It’s Okay to Not Be Okay #SwoonWorthy moments with Kim Soo-hyun and Seo Yea-ji [ENG SUB]

A wise man once said, “Kissing is better than fighting.” We’re thankful for all the times that #MoonCouple heeded that advice 😉

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Mun Yeong = *the horniest female lead character to exist in the entire kdrama history*
choiIns smile
choiIns smile:
That "I love you" scene will always be iconic 😂
Leva C
Leva C:
Finally a strong female lead! I was kinda bored with the usual innocent- puppy eyes-need to be protected type of female lead.
life is hard
life is hard:
Fun fact : the antagonist in this drama is actually that deer😂😂
Sushil Sarwadnya
Sushil Sarwadnya:
this is path breaking kdrama that broke all the existing stereotypes in terms of story, characters and performances. no cliche love triangle, just focus on lead characters and their relationship. Beautiful drama.
Christine Ong
Christine Ong:
imagine if kdramas/movies just keep casting them together, i don't see the problem with repeating when their chemistry is THAT STRONG
yeji is the only female lead I ship for kim soo hyun, finally i guess he found the best partner
Yanying Lew
Yanying Lew:
Me before IOTNBO: I really love animals they are so cute 🥺
Me after IOTNBO: *searches how to kill deers*
Chizie Ogbonnia
Chizie Ogbonnia:
Not me sitting on the toilet watching these scenes again
Neca Paguntalan
Neca Paguntalan:
Mun Yeong breaking all those female lead cliche and just vocal and fearless as she is. Such a spirit animal
Rashmi Raveena
Rashmi Raveena:
I think she is the best actress who can do this character. Deep voice, strength, every thing
yeji is soohyun's best on-screen partner, periodt.
Elissa Valle
Elissa Valle:
Finally a female lead who is not only beautiful but is strong and has this incredibly sultry sexy voice and is in full command of herself. Everytime she tried to get him into bed I died laughing. She never gave up. She said yes, he said no.
The Smiley Yolk
The Smiley Yolk:
i love how they are not trying to be innocent to express the love just like other dramas. This drama sets the bar really high.
p nas
p nas:
Go moon young really broke every kdrama standard that the man has the do the flirting and pursing in the relationship, she literally tried to eat kangtae every chance she get and we loved it.
Kai in Mmmh mv at 2.20 min
Kai in Mmmh mv at 2.20 min:
201 dislikes from that deer who is always disturbing their kissing moments.
Me liking all of the comments because y'all right 😭😭
The actress who plays Mun Yeong is one of the most gorgeous women I've seen in a K-drama. I watched it twice just to see her. Every time she's on screen, I just can't take my eyes off of her.
*idk who I’m more jealous of.. Kim Soohyun or Seo Yeji*
Gabby Seb
Gabby Seb:
She has such an attractive voice. How do you not fall in love with her character?
Alliah Rose
Alliah Rose:
Their chemistry is no joke. Glad they are still in the same company, so maybe they will lead another drama together right?👉👈
케이 토비 오
케이 토비 오:
We need season 2 or an extra episode of them getting married
Subrat Sekhar Sahoo
Subrat Sekhar Sahoo:
this drama actually healed me, truly a masterpiece.
Old Song PirateCrew
Old Song PirateCrew:
Me and my son in 2040
Son : dad how did you not get bored in covid19 lockdown?
Me : allow me to tell you the legend IONTBO
Black Gatsby
Black Gatsby:
Her wardrobe handler must receive a salary raise! Her outfits were on fire! 🔥
Everyone in this drama including the deer should get a award😆💞
Park Tae
Park Tae:
I seriously cried like a bitch watching a guy giving flowers to a woman....... It's just really special
Ms Amira
Ms Amira:
This drama is a masterpiece because:
Acting 💯
Chemistry 💯
Storylines 💯
Good life Lessons 💯
OSTs 💯
Styling 💯
Cinematography 💯
Character Development 💯
Joyita Islam
Joyita Islam:
They are sooo good looking, I mean equally good looking and they look soooo good together! My God!
i will never get over their chemistry LIKE it’s literally so natural and their kiss scenes seem like they aren’t acting 🤣
Mis Briar
Mis Briar:
This drama just hits you with that emotions. The only major plot hole is how her mother (who was apparently killed and thrown out to the sea) managed to survive!
