Forging Nova's Weapon from Black Desert

This Video is sponsored by Peal Abys. Download Black Desert on mobile and on console . In this video we help bring the new character class Nova to life by forging her devastating weapon. Ilya challenged himself to forge as much to shape without having to use a grinder. Only the spikes were ground and the rest was forged on a power hammer or by hand. No welding was used either as all of the pieces were hot fit in the forging. This was a blast to make and showed how making swages and other tooling can be truly effective when having to make repetitive shapes. Black Desert's new class Nova is a fantastic design. Not only this weapon but her armor is top notch as well. You can fully customize your avatar in Black Desert so that you too can wield Nova's amazing weapons and armor.

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That Works
That Works:
Thanks for watching this build! It was a great forging challenge, but what is next ? What say you?
Bill Hsu
Bill Hsu:
Actually forging a steel ball is quite amazing.
Just the fact that the whole weapon was hand-forged is beyond amazing. Well done Ilya (master smith) and the TW team!
D silva
D silva:
"and upsetting it underneath the power hammer: look at you! You're weak! Can't even take a few strikes! You're supposed to be steel for Christ's sake! You're a joke! You'll never be a properly forged and tempered piece of weaponry!"
Hero Brine
Hero Brine:
i now firmly believe ilya is actually Hephaestus in human form, I've never seen a smith like him ever
Michael Stopher
Michael Stopher:
How heavy did this monster end up? That was a lot of metal.
Isaac Kim
Isaac Kim:
Glad this channel found me. How about making the Beskar staff from the Mandalorian?
A. Gonçalo
A. Gonçalo:
While Man At Arms is dumbing down (Evangelion's Longinus Lance was a disaster...) you guys just keep excelling!
Keep up the good work
Marcus C
Marcus C:
"Remember, it doesn't matter what the weapon does to the car hood, but what the car hood does to the weapon."

I'd like to see Bobba Fett's gaffi stick.
Would love to see some Mortal Shell weapons.
J Barnard
J Barnard:
Plz make the subtle knife from his dark material
you guys surpassed Man At Arms by far at this point. Especially since their last builds weren't that satisfying
I really loved the little tool tip for the spring swadge. The little segments of Matt explaining stuff to the camera are also a really nice thing to have. Helps people like me keep up with what's happening.
Thank you "Colin Farrell" for every drop of sweat that You spilled so that I could comfortably watch a piece of fantastic work in the chair and tea in my hand ;]
Combat Cosplay
Combat Cosplay:
This IS the evolution of man at arms. It’s everything I liked about that show in a superior format. Matt and Ilya are my boys!
Sword of Aeons: Fable the Lost Chapters.
lhacene larbi
lhacene larbi:
I would love to see the Fillet Blade from Genshin Impact.
Tony Elbows
Tony Elbows:
should be very deadly, it's uh, covid -shaped......
The Way
The Way:
I'm playing Nova while watching this.
Don Brant
Don Brant:
Ilya, any ideas on the methods of construction for medieval flanged maces? I've heard various theories on flange attachment. They seemed ubiquitous, so the method must have been common.
Mike Mann
Mike Mann:
The weapon is beautiful, couldn't care less about this game but sponsorship is sponsorship!
Ilya going office space on the (Bandsaw?) Was icing on the 🍰
Kurt Feltenberger
Kurt Feltenberger:
This has got to be one of the most brutally devastating weapons you have ever created. The others will cut you, this will crush you!
Waseem Height
Waseem Height:
14:22 the look of pure frustration and delight
9/10 - where is the chain that extends the steel ball like a whip sword D:
Charles Walworth
Charles Walworth:
Amazing seeing this done without any welding! It would be really cool to see you make a flanged mace too, I have always wondered how people made them back in the day.
nick Ronin
nick Ronin:
one of the most amazing! builds ever Andre of Astora will be proud of you guys .
I love how this is where I first learn of the new class on Black Desert. Thanks for another amazing build gentlemen, and stay healthy!
Damn that looks amazing! Eliah is a master
Brovus Marillian
Brovus Marillian:
Their should be a drinking game when you use the word "Devastating"
Emperador Romano
Emperador Romano:
Absolutely breathtaking! (in both ways haha). 2 questions: a) How much does the maze weights? b) Could you make the Infinity Blade from Infinity Blade?
Jeremy Nedrow
Jeremy Nedrow:
This is one of my favorite episodes it shows how amazing your forging skills are.
Cool way of showing none-welding tecnique and talk about the air harderning Steel! Lovely craftmanship as always guys! ^_^
this build had a lot of upsetting moments early on but it turned out into a pure work of beauty against those upsetting odds ;P sorry couldnt help myself on that one ^^ fanstastic work as always <3
I need one of these for the zombie apocalypse!
That lady could never wield this thing 😂 Great build, it looks beautiful!
Thomas Wright
Thomas Wright:
That thing about Clergy not being allowed to shed blood: I always thought that was just a D&D convention. I didn't know it was a real thing.
I was super exited to play Nova.
And then they had issues, and I think now there’re sever issues.
역시 덕중에 덕은 양덕 아니겠습니까 행님덜 ㅋㅋ
Joshua Cox
Joshua Cox:
It would be amazing to see a recreation of the Sutton Hoo sword and helmet.
3:57 i love see this effect,have some of hypnotic and result is magic !
Jacob Kotten
Jacob Kotten:
That was awesome you guys are amazing been forging awhile would like to see a historical flanged mace without machine welding
Andy Miller
Andy Miller:
You guys should do a collaboration with Alec Steele. I think, as a master forger, he could really help your channel learn and grow your technique and quality.
Jonas Silk
Jonas Silk:
damn I would love to learn doing that kind of stuff, seems dangerous but very fun and satisfying to work with
Fredy CZ
Fredy CZ:
I would like to see sword Dawn from Game of Thrones, btw i love your word guys.
아니 이걸..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 최고다 ㅋㅋ
Watching the spikes get driven into a flaming ball feels like the most metal and mythological image ever.

