(FINAL) Liverpool FC v CR Flamengo [Highlights] FIFA Club World Cup, Qatar 2019™

Roberto Firmino was the hero as his extra-time goal saw Liverpool crowned FIFA Club World Cup winners for the first time, defeating Flamengo 1-0 in a nail-biting encounter in Doha, Qatar.


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Nero Fútbol
Nero Fútbol:
Gran representante fue Flamengo!
FTS gameplay
FTS gameplay:
Flamengo jogou de igual pra igual... Até merecia esse título, mas contra as Europa haha
Renick Jeune
Renick Jeune:
South American teams bring a different style and intensity, Flamengo was a difficult team to beat.
Najib Rahman
Najib Rahman:
Respect to Flamengo from a Liverpool fan. Pushed the world’s greatest team to their limits and gave them more problems than any PL team this season.
Kian Janssens
Kian Janssens:
This game was 10 times better than Barca vs Real Madrid.
Mohammed Al Saqqa
Mohammed Al Saqqa:
I am a liverpool supporter but I Respect Flamengo and Monterrey such a wonderful performance and teams. I always loved Latin American football. keep it up Brazil
syawal fikri
syawal fikri:
flamengo much better than manchester united
Rogério Marques
Rogério Marques:
Flamengo lost its creativity when De Arrascaeta and E. Ribeiro went out.
Kauê Santos
Kauê Santos:
Não sou flamenguista,mas é incrível ver q aq nos comentários torcedores ingleses parabenizam a atuação do Flamengo,ja os brasileiros desmerecem completamente
Joy Manoppo
Joy Manoppo:
Finally liverpool take's revenge after loss since 1981
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo:
Sou portugues e torci muito pelo flamengo. Jogaram muito bem e isso è que conta! 🇵🇹 🇧🇷
Infinite World
Infinite World:
one Brazilian breaks hearts of million Brazilians
Matías Mallorquín
Matías Mallorquín:
Bien ahi Flamengo

Dignisimo de habernos ganado la final
Aguante sudamerica
khin myint
khin myint:
Very very classical match,and equal chance, but Liverpool are deserved ,both team have tactics, skill ,accurate pass and clinical finishing,but Liverpool are slightly better,congratulation...Liverpool.
Alan CABJ:
Este fue en mi opinión el mejor mundial de clubes que se jugó hasta ahora. Los equipos compitieron en un nivel muy bueno. Al hilal y Monterrey demostraron ser rivales duros y dejaron a sus confederaciónes bien paradas
Anthony Joshua
Anthony Joshua:
Firmino is the hero of the match and he is a brazilian.. So, still Brazil is the best!!! 🇧🇷
Bo Bo
Bo Bo:
Teams like Chelsea, United and City would never stood a chance against Monterry and Flamengo. Both played so well against us
Gustavo Mendoza
Gustavo Mendoza:
Bien jugado flamengo contra el mejor equipo del mundo, saludos desde 🇵🇪.
butti fdft
butti fdft:
I am a liverpool supporter but I Respect Flamengo and Monterrey such a wonderful performance and teams. I always loved Latin American football. keep it up Brazil
I like Salah but firmino deserved the trophy...
Salah created chances, but firmino did better.
J B:
Estos europeos se creen la gran cosa y sólo son alguien en el fútbol gracias al dinero 😂
Cuándo había paridad, la intercontinental no se movía de Sudamérica salvo algunas excepciones JAJAJA
AguusTiin FQNS
AguusTiin FQNS:
JAJAJAJAJAJAJ la FIFA poniendo jugadas unicamente de los Europeos, no importa cuando leas esto
Hoda Haggag
Hoda Haggag:
Being a volunteer of such an exciting and global event, I gotta say that the Flamengo fans were ON FIRE!! 🔥 🔥 🔥 Wherever you go in the country you can easily spot a black-and-red striped t-shirt ⚫️🔴 some were also wearing Qatar’s traditional headwear 🇶🇦 My friends and I really adored and loved you guys’ spirit and respect ✨🙏🏻 so trust me when I say that you may have lost in the final but have won the hearts of many! 🖤❤️