Any theories out there?
Ching Villaganas
Ching Villaganas:
That last kiss after Munyeong confessed her love for Gangtae is the sweetest & sincerest kiss of them. Because finally, Munyeong has completely been sincere in her feelings for Gangtae as opposed to the first time she said "I love you" to him in Ep.4 ❤❤ Ahhhh I can't move on from this drama. I've rewatched the entire series thrice over the two weekends since it ended just to fill the void in my weekend drama habit. This is the best drama of 2020 for me. It has touched my heart more than any dramas I've watched so far this year. And Kim Soo Hyun was right when he said this is a human healing drama. Indeed it is. And I love the cinematography as well as the soundtrack. The background music and the songs used in the drama evokes so much emotion. More importantly, the three main leads KSH, SYJ and OJS were all superb in their portrayal of their character--- I cried and laughed with them in every scene. Overall, the best! Love love love them! ❤💙💚💛
Magic Black Barbara
Magic Black Barbara:
Mun Yeong is the most honest character.. She is brave..To be a child of trauma and to somehow be able to face the world . She is honest ,volatile and more understanding than people know. She sees Gang Tae not because she's lonely but because she sees him. The strongest emotion is the need to be understood and to know someone in the world sees you for who you are. As an child and as a adult he spends so much time wearing a mask and bottling up his feelings. That he is always about to explode. She gives him a place to release the pressure even when she doesn't understand.. And yet she is still fragile and a little lonely girl. In a way they are teaching each other how to live in the world..
HeY sToB iT
HeY sToB iT:
Why am I so obsessed with this woman??? I just love her. Oh God.... .
Drama is on top, but all we got is Jenga. Life really is unfair
The way Gangtae removed his jacket to give her is the hottest thing i have ever seen in k-dramas... still here with them
Christian chimchim
Christian chimchim:
I cant get over her eye smile. How can someone look this pretty smiling. God has favorites i swear.
muskan yadav
muskan yadav:
How will I ever get over this k drama..... How😭😭😭😭
1:16 and 11:07 have gotta be two of the most iconic moments in kdrama history
Samir Debbarma
Samir Debbarma:
Fact : After watching the drama everyone became fans of Seo Ye Ji.
dream land
dream land:
i want to see ye ji again in drama...
If they really be dating in real life, they definitely get the title of "Korea's powerful couple"
In this drama, I love how KMY unknowingly heals people around her just by being herself...
Karan Bhela
Karan Bhela:
Military service made him more handsome
Bria Rivera
Bria Rivera:
2020 is closing near and still this drama is the BEST of 2020 or shall I say of THE DECADE.
patrick gayoso
patrick gayoso:
*Things that made Its Okay Not to Be Okay Superior:* 👁👄👁
-Not a Typical Romatic Drama
-Having a Bad Rich Female lead
-Shows the reality of fairytales and not being hypocrite that gave us more LESSON
-Superior Actors and Actress
-The Three Main Leads got to show their acting skills LIKE ALL OF THEM MADE ME DYING OF LAUGHTER OR SOBBING ME INTO TEARS
-The Moral lesson of each patients that every one of them experienced hardships and made them not okay.
Lona EL
Lona EL:
Who misses these two so much and can't start any other drama cuz they can't get over this drama 😭
Amikshya Limbu
Amikshya Limbu:
She's so pretty and damn her smile she's like an angel I love her so much!!
This kdrama is way ahead of other dramas..cast plus story..I watched this kdrama almost 10 times..still whenever I feel sad I watch this drama❤..n come one drama can be so perfect..I really want to meet moon gangtae and all for kdrama from india🇮🇳
clari efua
clari efua:
After watching so many spoilers on YouTube I decided to watch the drama and I was like WHAT????🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
Is this really acting?😯😯😯😯😯😯
How can this be?
