Guns of Glory: Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
We would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas. Hope your holidays are filled with love and happiness.

Comment below with your holiday greeting along with your in-game name and kingdom and have the chance to win some rewards!

We will randomly select 30 players that will get some rewards! The event will end on the 26th December at 23:59 UTC, and the rewards will be sent out in the game as soon as possible.

#Gunsofglory #Christmas #holidays


100+ ความคิดเห็น:

Vernon Nissley
Vernon Nissley:
Merry Christmas GoG through the years I still haven't given up even with all the glitches lol PhosIam_! 347
Эльнара Рустамалиева
Эльнара Рустамалиева:
Всех поздравляю с наступающим новым годом счастья здоровья и благополучия всем
Alan Swan
Alan Swan:
A Big Merry Christmas to K17 the best kingdom on gog.❤️🥳🤪
Efkan Ertas
Efkan Ertas:
Merry Christmas everyone!

Lord Thaelith from [DPX] UndeadlyPheonix
Kingdom: 611
Kala keti
Kala keti:
Happy holidays to all of you, I wish you joy, love and health ❤️
From: Nafy of K511
Wish you all a merry merry and healthy christmas. God bless you all. Kisses, ꧁  Tes ꧂ from K528
G M:
Merry Christmas to all. May this Christmas makes up for the rest of an unsettled year. Stay safe and have fun. Hamish MacTavish, k178
Ania Lewandowska
Ania Lewandowska:
From the cries of joy to the cries of sorrow, may this special day bring us all a better tomorrow. Happy Merry Christmas GoG family!
Nastka k370
Merry Christmas 🎄

Name: Marv
Alliance: PAG
Kingdom: 321
Terrance Brown
Terrance Brown:
Happy holiday s GoG thanks for the amazing three years been playing been with you guys since duelist gear my favorite hobby
Dukeof612 kingdom 212
Tim Tom
Tim Tom:
Merry Christmas GOG. Thank you for all you do for us in game.. Great video of the game! 😁
Sir Gareth
Kingdom 611
Farhan Sam
Farhan Sam:
Merry Christmas everyone at GoG!! Good time to meet and have a wonderful time after all this virus thingy with families and friends. Keep safe at all times, put on your masks, and don't forget your hand sanitizers! Have a great day and enjoy it!!

D McGuire
D McGuire:
Merry Christmas to all! IGN Festivus k473
Nancy Ronco
Nancy Ronco:
Merry Christmas. Hope will be able to get with our family and friends very soon. Stay safe and strong. Everything will be fine 🌈 from Milady K455
Happy Christmas everyone 🎆🎄!!! Hope you all have wonderful Christmas and lots od presents 🎁
Madam de Mask [USA] (kingdom 601)
Happy Holidays GoG! Have a wonderful New Year!
K506, user name ꧁✿Kimmie꧂
Richard Jackson
Richard Jackson:
Merry Christmas everyone, from King Leonidas , K69
Allistrata GG4
Allistrata GG4:
Happy holidays to all but especially my RAD brothers and sisters! #RADstrong
From: Allistrata k559
Dylan Desouza
Dylan Desouza:
"Merry Christmas All, and Happy New Year's... except for the Cardinal!" - ArcturusMengesk, Kingdom 604
George Tucker
George Tucker:
Merry Christmas from (STD)Skip in K15! The new 3D map looks great. Keep up the awesome work!
James Soloman Sanchez
James Soloman Sanchez:
Solomon Kingdom 576 would appreciate awesome gifts since again he has spent so much money playing this game and the rewards are rarely worth the money
Christian E.
Christian E.:
Merry Christmas,

David Jenkins
David Jenkins:
Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all, stay safe. (SNS) yrufsok, k23
Otilia Miron
Otilia Miron:
Happy holidays GoG team! Thanks for never forgetting us the players😘
Nancy Ward
Nancy Ward:
Loved the video, merry Christmas everyone
Tabitha Johnson
Tabitha Johnson:
Happy Holidays to all!!! Thanks GoG for the video!
Black Man Gaming Mobile
Black Man Gaming Mobile:
Merry Christmas to GOD's family and all of you, I really love playing GOG game Thank you for making this game possible for us
( Zabi K611 )
I น้า nen
I น้า nen:
This Christmas Day, wish all the GOG family is happy. Merry Christmas
GOG. From (Net. K427 Guild BAM.)
I love you GOG
Merry christmas and a happy new year from Enteng Kabisote!
Sàshīl P.G.
Sàshīl P.G.:
Happy Chanukah, cool Kwanzaa, merry Xmas and happy New Year to all! Hallelujah! 🎄🎅🕎🎈🎁🎍🎋🎉🎊🎈🎆

