Inside Anfield: Liverpool 4-3 Salzburg | Behind-the-scenes from another Champions League win

Go behind-the-scenes from LFC's 4-3 win over Salzburg in the Uefa Champions League.

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Premier League Champions
Premier League Champions:
I wanna see the tunnel cam after the full time whistle v Leicester City
Omar Abdelwahab
Omar Abdelwahab:
Stop comparing Mané to Salah
They’re both great and very essential to the team. Mo won us the Salzburg game, Mane won us the Leicester game with the late pen and goal so stop please!!!!
They are humans they won’t be amazing every match!
Hendi Bird Home
Hendi Bird Home:
Chandra Jatnika
Chandra Jatnika:
1:32 minamino: "so this is the stadium that I will play next year"
Who's here after minamino news?
Ahmed Adel
Ahmed Adel:
The Egyptian king 💪
Ben Buckle
Ben Buckle:
i wish more of the players would touch the 'this is anfield' sign on their way out
LCM Zenitsu
LCM Zenitsu:
City: Wolves? It's too easy, they are an awful team.
Wolves: Hold my adama.
Fadi A1Hatu
Fadi A1Hatu:
I get so much satisfaction when the players high five the fans in the tunnel
Cian Dolan
Cian Dolan:
Love the energy of the Salzburg fans, I'll give them all the credit in the world. Hell of a team with a hell of a fanbase. Good luck lads, just don't beat us in Austria! 😜
ثائر العدوان
ثائر العدوان:
Mo salah 💙🇯🇴🇪🇬✌💪👍
Fan Site
Fan Site:
Two close affairs in one week... By hook or by crook, perfect record maintained
What The Moo
What The Moo:
2:17 Mane is too funny 😂
Marko San
Marko San:
that maneminominho guy is pretty good, would love to see him in the premier league
David Sarja
David Sarja:
That noised "Inside Anfield" when Sallah scored the winning goal it's like an Earthquake! One of the many reasons why ANFIELD is a Cemetery to any visitor 😆😆😆😄😄
Dimitri Topatsis
Dimitri Topatsis:
one of the best Inside Anfields to date!!!
Ahmed Mohamed
Ahmed Mohamed:
Never stop smiling Bobby never stop smiling
Andreas L
Andreas L:
Wow what a nice flashback of this crazy game I came all the way from Salzburg 🇦🇹
Better than any highlights from sky or dazn
Qori Daulay
Qori Daulay:
fair play to Salzburg fans. very cool!!!
Ahmed gamal
Ahmed gamal:
Oh finally
Better late than never
The only thing I impatiently wait for on YouTube is “Inside Anfield”
The best club Channel here literally ❤️
Haitham N
Haitham N:

seniorita Samia
seniorita Samia:
OH GOD !!! Hope Mo is okey 😓😓😓😓😓😓 we need him a looooot after the break.
Nymah X
Nymah X:
2:36 corner taken quickly........ ORIGIIII 🤪🤪🤪
Srijan Butola
Srijan Butola:
Macca and Salah have the same hair stylist. Lol.
Liverpool YNWA
Liverpool YNWA:
Liverpool Liverpool Liverpool ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Asem Awad
Asem Awad:
Running down the wing 👑
Isaac Adjei Safo
Isaac Adjei Safo:
Frankly speaking I Liverpool supporters are the most loyal and faithful people I have seen. They love their club players so much and have been supportive. God bless all Liverpool fans
1:06 *guy with mustache in the back* - When you're the only one who didn't get the school memo.
What happened this night boys, it was crazy😂
Asmaa Rashad
Asmaa Rashad:
Thank you mo salah ⚽⚽ I love you very much 😎😍🇪🇬
Nazri Mansor
Nazri Mansor:
Credit to RB Salzburg... they pushed us all the way... no easy games in UCL.
Angelina The drifter
Angelina The drifter:
GOOOO....🎺🎻🎶🎵🎶🎻🎺"MO SALAH"😘😘😘😘😘😘
Anuj Kumar Das
Anuj Kumar Das:
Bobby can't stop smiling... Even during warm ups❤️❤️
Puge Gamlin
Puge Gamlin:
The opening Roar of Salzburg fan gave me goosebumps
Ah I like it when Mane is shirtless and happy 🔥 And tbh the "losing" feeling is not there in the league but sometimes at the CL but so we keep on the floor and are not hyped up like bayern! 7-2 and then they lost in the league lol
Heard minamino is in our shortlist? 👀
Niziu ganbare
Niziu ganbare:
Love it but please also give us the tunnel cam we want desperately haha
Pheak Photo
Pheak Photo:
Tomas Kulbak
Tomas Kulbak:
Can you include more of fans singing/chanting like you did in the past ?
Ian Williams
Ian Williams:
good effort salzburg, keep drinking the red bull
heaven yx
heaven yx:
GWS mo salah 😢💔
Filsan Adde
Filsan Adde:
Mane's energy everytime
Kant Limpitaks
Kant Limpitaks:
I'm an ordinary fan, I got the notification, I click it ❤❤❤
Shane Gill
Shane Gill:
5:25 that lil dude is so happy to be beside Trent
Ken Raihan Gardia
Ken Raihan Gardia:
That Salzburg fan standing on top of the sharp fence has me wondering what will happen if he accidentally falls
They say that asmr gives you tingles. Well listen to anfield scream out you'll never walk alone and tell me that you ain't got tingles.
Liam Treacy
Liam Treacy:
Fatehveer Singh
Fatehveer Singh:
8:26 Damn look at the Kop when Mo scores.Beautiful
Mo Laoshi
Mo Laoshi:
I wanted to hear the Mane & Salah's chants, not only Andy!
notia atc
notia atc:
Premier League champions soon 🔜
Abdi Sharif
Abdi Sharif:
I share my birthday with TAA tomorrow......wish us luck
Lasse B.
Lasse B.:
3:12-3:23 the poor guy...
Nobody gieves him high Five!!
lamp man
lamp man:
Robbo in the first half was friggin' unbelievable! He's a beast! .... an angry beast too, don't you reckon Perez?
Great away support! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Kozato Kizai
Kozato Kizai:
this 50fps video is lit man..
Miljan Vukovic
Miljan Vukovic:
Amazing content. Gotta show the tunnel from after Leicester
Jam mane
Jam mane:
I nearly suffered heart attack but it was classic game reminded me last seasons crystal palace game at Anfield.
Amazing game by Firmino!!
Tiago Silva
Tiago Silva:
Loved the 5 minute build up until the game! YNWA
Shankley's scalfs, funky!
What an angle at the winning goal, wow.
Dennis Martin
Dennis Martin:
Love it..... YNWA
Egbe Ejay
Egbe Ejay:
Its been a really long while our players came to the tunnel in suits.... Everyone dresses like Klopp now
SKYWalkers SG
SKYWalkers SG:
10:14 how the lady in red admires our gorgeous Number 9. Si Senor!
Aneel Singh - PUBG MOBILE
Aneel Singh - PUBG MOBILE:
Caio Cesar Melo Lopes
Caio Cesar Melo Lopes:
8:20 firmino Genius as always!!!!
Breezy Fan
Breezy Fan:
8:53 that angle to 😂😂
President Of Peace
President Of Peace:
I just want to know why does it take you so long to upload
bigboy123 -
bigboy123 -:
brilliant seeing the lads touching the anfield sign,l
AR 26
AR 26:
2:42 LOL that flag should be the corner flag of Anfield
Fajar Rampai
Fajar Rampai:
Merinding cukk
Gregory Margetis
Gregory Margetis:
I think we have a change at Directors position, for the vids. Or the Director is the same and started experimenting with angles etc. It wasn't bad, just not as good as the previous.
Steven Sterling
Steven Sterling:
I want to see Minamino in our shirt! What a player he is!!
brian yeung
brian yeung:
Salzburg bus design is sick!!
Philip Anzelmo
Philip Anzelmo:
That Hwang guy? Damn he’s good and I think Liverpool should get him!
Salah ♥️
? Who
? Who:
Tower of Strength by The Mission at 4:35 - haven't heard that song since gothing out in the late 80s!
Maro Maro
Maro Maro:
Mo salaaaaah 👑
We love you Firmino 💓
tomie myspace
tomie myspace:
I'm saying Hi to the one who say Hi to Bobby.
Nguyễn Trường Giang
Nguyễn Trường Giang:
Respect, GGWP Salzburg .
Ferdy Grunge
Ferdy Grunge:
Salzburg asian player so good !
JeeTube Channel
JeeTube Channel:
Go Go Go !!!!
Sii señor, Bobby Firmino ⚽
ala' Arabyat
ala' Arabyat:
All love to Robertson 💓💕💞💖💘
mohd salman ali
mohd salman ali:
Salah 🤩
van dijk was the best player of the year and still uses wired earbuds 😭
Tumanggor Tumanggor
Tumanggor Tumanggor:
why not much inside tunnel anymore, I like to see when both team meet inside tunnel before they came out to the pitch or after the game. We already knew much on the pitch
Thiago Barbosa
Thiago Barbosa:
3:50 SÃO PAULO FC <3
Vandit Panvelkar
Vandit Panvelkar:
Are all Liverpool matches going to be closely contested till the very end? :P
chun mapae
chun mapae:🇹🇭👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👍
Budi Squal
Budi Squal:
Konten mahal dan mewah ini
lucifer 1245
lucifer 1245:
Liverpool was focused in the premier league that why they has conceded 3 goals against salzburg
Anthony Orjally
Anthony Orjally:
Who’s here after wolves beat city 2-0
Jidhu Krishna
Jidhu Krishna:
I respect their passion. But this is Anfield 💪