Woooooooow😳😳😳😳🤐🤐🤐 it's sooo incredible
Watch it if u haven't
Ashley Cameron
Ashley Cameron:
Lmao first drama I didn’t care too much if they kissed or not 😭😭 the chemistry & acting was everything
Linh Đan Đàm
Linh Đan Đàm:
Still refusing to move on from this drama.
taeyongs lamp
taeyongs lamp:
I really truly hope that more dramas like this are made in the future. This was just too good, and that's why I can't move on. Everything was just on another level.
Honestly this drama is so amazing that i would erase my memory just to watch it again for the first time...I CANNOT GET OVER IT AND I'LL NEVER WILL.
Ringleader24 T
Ringleader24 T:
Usually the lines “I love you” will be the ground breaker of the drama with slow motion and romantic effects but 1:38 they made it comedic😂😂I love how unexpected the script is. Its breaking typical cliches!
Sayeda Banu
Sayeda Banu:
This shows speaks about very important topic that is mental health. The message is portrayed very well and the entire cast has acted perfectly. Thank you for giving a beautiful ending. Simple yet so amazing show.
Fiona Ye
Fiona Ye:
Swoon, this is not what we want. We are waiting for couch talk and more games or interviews with the cast!!
Ess Brandi
Ess Brandi:
Y’all don’t understand how happy this drama makes me feel 😊
Lyrra Tricia
Lyrra Tricia:
I just miss IT'S OKAY TO NOT BE OKAY , that's why I'm here right now. Who's with me ? HAHAHA
Nyshima Felix
Nyshima Felix:
They are both ridiculously Lord!
Mariam Gulaid
Mariam Gulaid:
I swear, I knew this girl would be a star when I saw her in Moorim school years ago. She's so talented.
SubZerO Gaming
SubZerO Gaming:
After watching this drama , all other dramas feel so bland....
Rupica Neelamma
Rupica Neelamma:
They are like two forces of nature and Their chemistry is out of this world!!!
Ashley Dickerson
Ashley Dickerson:
Let’s be real honest with ourselves and say that we all need to count to three after seeing this video cause D.A.M.N.
Brenda Lau
Brenda Lau:
I'm a big fan of Kim Soo Hyun. I'm very happy to watch his 1st drama after his military. I'm so proud of him, he did very well, his acting performance is so excellent. Hyunji is the best couple I've ever seen in Korea drama. Looking forward to seeing them in next drama.
I love this Netflix series!
I hope people who watch series and become more understanding of people with mental health issues. Not just the ones that got admitted to the institutions. Almost all of us have a certain degree of childhood traumas that stay with us and hopefully we can overcome them.
pao vii
pao vii:
No kdrama can compete with it's okay to not be okay their chemistry is no joke I need a season 2 or another drama with them staring as the lead roles
Reena Roy
Reena Roy:
I can't help thinking how cute and innocent her laugh is..
Madison Haulcy
Madison Haulcy:
Let’s talk about how good of an actor moon sang-taes actor is like y’all. He made me cry a few times
DEBRA Senteu
DEBRA Senteu:
Okay but why is nobody talking about her waist??! She really said ⌛
Weeny Animations
Weeny Animations:
Watching this makes me feel lonely and happy at the same time😭
Roh Laren
Roh Laren:
I fell in love with this very talented actress years ago and she has delivered every single time. She is beautiful, her voice is this silky, smoky smooth, warm tone, and her body is killer! It's nice she has an equal in talent co-star, because they not only light up the screen, but torch the hell out of the love scenes! Wow... this was good!
