Jinyoung (GOT7) will leave JYP to join BH Entertainment?

Netizens support Jinyoung to leave JYP but fans are worried about GOT7's future.
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S W A G F L U:
Who else confused BH Entertainment to Big Hit Entertainment (simple mistake we all made now we know) ☃️
Let's support his acting career. He got so much potential, admit it. 💚
tae tae love
tae tae love:
JYPE has been turning down roles for him like crazy. They don’t have an actors division anymore so this completely makes sense for him. It’s an acting contract, not anything more than that. It’s a great thing that he has options. Gives him more negotiating power with JYPE.

The timing is just really weird because it’s not even a day after their fanmeeting lmao
La lia Army
La lia Army:
I hope he does. He and his group deserves better.
wish him nothing but the best in whatever he chooses. ahgase's, this isn't necessarily a bad thing, it just means he's interested in pursuing more acting jobs which is fantastic because he is a phenomenal actor! hoping it will not interfere with their contract renewal.

PS: to those people who doesn't know what BH means. BH Ent is a acting company, BH stands for Byung Hun. That agency belong to actor Lee Byung Hun
ʏᴜᴛᴀꜱ ʟᴏɴɢ ʜᴀɪʀ
ʏᴜᴛᴀꜱ ʟᴏɴɢ ʜᴀɪʀ:
As much as it’s sad can we blame him? JYP doesn’t know how to manage Got7 it makes me sad but i feel like he would have way much more potential
just dont forget the contract is about his ACTING CAREER not the idol one. he can still renew his contract with jype as a got7 member and work on bh as an actor, and even if he doesn't we'll still suport the 7 members in their own paths
It's a rumour. It's not confirmed yet. Also, even if he leaves, he'll be leaving JYPE, not Got7. Many artists have done this (2pm, Exid, Vixx, SNSD, etc.): leaving the company but not the grp. He's doing this so that he can focus better on his acting career as well.
Whatever happens, let's respect his decision and support him ❤

PS BH isn't Big Hit entertainment. BH Entertainment is an agency that manages actors.
លឹម គង់វីរៈ
លឹម គង់វីរៈ:
As sad as I am as a Aghase, I’m genuinely happy for him if he thinks that the path he chose is better for him.
abby //
abby //:
This is so misleading. Jinyoung would never leave his group, but he’s an amazing actor who is more than deserving of a great acting contract.
Hard Cham
Hard Cham:
BH ENT is an acting agency. JYP closes their actor division so he needs an agency to promote him as an actor. But definitely he still stay as GOT7 like 2pm Taecyon.
Shruthi p Nair
Shruthi p Nair:
Well it's their decision it's their own life to decide what they want. True fans will respect the decision of their idols!
I'm so happy to see positive comments regarding whatever he'll decide rather than trolls...Aghase is really a mature fandom.. I'm proud of it
jyp should focus on their artist now and treat them better bcs so many fans angry at JYP bcs not treat his artist in balance way
Gummy smile Jennie
Gummy smile Jennie:
GOT7 are 7 😭😭
I can't any more , first DAY6 to be with 5 members and now GOT7 will be with 6 members 😭
waiting for *blackpink* to be in my area
waiting for *blackpink* to be in my area:
whatver happens, i'll still support Jinyoung and got7 ❤
Nimisha Mishra
Nimisha Mishra:
I not very big fan of GOT 7 but I still hope that GOT7 don't get disbanded . it's hard to imagine GOT7 with 6 members.I honestly hope that this is a fake news 😔😔😔
Fanny Alexander
Fanny Alexander:
I feel GOT7 is going to disband soon because of their company’s unfair treatment and mismanagement. I mean it makes sense. Jinyoung can chose the acting path while Jackson is a standalone in China and has his own agency. This is so sad 🥺
I thought that he is going to join bighit entertainment . Well I was happy but the comments 💀
Kimbap Kidding
Kimbap Kidding:
I respect Jinyoung's decision since JYP is more favored with girl groups but its going to affect their boy groups I'm happy for their girl groups but he shouldn't forget about their other groups it just seems so unfair they they trained for so many years just to achieve their dreams and JYP dosent promote boy groups more than girl groups GOT7, Day6, and Stray kids have so much potential in Korea and all over the world
tae tae love
tae tae love:
Honestly , good for him. He has so much potential as an actor and the day he signs into a company that values his talents and gets him the opportunities he deserves, he will be unstoppable, if he already isn't.

