‘I’m Engaged’ Prank On My Friends: April Fool’s Day special

All mh friends have left me. I need new friends. Please apply for the job asap. Mail me at [email protected]


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Now even when dolly gets engaged everyone is gonna get reconfirmed before reacting😂
Sonal Majithia
Sonal Majithia:
Komal's a kind hearted person ❤️❤️❤️
Sakshi Sharma
Sakshi Sharma:
Komal's reaction is priceless
Geetika Sharma
Geetika Sharma:
Ankush's reaction was like "tu bata main acting karunga"!!!😂😂😂
Plot twist: Dolly is actually engaged but showing us as it is a prank for fooling us on April fool day...💀
Srabasti Chowdhury
Srabasti Chowdhury:
Ankush ke dimag mai bhi kuch prank ideas chalre the for sure isliye he's the only smart one 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Awwwhhh🥺🥺 i felt bad for komal.

Btw u cud hve fooled manu as well🤣🤣🤣🤣wud hve been epic
Charitha K
Charitha K:
Komal reacted so sweetly.. That is how a friend should be..
Bhavya Singh
Bhavya Singh:
Everyone : OMG👁️👄👁️
Then there's ankush : I love that guy's sense of humor for a reason
Komal's reaction was everything ❤️❤️
She : i am engage 💍
Her friends: shook , crying
She: happy April fool's day
ankur S
ankur S:
*prank exists
Girls' crying 😢
Boys' : haramkhor party bacha li .
Dipsikha Dutta
Dipsikha Dutta:
Ankush's reaction was the best! 🤣🤣🤣
Alisha Mordhaya
Alisha Mordhaya:
Ankush is always the same 😂😂😂😂
Shreerupa Mukherjee
Shreerupa Mukherjee:
Wait wait wait so you mean that you and your friends look like that when you have a facetime when me and my friends look like horses?
Rhythm PaLak
Rhythm PaLak:
Best 😂❣️ ankush was outstanding and ofcourse komal's reaction was priceless ❣️
Vaishnavi Khullar
Vaishnavi Khullar:
Ankush is savage 😂😂
Nushura Saher
Nushura Saher:
Every one’s reaction was like teri engagement kaise hoagyi yaar but in English 😂😂😂😂😂
Sion Sanchari
Sion Sanchari:
Okay so the common reaction
At the beginning : Tears with buckets of fuck off
At the end : fuck off
You are so blessed with adorable people ❤️lots of love
Bhavna Chavda
Bhavna Chavda:
😂😂😂 komal's recreation was too good
Kim Anushka
Kim Anushka:
The first girl was literally happy and shaking 😂😂😂
Priya Taneja
Priya Taneja:
Ankush's reaction was the best😂😂😂😂😂
3:55 Lol this is called the real and true mood swing. That was epic.
Madhura Talwalkar
Madhura Talwalkar:
Ayyoo... Komal's reaction was 💓, it teared me up.. 😭
Kusha was soo excited and happy... ❤️

