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Seera Mary
Seera Mary:
Not just a song but this things do happen to married pipo, who agree with me hit alike here
Accrums Caidy
Accrums Caidy:
Serena and chris kano kayumye, who else has watched more than 10times?
Chris Evans at it again, it was Rema with Linda now bikalubye, press a like button if this boy is used as escape goat for ladies
Cycy Asd
Cycy Asd:
Who else knows that this is the reality please give me some likes. Thanks Chris gwe a singa mu kintu kyokugumya.
Ella Kantlyn
Ella Kantlyn:
Chris neda sebo dat kinda advise has led to deaths munange.people have comited suicide
Florence Mugerwa
Florence Mugerwa:
If u love Chris Evans just hit alike tuuve wano yarabbi
Oliver Kabasinguzi
Oliver Kabasinguzi:
Now i think that the woman who will get married to chris will be so lucky and blessed because now he has to much experience
ndanyi vena
ndanyi vena:
The song is now my sleeping pills
Lynn Uganda
Lynn Uganda:
F you love sende hit alike n we continue enjoying our song.
ndikuno eliphas
ndikuno eliphas:
Am still here in this quarantine. 2020.
Jackline Vanesa
Jackline Vanesa:
Who loves dis song more than mi banange??💕💕💕 Big up Chris & serena
My favourite part of the song 3:50👇

Serena Bata: Luli nasanga obupiira😢
Chris Evans: Oyo mulungi yekuuma nyweza
anyango priscilla
anyango priscilla:
This is a true love story by serana so emotional and touching. Hope life goes on well but don’t dare give your ex another chance
Jeniffer kabahweza
Jeniffer kabahweza:
Ho else has watched this like me while reading comments 😂😂😂😂
G kstar
G kstar:
Who agree with me that Chris Evans is best in this
Osob Abdirahman
Osob Abdirahman:
I'm not from Uganda and yet I like this song very much, it's interesting and hopes someone will translate the general idea thanks. sending love and respect from Ethiopia
Ninsiima Elizabeth
Ninsiima Elizabeth:
Who else sow Chris counting money from the kabox haha old notes
Tamale khassim Hassan
Tamale khassim Hassan:
I love this song
Hit more likes but love needs respect, but always God first,
2021 Mr president bobi to be
Nadunga Esther
Nadunga Esther:
I have watched this song more than ten times
Emily Mugisha
Emily Mugisha:
Who has watched it more than 5 times
Nakacwa Zainah
Nakacwa Zainah:
I can't stay in such marriage, this is were we find violence always in such marriage, women move on men who respect women are there, y do you wait to understand him and until when
Davis Kabiswa
Davis Kabiswa:
Have always thought Serena is underrated oba not lucky but talent 🔥
Keisha Tamah
Keisha Tamah:
My fast time to watch it on Facebook I was crying 😭 cz these things happen in most relationships thank you guys for the message bambi
Fausta Keyz
Fausta Keyz:
Whoever thumbed this song down has a mental health issue
joanah kanyesigye
joanah kanyesigye:
Seriously this song is so touching.. jst remembered the things ma mum went through.😘😘big up to Serena Bata en Chris evans🙏
Bettie Stewart
Bettie Stewart:
Who else is here to read comments✍
Delphine Nabafu
Delphine Nabafu:
I can't have enough of this song. Its really good.
Hamurang Eunice stanley
Hamurang Eunice stanley:
Future hubby if u don't bring Chris on my wedding tontwala yarabi
💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃 who else has watched this twice
Phionah Natumanya
Phionah Natumanya:
Who has watched it like 4 times ba dear serena & Chris Evans sabula💃💃💃
Daphyn Frankyston
Daphyn Frankyston:
Serena shouldn't go back to sipapa she should concentrate on her music career....What a nice voice💜
I compare this one with Linda with Rema then u just 💪💪💪
namuwawu sharifah
namuwawu sharifah:
Chris Evans gwe asinga mu kintu kino I really loves your voice and your songs big up mukama yakuwesa ebiri
Who liked the video be4 watching it bikalubye baba
Annet Nakato
Annet Nakato:
I remembered yesterday calling my big bro about my relationship thanks chris
John Morfaw
John Morfaw:
I am from West Africa and have fallen in love with East African rhythms despite the linguistic barrier- I do not understand Swahili. but music transcends cultural barriers. Kudos
Mulinda Faridah
Mulinda Faridah:
Who still remember that digital life in Chris's love, if you love it drop yo likes love
Irene Juliet
Irene Juliet:
Toxic message. Why do you tell women to stay in such toxic relationships. Wow no sense 😱
Nasuna Liz
Nasuna Liz:
Woow who else enjoyed the creativity in Chris's single room
Vicky Me
Vicky Me:
I can't get enough of this song. Thank you serena and Chris for such a wonderful message
anabel Juliet
anabel Juliet:
The song has met my expectations.