Another thing, this is only about his acting career.

I personally do wish Got7 as a whole decide to leave JYPE because it's got to a point where Got7 do more for the company than the company does for them. I don't think any of us should be worried about the future of the group because the boys , time and again have stressed on the fact that they will go till the end of the line with each other.

I understand that many people hope they don't leave cause you're worried about disbandment, but what about how they're being treated?? Have y'all considered that? They would be so much more happier having the freedom to do as they please? Do you really want them to go through this bs for the next 7 years?? I will support them and their decisions, their careers, solo or as a group because at the end of the day I'm here for them and their music not the damn company.
Mahsa Khosravi
Mahsa Khosravi:
just FYI he is part of got7 he is not going to leave GOT7 he can sign as actor under bh entertainment but still part of got7
got7 is not going anywhere
and we are not worry because we trust them we literally trended 7 or never last night after their fan meeting and they assured us they are always gonna be SEVEN
so happy for jinyoung he can have better opportunities under bh entertainment
Jinyoung is an actor before being an idol. I guess his true craft and real passion is more in Acting! So whatever happens WE WILL SUPPORT HIM!

PS. I love his acting on THE LEGENDS OF THE BLUE SEA
afoka dushku
afoka dushku:
Byung Hun agency is very big.. And house of top actors... He deserved it
I'm not an Aghase but hearing this makes me sad. He's actually my fav. And even tho. JYP is being unfair to them lately, I still don't want him to leave. Got7 is not Got7 without him.
Q̳u̳g̳e̳l̳B̳l̳a̳z̳e̳ メ
Q̳u̳g̳e̳l̳B̳l̳a̳z̳e̳ メ:
Many idols have chosen this path, so it's not really surprising
Chanel May
Chanel May:
I think he want to focus more in acting and I will support him no matter what happens , Especially right now that JYP is not handling them very good
Tooba Malik
Tooba Malik:
The embarrassment i got after realizing its bh company and not bighit 👄
I really wish he does cause Aghases are already fed up by the mistreatment of Got7 done by JYPE. The amount of potential they got is immeasurable. I really hope his acting career gives him much recognition WHICH HE DESERVES.
I feel so bad cause if JYP treated GOT7 better he probably wouldn’t leave his idol career, but considering how mismanaged the group is I get why he wants to focus on acting. He’s so talented and handsome and as long as we international fans care for GOT7 we also have to respect their life decisions.
Sarah Shaw
Sarah Shaw:
OMG when I saw BH Entertainment, I honestly thought Jinyoung was joining Big Hit Entertainment. I do hope GOT7 still carry on, if they leave JYP then I hope they join a better company as GOT7. 💜💜💜
Newwie Tawan
Newwie Tawan:
ohh I thought it is Big Hit Entertainment 💀
Wait does jype not have an actors division anymore?? Aren’t there still actors under them tho?? Like shin yeeun for example
Lisa Abed
Lisa Abed:
No he isnt leaving jype. He is just going to BH because of his acting career because jype is closing the acting division. He is not leaving JYPE NOR GOT7
A Person
A Person:
I’ll support him and the other members no matter what ♥️
madame paka
madame paka:
Remember the lyrics of "To Me"? No matter what happens, GOT7 will be together.

