Highlights: Mane scores, but Reds held at Anfield | Liverpool vs WBA

Watch key highlights from Anfield, where Semi Ajayi's late header cancelled out Sadio Mane's opener against Sam Allardyce's West Bromwich Albion.

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Hendi Bird Home
Hendi Bird Home:
masih di pucuk :)
Malek samarah
Malek samarah:
I think Klopp deserves some blame on this with all due respect. you can`t just stand on the line holding your cards waiting for some circumstances to occur. Shaqiri was the code hack for that defensive block, and even the two substitutions were too late.
Why would you complain about canceling the 5 substitutions while you are not using your 3?
Goran Damianovici
Goran Damianovici:
Jose and Klopp never walk alone.
Ghristyan Saliba
Ghristyan Saliba:
Mane's celebration was for Lee
Military Update
Military Update:
Always be the best 👌
niamh kirk
niamh kirk:
love him to death but salah makes too many silly mistakes that give away possession and slow down the rhythm.
Maldini 3
Maldini 3:
We needed to take out Jones and put in Shaqiri. We needed another attacker, similar to what we did against West Ham.
Ayush Prabhash
Ayush Prabhash:
Virgil wins the aerial duel which resulted in the West Brom equaliser 9 times out of 10. Can't believe people actually say we're not missing Virgil. An aerially dominant centre half signing is a must.
Poor performance, late substitution, yet useless, Minamino was needed at some point as fast skilled player.
Edit: Shaqiri also would have been very good option, indeed if they both entered around 65, the game would for sure had "happy ending" .
Egyptian King LFC
Egyptian King LFC:
Really missed Jota in this game. He would have been an amazing sub in the second half
Sadly, Klopp didn't played Minamino as a starter or substitute. He played very well in the last match against Palace. And Shaqiri on the bench too. We need creative player.
Ayush Prabhash
Ayush Prabhash:
Unfortunately a result we absolutely deserved. A very poor second half. Hopefully, we learn from this and bounce back.
Cheikh Diakho
Cheikh Diakho:
Super SADiO MANE 💓💗💗🔥🔥💪💪
yahya khelladi
yahya khelladi:
this draw killed my mood for tonight and tomorrow.
hope reds will win next game, ynwa.
KellysHeroes 777
KellysHeroes 777:
It's mental how much we needed thiago in this match. Just someone who can pick the lock of a back 10
35 crosses... why would we cross the ball 35 times in a row, and none of them succeed?? Crosses over and over and over again just to lose possession the whole 90 mins
No urgency whatsoever tonight. Two draws at home against two of bottom 3 clubs. Not good!
Ронахи Дневной свет
Ронахи Дневной свет:
Mane scored a goal that showed his mastery. that's why the presence of such players is so important.
Poor performance, need to bounce back against Newcastle on Wednesday, game was desperate for a player like Thiago. Was a good opportunity to extend are lead at the top but it is was it is, still top of the league, we keep going! 🔴👍
Chibuikem Ubesie
Chibuikem Ubesie:
We always struggle to break down a defensive team. We need a better strategy at doing that
Victor Ayodeji Ogundola
Victor Ayodeji Ogundola:
A terrible second half display and I wondered what Salah was actually doing on that pitch...
Harshil Needoo
Harshil Needoo:
I am a Manu fan and i think mané is a beast, personally i think Liverpool won't be that good without him
Gary Gussanian
Gary Gussanian:
Klopp must teach his new young players like Jones and Arnold to focus until the last minute of the match. Jones' arrogance and recklessness was the reason for the draw today. WBA did what they know best and went home happy. The solution is very simple Mr. Klopp: Do your best and focus to the last minute and you shall get results.
Hruaizela Chhangte
Hruaizela Chhangte:
Where is that Phillip guy.... He had a great performance when he played
Cole King
Cole King:
I swear LIVERPOOL are killing me with these must win games 😭😭😭
ليبرالي مصري
ليبرالي مصري:
Combination btw jones Henderson wjinaldum in middle is so defensive in a match we faced a block defensive team
We should support the front 3 with 2 attacking midfielder such as Chamberlain Shaqiri Minamino to break those blocks
lurlisic SI
lurlisic SI:
just when the team looks to be in full strides again, a draw like this really hurts,
TrApZ Joe
TrApZ Joe:
Woeful performance tonight and could see the equaliser coming a mile off. We can cope when one or two gave a bad game but the majority were poor tonight.
