Galaxy Fold review: Samsung's redesigned phone

Samsung's foldable phone represents the beginning of a brand-new era. Here's everything good and bad about our foldable future

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100+ ความคิดเห็น:
Glad that samsung is pushing towards the future instead of sticking with the old slab.
Jim Snow
Jim Snow:
It's funny to hear her criticize the size of the keyboard. It's big enough to easily use! If she wants it all cramped up, all she needs to do is resize the keyboard!
I eat socks lol
I eat socks lol:
Honestly I find it funny that 20 years ago it was flip phones and then it was smart phones and now it’s a smart flip phone😂😂
Flame On The Beat
Flame On The Beat:
You can adjust to size of the keyboard to make it smaller.
Emil Acevedo
Emil Acevedo:
It's an amazing, I love my fold.
Uncle Rich
Uncle Rich:
“Let’s talk about the batteries” but never mention anything about the battery life and screen on times. How useful
Jason Choi
Jason Choi:
I finally bought it after waiting multiple years! I'm so happy with this phone. :)
I appreciate Samsung is back pushing the boundaries of smartphone engineering! I also hope that Samsung's Graphene batteries get ready by 2021. Also huge thanks to the early adopters! You guys are helping this product to be a success! So that Samsung comes out with a better version in a year or two! Innovation is necessary, there'll always be "What's the point" guys or trolls, the world would stop if they are paid attention.
Mr Tech
Mr Tech:
Nice review! 👌🏼
1:50 해로운 새(2)
116 andy
116 andy:
Watching this review on my galaxy fold :D
Ant Knee
Ant Knee:
Thanks for the in depth review!
You hear that Sarah, there's support for three, but it just gets really crowded.
James Burns
James Burns:
Great review!
warak anda
warak anda:
I need the Fold that comes with the S Pen as i am using the Notes.. S Pen is a must
I don't believe you've ever looked ridiculous. Good review, I'll wait for version 2.
Wow Yman
Wow Yman:
Thanks for the detail review. It is very nice to see your review.
Deeb Zeal
Deeb Zeal:
I really like the way this woman does the review! Well done ma'am :)
가격만 아니면 사고 싶은 펜도 지원되면 좋겠고
Scott Man
Scott Man:
I already have This phone absolutely fantastic!
Sebastian Heit
Sebastian Heit:
Nice leather jacket! It rocks.
Sandra Fuller
Sandra Fuller:
Just upgraded to Note 10+.I am on next upgrade,so might upgrade to the fold next time.
Tha Wounded Fox
Tha Wounded Fox:
@3:04 you can fully adjust the size of the keyboard by pressing the cog wheel in the right hand corner on the keyboard.
7:07 무거우면.... 배터리 하나 빼면 됨 ㅡ.ㅡ;;;;;
The only sad thing about this is if your a child trying to hide your phone😂 You would just get caught real fast
Inner Beauty
Inner Beauty:
My Fold will be here tomorrow. 🙃😁🤳
Reggie Turner
Reggie Turner:
Mine wouldn’t charge and got very hot 🥵!!!!! RETURN!!!!!!
Jae Kim
Jae Kim:
Not sure its great buy or not. However, its revolutionary for sure.
Howard Moul
Howard Moul:
I just bought my Fold today. I loved how she tapped pretty hard on the device, then wondered why she has Mark's on the screen. Awe, women. Lol
Catalin Brojbeanu
Catalin Brojbeanu:
Congratulations for the review..
Lovin mine so far. It takes some getting used to coming ios for the past decade but worth the switch.
John Sinclair
John Sinclair:
I have the fold love it. You can resize the keyboard or use it as floating to free up space on the screen.
You can't buy or even order it anywhere. Since last week I'm trying to get my hands on one but it's impossible. I live in NYC, by the way.....smh
Fantastic intro, the review was also informative regarding positive and negative, but most of all you understand how the form factor is useful and a welcome change. If I hadn't already purchased the Galaxy Fold this is the type of content that helps in making such a decision. 👍👍
Catalin Brojbeanu
Catalin Brojbeanu:
Very good review.
Savio Shetty
Savio Shetty:
Excellent review, mam
I'm a Microsoft Surface user, I might wait for the dual display Surface Neo/Duo, they look pretty cool too.
어떻게든 트집 잡아보려고...
vi zeath
vi zeath:
Can I use both screens (on the outside and inside) at the same time?
Mihir Gurav
Mihir Gurav:
I would love buying it as a novelty product
Ryan M4420
Ryan M4420:
Well done video.