Millennia Man
Dangy Dog
Dangy Dog:
I haven’t been playing for too long but I’m already in love Merry Christmas 🎄
Lord Kitty
MR.gaming Milk choco
MR.gaming Milk choco:
Merry Christmas To all readers, Aadii k409❣️🎄🎅
A R:
Merry Christmas from Grimm in k402 to all the players and of course the studio.
In these weird times everyone has been working hard to make the best out of it. Sit back, kick those feet up and take a moment to not only enjoy your hard work but the time with your loved ones. That's what truly matters.
I wish everyone a safe and healthy 2021
Merry Christmas
Kingdom: 585
Nickname: Hemingway III
İstemihan Bedir
İstemihan Bedir:
Merry christmas everyone! I wish you all a good year with your loved ones. Stay safe! In game nickname: fasistordek kingdom: k588
Adam Woods
Adam Woods:
Still playing, been 3 years now and just started in a new kingdom. Great fun and a great way of making friends. just ignore the bugs for a second and think about all the great moments you have had with your alliance members and all them times you have laughed. Merry Christmas to everyone.
IGN: a҉ d҉ a҉ m҉
Peter Bøjstrup
Peter Bøjstrup:
Want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, take care of each other’s
Banjo-man (CEX) K243
Carlos Herrera
Carlos Herrera:
K334 Strangelove wishes the safest and happiest of holidays!
bobbie haunhorst
bobbie haunhorst:
Merry Christmas and safe New year's from Towongfoo in K592.💚
Merry Christmas from k601 to gog my in game name is APØCALYPSE
Brian Fornario
Brian Fornario:
Merry merry Christmas y’all from ur most favorite dusty muffin
Özkan Demirkol
Özkan Demirkol:
I wish everyone a happy Christmas, peace and loving days to the whole world and humanity. K455, ReD GHOsT
merry christmas GoG thank you🎅🎁 kratos kingdom 366 [KAA]
Thank you gog see you next year.
Chris Wright
Chris Wright:
Have a Happy Christmas everyone!!!!

Duke k434
Katiúscia Fonseca
Katiúscia Fonseca:
Merry Christmas GOG 😂❤️
Steve Atterton
Steve Atterton:
Never thought I would play a game for three years in an alliance that speaks all Spanish. Great fun
Adam Cox
Adam Cox:
Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays to all the kingdoms of GoG! "(K183) JESUS CHRIST"
Merry Christmas all, wish you are healthy, happy. Good days are coming. From K358, ErTan
Bruce Hoefler
Bruce Hoefler:
May the Blessings of the Season be on One and All. Lady Guinivere k598.
atom molecule
atom molecule:
Merry Fishmas from GUAC K165 <3
Ryan Polk
Ryan Polk:
Merry Christmas to everyone. I wish you all a wonderful day!!. Thanks again to all the Guns of Glory staff. You guys are awesome and I thank you for another awesome year being apart of your incredible imagination. (TdR)PUNISHMENTZ, Kingdom599
Mutha Truckin Vapes
Mutha Truckin Vapes:
Merry Christmas to all. 3 years with GOG and still my favorite place to be is in kingdom 330.

KINGDOM 330 Texas
Jessica Pace
Jessica Pace:
Happy holidays!
- BaeDaTerminator, K196
Seelie Grey
Seelie Grey:
Merry Christmas. Good bless you all! 🎄⛄🎅🎁❄️ I wish you all better and more healthy year 😍 Seelie k566
Merry Christmas GoG! Don’t forget to staff your customer service department with humans next year!
Геннадий Архипов
Геннадий Архипов:
С Рождеством!!!
Merry Christmas, Holden 572
Антон Кузнецов
Антон Кузнецов:
Всех с наступающим новым годом!
[email protected]
Всех с Новым годом и рождеством!! Любви, счастья, здоровья всем. K254, Mr.Denis
Joonatan Koivumäki
Joonatan Koivumäki:
Just happy xmas and new year to all :)
In game name: Munamies Kingdom: 233
Merry Christmas everybody and stay safe ❤️
~ Necro ~
Wendy R
Wendy R:
My second Christmas playing GoG 🥳
Stay safe and enjoy the holidays!
Reyesw k.423
Thilo Mohr
Thilo Mohr:
Merry Christmas everybody! Can't wait to go against the wolf lord in the new sleight skin!
Lord: Tiriondil, Kingdom: 447
Crystal Kiely
Crystal Kiely:
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Musketeers!!! Much love from k563!!!

