GENSHIN IMPACT Final Thoughts - Everything You Need to Know!

⌖ GENSHIN IMPACT Final Thoughts - Everything You Need to Know!
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⌖ So as the Genshin Impact Closed Beta has come to a close for PC and mobile before its hopeful release sometime between now and October, I’m left with some thoughts and feelings about the game. Before I go too much further, for those sitting here wondering what happened to the PS4 release date, yes, they had to hold another Beta test as they did run into some hiccups during the Beta specifically concerning performance issues. This ended up resulting in a slightly delayed release, back to “Fall 2020.”

I did a dedicated video on the game a month or so ago where I went on to discuss various features in detail, so I’m making a note to avoid rehashing past areas I’ve covered. This is, instead, going to be a video completely focused on my general thoughts concerning all of the hours I spent over my few weeks playing through the Closed Beta.

All in all, the game itself is alive, beautiful, and worth hours of exploration during gameplay. There are a few concerning things like the Gacha system and the relatively grindy, repetitious feel between bits of story, and might I add the lack of the ability to pet dogs, because my heart couldn’t take not being able to pet the dogs. But for the most part, this game is ready and I’m ready for it. Am I excited to play it? Heck yes. Am I going to be playing it and probably spending money on the gacha system? Yes, and someone needs to help me with limitations. I love the combat, the elemental compliments each character gives to another, and most of all, I look forward to actually being able to play with Stix and all of you! And before you saunter off, I’d like to showcase a little gameplay so grab some popcorn and kick back and watch!

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Basch Barrage
Basch Barrage:
One tip about gacha: don't ever single summon.
very toxic human
very toxic human:
Sorry Mr Stix, but the Genshin Impact videos are much better with Mrs Stix's voice.
Grim Begotten
Grim Begotten:
They promised to add ability to pet dogs and cats on release!
Absolutely love this game, can't wait for a release. The change between characters is so smooth, graphics are amazing and the game play is fun.
Mysterious Meon
Mysterious Meon:
This game should be called The Legend of Senpai: Breath of the Waifu.
"Gacha system belongs on mobile"
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows.
So we all can see what is target device for this game ^^"
._. looks purtty.
Mingalite Minimoon
Mingalite Minimoon:
I'm glad I am already used to the gacha hell, it's existance here will not bother me 😅
A Random
A Random:
100% will play. i dont care about how big is the community, I don't need anyone else to enjoy a game
1 cute
2 story
3 can be played solo or co op
Dapleo H
Dapleo H:
This game is lovely, but you know what's more lovely than it? this channel, you guys are amazing, please keep it up <3
This is a mobile game first. People keep forgetting that.
Grindy huh?

*Laughs In Destiny2*
I was waiting for a long time, a new video of the Genshin Impact Game.
Walter Wellington
Walter Wellington:
just can't wait for this and Blue Protocol ..Cheers to Mrs Stix for giving us viewers stuff we Need to Know about GENSHIN IMPACT :-)))))))))))
Zeus Lorne
Zeus Lorne:
I felt some of the comments you were making were inaccurate. It IS co-op. Not single player.
Alejandro D.
Alejandro D.:
Cripplin gacha addiction comes to haunt me once more.
Cha0tik TV
Cha0tik TV:
Wonderful video! Can't wait to see what they change for release.
Alex Ganz
Alex Ganz:
>Lists 20 different things to do

"there is not much to do as of now" 😂 😂
Shiro Yasha
Shiro Yasha:
Yup another gacha. That will ruin the wallet of many people.
Richard Crooker
Richard Crooker:
I'd like to say a few things

1. Genshin is grindy and has a gacha system because it's more of a mobile game, not a pc or console game. If honkai impact 3rd players didnt beg the devs for honkai to be on other platforms, genshin would likely be a mobile only game. And yes, honkai is a mobile game. You wouldn't think it now cause the devs made a pc version of it but a year ago it was mobile only.

2. If you are looking to spend but not spend to much I would recommend only spending on monthly card, battle pass, and outfits. That's it. Last thing you want to do is spend $100 and get nothing out of it. This is how I spend on honkai and it's been working for me.