At 1:42... Your Foot Looks Incredible in your Black shoe...Perfectly Formed.
thanks for this review 👍 a lot of people made fun of the first Note, that is so huge and phablets are a joke / gimmick, but hey look where we are now, screen size is the name of the game now 😏😄. I'm also very keen on this folding phablet (because truly that's what it is), but I'm hoping they can iron out the kinks first and maybe I'll get on board once the v2 comes out 🤞
Apaar Arora
Apaar Arora:
Will wait for the upgrade - I wish they add the S-pen into this to make a true flagship.
Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith:
I can’t wait to walk around with a folded tablet in my pocket!!
I look forward to buying the Galaxy Fold 2. 😎
The Almighty Cornholio
The Almighty Cornholio:
Watching this on my galaxy fold!
Jong Lee
Jong Lee:
love this phone and enjoying a lot with it.
CMV Factory
CMV Factory:
I am using it now. You may not know if you don't use "Fold", but after several weeks of using "Fold", you can't go back to normal phones.
Please compare the Multitasking of Apps on Fold v Asus Rog 2 with Twin Dock
Jaime Kaufman
Jaime Kaufman:
The next one needs to be widescreen when open for fully utilizing the space real estate when watching YouTube, Netflix, etc.
You can resize the keyboard and remove the bottom icon like the home button so the keyboard would be a lot lower on the screen
Steve Grim
Steve Grim:
Is this the new Surface Duo? Wow amazing!
Mike Cerreta
Mike Cerreta:
I can't fully agree with this review because I absolutely love mine
Thank you for an honest and thoughtful review. I see too many YouTube reviews where the "reviewer" is trying too hard to be funny, or obviously has a hidden agenda, although they know diddly-squat about the product.
Samuel Aboki
Samuel Aboki:
Samsung has done a great job.
Usman Tariq
Usman Tariq:
*Isn't this the same lady who criticised the original Note for being too big*
Guy-Robert Kernisant
Guy-Robert Kernisant:
Buried inside the "Language and Input" setting you should be able to resize the keyboard size and transparency.
Samsung Keyboard > Keyboard layout ... > Size and Transparency
Quik ness
Quik ness:
Well it must be nice to live with it for a week or two and review it. Compared to civilians like me who dont get to even put an eye on it... that's the problem
Wisdom Goodness
Wisdom Goodness:
7:20 Good to know every aspect of point of views. But let me just point it out among the few things. If Samsung galaxy fold makes you feel heavy to use, then how do you even manage to use iPad mini? iPad mini is 1ounce heavier than the fold.
I would love buying it as a novelty product
Dave N
Dave N:
The advantage of this phone includes preserving your eyesight. Keep using that tiny 5" phone and you will need eye glasses sooner rather than later.
farbror Frej
farbror Frej:
I like the form-factor, but without the fold-capability. Such a device wouldn't fit in any trousers pocket, but it would fit nicely in my cross-chest messagebag.
Reggie Turner
Reggie Turner:
Mine wouldn’t charge and it got very hot!!!!! RETURN!!!!!!
Timothy Church
Timothy Church:
It looks nice, I have been with samsung for a long time. I have the new samsung galaxy note 10 , wish I got the note 10+ for the bigger screen!
A ciko
A ciko:
How do u use full screen on YouTube ?when I checked it out instore I couldn’t make the videos on YouTube full screen which was a downer. You know how u use ur fingers to spread the screen on YouTube to make it full I couldn’t do that on the fold which makes video screen no big at all??
Melvin Ray Spence III
Melvin Ray Spence III:
my only issue that screen in front is too small and no s-pen cause i have the Note to see and hold it
100MPH Selfies
100MPH Selfies:
Let's not forget that cnet was one of the 1st to criticize Samsung Galaxy Note "oversized" screen back when screens were 4" and under. This Galaxy Fold is reshaping future tech world. Let's appreciate the only company that innovate.
Caden Churchill
Caden Churchill:
While this incredibly delicate device is something I would never recommend to anyone to purchase, this is by far one of my favourite phones on the market and wish I could afford one! Even if I got one for free I would probably never carry it around just because it is so delicate.
Killerkolt 88
Killerkolt 88:
It needs more improvement, as with any technology it will only get better and those flaws you mentioned should be gone by the 3rd or 4th one that gets released l, it's new technology so of course it will have problems but that's actually a good thing because the companies that make foldable phones will surely just keep innovating on their previous designs... we saw the elimination of the flip phone but now it seems it's making a comeback as a foldable smart phone haha, I think it's awesome cuz then ur phone becomes a tablet which is WAY cool!