Big up Chris and Serena!!
Ssali Aisha
Ssali Aisha:
Who else came here after watching Serena's interview on NTV Mwasuze Mutya by Faridah.
I don't even know why I cried a bit!!!!!!
Kim Ashiraf
Kim Ashiraf:
Same to me ,, am always crying for him,, but he still says am his love,, for real love eluma,, am like serena,, because of him I react from where !!!!

Am so touched
Sheilah Sheilah
Sheilah Sheilah:
Naye Chris amagezi goowa muno simalunji as if we women we don’t have feelings 😢
Nabulwala scovia
Nabulwala scovia:
Wabula Evans with love songs your relented
Joan Babirye
Joan Babirye:
Woooowh the song is too woowh 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️thanks Chris and Bata
Hajarah Nagawa
Hajarah Nagawa:
I really love Chris's music
The Moving Church
The Moving Church:
Thanks for this powerful message bambi, thanks big Chris my brother..
Mariam Nantumbwe
Mariam Nantumbwe:
Indeed ssendegeya aka conrade was the best in the position of abad guy .sipapa
Darlin Zynah
Darlin Zynah:
There some things I cannot tolerate walah.
Such a beautiful tune 👏
Stella Naka
Stella Naka:
Finally I give up darling all the best
I've listened to this song for 1 month and half but Relationships and marriages are hard to maintain.
Birungi Milly MM
Birungi Milly MM:
Am in love with the song , love you bingi Chris
Sumaiyah Atugonza
Sumaiyah Atugonza:
Sendegeya Aromatic films( I love everything in this song)
Herbert Alijuna
Herbert Alijuna:
Yes, yes, that's real Chris Ivan thanx man with ur babe voice series
Eng izo256
Eng izo256:
The ending is superb 🔥🔥🔥
Tovu Great
Tovu Great:
Am in love with the song already at the first time
Amos Hank
Amos Hank:
Sendegeya was the perfect guy for the song
Esther Stephen
Esther Stephen:
Best .baby
Eeeee musika today is hear like him in acting... again he has made this more best.just keep up musika.cris kavoice keko.serena bulichimu in the song i have lliked .its mai tune.
Just keep up.
Team saudi you can only like if God is still keeping you alive and all teams beside i love you all
Winnie tracy
Winnie tracy:
Bambi serena i see that you feeling the bcoz its atrue story brown sugar naye kati gaakaba gakomba😭😭😭
Nakiseka Rahmah
Nakiseka Rahmah:
Sende sende sende. Wow actually this part suites him
tusubira diana
tusubira diana:
The way I love this Evans yeyongede
Bianky Mobile
Bianky Mobile:
Am seeing my Ssendegeya ,,Ntunusi actor .
Thanks for nice tune
Sham Tbanks
Sham Tbanks:
Indeed we women pass through alot nae God bless you all Chris and serena
Nambozo Jane
Nambozo Jane:
I love the song bambi but I feel pain as if am theone through this message God will bless you Serene bambi
Meri Al
Meri Al:
It's true that's what is happening in marriage now
Nakaima Mastula
Nakaima Mastula:
Wow thanks so much dear one's.
Much love and God bless you.