Thank you to ALL who flew a long way to Qatar and wish you a safe flight back home! 👋🏻😄
Alex Gustavo Mansilla Villalba
Alex Gustavo Mansilla Villalba:
El partido de Liverpool fue maravilloso, me impresiono que por un momento Flamengo estaba dominando el partido, pero dejo de ser asi de un momento a otro, los jugadores de Flamengo dejaron de presionar con intensidad incluso ante la exigencia de su entrenador ordenando que salgan, pero nunca lo volvieron hacer...
Me impresiono el Flamengo por unos minutos, estaban marcando un ritmo de equipo de Elite de europa, quiza por esto su nivel de presion y posesion bajo despues, se cansaron y no pudieron llevar el ritmo de europa.
World Champs! Firmino has done it again.
Yash Raghav
Yash Raghav:
Flamengo played well!
Alejandro Martinez Lazaro
Alejandro Martinez Lazaro:
Es un orgullo que ambos equipos nos hayan representado de forma espectacular 👏muchas felicidades a Monterrey y Flamengo👏 representando a Concacaf y Conmebol dignamente, estuve hasta al final apoyando a Flamengo pero no se pudo pero dio un partidazo al Liverpool que estaba metido atrás bien ratoneros esperando al contragolpe. Saludos desde Monterrey, N. L México.
Sou portugues e torci muito pelo flamengo. Jogaram muito bem e isso è que conta! 🇵🇹 🇧🇷
Rafael Cout
Rafael Cout:
why only showing liverpool highlights ? Looks like it was a massacre by Liverpool.
Filipe Goncalves
Filipe Goncalves:
Where is the almost bycicle goal from Gabriel? Van Dijk crucial save in Bruno Henrique's kick? Flamengo was better than shown here!
Manu Bates
Manu Bates:
I'm Brazilian but Thanks Bobby 😍 Love u
D Fraises
D Fraises:
From the remote area in senegal to the top of World football your deserve respect Mané, we senegalese are proud of you🇸🇳🇸🇳
Jim Red
Jim Red:
How does it feel for those Brazilian fans that their dreams shattered by another two Brazilian?
João Vitor
João Vitor:
Firmino salvou o Liverpool nos dois jogos e o melhor jogador eleito foi o Salah?
MD Seezanজি
MD Seezanজি:
Lovely Brazilian 😍😍😍😍
Manu Bates
Manu Bates:
Brazilian players always the best even against Brazil
Sindre Hansen
Sindre Hansen:
Mané the only player to be involved in a goal in every european/continental final. UCL final he makes the penalty for Salah to give them the 0-1 lead. He scores both goals in the Uefa Super Cup and assists the goal in the CWC final
Haziq Azhad
Haziq Azhad:
so the Brazilian scores the winner against Brazilian team at Qatar ? what a match
Never underestimate non-european teams. Flamengo and Monterry challenged Liverpool. If that was Arsenal or Man Utd they would have been knocked out.
Congrats Liverpool ♥️
From the fans of Al Ain FC
Daniel Kiersnowski
Daniel Kiersnowski:
This was a nervy game! Flamengo were incredible
Firmino extra time scorer🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Who else thinks alisson needs a hair cut
officialyap 10
officialyap 10:
Brazil vs Brazil 😅
Heroe Wahjoedi
Heroe Wahjoedi:
Congratulation, Liverpool! Indonesian loves Liverpool FC.
Firmino was going to take of his shirt when he scored the winner in the semi finals but he didn't and then he scored the winner in the finals and he took of his shirt
where is gabriel´s bicycle kick ? many highlights missing, FIFATV !
Anderson Delmondes
Anderson Delmondes:
Ruben Martinez
Ruben Martinez:
Why would he break Brazil hearts when he is Brazil 😂😂😂
Gabriel Lavey
Gabriel Lavey:
Just spent 2 hours on the United vs Watford video, trolling everyone in the comments.
Rashid Awan
Rashid Awan:
I was see this match in stadium. And what a crowd and lovely moments.
Praveen Anto
Praveen Anto:
Congrats to Liverpool for lifting their first world club championship. Credit to Flamingo for a making it a very entertaining game.
Marcel Lucio
Marcel Lucio:
Congratulations Liverpool, Greetings from Brasil.
Brent Crude
Brent Crude:
Alisson kept a clean sheet and Firmino scored, but to me the Liverpool hero in this match was Joe Gomez. He was a total beast in our back line.
man Iron
man Iron:
Firmino 🇧🇷❤❤❤
Combo set: Champions League, Super cup and World Club Cup. Thanks for the great 2019.

Now Premier league trophy... Target indentified. Locked on.

Merry Xmas everyone and happy new year.
Micael Pacheco
Micael Pacheco:
A verdade é que se não fosse os jogadores latino-americanos, os times europeus ñ seriam essa potência toda
Momo Ndiaye
Momo Ndiaye:
Sadio Mane❤️🇸🇳
Ballon d’OR🤴🏿
Bobby the pride of brazil 🇧🇷
One year since Bobby Firmino made Liverpool FC world champions.

Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom:
Fico imaginando o que seria desses times europeus sem os Brasileiros
Yago Eliax
Yago Eliax:
Flamengo ♠️♥️♠️❤️♠️❤️♠️❤️❤️
Amiin Aden12
Amiin Aden12:
1:39goal of the year🥇
Pelada Peixoto Filho Ubá
Pelada Peixoto Filho Ubá:
Flamengo representou bem o Brasil!!
TB19 117 Muhammad Zahiruddin Bin Mohd Zaki
TB19 117 Muhammad Zahiruddin Bin Mohd Zaki:
their winning reaction is not as much as when they win UCL
Nature Neutral
Nature Neutral:
MOTM :Firminho/Hendo(C)
Najib Rahman
Najib Rahman:
Que que bien para Monterrey le coruna de barbosa Flamengo farfeel 🇲🇽
Vinicios Marcos
Vinicios Marcos:
3 x O no Liverpool 1981⚫🔴🏆
I personally support Liverpool, but Flamengo did an amazing job to make it only 1-0.
Duque de Caxias
Duque de Caxias:
Alisson 🙌🏻 Firmino 🇧🇷
Mauro Lessa
Mauro Lessa:
Parabéns flamengo vice campeão mundial 2019. Vocês mereceram. Parabéns.
Yuli Yuli
Yuli Yuli:
Wow Brazil striker ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥
Dani Mendes
Dani Mendes:
Firmino salvou o LIVERPOOL
Marcos Eduardo
Marcos Eduardo:
Best player in semi final Alisson. Best player in final Firmino two Brazilian players..
Mo. Ryan
Mo. Ryan:
I love Liverpool from Bangladesh
Liverpool is the champion i am so happy .After 30 years
M. A. G FIFA Mobile 20!
M. A. G FIFA Mobile 20!:
First Ever FIFA Club World Cup Final Win For After Lots and Lots Of Years To Come By To Win Their First Ever FIFA Club World Cup Title For The Very First Time For Liverpool FC!☺
Toby Roberts
Toby Roberts:
This was such a great match! If it didn't feel like an important trophy to win at the start of the tournament, it certainly felt like one by the end.
Prasan Tuladhar
Prasan Tuladhar:
There best Brazilian is in Liverpool, our number 9 ♦️
Manutur Marbun
Manutur Marbun:
Congratulations Liverpool.
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo:
Saludos desde Monterrey, N. L México.
Ahmad Nur hakim
Ahmad Nur hakim:
Need a brazilian player to destroy brazilian defend
FIRMINO should of got his HATRICK in this game..
Based Savage
Based Savage:
This is Liverpool’s first Club World Cup championship 😮
Jebonz Senpai
Jebonz Senpai:
In just 6 months, we got 3 🏆🏆🏆... memories... 2019 💕
That was one crazy game!
Leul Achamyeleh
Leul Achamyeleh:
Liverpool started to look like a 90s and early 2000s Brazilian national team without Ronaldo. They always win
DeRosa 97
DeRosa 97:
Great Final Game.. Credit to CR Flamengo Goal Keeper
Nishaallen Gopal Dass
Nishaallen Gopal Dass:
Anyone here after PL win? Ahh wonderful memory..
Bobby cannell The best free kick taker
Bobby cannell The best free kick taker:
I ♥️ Liverpool
Abdinasir Mohamed
Abdinasir Mohamed:
It never gets old just like the UCL comeback against Barca 👌💪
Great exposure to youngsters what's winning feels like.. sepp, harvey, ki-jana..
Paül Owsla
Paül Owsla:
2009- Messi amarga a Estudiantes
2019- Firmino amarga a Flamengo

Cristian Beian
Cristian Beian:
Love this club ❤️🇨🇦
Rafael Barbosa
Rafael Barbosa:
Mano kd as jogadas do bruno henrique essa fifa esconde o potencial do Brasil !!!
Amadou jr
Amadou jr:
Firmino ❤❤❤
Robert JJ SON
Robert JJ SON:
Firmino the man 😉😉😉 again
Salisu Babadidi
Salisu Babadidi:
Firmino destroyed and saved the Brazilians at the same time. He showed how well Brazilians can play. W-W situation
Rahman Shaik
Rahman Shaik:
Don't lose hope Flamengo

U gave us tough fight