"Is bludgeoning or piercing damage better?"
Rogue Masquerade
Rogue Masquerade:
This is amazing. As a Nova Main I teared up seeing her weapon in true life..... I love it!!! <3
Everything from this character is elaborate.... as long as you only watch the render trailer and ads and don't make the mistake of actually starting the game.
Rodrigo Cyrillo
Rodrigo Cyrillo:
This mace is so gorgeous that enemies would throw themselves on it for the honor to die
Rennis Tora
Rennis Tora:
Huh, somehow I missed this video back when it first went out, maybe it didn't show up on my feed?
really good job on the editing.
I could consume videos like this all day
David Arvelo
David Arvelo:
I wish there were a smaller version just as beautiful looking, but you know, useable with one hand. Would totally buy it.
Amazing build, amazing weapon!

also, whats the background music playing when Ilya's making the haft? the one with the drums and the chanting?
Haha thought it was Lorgar's morning star (Illuminarium) from Horus Heresy!
Eric Paola
Eric Paola:
Hype for this I love BDO can we get the Dark Knight wep next
Super cool! Loved it! You should make the awakening weapon when it release!
Wolf Stone Greatsword from genshin Impact Please!
일하네 펄어비스 ㅋㅋ
Wow that is by far the coolest way I’ve seen a morning star constructed. I can’t believe every piece was forged and wasn’t welded together. That thing looks wicked, amazing job as always. Ilya is on another level
Cham Clowder
Cham Clowder:
What?!!! How cool!!! Love you guys, I also love Black Desert and making gear for my Nova in game today, release day. I love when my favorite stuff collides
Dmitry Donich
Dmitry Donich:
It would be great to see behind the scenes video, I bet it was a lot of fun =)
Awesome work!
And, in a stunning turn of events, this next step holds no need for welding
I play that game and it looks exactly like the game model in the game O_O That's so cool!
Great build! Loved the chill music and how you didn't use any welding and such!
I actually got my artesan degree for this and it makes me sad to know I will never make any use of it.
But the Nova morningstar can actually expend with a chain inside, so when she can swing it further
wish you did that too
The master sword from the Legend Of Zelda series would be so cool to watch be made.
I need this thing for my neighbor because of the noise in every night with his girlfriend .
Travis Bunce
Travis Bunce:
You know the channel is getting popular when YouTube starts throwing in adds every 4 min.........
Devon Hardinger
Devon Hardinger:
This is so awesome, I love seeing diverse weaponry on this channel
Sunless Germ
Sunless Germ:
Amazing work! I just recently found you guys again and have been slowly working my way through your vids. If I had a request it would be Ichigo's Tensa Zangetsu from Bleach. I have a replica hanging on my wall but it's just for show, I'd love to see if it's possible to create a functional one.
Marla Hayes
Marla Hayes:
it would be really cool to see a scythe on the channel!! Maybe something cool like Soul from Soul Eater or maybe ruby rose's scythe :)
Croz Raven
Croz Raven:
Please make a working/functional Mantis blade from Cyberpunk 2077 or maybe "Black Unicorn" katana from the game too.