It’s Okay to Not Be Okay is blessing in this frustating 2020.. i mean it
Sajini Wick
Sajini Wick:
She is sooooo beautiful 😭❤️ Haven’t seen such a good looking duo ❤️ Just can’t move on from this drama 😩 It’s a masterpiece! Everyone’s acting is top notch 💯 and everything about this drama is just so perfect
that girl
that girl:
I cry everytime they stare in each other's eyes. Get married you two! 😩😢💗
jancy jerry
jancy jerry:
Usually we wish the main leads to act together in another drama or movie, but in this I want everyone , literally everyone who acted in this drama to act again together in another one....
12:43 when Gang Tae said "I love you" to her we can really see the emotion in her eyes I think it's because no one loved her sincerely before until Gang Tae came
ssz szz
ssz szz:
I'm glad that seo yeji get recognizing that she deserve after this drama. I watched her since potato star, she's a great actress. She's slay every roles she take in, moorim school, another way, by quantum physics, save me, lawless lawyer, hwarang, can't believe I watch all of this😂
Sheena Marie Vargas
Sheena Marie Vargas:
I will never ever forget this drama! Out of this world chemistry!
Muji Anwar
Muji Anwar:
Trust me, I watch so many K-Dramas but this one, literally this one is a masterpiece, exceptional, superb, and healing at the same times. I laugh when they laugh and I cry like a bitch when they cry... Damn! I feel something warm in my heart after watching this series. And till now I can't move on.
Jane Enero
Jane Enero:
they didn't add the "i admit, i'm horny" that's like one of my favorite moments ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Agri_a Thakuri
Agri_a Thakuri:
The thing that made me drawn towards it is becoz of the realistic scenes and bright vibe along with great acting skills unlike other dramas where only good side of actors is shown.
Emilia Torres
Emilia Torres:
He's the most gorgeous man OMG
bts army
bts army:
This drama is insanely amazing...😚💜Their chemistry is just mind blowing...💋😍#Moon couple forever I WANA SEE THEM AGAIN Ok this is not right but now I am craving for season 2...😏😢
Lucy Kamau
Lucy Kamau:
Finally I woman who isn't shy ...why do they insist on making them so docile In most of the drama.. I love this woman
Cathrine Zara
Cathrine Zara:
This drama is now have the the highest point for kdrama in netflix, yet we just got one jenga
ryan aries
ryan aries:
that deer scene tho.... i repeat it like hundreds time... not just kissing scene, but gang tae facial upset shekiyaiish expression just brilliant! lol ... i like the idea that at the end, gang tae so much look like mun yeong than she is lol
All I want is a second season OR a new drama with the same cast.
ave vendor
ave vendor:
Finally syj getting the recognition she deserve such a versatile actress the range is no joke from drama,comedy ,horror and romance she can portray with frying color's.
Kaizoku AnimexxX
Kaizoku AnimexxX:
I regret that I watch this first because I planned that I will start watching plenty of kdrama besides anime and US series, but now my plan is over cause I can't get over and I no longer have the courage to watch the other kdrama because of this masterpiece drama!!! I hope it will have another season or they will make another drama
Myiesha Kastila
Myiesha Kastila:
Meghna Thakuria
Meghna Thakuria:
Her voice is so amazing 🤩 she is in another level 👍👍👍👍👍👍
María José Carmona
María José Carmona:
Lo mejor de este K-drama es el argumento, los conflictos entre los personajes y la antagonista están muy bien construidos. Además de la belleza y química atrapante de los protagonistas, los demás personajes segundarios tampoco aburren, es una majestuosidad, en realidad no he encontrado otra serie por lo menos parecida a ésta
Lona EL
Lona EL:
Mia Wulandari S
Mia Wulandari S:
We need coach talk and compliment with them as a guest star, please.
Alice Yeh
Alice Yeh:
Shin Atsuji
Shin Atsuji:
Seo Ye Ji is basically the male lead in the series.
Reliance Udhyog
Reliance Udhyog:
That's how I want to see female character in kdrama
Bold fearless and kind at the same time
Kim Jong un
Kim Jong un:
After the report, I don't know if it's true or not. But if it's true I found out why she act so good in this drama.
Ngl I have watched this drama more than 10 times just because these two are too cute to leave behind