Fan of Valentina shevchenko
Fan of Valentina shevchenko:
Not our day let's not keep a Negative thought and focus on Newcastle 🔴🔴
Hefipale Burp
Hefipale Burp:
Mane a crack of a player!
El Padrino
El Padrino:
Game was crying out for Shaqiri, has klopp forgotten those sweet slide rule passes he unlocked teams with earlier in the season. Missed a trick here, creativity, excellent crossing are two things we needed as the passing and crossing werent good enough and the strikers movement was poor due to us being so predicatable. Got to improve reds if we want to keep our title
Andrea Incutti
Andrea Incutti:
From AS Roma fan 💛❤️, i Wish all the best for you, Liverpool fans.
Stanetti Els
Stanetti Els:
I thought Trent was poor today. Him and too many players were too casual.
Kingsley Ihiama
Kingsley Ihiama:
It's just unimaginable how we keep struggling against relegation bound teams. It's so annoying. Brighton, Fulham now Westbrom. If we had won these, we would have been 9 points clear. Hope we don't regret this.
Juttie Menang
Juttie Menang:
Liverpool players should knew how to overtaking ,to conquering or to penetrating the five to six defenders by WBA.Salah,Mane and Firmino failed to do so.Liverpool never tried outside box.When Liverpool too eager to attacking,they forgot the counter attacks by WBA speedy runner.
George Muga
George Muga:
Bad results .. unfortunate very poor game 2 half. Klopp be serious! T Mina & Ox should start instead of Jones and Mo, R William for Matip?? let's get 2 centre back, alert midfielder and forward to replace Mo !? Liverpool are still they Champions ...
nikad stati
nikad stati:
Klopp is only guilty for this yesterday !
Ayush Prabhash
Ayush Prabhash:
A centre back signing in January is a must now. No centre half of us is dominant in the air except Nat Phillips who has got other problems. Matip just can't be trusted with his injury record. Every time he gets injured, which is quite often, the team's rhythm and confidence breaks a bit.
I think during the game, jones keep the ball for too long resulting in westbrom's player easily takcle the ball
how the hell did alisson not save that, that was literally in fornt of him, i put the blame on him
Hey random person scrolling down the comments...

Have a wonderful day :)
Thanos Gr
Thanos Gr:
An absolute joke of a performance
But we move on
Come on REDS🔴 YNWA
Arifandy Ifan
Arifandy Ifan:
When I saw the line-up the results were predictable, there was no creativity from the midfield, only with crosses and it would be difficult to score goals. Matches like this happen for many times, and sorry Klopp doesn't have a plan B in this
win, draw, or lose, you are still my Liverpool!
Paul Allen
Paul Allen:
Love LFC. Love football , credit to WBA , Big Sam did well here.
Ansh Gupta
Ansh Gupta:
Well rhy William cost 2 points today. Unnecessary header leads to corner.
Callum Moloney
Callum Moloney:
Wtaf happened today lads shocking second half
Fajar abiansyah
Fajar abiansyah:
bus parking from minute 1 to minute 90 hahahaha😂😂
Dhruv Sharma
Dhruv Sharma:
i think liverpool lost a chance today of making their position stronger as table toppers,but still no worries the reds will surely slay them all ;)
Very poor game, salah always loses the ball, pass to the penalty box like 90% are intercepted. Hopefully we can learn from this match and be consistent again!
Sad for the draw but happy for Firmino and Henderson, they were great today 👏👏
Rafa Essop
Rafa Essop:
We need a new CB we can't win the league with these kinds of sloppy defending
Zul Karnaen
Zul Karnaen:
FIRMANSAH it’s a three musketeers
I want to see Taki🥺
Alan H
Alan H:
Draw against Liverpool is good enough for us - West Brom
Edrees alqutel
Edrees alqutel:
Bed result
DONSET Channel
DONSET Channel:
Keep learning from this match. Lets face next match. Liverpool fans from Indonesia.
