Every Fatality in Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate in 4K

Since our last fatality roundup, Rain, Rambo, and Mileena have been added to the roster as part of Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate. Check out every fatality from all the characters in the game to date. Watch every fatality in the game on the PS5 in 4K.


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Coding in Flow
Coding in Flow:
Just collecting some inspiration for my future nightmares
M H:
Terminator sending the upper body to the different realm is diabolical
Mr. J
Mr. J:
There’s something uniquely depraved about having Jax and Johnny perform fatalities on their daughters.....
Ben Jeter
Ben Jeter:
It’s funny how mid fight you can shove a sword through someone and they’re fine, but in fatalities when you breath on them their guts fall out
Oxi q
Oxi q:
Me:softly hits brother in the back of the head
How he describes it to Mom: 18:19
SpicyUni ·
SpicyUni ·:
This is the definition of: "STOP, STOP HE'S ALREADY DEAD!"
Cyb3rn3t1c COSMIC anomaly
Cyb3rn3t1c COSMIC anomaly:
0:01 rain
0:33 mileena
1:06 rambo
1:39 terminator
2:13 robocop
2:45 fujin
3:20 spawn
3:56 sindel
4:29 Shang tsung
5:05 Shao khan
5:38 frost
6:11 nightwolf
6:44 Joker
7:19 Johnny cage
8:01 sonya
8:35 Cassie cage
8:59 Jax
9:26 scorpion
9:55 noob saibot
10:10 Baraka
10:42 raiden
11:15 Jacqui briggs
11:51 sub zero
12:25 kano
12:58 kabal
13:29 Liu kang
13:59 kitana
14:30 kung lao
14:56 jade
15:23 skarlet
15:58 erron black
16:29 d'vorah
17:03 Kotal khan
17:39 sheeva
18:12 geras
18:41 kollector
19:14 cetrion
8:49 this is the most accurate depiction of what it *feels* like to be kicked in the balls.
Daniel Parker
Daniel Parker:
19:38: I love how this blast that would literally cover the entirety of Africa and is only about 3 meters... Now, that’s Mortal Kombat logic if I’ve ever seen it.
johnny Dolla Sign
johnny Dolla Sign:
Imagine today Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone playing this against each other using their characters
Oliver Dubsky
Oliver Dubsky:
Imagine the macaroni wasted on all these sound effects
I love how they picked the characters to show off the fatalities, it's messed up on so many levels.
Marc Davies
Marc Davies:
06:53 Laughed so hard at Joker's "ooooo" when the sign falls down
Ratnakar Singh
Ratnakar Singh:
There is a difference between killing someone
and killing their body parts
Matt Francis
Matt Francis:
They should put Wolverine in the next game can you imagine how violent he would be?
Pan Con Cochayuyo
Pan Con Cochayuyo:
15:48 When you declare to your crush but she rejects you.
8:52 first technique every woman learns in a self defense class.
Sus Baka Senpai
Sus Baka Senpai:
3:15 my face whenever I watch these fatalities and brutalities.
Josiah Royal
Josiah Royal:
If you were to pause you can see Johny sticking up his middle finger lol 7:57
Junior Serrano
Junior Serrano:
Jonhny Cage's fatalities are the most disrespectful ones lmao
5:24 *smol kitana*
Stu Creighton
Stu Creighton:
The sindel one with the hair flowing through their whole body is perhaps the most uncomfortable fatality EVER for me
Aaron Savary
Aaron Savary:
They need to bring back Animalities, Friendships, and Babalities. Animalities most of all, imagine what they could do with that now.
The Assassin
The Assassin:
*how to stop bullying*
google: tell a trusted adult
Little known fact: In order to create these fatalities the entire dev team had to get advanced degrees in human anatomy and physiology
Laurence Jay Buen
Laurence Jay Buen:
Mortal Kombat Characters be like:
"Winning is not enough they also must lose"
Xtalker O
Xtalker O:
I find this extremely satisfying
Tataf !
Tataf !:
3:24 Spawn's cake is yummy.
Dio Brando
Dio Brando:
in the first rain one he makes a queen reference
**immediate respect noises**
The scariest part about the fatalities is the fact that most of the fatalities still barely leave the character alive until the final blow/slo-mo sequence.
9:10 Casually Tears apart his daughter
"mom, can we have Kung Lao fatality?"
"No we have Kung Lao fatality at home."
Kung Lao fatality at home: 0:34
Not even kidding, this is just nightmare fuel
Awol Slaya
Awol Slaya:
8:52 Yeah thats about how that feels
Daniel Damaschke
Daniel Damaschke:
Don’t you hear the “ehe!” from Raiden during Spawn’s fatality at 3:51
Sonya and Cassie, Mother and Daughter killing Johnny Cage. What a happy family.😂
J's Armory
J's Armory:
8:54 is an accurate depiction of how getting kicked in the balls feels
Damon Tan
Damon Tan:
Ok wait, this definitely outdo the entire Saw series lol
Robert Daniel
Robert Daniel:
The fact that this isn't age restricted...
Ace Jamal
Ace Jamal:
so sick how rain's fatality does a cool "Queen" album cover reference which includes Smoke, Ermac , and Reptile
Infinite virus
Infinite virus:
8:52 - how it actually feels when kicked in balls
Mk definitely never heard of “stop beating a dead horse” Lol
James Johnson
James Johnson:
Can we appreciated the fatalities? They nailed it with the sounds, designs, motion capture, and even the splatastic gore!
Discord flakes
Discord flakes:
This videos sounds in a nutshell:
20% [some music]
35% AaAaAaAaA.. [silence] AaAaAaaaaaa
40% [blood splatter sounds etc.]
can kardeş
can kardeş:
4:01 When I can´t eat all of my foods . My grandma:
"Look mom this is how i studied about human anatomy!"
Ethan Carlisle
Ethan Carlisle:
Viewers: horrified by some of the fatalities
Captions: Lube cybot
0:37 "Super Sonic Speed!"