3. Enjoy the game and maybe site see a little and enjoy this game's killer soundtrack. You dont need to rush to get everywhere. Cause once you get to grinding, I mean for a lot of people it's time for a new game at that point.
Richard Freeman
Richard Freeman:
Gacha huh, we already sold our sells in arknights an fate for 2d waifus, this is just a slight step up
Nemanja Filipovic
Nemanja Filipovic:
I was looking for some mmo/rpgs to play so i subscribed to this channel some months ago, this game look really nice i cant wait to try it out.
Vic T
Vic T:
FBI: How old is that little girl in red?
RPLBM Master
RPLBM Master:
The only things I need to know when is it coming for switch lol 😂 and will the story continue forever
The running animation looks so lovely! I cant wait!
Jack Cobalt
Jack Cobalt:
Despite the few Negative Points. The game still looks freaking amazing.
And I will totally get some money in there lol
Ako'y isang Pinoy
Ako'y isang Pinoy:
I am sooo excited for this game!! Can't wait for Waifuuus!
Doc Adam
Doc Adam:
“Murdering them together” yey
What's the ending song again? I kinda forgot >.<
Yeah the PS4 performance was pretty terrible. I don't mind waiting a bit if they actually fix it
Jefferson Suárez Valencia
Jefferson Suárez Valencia:
When we are going to play with friends, for example if I enter my friend's "room", I'll play with my characters? Or with his characters?
Cantrips EXE
Cantrips EXE:
wait it's an MMO?
So If I understood this correctly, we can't play story missions in coop and coop it's only for specific missions right?
Nezz Effect
Nezz Effect:
Ahhhh thanks I was eyeballing download button lol
The Platform Live
The Platform Live:
Great Vid!! Super hyped to play when it comes out
Hey Eve Echoes just recently came out officially!!! hopefully you check it later
Thanks for this, I’ll be getting this for the PS4 and iPad. Hope that progress will be remembered!
Jade Infante
Jade Infante:
Hey Mmobyte how you doin? I just want ask if you know the pc specs requirements for this game. @MMOByte
Ah yes. A Genshin Impact ad on a Genshin Impact video.
lol jk
Btw the only thing I need from an mmo, is no autoplay
zero zero too
zero zero too:
"i think, i will not touch this game until 2 years later because this was online game not offline".
Azure Lockhart The Miqo'te Gamer
Azure Lockhart The Miqo'te Gamer:
i'm all for playing this when it comes to PS4 hope we can team up so time
Yunus Emre Uzun
Yunus Emre Uzun:
This game is feels like Zelda BOTW: UI, Animastions, Combat Mechanics xD
(thats not a bad thing btw)
Worcanna Oakley
Worcanna Oakley:
I kinda find it weird that you keep taking about this game from a PC stand point, when you could reverse it and it makes more sense. This is a mobile game on PC. Lots of games do that now. Identity V, Honkai Impact. There is a long list. It being a mobile game with a PC version means the systems and gacha mechanics make more sense. The long grind between story missions and such is a very mobile thing. Since mobile games take longer amounts of time for story to come out normally due to the the dev teams working on other things in game.
Hi I just subscribe you 😎 looking forward for future game review, I will watch it.
Great job with the video MrsStix!
Juri Sazarin
Juri Sazarin:
I can not wait!(♡ω♡ )
• ridleyze02 •
• ridleyze02 •:
all those flashy fightning glowing things are gonna burst my phone
Nurmansyah Aditya
Nurmansyah Aditya:
Mrs. stix imagine klee pat the dog
it defenitely will cure the world
I cant wait. Just heard about this game. Want it now.
Rahmad Rizaldy
Rahmad Rizaldy:
What really got my attention about this game is because it simple but have a good Graphic and design while still have many content to play with
i just tried Guild Wars II but the game is too complex with many item or menu and i cant move the screen using my mouse
so yeah i really put a lot of hope on this game :3 cant wait for the next week
but its from China, will it get banned tho?
GameGuy 504
GameGuy 504:
I would definitely be getting this for ps4
Can't wait to play it on the PS4 here in AUS this year.
D. Bimo
D. Bimo:
need to have coop play!
Polly Pocket
Polly Pocket:
I just think it needs more main character modification.
Sir Kvothe
Sir Kvothe:
It would be awesome to have AI bosses using Machine Learning technology. They should get stronger based on the player's fighting pattern, not the opposite. =)
Felix Cabreja
Felix Cabreja:
Like your review :) is a diferent and fresh view, you both do great in your style
Deni Gaming
Deni Gaming:
I heard when you play co-op your friend doesn't get any loot from the quests and stuff. Is that true? Because if so, that's kinda trashy. Keep up the good videos!
Ladru Go
Ladru Go:
If you have played honkai impact, Mihoyo's other title
Their gacha system in that game is more forgiving
For 10th pull you are guaranteed for a 5 star equipment or a character randomly depending on what items available and the one uprated
And then there's what we call the "pity counter"
This only applies to character gacha only and it starts from a 100, it counts down by doing gacha and the best part is that this counter carries over to the next character gacha until you get the featured character of that gacha and it resets back to 100. You can play both gacha mechanic strategically to get characters and equipment you desperately want with a bit of luck.
I was able to get 2 herrschers (honkai's game breaking characters) with my small amount of gacha currency and at least their signature weapon :P
This is part of Honkai Impact's success so I'm hopeful that Mihoyo is going to implement something similar for genshin
grand Avalon
grand Avalon:
10:00 kinda awkward
God this game looks so good ; w ;
IA Gaming
IA Gaming:
@10:15 MrsStix savage mode ON!!!
I’m really excited for this game and I do love a good grind! But I’m really nervous for the gacha stuff and some people say its laggy on PS4... 😬😭
Enigma Cipher
Enigma Cipher:
A good piece of advice is to wait on taking the Adventure Rank Ascension Quests. Make sure your characters are appropriately leveled and geared. This is fine for the first 2 world tiers, but once I reached world tier 3, I noticed I was not as efficient as before and things can take almost twice as much long or longer to complete. This is also around the time you have a big gap before your next main quest, so you can really burn yourself out. This does not really apply to experienced gacha players or those who played the beta up too and pass this point.
i dont wanna get spoiled.. can someone pls just tell me if she talks about how the online multiplayer works? and if so can you tell me the timestamp? much love <3
Justin Hammer
Justin Hammer:
If this game collab with most watched anime than this will be awesome
it works the same way as honkai so dont compare it to beath of the wild when comes to story lvl at this game sopose to last fo meny years like honkai impact its not like breath of the wile were you can finish the game in few days
Frost Wolf
Frost Wolf:
Definitely going to pick up this game. My only concern is the end game and what exactly would that look like. Also, I wish they would add mounts beside the glider like a horse or something.
I've been infected with Gura's a Virus what a bless
I've been infected with Gura's a Virus what a bless:
Oh my God the features... It's just my style... Best game for me n will be since the Honkai impact!
Thanks for information, Mrs. Stix!
Shashank Shekhar
Shashank Shekhar:
Ohh m so excited..its hard to wait!🤗
Well i was thinking that..could there be PVP arena or something where we could fight other players..since the combat is skill would be so much fun!
But i doubt there will be a pvp..bcz honkai doesnt have it..!
Bt maybe.....lets hope
And Osumm video as always 😊
Justin Hammer
Justin Hammer:
11:19 krillin's daughter 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Capped Pluto
Capped Pluto:
so this video was from Mr's Stix
is it Mr or Mr's Stix that is reading my apple comment currently
Gacha has no place in Pc games ... ask FIFA Players since the beginning they get plundered 😂
Path Finder
Path Finder:
Yahoo MrsStyx Dbest!!! No offense but I like MrsSttyx more when explaining games
I see "sky" game mobile and "honkai impact 3" Its that u kiana?
End CSline
End CSline:
how sad would aimbotting in this game be xD
Wei 09
Wei 09:
Gacha does exist in other game on other platform just under a different name. e.g. Loot Boxes, packs or EA's Surprise mechanics. But Gacha hell is not called gacha hell without reason.
Dylan Budde
Dylan Budde:
Will Genshin impact support controller on iOS?
Qynn Marble
Qynn Marble:
The latest trailer specifically said Free to Play on PS4 and 09/28/2020. Did I miss something?
Rem Villiers
Rem Villiers:
I would love to hear a video where both of you talk into a mic about a game you like lol
Dark Nerd Shawny
Dark Nerd Shawny:
Wait the PS4 version is delayed? I thought the PC version is coming in October, isn't that Fall?
Transcending the Dyad
Transcending the Dyad:
I love this game, it's like an mmo without the toxicity, the ability to keep it casual, it's relaxing, beautiful, great gameplay, innovative and overall a disruptive game. I never feel that aloneness one feels in non-mmo games. Great review.
rogue YT
rogue YT:
Looks like zelda wind waker and wild of the breath mixed in graphics looks awesome this game😍
Imma try this game at least. The gatcha system worries me but I'm not easily swayed by them so im good. Hopefully it's not to grindy or expensive because all the character look amazing and fun to play.
Onii Chan
Onii Chan:
I'm not a fan of having to be lvl 16 to be play with friends. But the grind will be worth >.<
well that will have to be enough before getting bp or lost ark xD
Kazi Palash
Kazi Palash:
I'm waiting for this.......
In CN it would cost around $370 to get a guaranteed 5* character due to the pity system. Have fun with this cash grab.
Wow the botw 3 looks good
marcus turner
marcus turner:
this game look cool i can not wait to play it
Derick Stephan
Derick Stephan:
Sounds like the whole game plays a lot like the open world parts of Honkai Impact.
Dz Nuts
Dz Nuts:
genshin impact sounds like archero and hundred souls the last savior...
Will enemies stats scale based on the number of players in a lobby?
L Y N C:
:0 dawg
It sounds like they fixed some issues since I played, or maybe It was just the time constraints and premium currency handed out to test the gatcha stuff, but I remember my adventure rank was going up way way faster than i could level my characters once I finally got a few new ones outside the main 4 that you get by default. It was really hard to get them exp because I was dividing dungeon xp certificate things across 10 characters and there's only so many times you can do a dungeon in a day without (i'm assuming paying for) a recharge of your resin. Same for getting the crystal things to upgrade characters to the next rank when they hit their cap. You only can fight so many bosses to get mats in a day. So the difficulty curve felt very high as I played longer since even when you hit adventure level cap, it was still storing that adventure experience in reserve...even if you wait to increase your adventure level to keep enemies the right level for your characters, when you finally DO advance your adventure level via the big quest that some of them have, you'll shoot up like 10 adventure levels immediately and that was jarring and frustrating for me.