Kenny Richardson
Kenny Richardson:
Thanks for making these videos. I know you don't have to but I appreciate the effort and time that is invested. Thank you.
hogbelly Life
hogbelly Life:
Everything you guys make is amazing! Thanks for sharing it with us.
You guys made my day! I love the new character
Michael Sloan
Michael Sloan:
Outstanding work as always. Always satisfying to watch. Gonna keep throwing my same suggestion of Bors blades from king arthur.
greg ebbert
greg ebbert:
@8:14 Hey, you edit that out!!! I've got fan-girl illusions to maintain you know!!! LoL. I wish armors didn't take soo long to create, I'd love to see another piece made. Happy holidays!!!
Алексей Чердаков
Алексей Чердаков:
Красивая работа! Только такой палицей в бою много не помахаешь...
the forging part is amazing, but my Nova wield it with one hand. Also, for you to summon demons is unrealistic, but hey at least give me a shift+E. lol, I'm just BSing, everything is great!
M Casey
M Casey:
So THAT'S where the trope of clerics wielding maces comes from!
Beautiful work on that build, as always
You guys do enough anime and video game builds. How about doing some swords that comic book characters use? Magik's Soulsword would be awesome to see!!!
Cool build, could you guys look into doing Mugen, Jin, and Fuu's katanas from Samurai Champloo?
Very impressive I have to say that’s one hell of a morning star. Please keep making more weaponry from the game.
yvrek otreica
yvrek otreica:
Really love your work ilya and matt!! Hoping you get more sponsors for your projects ❤❤
Amazing weapon as usual! Please make the Mandalorian's beskar spear!
seyfi öz
seyfi öz:
Wtf I rolled Nova after this video .This iş amazing weapon thanks a lot.
Purple Speckled Apple Eater
Purple Speckled Apple Eater:
That is a beautiful mace! ❤
Kelsey Watson
Kelsey Watson:
Love that you kept the forged finish at the base of the spikes. Great contrast!
Hi, I'm a fan, please, I ask you to make Yami Sukehiro's katana from the anime Black Clover, please
Would love to see you guys working on the armor from that character. The mace is simply beautiful. Top notch as always. Happy Holidays Guys.
zachary benton
zachary benton:
Well done gents! This is a beautiful mace and I really enjoyed how yall explained the process of attaching the spikes. Seen a few other shows try to make one and they always lose a couple in testing. Seems like yall had it figured out, keep up the great work see yall in the next video.
Илья Рябов
Илья Рябов:
Вот это головоломка👍, но за что станок 😥
Nick Verbandt
Nick Verbandt:
How heavy is that thing? Amazing job btw!
well you may have just made me switch my main from sorc to nova lmao thx only like 90 days on sorc to catch up on...
Leonardo Suárez Sánchez
Leonardo Suárez Sánchez:
till this day I still wanna know what happens to all the weapons you make on this videos. Do you sell them or what?
bagus maradi
bagus maradi:
Now i know why it's so Hard to get PEN Boss weapon in game.. it's so much work to make one
Alejandra Galvan
Alejandra Galvan:
simply amazing, subtle knife please!!!
I need some cooling vents on my sports car, want to smash some vent holes into the hood?!