Blessed Beauty
Blessed Beauty:
- Personally The Axon M is my favorite phone to this day. The galaxy s6 active prior, G1, Sidekick ID, Sidekick slide, & a few others, including some Nextel devices. Look how time has changed. Still I have a Samsung galaxy s10, I still prefer my axon m. I'm waiting for my other one to arrive from online. My axon m is my stand to watch YouTube videos. Good review though. It's not worth the money, if it was $900 - $1,000, fine. Again, axon m is the first to make a foldable, fantastic phone. Plus it opens up the opposite way which makes it able to be a stand.
Dave N.
Dave N.:
I have now had this for 8 days and am loving it so far. I also have the new iPhone 11 Pro Max for my business but find myself using the Fold much more often. The battery life is amazing and I haven't really babied it too much and so far so good. I also bought the extra warranty to be safe
That Tattoo Guy
That Tattoo Guy:
I can't wait for folding smart phones to actually be good..
Micah Nightwolf
Micah Nightwolf:
People are going to have to either learn to deal with having a bezel, notch, hole, or pop-up camera, or they're going to have to learn to deal with not having a camera.
Sam Chiu
Sam Chiu:
images the scratches where your fingers goes when you play games on it. i think the screen will scratch way too easy - delicate!
arton gamer
arton gamer:
I can't wait to get my in birthday next month
Vishal Nandre
Vishal Nandre:
Who's Facebook is logged in? There are tons of friend requests... 😄
Christopher Sullivan
Christopher Sullivan:
I think Samsung took a chance creating the fold and have given consumers a curious outlook on the market of smartphones. As much as people are complaining about the fold being expensive and that the screen has a crease, it looks cool and I hope it is perfected.
Jared Rosser
Jared Rosser:
HEY WATCH IT!!! Your fingernails are pretty close to the screen on the thumbnail!
Blessed Beauty
Blessed Beauty:
- FYI the first foldable phone was XTE Axon M that only AT&T carried and its over 3 years old. Or so it feels. I signed up for AT&T 3ish years ago and I got the Axon M. I love it until this day. Just don't drop it more than 7 times. It will cause an internal computer issue. Otherwise, it's still the best phone in my opinion.
What is this chick talking about?? " Nobody will by this phone?" This is the 1st time I've seen and heard of this and I'm sold saving right now!!!! This phone is beautiful!!!
Karma Sky
Karma Sky:
Watching a video about a phone on my phone as kids watch videos of kids playing games. 🤦🏼‍♀️😂🤷🏼‍♀️
Rondellte Frazier
Rondellte Frazier:
Watching this review on my Fold. Have to admit her review is pretty spot on. As much as I like it. I'm realizing it takes a lot more patience with this phone than any other phone I've ever owned. Coming from a Note 9 might make you hate the Front screen. 14days to return it. We'll see.
Darryl Franks
Darryl Franks:
Thanks to all the people who bought 1st Gen! Now I can wait for the improved 2nd Gen!! 👌
Kristi Hoxha
Kristi Hoxha:
If apple had made this, it would have tons of viewers,but samsung made it and people dont pay attention to this amazing device
Fazy Lucker
Fazy Lucker:
i love that samsung came up with this concept but for now im going to hold off till maybe version 4 or 5 is released. right now it seems clunky but i know they're going to improve it over time
Astedi Zulhaidi
Astedi Zulhaidi:
Now Samsung is a successor on making a tablet phone become relevant and convenient to use, good job and congratulations to Samsung
Robert Winter
Robert Winter:
I’m going to get this phone soon, upgrading from an iPhone 8 Plus. I hope I like this, it will be my first android phone.
I don't know why I expected a deep delve into them cameras. None of these reviews ever does that....

Oh well....
Alex Saab
Alex Saab:
It would be cool, but I drop my phone once a week so I would kill that thing in no time. I'll stick with my note
Can we hit 1000 subs So i can brag at school
Can we hit 1000 subs So i can brag at school:
I wish they use the space to make a hyper camera
And then also a huge battery
The size of the keyboard can be altered slighty through the device keyboard settings
Xavier Robinson
Xavier Robinson:
Can you not adjust the size of the keyboard like you can on every Galaxy/Android. That was a weird complaint she had imo
KZ Tech
KZ Tech:
No floating keyboard on the galaxy fold for the Samsung keyboard? Its there even on my 5.1" Galaxy S7 in OneUI! Or you just didn't see it in the hidden options
Nikolai Harhai
Nikolai Harhai:
It looks very fragile. I'd be afraid it would break on the spot.
Great unbias video. CNET getting better. 👏🏽👏🏽
Everyone criticizing the Fold needs to remember that everyone mocked the Note and Samsung only has the capability to create a new market segment for Foldables as it did with the Note.
Darrion S
Darrion S:
Watching This On My Galaxy Fold!