"It’s gon’ be hard to erase us
It’s gonna happen, I’m worn out because of you
Every minute, every second was precious
Getting worse so people don’t look for us
I want it to be real
Don’t think about something bad, no, stay chill
Don’t only think about yourself, no, stay real
Same lie, done with that fake-"
*-BamBam, 2017*
Nur Syahirah
Nur Syahirah:
Thats why i felt something gonna happen to them as their title song for the current album is LAST PIECE! 🥺🥺🥺
again he is not going to leave JYPE or GOT7 ..He's just going to enter a new ACTING company cause JYPE acting department closed years ago. So he can be IN JYPE AND TO ANOTHER ACTING COMPANY.
madame paka
madame paka:
Honestly, I'm still 100% confident that GOT7 will stay together for a few more years. This could just be a contract to promote Jinyoung as an actor. He still loves making music, so I doubt he'll leave the group. There are two things that many (too many) agases are suggesting that I don't think is an option. 1) That all seven should leave JYPE and start their own label. Not likely since JYPE owns the rights to their name and most of their music. Also, starting their own label will be highly difficult for them. It's not as easy as people believe. I've seen ppl say "well, Shinhwa and BEAST/Highlight did it, so GOT7 can do it too", but the reality is that those two groups haven't really "popped" in years (regardless of military service). 2) GOT7 should go to Team Wang. That'll put too much pressure on Jackson. He's still working ridiculously hard to get the company to where he wants it to be. It's not in a stable enough condition to house a K-pop group. Also, I thought Team Wang was strictly for Chinese related activities. Just my 2 cents tho...
Avani Bele
Avani Bele:
I thought BH was Bighit.... OMG.. What an effect Bighit has on my life 🤦‍♀️
Twiceu! Onceu!
Twiceu! Onceu!:
It would be very sad, but it's his choice.. I really don't want them to disband in anyway, they're too precious
Aadilah Abrahams
Aadilah Abrahams:
I mean yes it'll hurt if the guys decide to split or not promote as a full group anymore on account of different schedules, but we also can't expect them to stay and remain stagnant for our sakes.
Whatever 2021 brings, AhGaSe will always support the guys.
madame paka
madame paka:
based on their recent comeback, I'm 100% certain that GOT7 will stay together
xxz597 00xxz
xxz597 00xxz:
Guys let's support him. If he left JYP he will still be able to Continue being part of GOT7. Let's not blame him and support him. But this is a RUMOR not true so let's see what happens in the future. If this is true we should support him for his decision. If it isn't true then of course we will be very happy.
Meh Is maknae
Meh Is maknae:
Aghases, promise me,
No matter what he chooses, if he is happy with it, we'll support and love him till the end.

Who's with me?
Penguin Park
Penguin Park:
Maybe JYPE can't handle the actors anymore. If Jinyoung will leave GOT7, it's the other members choice if they'll continue as 6 members or just disband. But if JYPE will treat GOT7 right they will stay. GOT7 has lots to OFFER!
Hannah A
Hannah A:
7 or never.. So if one leaves because JYPE does not give that member other options...then it is never.. fucking sad.. watching the recent GOT7 clips..it’s almost like they are saying their ‘goodbyes’... They will stay as friend of course... but as an idol group? hhmmm... Im just so mad and hurt thinking about it.. Maybe I’m not as hopeful as others.. sorry.. I better start accepting that sad reality.. Im streaming though my heart is aching ... TF JYPE...
Joseph Kinito
Joseph Kinito:
I am sorry AHGASEs but I honestly thought that they meant that Jinyoung was going to join BigHit Entertainment cuz that BH got me scared for a bit...
Parini Bishnoi
Parini Bishnoi:
It’s Icy
It’s Icy:
I’m a ahgase and I will support him no matter what . He deserves better and so does got7
Got7 really had the big potential before but I just noticed that JYP suddenly started to be more focus the promotion of the girl group. It's quite sad to see them for not performing in how many months they don't have any music project. Like literally, that we need to see them in different shows not being together like Jackson, in China. It's so sad to see entertainment company being so control freak to their artist. I wish he will be like L of Infinite. Will focus to his acting career but not leaving the group and will be open for future project with his group. I just love seeing my idols being happy with what they do.
Well i think he should leave JYPE because we all know JYPE can't manage actors well. Also in this case, consider actor Park Jinyoung and GOT7'S jinyoung as different person.. so i think it's a good decision for his career because we all know he is great actor. Wish him good luck for future and excited to watch him in many more kdrama :)
Randy Butternubs
Randy Butternubs:
I have to admit, I was sad when reading the title. Remembering their mistreatment and the fact that all the boys might be looking for new prospects, it kind of made me happy by the end. They deserve the world. They don't deserve to settle for a company that doesn't respect them. 💚
if he leaves jyp i think that will be good for him, jyp doesn't appreciate their artists and doesn't even supports them properly. whatever his choice, as an ahgase i want him to be happy doing what he loves💚🐥💕
Yashasvi Chaudhary
Yashasvi Chaudhary:
Let’s support him in whatever he chooses ❤️
Kirti Ka
Kirti Ka:
Who's here after this rumour turned out to be TRUTH.....Jinyoung is now under BH Company....and I'm happy that now Jinyoung will be treated nicely under BH entertainment 💚 unlike JYP
Being ahgase I will be very happy if it is true because BH is really good one for acting career. Got7 are always remain as 7 so I want my fellow IGOT7 to stay relax. He is not going to leave Got7.
But one thing for sure,it's not JYP who mistreat them,it's JYPE,the agency itself which is really sad and heartbreaking:(
Strawberry Cake
Strawberry Cake:
I don't want Got7 to disband ... I want them all to be together forever but I'll always support them for whichever path they choose. If Jinyoung quits being an idol then it's absolutely okay, It's his life and his choice. Their happiness is my happiness 😭💚 I'll support them no matter what.
y’all do know this man can act AND sing right??? he can easily do both like he been doing.
Corinne Rose Santarita
Corinne Rose Santarita:
As much as I love JYP, Jinyoung leaving the company is something that I would support if he wants to push his acting career. If that’s what makes him happy, then us ahgases will be happy for him too. Our boys (GOT7) are treated unfairly too, so...
Hope whatever position Got7 members choose is successful and we will always be supporting you guys.
ainah amilolz
ainah amilolz:
evryone signing to another company isnt a big deal. he just is a big actor and he needs a company who specialises in actors to manage him. he will be in got7 but not under jyp if it makes sense.

