COVID-19 update, Sep 3: Thailand reports first local transmission in 100 days

On Sep 3, Thailand reported its first local transmission of COVID-19 in months. It had marked 100 days without new infections just two days ago. Health officials said the man who had tested positive is a prison inmate who had just started serving his sentence for drug-related offences on Aug 26. The inmate, who was a former DJ, had no prior travel history.

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I was in Thailand yesterday, Thailand found someone infected in the country. And caught from a pub in Bangkok with 70 people touching😭😭
Sun doch
Sun doch:
This is jocker virus..
Truth Matters
Truth Matters:
Important to nail down the source of infection. Newzeland got infection started after no infection for so many days. Beijing got infection started after no more infection in Wuhan. Chian nailed it down to the important frozen seafood in Beijing wet market. China suspects the same thing happened before in Wuhan wet market by the imported frozen seafood.
stannersss bruh
stannersss bruh:
show us this 'virus' which satisfies all of kochs postulates
show us all the reductionist steps for the PCR test
show us the diagnosed cased with no other ailments

you cant CNA. becuase they dont exist and you dont even know how to do your job
Taas Vang
Taas Vang:
Thailand is lie like China they really want tourist back so back they block all the virus new cases.
Not a SINGLE person he came in contact with has been shown to be infected. He has not been outside Thailand. Where did this Covid-19 come from to infect him? Is it really Covid-19, or something else?

See also the latest report from the US CDC that says 94% of all Covid-19 cases had "comorbidities or underlying conditions as they are sometimes referred to by doctors".
Wesley Sniper
Wesley Sniper:
Livio *
Livio *:
Medically, a high number of infections is very good. The population's immunity increases. This also applies to the following virus strains related by mutation.
Do not be afraid and finally do not believe the politicians and pharmaceutical agents who want to inject you with a highly dangerous RNA gene therapy.
Thailand has no virus pandemic (58 deaths), Thailand has a car traffic pandemic (more than 25,000 deaths/year)!