8:05 How strong is Sonya? She kicked this man into the clouds.
The second Sindel one was the most gruesome in my opinion
6:45 imagine if this was labeled a friendship
Welp hopefully I can get this game, just gotta convince my parents “its not violent “
Ya boi Iggy
Ya boi Iggy:
all of these are literally how girls describe their period cramps
Firstname Lastname
Firstname Lastname:
8:54 damn they replicated how it feels perfectly
Nevaeh Smith
Nevaeh Smith:
I love how Johnny cages daughter and his fatalities are so extra and dramatic. Like father like daughter
Characters: go through extreme pain
Me playing as them: Ouch
How shady that he put them to do the fatalities against 2 characters that have history with each other XD
Štich ‘
Štich ‘:
13:49 me playing fruit ninja
Patrick Harrison
Patrick Harrison:
I'd like to see a vid of all the fatality ideas that didn't make the final cut.
Kilo Nova
Kilo Nova:
During the fight: I’m invincible
During the fatality: I’m tofu.
Jenn Nettingham
Jenn Nettingham:
Rains fatalities: Brutal but cool
Viewers: Stop, you've already killed him!
The Gamer Of Memes
The Gamer Of Memes:
7:41 my fav finisher
Rambo: *dies*
Everyone: wait thats illegal
Jailen H
Jailen H:
Anyone here after watching Mortal Kombat on HBO? I wanted to see more gruesome things like this.
Da Boyz
Da Boyz:
Kintaro: *2 arms punch out* Guess who’s back, *2 more arms punch out* back again, *grabs D’vorah with all 4* Kintaro’s back, *rips out of D’vorah* TELL A FRIEND.
Nommair Amin Sihad
Nommair Amin Sihad:
This was my first time watching this and I-
ken d
ken d:
That second one by Johnny cage is just 😂😂
Yosh Boi
Yosh Boi:
Single choir lady at every fatality: *AaAaAaAaaAaAaAaAaaaaaaa*
Da Boyz
Da Boyz:
Rain’s second fatality is what Krillin would’ve done had he used Destruct-O-Disc more often

And if DBZ had gore
Shen Bapiro
Shen Bapiro:
80s action heros: exist.
Rambo: y u bully me?
Villain Bakugo
Villain Bakugo:
“The terminator wins” I guess he got terminated
Juan Carlos Pinlac
Juan Carlos Pinlac:
2:46 this is what happens when you make fujin mad
4:30 damn that was brutal
Ah yes "now" I will be able to sleep
Andrew sundstrom
Andrew sundstrom:
Everything hit different when Johnny is performing fatalities on his wife
I hate that “aaaaaah” sound after every fatality
Mits Mann
Mits Mann:
"What do you mean this ISNT the Brutalities section?"
Duarte Costa
Duarte Costa:
seeing Johnny using his ex-wife as a doll made me question divorce.
Muichiro Tokito
Muichiro Tokito:
I lover the bohemian rhapsody reference with smoke, ermac, and reptile lmao
Yaleska Molina
Yaleska Molina:
I just love the way every fighter has a different way to kill their enemies . Awesome y’all 😂😂🔥💀
Just some American Assassin’s creed lover
Just some American Assassin’s creed lover:
8:53 johnny cage got kicked in the sack so hard his skull and spine said “fuck this shit im out”
Best part was when he said “fatality _______ wins”
12:27 Husbands in the 50’s when they come home and dinner isn’t ready yet
The fact that my mom allows me to play Mortal Kombat but not regular shooting games is weird
Jorge Poblete
Jorge Poblete:
Terminator has the best fatality: the motorcycle one.
JanzPlayz25 Gameplays
JanzPlayz25 Gameplays:
I'm so glad my zodiac sign is scorpion❤️
Freddy Pipe0
Freddy Pipe0:
Came from the new movie, and I have to say: That's fucking awesome.
Lucas Wilson
Lucas Wilson:
12:26 when dad comes home from the bar.
Derrick Hill
Derrick Hill:
And that my friends, is why I play Injustice 2.
Sir Megallot
Sir Megallot:
I had subtitles on and they called him "lube cybot"😂😂😂
D films
D films:
Bohemian rhapsody comes to my mind when I see rain fatality
Johnny Duffin
Johnny Duffin:

“ *EHHHH* “
Spyware Protogen
Spyware Protogen:
Missed opportunity to call one of rain's fatalities "Raining blood"
Imagine getting kicked in the nether rhinos so hard your spine comes out of your body that was split in half due to the sheer impact of the attack.
Ashish Kumar
Ashish Kumar:
08:36 that's how you reject a proposal... 🤣
I remember the 90s when fatalities were a shocking novelty. Now it's just so try hard it's laughable.
Cold Heart Channel
Cold Heart Channel:
10:55 what actually should happen when someone throws a giant fireball in street fighter
johnny cage is hilarious 😂
zenol leytan
zenol leytan:
HAHAHA the first one just killed me with the queen reference. XD
my Recpect for Shang Tsung📈📈