Ankush is a legend.. 👍🏼

P.S. Intro was A.P.T. though 🔥.
Afifa Khan
Afifa Khan:
Ankush ko last main intentionally call kiya na .. I thought you're not gonna call Ankush then he'll do all drama crying and ghar chodhna😭😂Btw love you ❤️and again your smile ❤️😭 I love it
Sudipta Bhattacharya
Sudipta Bhattacharya:
"This is not the right finger" got me cracking.... Lol XD
Caruna Karki
Caruna Karki:
Komal was crying because her Best friend got engaged without her presence 😂😂 actually she seems to be hurt more than happy🤣
Aadya Pandey
Aadya Pandey:
She has such nice friends, they all genuinely got so excited....awww 🥺
Anvi Puri
Anvi Puri:
Aha!! My favorite YouTuber is back again🥳🥳
Love you ma'am ♥️♥️
Nidhi Dwivedi
Nidhi Dwivedi:
My emotional ass starts crying even after knowing it's a prank 🤣
Aparna Khose
Aparna Khose:
This video actually made me cry!! You're so blessed Dolly you have such amazing people in your life♥️
Shalini Azad
Shalini Azad:
Vishnu's reaction was epic👍😻👍
Haseeb Shah
Haseeb Shah:
Here's an idea, you should actually get engaged in April, whichever the year be. It'll be super super fun XD
Wow I just realized that I've never had a friend like that 🥺
Miss. Sanchari Speaks
Miss. Sanchari Speaks:
That "Faaaak off" 😂 we all can relate!
કવિતા સ્મૃતિ
કવિતા સ્મૃતિ:
To be fare this should be more - the audio background voice by dolly
Mast tha dude.
The fact that she is dating someone ...and is close to marrying him ....actually gets her friends as well
Samiksha Agarwal
Samiksha Agarwal:
Kusha's reaction was priceless😂😂😂
Lucky Creations
Lucky Creations:
Did you tried the same prank on your boyfriend too??? 🤣😝
Smriti H
Smriti H:
Komal🥺🥺🥺❤ and vishnu❤
And ankush yaar😂😂
Akashi Gupta
Akashi Gupta:
Everybody was like 'wtfff' n f**kkkkk offff...... 🤷‍♀️ Except Ankush✌🤣
Ria Parveen
Ria Parveen:
I would have been so disappointed if Ankush did not guessed it ...but he is never letting me down now 🥺💗
Wellen jeje
Wellen jeje:
Ok girlfriend got some real homies I envy her 😭😭😭😭
swastika mishra
swastika mishra:
True friends cant control their tears
Joshini M.N
Joshini M.N:
Komal's THEE vibee😭
aishwarya deo
aishwarya deo:
Komal's reaction is precious 🥺❤️
I love how many *Fs* are in this video 🤣
Akshay Kansal
Akshay Kansal:
Ankush was best in saying bata what's the april fools plan 🤣🤣
Komal's reaction is the best🥰
Nayanika Poddar
Nayanika Poddar:
Ankush's reaction was tooooo epic 😂❤️
1546 Sanjana Singh
1546 Sanjana Singh:
ohh my godd!!! komal's reaction is so priceless...she's such a nice person
Mrs. Soni
Mrs. Soni:
I feel so bad for komal and kusha yaar😭😂💙
Hritika Sinha
Hritika Sinha:
Avula Mahathi
Avula Mahathi:
"WHAT THE FUCKKKK" was common in all the reactions :)
ankush is an exception tho lmao
Srabasti Chowdhury
Srabasti Chowdhury:
Omggg all your friends reactions were so wholesome hahahaha but lolll they're never gonna forgive you for this prank 🤣🤣🤣🤣
SWAS TipShip
SWAS TipShip:
You should have done recreation for every voice.
Akrita Sharma
Akrita Sharma:
I love how her friends reaction before is what the fu'k and after they know it was a prank is f'off 😂❤️
Khani Debbarma
Khani Debbarma:
Komal's reaction was my favorite! Everyone needs a bestfriend like her!
Atreyee Mallick
Atreyee Mallick:
Ankush being Ankush 😂😂😂
ritika taneja
ritika taneja:
The last one thou😂😂
Chahat Hasija
Chahat Hasija:
Komal's reaction was priceless 🥺❤️
Dr. ching
Dr. ching:
That Sids reaction is me when my friends tell me something n I'm like what's going on 😂😂😂
Saumya Negi
Saumya Negi:
Ankush's reaction was my favourite😂😂
Snigdha Dey
Snigdha Dey:
Ankur ,vrishu, kusha 😂 best reactions
Pooja Yadav
Pooja Yadav:
Komal is such a pure soul yrrrr
Arth Jain
Arth Jain:
U are very lucky to have a friend like komal❤️❤️.she literally cried
Neha Singh
Neha Singh:
You definitely need a friend like komal in your life
Amrutha J M
Amrutha J M:
Ankush's reaction was lit🔥
Aakriti Vashist
Aakriti Vashist:
I so badly wanted to see Ankush's reaction 😂❤️
Ashmi Verma
Ashmi Verma:
Ankush's reaction 😂😂😂👌👌👌
Swagata Chakraborty
Swagata Chakraborty:
These pranks are successful because we are never mindful of days and dates more so after the pandemic 🤣🤣🤣
Tanaya Jagtap
Tanaya Jagtap:
😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣the voice over were so on point !! 😂😂 I'm sharing this with my friends dolly 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Honey bee
Honey bee:
Aww so cute Komal 🥰 and ankush reaction was THE BEST😂😂
Palak Gupta
Palak Gupta:
Ankush bahugana is an entire different vibe...laughed the hardest on his reaction 😂😂❤️

