"It was their own making" | Jamie Carragher on Liverpool's frustrations against West Brom

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Jamie Carragher believed that Liverpool were the makers of their own downfall against West Brom as Jurgen Klopp's men were frustrated throughout during their 1-1 draw at Anfield.

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100+ ความคิดเห็น:

Gianluca Gozzo
Gianluca Gozzo:
Carra using the first microphone ever invented
D A:
😂😂😂😂this years league is so confusing man
Imagine the scenes if there were crowds from the start of the season
Could’ve , should’ve been over first half. We weren’t clinical
David Nguyen
David Nguyen:
I can’t remember a season such as this to be far more exciting with lots of unknowns and no real favourites going into each game. I think we’re going down to the wire for this one
Ali Njie
Ali Njie:
This season anyone can win so interesting
Scott Hall
Scott Hall:
Wba last 2 away games
Draw at the champions
Draw at the previous champions
Say what you want but not many teams do that
Nara Youn
Nara Youn:
Can someone tell curtis Jones to do 2 touches plz. He slowed down every attack.
TT 97
TT 97:
You do start to wonder: is this whole season going to be nuts, or is it just the „2020-effect“😂😂😂
Authentic Self Growth
Authentic Self Growth:
This season is the best ever 😂
Said the same thing after the Fulham game, Liverpool are too reliant on the fullbacks' crossing ability. When you have 4/5 defenders in the box vs the front 3 the delivery will have to almost be perfect for it to work. Salah was also wasteful today, sometimes dribbling too much when he should have shot. Needed Shaq/Taki to come on earlier, they can at least make passes through the defence. Or bring on Ox, at least he'll try and shoot from distance unlike Jones or Gini today
Tejas Bhat
Tejas Bhat:
Why are they saying west Brom only defended
Yes first half they did
But second half they had more chances than pool and actually put pool on the backfoot
Jack Reilly
Jack Reilly:
Absolutely massive chance missed to break away from the pack by liverpool. DAMN!!!
Adnan Mustafa
Adnan Mustafa:
I'm furious with how Liverpool played in the 2nd half
Jamie Anderson
Jamie Anderson:
The Sam allardyce effect
Mans holding his arms out in the thumbnail as if to say he doesn’t have Liverpool playing ultra attack in every second of every game. Sometimes keep the ball and collect the points.
Rahul Kadam #YNWA
Rahul Kadam #YNWA:
I could see the equaliser coming from miles but Klopp didn't..
Alex Rodrigues
Alex Rodrigues:
We can only blame our selves in this game. We lost urgency in the second half and we paid the price.
Both Liverpool & Chelsea dropping points to relegation sides. This season 🤣😩🙂
Liverpool never lost that’s all that matters. A point is a point, the question is who will finish second 🤣
The Edelweiss Pirate
The Edelweiss Pirate:
It's been obvious for ages that Liverpool need a creative midfield player. This game was a perfect example why.
mo kahn
mo kahn:
please klopp drop curtis too young not ready for the A team bring him back when he is 21 and ready thanks
multi jam multi jam
multi jam multi jam:
Draw away its ok but home?
Bottom team?
Something bad is going on behind the camera..🤔
Jonathan M
Jonathan M:
I didn't get the Jones hype going into this match and I certainly don't now, just because your cocky doesn't mean shit..i don't think he's a bench player.. What does he add
G S:
Liverpool let lovren leave but didn't replace him.
Appauling display from Liverpool. Passing sideways and backwards at 1-1 against a league 1 side. Title contenders should be putting 3 or 4 past these
Literally everyone dropping points
What Are We Winning Again?
What Are We Winning Again?:
Lmao Kloop fails at rotating the squad. Fair play to WBA.
Richard Stark
Richard Stark:
0:57 I nearly had nothing to eat had I not found this, Try this out here ,, *e z g o o d p a y*
Sam Horner
Sam Horner:
I wonder if Jamie Carragher will ever make it through an interview without saying "talking about"
Lawson Sara
Lawson Sara:
0:36 I almost would live on the street if I had not come across this, Start this also here at ,.. *e z g o o d p a y*
We need Jamie to dust off his boots and get back on the pitch right now haha.
karnalogix technics
karnalogix technics:
Interesting to hear what Steve and Craig from ESPN say about this match
Never Look back
Never Look back:
Such a flukey season, all teams are too un-predictible 😂
Anybody winning an eight match acca on Prem games this season deserves a million pound bonus.
Picaully Charles
Picaully Charles:
Best team in the world? 😂
abdi libaax
abdi libaax:
Hello darkness my old friend
Crazy season where anyone can beat everyone! Me like😋☺
what is going on this season
Stop moaning we got memed on for having less passes as a team than Jordan Henderson but second half we had more shots on goal than Liverpool only stat that matters though is the score and we drew 1-1 well earned point
Ethan Hunt
Ethan Hunt:
You’ve got to ask yourself is klopp the right man for the job? Absolutely not! Sack him by new year ( united fan)
Royce Leonel
Royce Leonel:
Need lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Henbury Street Blue
Henbury Street Blue:
WBA defended well, that goal by Mane was pretty amazing and it took that to broach WBA tonight.
Abdinasir Mohamed
Abdinasir Mohamed:
Btw, can we get a good CB as a loanee from somewhere just to push us through the season before the big guys come back to business?
Because i don't see us buying g a CB and then he sits the bench doing nothing when the dudes are back.
It will be frustrating unless we're ready to rotate players
David Knight
David Knight:
Liverpool,watch out here comes City.
After first 10 mins i couldnt see it being a draw at all
Tracy Thomas
Tracy Thomas:
Devin Halim
Devin Halim:
West Brom deserved to get something from that match, they discipline,brave,and determine enough

