Huawei P40 Pro UNBOXING & Full Walkthrough! | The Tech Chap

Unboxing the new Huawei P40 Pro and giving a walkthrough of all the features - including the Matte Glass design, Quad Camera setup, Kirin 990, 40w SuperCharge - as well as my first impressions! (£899 RRP, 8GB RAM, 256GB Storage. March 26th Pre-Order. April 6th Launch!)

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The Tech Chap
The Tech Chap:
Hey Chaps! Hope you enjoy the video (thumbs up if ya did!) 🔥 Would you buy a Huawei phone this year??
1) £899/€999 RRP, 8GB RAM, 256GB Storage. March 26th Pre-Order. April 6th Launch!)

2) 40w Wireless SuperCharge is ONLY on the P40 Pro+ P40 & Pro have 27w.
3) The colour is called "Silver Frost" (not Ice White). Apologies for errors - I was given incorrect info.
4) The Honor V30/V30 Pro is the original inspiration for the camera design
Doo Doo
Doo Doo:
Huawei did not copy samsung's back camera array design. The first design like this was the HONOR V30/V30 Pro.
Jerry RR LOTR:
Huawei camera technology is top. Love this P40 series. Check out this P40 series when they are out in your country. A great camera phone not to be missed.
L wal
L wal:
This is why the US is after huawei, their innovation knocks the socks off apple. The P range always leads the trend for others to follow...
Lita Zo
Lita Zo:
HUAWEI really knows how to design. The camera design looks crap on samsung but huawei gave that shiny touch made the whole difference .
Last year P30 pro had the best back design and the design was the main reason that want me buy it .whereas samsung's s20 series looks like A series.
i really wish google gets back to Huawei then im gonna buy it straight away. i love the display design, back colour and camera
N_ R
N_ R:
I sending my S20 Ultra back & getting a Huawei P40 Pro.....
Concept Creator
Concept Creator:
That colot is greay, display and it"s curve... not a fan
Shaun Pearce
Shaun Pearce:
That was quick! Loving the Huawei innovation today. Excited to see the progression of Huawei's app gallery, and possibly, the Ark/Hongmeng OS. Great review 👍
Taranga Talukder
Taranga Talukder:
Huawei could really lift the crown in 2020 as they predicted if there was no issue
Amier Tan
Amier Tan:
I'm not yet done watching the live launch event but I can't resist you The Tech Chap. Love your content and stay safe. ❤️
Izat Emir
Izat Emir:
huawei solve gms with own hms.
but it also come new features on huawei OS.. more comfort, smooth and futuristic..
Liza C
Liza C:
There is something with Huawei's design and screens I just love
Johannes Wöhler
Johannes Wöhler:
I've made my decision to own Sony Xperia 1 II, and then this came along :( So I decided to buy this one too. One android and one non-adroid/non-ios yay!
Sarah Tappen
Sarah Tappen:
I see my Hufflepuff mug 😘
Haidar Alghareeb
Haidar Alghareeb:
Do you smell what The Rock is cooking?! 🤨
Alfred Karl
Alfred Karl:
There it is! Tempting me to switch once again. 😂
Rhys L
Rhys L:
Always watch your videos , really well done and they cover all the main points. Nice one !
Sagar Sethi
Sagar Sethi:
Love this tech if Huawei its so awesome in 2020 and in all these crazy times around the world but apart from that me and other people would really love this phone
Dominik Fanboy
Dominik Fanboy:
Ich liebe dieses Handy❤️ Danke HUAWEI 😍
Paolo Curotto
Paolo Curotto:
Where are you from? Your neighborhood looks lovely 😀
Marko Salevic
Marko Salevic:
amazing Huawei <3 bay new p40 pro plus white or this... amazing <3
Monty Gill
Monty Gill:
2020 will have amazing smartphones
Roman Minárik
Roman Minárik:
1:58 Welcome Slovakiaaa! :D
can i zoom through my neighbor walls with this phone?
Tally Ho Tech
Tally Ho Tech:
I choose this video first over Dua Lipa’s latest video and it turned my floppy into a solid state drive
Liam Featherstone
Liam Featherstone:
Camera reflection Removal GIMICK I could still see the phone clear as day or the fence change colour
Note book
Note book:
The reflection completely vanished but I can still see it 🤔🤨
Soptok Sakku
Soptok Sakku:
Very well catch of every details.👍🏻
Varun Raghuvanshi
Varun Raghuvanshi:
Bro great video

Can I know from which cam you make/shoot youtube videos

Thank you
Nightly Bautista
Nightly Bautista:
You look very handsome in any camera 😜
Please make comparison between mate 30 pro 5G at P40 Pro+
Dwight Daven Retuya
Dwight Daven Retuya:
Still it's another brandnew phone that I cannot afford 🤐.
Forbes 58
Forbes 58:
Using the selfie camera close up I think the S20 was more true to life but I still prefer the P40 Pro also great review again Tom 👍
Lim Heng Leong
Lim Heng Leong:
I love how fast Huawei and Oppo fast charging. I cannot stand the rate of charging on my Samsung S20+
Dude seems to have gentle hands ;)
Julian HADDAD:
Audio zoom, air-swiping, camera person removal... are also included.
usman abdulkadir
usman abdulkadir:
Amazing unboxing and hands on review as always stay safe bro
The audio quality improved a lot as well 8:33 nice. Thanks for the video!
Dreams : huawei p40 pro
Life : galaxy j2
P40 is the BEST :)
om Prakash
om Prakash:
Huawei P40 Pro super amazing camera 😍
Kyle H
Kyle H:
Do the s20 ultra update your focus will be fixed and it's much faster. Tested this and yours is clearly not updated bro.
Shareef Cheroor
Shareef Cheroor:
Wide angle camera FoV.....?