James Pettway
James Pettway:
Very Merry Christmas from SMD Spiffs®, Kingdom176
Tokin Dave
Tokin Dave:
Santa tossing presents to all the good little troops about to die.. Awesome!
Merry Christmas everyone!
Taylor Wall
Taylor Wall:
Merry Christmas GoG! From- The Gray Man KD 476
Ryan Bahnsen
Ryan Bahnsen:
From our kingdom to yours, happy holidays!

Bahn Bahn (DIE) K438
Feliz Navidad a todo el equipo que conforma GoG, gracias por hacerlo tan genial. Este año conocí el juego y es super genial!

Kingdom: 529
Name: Yirad
Most Vicious Players
Most Vicious Players:
Merry Christmas to all Musketeers!!!

Greetings from Ⓒ ⓞ ⓡ ⓔ k545 [MVP]Most Vicious Players Alliance.
C S:
Merry Christmas to all Kingdoms and GoG. Thanks for the presents.
Greeds Chris from K468
Derrick Smith
Derrick Smith:
Merry Christmas to All, I’m an addict to my GoG!
ZDU Bubba S.
K 348
Washington ARAUJO
Washington ARAUJO:
Feliz Natal e um próspero ano novo com. Muitas batalhas , salvadorbahia K93
A big merry Christmas Lovely devolepers. <3

Kingdome - 594
Ingame name - Hice
Alliance (AZL) - Azulkan
Mark Reissner
Mark Reissner:
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! may we all be safe and healthy..
kingdom 426
Сергей Рудный
Сергей Рудный:
С рождеством всех... ну а меня с днюхой))) Zloy Killer 223k.
chris hall
chris hall:
Merry Christmas everyone from Hugsss CNT #255
Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everybody across all countries! Seasons greetings from MJLNR K439
Vitor Almeida
Vitor Almeida:
I wish all of you a blessed and happy Christmas with and near your family and a lot of Santa's gifts in your shoes. God bless you all .
Vishnu Vish
Vishnu Vish:
1:39 I at last do not owe anybody anything now as a result of, *Best Home Jobs Club*
Kelly Sullivan
Kelly Sullivan:
Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year!!! From Kells and the FFS family in k598
Chris Caruthers
Chris Caruthers:
Merry Christmas and have a good holiday season. Enjoy your time with friends and family. Also don’t eat the yellow snow.

Tweeder K164
Анатолий Коробач
Анатолий Коробач:
Всех Поздравляю с наступающим Новым Годом!
Netanya Brauckman
Netanya Brauckman:
Merry Xmas to all, grz Dark Tiger k595
Tuday Tsalatok
Tuday Tsalatok:
Happy Holidays!
Александр Александр
Александр Александр:
Всех с наступающим новым годом!!! Всем здоровья! Саня 88 "395кор"
Kushal Shah
Kushal Shah:
Merry Christmas thank you for wonderful game😀
Sérgio Lopes
Sérgio Lopes:
Merry Christmas I love this game!!!
Merry Christmas 🎄🎄 HOHOHOHO...Criss Yan Kingdom:610
Logan Hammond
Logan Hammond:
Happy holidays gog! Kingdom 494 ExiledGoat
Nabil Baouassi
Nabil Baouassi:
Merry xmas y’all! Don’t let Christmas stop u from playing :)
Al Pacino k152
Елена Герасимов
Елена Герасимов:
Всех с наступающим Новым Годом!!! Всем счастья, здоровья , благополучия⛄🍾🎄
Всех с наступающим новым годом 🌲
Наталья Ивашко
Наталья Ивашко:
On the bright holiday of Christmas, we wish you goodness and happiness, prosperity and comfort to your home, warmth, mutual understanding and support in the family. May your life be peaceful, calm, happy.🎆🎆🎆❀͜͡Amber☆k296.
Anita Jensen
Anita Jensen:
Wish you all a Marry Christmas and may all your dreams come true. (Laila k565)
Jessica Colvin
Jessica Colvin:
Merry Christmas GOG peeps!
Juan Carlos Almiron
Juan Carlos Almiron:
Merry Christmas! 🎄
Feliz Navidad! 🎄
Buon Natale! 🎄
Boas Festas!🎄
Joyeux Natal!🎄
Zalig Kerstfeest!🎄
Feliz Natal! 🎄
[email protected]
শরণ্য বন্দ্যোপাধ্যায়
শরণ্য বন্দ্যোপাধ্যায়:
Merriest possible Christmas to you all guys! Stay safe 😁👍🏽❤️🎆🎇
- Silv3rlance, #609