And Liverpool are haunted by chasing pack again 😂😂😂,Everton Leicester,man u and the rest are starting to catch Liverpool again
Jakob Gerald
Jakob Gerald:
Hi Boys 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
Sandesh Mishra
Sandesh Mishra:
No one is saying that Man City can win they are keeping clean sheets and they are winning games
Ollie Walton
Ollie Walton:
I nearly broke Nani’s leg
abdi unstoppable
abdi unstoppable:
It’s great to see tho means arsenal are back in the title race 👍🏿👌
Willy Ata
Willy Ata:
Watching the first 20 minutes of the game I knew we not gonna win this game, again same wrong decisions by Klopp cost us losing an important win, shame he only focus on referee decisions, Klopp is like a child who made a mistake and doesn't know what to do about it so he cries to his mom, Liverpool is inconsistent, one game win by 7, next game draw with the second worse team in the league, what a shame!!
Shafi Rahman
Shafi Rahman:
No shots were taken outside the box.
Joel Green
Joel Green:
Great result Sam
Christian G.
Christian G.:
Is that some special kind of microphone where you have to appear like you wanna swallow it?
Adam Cox
Adam Cox:
Gotta love Big Sam... absolute baller of a manager
This season is going to be interesting
excuses 😂😂😂😂 as usual
Ian Holden
Ian Holden:
Great point for west brom
Citizen Kane
Citizen Kane:
“Liverpool are the best team, even without VVD” 😂
Man City “Hold my beer”
realist realist
realist realist:
Mr super analyist, any reference to the increasing meltdowns of the big toothed one on the line. Every week it's worse than Keegan's.
Furqan Muhammad
Furqan Muhammad:
Nay Philips young? The guy is older than Gomez 😂
Liverpool give us that premier league trophy 🏆
West brom hold my beer 🍻
This result just makes Man Utd v Liverpool in Jan all the more interesting 😋👹
Ziyaad Mahomed
Ziyaad Mahomed:
Big Sam is a top class manager imo
Gavin Williams
Gavin Williams:
Dont no why Gini's contract is such a big deal let him go clearly dont want to be there another poor performance
aby modayil
aby modayil:
This year the league is much more exciting than the crap last season.
Rafsan Shivaduta
Rafsan Shivaduta:
01-02 Serie A more stiffer than this season
Mas A
Mas A:
Perfect game for Thiago should have risked him if he planned of playing him for the Newcastle game
Presidents sing
Presidents sing:
Sir Truth
Sir Truth:
Watch Arsenal come back lmao.
Brice Folly
Brice Folly:
I agree with all what Jamie said
Cenk Tosun to West Brom in January
Shelly Boyle
Shelly Boyle:
Hahaaaa common Everton
Audit the Auditors
Audit the Auditors:
Leeds play them this Tuesday so I'm sure it will be tough but I reckon we will smash them and will be are biggest battering of the season so far .
Sexual Chocolate Robbie
Sexual Chocolate Robbie:
Back down to earth Spatter
Miss Annie
Miss Annie:
Sam Allardyce is master of the formation 6 4 0
czzz tk
czzz tk:
Aston Villa win win the prem mark my words come back to this comment when they win
N Afzal
N Afzal:
Where's Lovren when you need him?!
mark bosco
mark bosco:
0:59 I make 195 every day at,.. *e z g o o d p a y*
Sean Abraham
Sean Abraham:
Me commenting on here to make it 666 comments.
Red Devil
Red Devil:
Idk What
Idk What:
Carragher trying to eat the microphone or something
Rafid Sobhan
Rafid Sobhan:
When tight hugs from Klopp fail to work 😶😶
Manutd must take advantage!
Ibthisam Yousaf
Ibthisam Yousaf:
Sadio MAIN.
Mirko Kraovac
Mirko Kraovac:
Carra using the mic to guard against covid
Mr Meldrew
Mr Meldrew:
Big Sam is lining up Steve the bricklayer from Sandwell on a free transfer as we speak.
The rest of the season parking the bus in a vain attempt to scrape up......eurgh.
June 25th
June 25th:
We just had to say ynwa to Man U 😭
if liverpool dont win it, who will?
its almost defaulted to liverpool at the moment; the only other alternative is city.
man utd? leceister? spurs? chelsea? everton? nahh
George Hansen
George Hansen:
Curtis Jones holds onto the ball too much,,he tries to much himself instead of releasing the ball to more senior players,he was at fault for the goal too..we need Tiago back,as soon as.
Adam Halford
Adam Halford:
Too many entitled players there after winning the league full backs bang average defenders ain't at the heights of last year going forward salah out greedy laxy daisy player wijnaldum jog on
Aravind RG
Aravind RG:
Hello there numba one
Liverpool aren’t the best team it’s villa
Crash Animation
Crash Animation:
Omg just wait till jota and thiago come back... Crickets.
Adam Rowland
Adam Rowland:
Erm erm erm erm
Fin .Reilly
Fin .Reilly:
I think Jones looks for the best option for too long on the ball. During the 90 minutes those options will come to you and he will learn that.