Ex : 120°
Louis Halim
Louis Halim:
P40 Pro,90Hz = 999 euro
Realme 6 Pro,90Hz = 235 euro
fahruddin bayu irawan
fahruddin bayu irawan:
new subscriber... i know from flamville
Ellen S.
Ellen S.:
P30 Pro design looks best among the 3! I have P30 Pro with the black color as well and it's 👌👌👌👌👌
Hai Ajay
Hai Ajay:
Hey I am waiting for the huawei release p 40 pro india I like the design and looking
Russ Eagle
Russ Eagle:
Another great video 👏
Tusher Rahman
Tusher Rahman:
I love Huawei
yen seng wee
yen seng wee:
People used to cry for IOS apple in their phone when google android just born. Now people cry for google android in their phone over HMS?
Yakup Vergili
Yakup Vergili:
Hayallerin telefonu
Santhoshi Burugoju
Santhoshi Burugoju:
Amazing Video, Beautiful Phone Beautiful Day But What the Heck Don't be Outside , STAY INDOORS
Chris Banda
Chris Banda:
Everybody first, so... Last
Parminder Jaura
Parminder Jaura:
This video > the live event
So all reviewers uploaded the P40 pro video at the same time
Mawardi Ahmad
Mawardi Ahmad:
I like those eyes 😁
aziz aladwani
aziz aladwani:
wooow amazing huawei p40 pro 😍😍😍😍
Vincent Chong
Vincent Chong:
Nice Review!
Liam Ashton
Liam Ashton:
You lost me at the single tinny speaker. I hated it on the p30 pro. Plus no Google apps so it's DoA.
Digital Nomad
Digital Nomad:
Can you download the play store into it ?
Geri Hokke
Geri Hokke:
Was I supposed to look at which phone focus better? I was just looking at your beautiful eyes, got distracted.... Oh well! 🤷🏻‍♀️😏😏
jackie official
jackie official:
*RIP Sensor 3D ala Iphone :(*
Koo Kie
Koo Kie:
Siddiqur Rahaman
Siddiqur Rahaman:
My favourite phone p40 pro +
Kelvin Otieno
Kelvin Otieno:
I think huawei app gallery will grow over time. I would assume most companies would like to have a potential additional 1B client base.
Andrew Robinson
Andrew Robinson:
that notch is waaay too big making the phone look asymmetric
blackcoffee T
blackcoffee T:
If I clone my current phone which is maxed out at android 9 will it get updated to android 10 on P40?
Robin Agarwal
Robin Agarwal:
Great Content
P30 Pro is getting jealous of its successor 😄
Nice looking smartphone
Παναγιωτης Καραγιαννης
Παναγιωτης Καραγιαννης:
They have to do something with google for europe the phone is perfect
Methee เมธี Heephong หีบพง
Methee เมธี Heephong หีบพง:
Without being able to get my banking app this phone is no good to me
This *phone* has a built-in polarizer, that's dopeeee af. Ik it might not quite compare to digital cameras but that's dope as hell
trilochan Gurung
trilochan Gurung:
the best benefit of this mobile is that no longer google can spy your phone..:)
Domenico Lamberti
Domenico Lamberti:
5:35, oh hey look, itsa me.
•Max White•
•Max White•:
P40 lite ?
Hate the Notch. I can't wait for the OnePlus 8
Bibi Rai
Bibi Rai:
Did i buy the mate 30 pro too early? Urgh!!! That matte finish is just sexy!
Kamerton Audiophile player
Kamerton Audiophile player:
I just was going to upgrade...and then noticed no a standard mini SD card support. Nice but not for me.
Jahid kaiser sabbir
Jahid kaiser sabbir:
Can anyone gift me that p40 pro phone? Any kind hearted person 😑
Burair Raza
Burair Raza:
Android Auto Works???
Tunisa Tech
Tunisa Tech:
You know, having glare on spectacles is a big problem for selfies. I think companies should work on that!
Phil Levy
Phil Levy:
The dealbreaker for me is no Android auto.
Martha di Polandia
Martha di Polandia:
can we still use app of google?
DJI Drone Travel
DJI Drone Travel:
The only thing I don't like about this phone is the front camera its too big :/
I'll Take that P30 pro :)
Jet Mig
Jet Mig:
wanna be samsung lol
Kucing Item
Kucing Item:
Dah ada Google Service ke? Tanya je...
Jose Enrique Liu
Jose Enrique Liu:
Is it possible to install google service ?
Ishraq Alim
Ishraq Alim:
This looks sickkkkk, with that dope camera.
Abo Trump
Abo Trump:
How much is 899 in dollar 💰
Hello ! A first time I see your videos and I like do like a normal people..not a professional..means : you try everything what you can and Talk to everybody...I like that !!I have a p30 pro and I LOVE IT ! Anyway...thank you so much for your work !!Tamas from Luton
Kelvin Otieno
Kelvin Otieno:
So bored. I'm now watching all p40 pro videos
Dhicky Carey
Dhicky Carey:
I really like your smile it melts my heart 😍😍😍