Love your content dolly❤️
Subham Singha
Subham Singha:
3:33- that guy frnd internet is too slow but that ' fffff..uuuuu...aaaa...cccc..kkkkkkkk' sound was hilarious 😂
Chitrika Joshi
Chitrika Joshi:
Ok Ankush is savage ... PERIOD!!!🤣🤣
RG Explains
RG Explains:
This is the best video on internet today and I'm not even exxagerating. ❤️ You
Seriously Komal made me cry, such a sweetheart she is.. bless her❤️
nida maqsood
nida maqsood:
Ayushi Yadav
Ayushi Yadav:
Description is hilarious too🤣😂
Ayushi Rastogi
Ayushi Rastogi:
Ankush Bahuguna's reaction was best 😂😂
komal sharma
komal sharma:
Ankush's reaction was killer❤️❤️🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣smart guy hmmmmm😍😍👌👌👌
Tanuja Chahar
Tanuja Chahar:
I was literally thinking of doing this prank on this day, but then I was like 'bhaad me jaye'😂😂
Shahida Khan
Shahida Khan:
Kusha , Komal and Vishnu's reactions were priceless!!!!
Godithi Sruthi
Godithi Sruthi:
You should have done this on manu and recorded his reaction 😂😂 That would be epic 😂😂
shivani shitlani
shivani shitlani:
Best reaction goes to ANKUSH sapola😂
Akshay Agarwal
Akshay Agarwal:
Ankush is so wholesome! 😂😂😂
Glam With Yeasmin
Glam With Yeasmin:
Ankush is so me. He knows very well that he is blessed with some kamini friends whom he shouldn't believe 😝
Shee Moheeput
Shee Moheeput:
Poor me. Without any friends in this life. I don't feel sad.but it would be great to have friends like them. True friends are scarce nowadays. But guess I don't like mingling with others too much. After much thought. I'm happy alone.
Sushree Sethi
Sushree Sethi:
It's so good to see how genuinely happy and excited her friends were❤❤
aashima verma
aashima verma:
Komal b like ...aese logo k liye nark me tel ubala jara hai 😂😂😂...it was really funny bt u made her really emotional❤
Elite Looks
Elite Looks:
Ankush reaction is best maza aagya🤣🤣
Amisha 2001
Amisha 2001:
Ankush's reaction was the best🤣
Ankita Ambastha
Ankita Ambastha:
This is so funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣 to see that drastic change in the reaction .
Mystical Fine Arts
Mystical Fine Arts:
*I was going to sleep now but this seems more important*
Pronomi Haque
Pronomi Haque:
I already feel like crying not because of they're crying but you have friends to show/share your happiness.... Like... I don't have any.. like whom am I gonna show/share my happiness or good news?... I don't have any friends... 😅
priya priya112
priya priya112:
vishnuuuuuu’s reaction was awesome 💕
lalla cooper
lalla cooper:
The last one.....pure gold 😂
Iqra Akhtar
Iqra Akhtar:
Friends like Ankush know every kind of pranks that you possibly can play😂😭
Suparna Paul
Suparna Paul:
Last one was epic.. ring with wire..😂😂