So beautiful ❤️😍
Nagawa Resty
Nagawa Resty:
People kam en see talent here everything is Unique in the vidio how can u clean your hands on yr own blanket naye Cris u will kill me one day
Asha Byandala
Asha Byandala:
I am madly in love with de song ,thanks papa Evans n Serena.i don't know hw many tymz i hv watched it
Komuhendo Sarah
Komuhendo Sarah:
Whenever i load data i have to watch this video I have loved it to the fullest it gat a nice message ......keep up u guys
Olive Newton
Olive Newton:
😭😭 men... i love the song this is reality
Jadat ka
Jadat ka:
I'm practicing this song for tiktok....imagine it's already morning 🥰🥰🥰🥰, really life...
tinah deo
tinah deo:
Been waiting for this 🤸🏼‍♀️ woow am not disappointed thanks Chris♥️♥️
Nalubowa Nwanje Prossy
Nalubowa Nwanje Prossy:
The two are my favorite .and Chris u killed it .much love for Serena.
Nantambi Prossie
Nantambi Prossie:
Wow this is what l was expecting , wow thank you Chris for making it big
Zabasajja Kaspher
Zabasajja Kaspher:
Wowo serena v been waitin' 4 de video, i rilly lyk yo voco n music tu❤💕
Naluzze Gorret
Naluzze Gorret:
Much respect guy's thanks dear
Sarah mellisar
Sarah mellisar:
Much love Chris... Evans from. Dubai..
Milicent Taaka
Milicent Taaka:
I'm in love with this song though sielewi the meaning..much love from kenya👏👏
Am in love with this video 😍😍😍😍 and I can't stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 walahi let me download it rytnow 😍😍😍
Nacksy Molly Miriam
Nacksy Molly Miriam:
My ssende onkolera wadde sometimes you make me cry. I dedicate dis song to all strong ladies like me
Noby Yut
Noby Yut:
Woow woow u never disappointed us dia Chris waffe
Grace Stylez
Grace Stylez:
Thanks for good message in it but guys i feel like giving up on my guy i feel like i can't hold it anymore
Anshemeza Santina
Anshemeza Santina:
😭😭😭this song is so emotional, watched it like 10 times
Mariam bint Jawali
Mariam bint Jawali:
Wawooo it's massive 💪💪
Banange I can see Ssendegeya wa meron 😂😂😂bambi nyc video big up ba dia
Mummy's Girl
Mummy's Girl:
I swear i can't stop watching dis vedio wow so massive..much love u both serena en Chris
kyokunzire agnes
kyokunzire agnes:
Beautiful song.... beautiful combination, Serena & Chris had to make a hit🔥❣️
Damiant Holywuud
Damiant Holywuud:
Honestly Evans u make me feel ur music so much wen ever I listen to voice this art is so amazing thanks for the courage massage
Team aromatic entertainment where are you, here comes sendegeya again 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Nice tune wallai serena and chris, but im happy u used sendegeya 😂
Nsubuga Sophia
Nsubuga Sophia:
This is amazing nd beautiful song thanks Chris nd serena because these things happen in most of the marriages
Annet Nakawungu
Annet Nakawungu:
This is 🔥 🎶 2020
Nakyanzi Sylvia
Nakyanzi Sylvia:
Bt wts wrong with people who pressed unlike? 🤔 🤔 🤔
Agnes Nanzizi
Agnes Nanzizi:
Indeed mukikubye walai lwa nyumye💪....who else loves the song like me?
Nabaggala Prossy
Nabaggala Prossy:
My super star am in love with your voice big up man God bless you 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Lilian Kamara
Lilian Kamara:
That's a beautiful song well done guys💞💞💞💞💞
Shantel Underwood
Shantel Underwood:
I love the fact that this lady had moved on with her life coz I saw her interview with remmy on livewire💃 She is so humble and calm...🙏🙏 much love my people I honor you bambi more blessings 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Namuwonge Safinah
Namuwonge Safinah:
Nyc song, nyc smile to all but Chris it's too much mukaziwatu agumikiriza
That's why am waiting to get married
May God bless and help those people in that kind of mistreatment every thing will be fine. TEAM CHRIS AND SERENA
jumba freda
jumba freda:
Who hv seen omugaga sende bba wa meron in this ♥️♥️♥️Chris walai walai
Chris ur e best who agree banange

En this really happening to pipo
Nassimba Hasifa pasha
Nassimba Hasifa pasha:
Evans you are a gud married consellor yet u are single