I really enjoyed the story parts, though. They were really cute, and they have story quests for every character so it feels kind of like an anime or something. I totally came out of that shipping Jean and Diluc after all the story stuff I did. And the music and exploration parts are great! As much as I usually hate Gacha games, this seems like it might be alright if I take it at a slower pace than I took the beta and just chill. As long as the premium currency isn't ridiculously priced and super necessary for game enjoyment it should be decent fun.
Damian Corral
Damian Corral:
Hellooo i love ur videos jeje, this switch between mr and ms stix is so awesome, i love that u both are gamers, i wish i find my next partner and that she can come with my in my mmorpg's adventures, i wanted to ask something tho, how is the pvp in this game?, i love the game but as a big pvp fan is it worth my time?
Bearcraft34 / Kumarafuto
Bearcraft34 / Kumarafuto:
In defense of the game ( although I haven't got to play ), I still remember people complaining at first the game was too short, people got to max level too quickly and there was nothing to do in endgame. So I think the fact that they made you grind a bit more than usual might be because they don't want players to advance too quickly in the game making them bored at the rest of the content coming out at a later date. This is just my opinion overall because I've seen many games failed to interest their players with their endgame content making the player quit. I think Mihoyo is just trying to think further ahead, so in times newer players can enjoy their road to endgame much more, while also greeted with even better content at the end.
ღ ZoraNightcore ღ
ღ ZoraNightcore ღ:
Now we need honkai impact 🤔