like taecyeon from 2pm his gone from jyp but his still with 2pm so dont worry
Igris E
Igris E:
100% support all Got7 members in what they decide on their future bc next year is their contract renewal or not renew
Natasha McKenzie
Natasha McKenzie:
Jinyoung is not leaving JYP or GOT7 he just wants a company to manage his acting career since JYP actors division is no longer active, also you need to do more research on GOT7 first before you compile video on them some of your statements were off and do not represent the fandom or GOT7 for what they are.
shadow Lyn
shadow Lyn:
can we blame him tho? JYP isn't doing their work by promoting GOT7 right. let him at least focus on his acting career. i just hpe Got7 won't disband. if they decide to leave JYP let them do it together. if they decide to go solo, well i can always wish them good luck and support them.they deserve all the best
gl park
gl park:
I support jinyoung what ever he do. acting and kpop idol he can handle both because he is talented even acting singing and dancing. Gogogo jinyoungie.... Figthing🥰🥰🥰🥰
He is not leaving got7 or jypent he is just finding a acting agency to continue acting since jyp ent acting studio closed
sommer sanders
sommer sanders:
Got7 will always be Got7 even if they choose different companies, so many other idol groups do this so don't worry fellow ahgases, jinyoungie is an amazing actor and deserves to have heaps of roles!! 💚🐥
JL Rayoan
JL Rayoan:
since jyp has no more acting division, it's just normal to talk with entertainments that manages actors. but that doesn't mean he is leaving the group. however, if that is not the case, ahgases will support him.
Chandrika Rawat
Chandrika Rawat:
I wish not only him but Got7 together leaves JYPE and sign up with better entertainment company or come up with their own. The way they've been treated is *SAD*
madame paka
madame paka:
So...I just finished watching GOT7's 6th Fan Meeting, and now I'm not as hopeful. Hyung-line especially seemed very sad while making their speeches. Jinyoung was so distraught that he barely sung his part in the final/encore songs ("Playground" and "Before the Full Moon Rises"). It actually made me tear up a bit. At this point, I want to be realistic. Whatever decision they make in January, we should just be respectful and supportive.
madame paka
madame paka:
Cat's outta the bag!
GOT7 is F R E E
Haqita Iqa
Haqita Iqa:
i still support them if they are not got7
i still support all of them
all of them deserve the best and that bastard company just waste them
Carolyn Jerald
Carolyn Jerald:
Ahgase will support Jinyoung and GOT7 whatever happens with their decision
Nini lamu
Nini lamu:
He can do what he wants and I'm proud of him whether he's singing or acting . If this change happens, it improves his life for the better !
Teucá Mòamy
Teucá Mòamy:
😭😭😭 wish him luck but the best is to be in got7 I don't want to leave him from his member and JYP😭😭💜
Check Mate •u•
Check Mate •u•:
I'm sad but It's ok if jinyoung, not only him but other members also wants to leave JYP. I will support them and their path. My love for GOT7 will never end. I respect their decision.
༎Αηωεടhα Oፐ7༎
༎Αηωεടhα Oፐ7༎:
*I thought it was bighit but beach its BH sksksksk second hand embarrassment* 😣✌
Marie Benza
Marie Benza:
Its ok if he leave or not, bc jyp doent even recognize them much. lets just support there decission
One to One
One to One:
At this poimt, I'm actually hope all of them leave JYPE. They can even make their own company, like HIGHLIGHT. They will have more freedom and deserve more than what JYPE give them.
I can't wait to see him and youngjae's dramas next year. Jinyoung has a bright future in acting so I hope he does what's best for him.
Suzana Bilopavlović
Suzana Bilopavlović:
We'll miss our little Jinyoung but we will support and love him like a real ahgase💚
Mary Ann Echano
Mary Ann Echano:
Even if this may not be true, this is understandable and he's got to think about his future.
As an ahgase... im sure we all know about this exclusive contract