Lupiv 08
Lupiv 08:
Nat philips instead of williams would've been a better substitution
mustafa Teleted
mustafa Teleted:
That currently pass from arnold
Palmer of river secrets guide service ⚽️
Raahim Zuberi
Raahim Zuberi:
Everybody Chill out
West Broms Manager beat Liverpool with 4 different clubs he is good and he knows what to do and also West Brom drew with city
Andika Pradita
Andika Pradita:
M.salah, mane 💪
King Midas
King Midas:
Good draw unexpected point hopefully we can push on from this result. West brom fan
LFC needs to sign at least two CBs. Great team, great manager but weak central defense.
Syed Fareed
Syed Fareed:
unfortunate.. or complacency setting in?.. c’mon u Reds!
When Liverpool are attacking u well see 7 west brom players in side the box
Sam Mot
Sam Mot:
It stems from jones who’s trying to act smart
Edrees alqutel
Edrees alqutel:
Sholed be new centerback
Good job salah ❤️❤️
Lose , Draw and Win, we still love and support u liverpool
Imron Alfi Mubarok
Imron Alfi Mubarok:
Besok² mainin tuh thiago liat tuh jones ancur²an
Ten Jude
Ten Jude:
Its the next day but I'm still pissed about this. 100% mood killer for the whole week.👎
Herul Rastafara
Herul Rastafara:
Gajelass liverpooll maen sabunn, menang banyak dr bandarr parahhh kecewaa 🙈😩
Liverpool obliterating top tier teams and losing points to relegated teams. 2020 was fucked up and glad that it will go soon.
Mas A
Mas A:
Perfect game for Thiago he must start next game
James Cullen
James Cullen:
This is the reason we lost the premier by 1 point 7 draws, klopp needs to get his players heads up ,
Amirkhan Saduan
Amirkhan Saduan:
Very poor performance in the 2nd half. Especially from Curtis. Unnecassary corner from 2 youngsters (Curtis, Rhys) which resulted in goal.
17 shots with 2 on target. I'm just happy it ended on a draw
Cheeky Monk
Cheeky Monk:
Our tempo and attacking variations were good in the first 20 minutes. Very predictable thereafter. Only 2 shots on target all game. Didn't do enough to win and now have to go again with no fit senior CB.
Andrea Lagravinese
Andrea Lagravinese:
Still first🔴
Levii Ackermann
Levii Ackermann:
Jones with his back passing & sloppy dribling. Hope Thiago fit next game
Papa kara Dabo
Papa kara Dabo:
Taqi matondang
Taqi matondang:
Nat philips, give him time again, send back fabinho to his post, love u klopp, and all officials
PE Teachers
PE Teachers:
Youtube Channel nya Liverpool payah, cuplikanya gembel gak ads tayangan ulangnya 👎
Sandy Ape
Sandy Ape:
Sabar sodara percayakan saja sama klopp, mentang2 kmrn sering juara. Imbang lawan tim parkir bis aja langsung dihujat. Jgn berekspetasi terlalu tinggi
Balanced Lion 7
Balanced Lion 7:
Goal mane it's snowing on my birthday 🕺🏾🤾🏾‍♀️😆
A Yousef
A Yousef:
We go again strongly 🔥
duta duta
duta duta:
Goal menit pertama sama menit terakhir🤭
Jack Murphy
Jack Murphy:
Poor result but we’re still the juggernaut
Prijanth Nanthivarman
Prijanth Nanthivarman:
Shaq over Jones next time
Lili Aryanto
Lili Aryanto:
Aturan mah bisa menang pul, kecewa lah
maximilianus katrowski
maximilianus katrowski:
Kek nya mo salah lebih baik dimainin babak ke 2 aja,
Bapak Die
Bapak Die:
Ndak apa lah mending imbang dripd kalah
Please add replay for goals and shining moments at least one time
Liverpool missed to much of chances
Christian Castillo
Christian Castillo:
Its shaping up to be an interesting season amongst the top 6
Hello, Bye!
Hello, Bye!:
Well, that's a bummer.
Ali Saleh
Ali Saleh:
Again, I said it before ! Klopp is master of wasting points !
Fauzi Iksan
Fauzi Iksan:
Berikutnya Newcastle united vs Liverpool
Bujang Tanggung .
Bujang Tanggung .:
lok nyana bisa droo , salam dek mat salah