!!
Nur Husna Tee
Nur Husna Tee:
"this movie is 4 hours. Expect it next week" ahahaha
Boitumelo Mantso
Boitumelo Mantso:
Im happy you acknowledged that little detail of the flash reversing time to touch the mother box perfectly
God Save America
God Save America:
The reading of the joker and Batman lines had to been the highlight of this video for me 👌👌👌
Vincent '_'
Vincent '_':
One thing I liked was that instead of Arthur giving victor a hard time he showed sympathy in Joss whedon's version he made Arthur more of douche
I really think each of these premonitions were different potential timelines. Because how could he have escaped each of the different confrontations with Superman.
Dionysia Prime
Dionysia Prime:
Spent all yesterday watching BvS and then the snyder cut. They were great.
Johnnie Fujita
Johnnie Fujita:
have anyone noticed the part that batman appears in the darkseid looking at the justice league, then it appears being helped by superman from hanging off an edge
chase evans
chase evans:
The longing slash fittingly shiver because frost essentially memorise by a gorgeous salesman. complete, furry furtive coal
Daniel Dandridge
Daniel Dandridge:
The 4 hours were worth it nothing but respect to Zack Snyder💯
I also like that Barry phases through the wall. Also, he says "far, far faster than the speed of light" which I like. Since he had to reverse farther this time. I think they don't remember, I think Bruce tells them after each rewind.
KT Patterson
KT Patterson:
I was so tired by this point in the movie that I could hardly keep up and just thinking erik will explain it to me later lol
J A:
I can’t believe I didn’t watch this in a theater
I can believe that joker would give Batman the reach around if Batman ask.
Jesus Shrestha
Jesus Shrestha:
Whole story line is better different. And it is amazing that **Jostice League**