And as an ahgase, we would love for them to leave JYP... they’ve been telling us 7 or never, we all know our boys will never talk about something without meaning it so yeah... They also know about our trucks, Jaebeom did NOT SUBMIT new songs to JYPE this year....The songs he makes now are for safekeeping , bcs the Last piece is his songs for YCMN album... they really been recycling the songs he wrote........during YCMN era, he submitted about 30 songs so yeah, Jaebeom actually wrote LAST PIECE for Call My Name but it didn’t go in, then he suddenly got a call from the company saying “congrats on getting your song selected as a title track” so he was surprised ...

So birdies let’s be prepared to support our boys💚
Auktori _
Auktori _:
I support him with whatever he does, I’m actually happy that he’s focusing on his acting career! 💞 I just hope he still stays in contact with the boys.
Kpop Multifans
Kpop Multifans:
No no no not my bias again fuck nooo

So maybe the rumours are started by Ahgases to remind other agencies our talented boys are up for grabs haha. Anyway there is no smoke without fire... really hope Got7 finds the path that is best for each of them.
YG and Bighit's Dating Scandal
YG and Bighit's Dating Scandal:
I thought BH means BIGHIT. I really thought Jinyoung had a meeting with BIGHIT and that he will be leaving JYP to join BIGHIT (according to the rumors). How dumb of me I was sooooo confused and at the same time a lil bit angry (angry to this channel).
S. M.
S. M.:
We sincerely hope the best for Jinyoung! Even tho it will make many of us sad bcz GOT7 will not be the same if he leaves JYP but we shall continue to support them! Fighting!!!!
jeon yeonjun
jeon yeonjun:
If got7 will disband I will have tears and I will cry
But its still good for them
*Not gonna lie* forever got7 with you 💚
Siti Khadijah
Siti Khadijah:
as an ahgases,im fully ready whatever decisions the boys made..JYPE can't treat them better as they deserve,probably with leaving the company..they can shine and has a lot of freedom in their music or etc...for them to be able to fly high..to find their own colour one things for sure,we need to sacrifice the things we love...(its not 7,then its not Got7-jackson wang) no Got7 then no ahgases...i will continue supporting 7 of them untill they are retire.there is a few day left before 16 January,lets prepare ourself and enjoy the moment
Vicky Kim
Vicky Kim:
I thought it was a prank but now I’m crying

I’m proud of him as an ahgase but got7 will not be the same without him😭😭😭
i wanna cry 😭 i love got7 they showed me life and now they're leaving??? but however i hope they'll have a better future...🥺♥️
If Jinyoung does leave, Got7 will always be Got7..... I may not really be an Aghase anymore but I still love Got7 as they were the first kpop group i stanned. I’ll support and always support in everything they do💚💚
multi_ 26
multi_ 26:
This is just for his acting and also to everyone gettig it wrong its BH Entertainment not BigHit Entertainment
Ts 1toughact2follow
Ts 1toughact2follow:
I'll support them all no matter what they decide but i do truly love them as got7 i want them to b happy even more ... much luv IGOT7
Rifa Fatima
Rifa Fatima:


But we will support him after all it's his decision and his life❤️
Aashwika Singh
Aashwika Singh:
I'm literally happy for him but as an aghase I'm sad!! I don't want him to leave Got7. I don't want Got7 to become Got6. Lets just pray that it does not happen😭