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Florence Mugerwa
Florence Mugerwa:
If u love Chris Evans just hit alike tuuve wano yarabbi
Accrums Caidy
Accrums Caidy:
Serena and chris kano kayumye, who else has watched more than 10times?
Cycy Asd
Cycy Asd:
Who else knows that this is the reality please give me some likes. Thanks Chris gwe a singa mu kintu kyokugumya.
Chris Evans at it again, it was Rema with Linda now bikalubye, press a like button if this boy is used as escape goat for ladies
Ella Kantlyn
Ella Kantlyn:
Chris neda sebo dat kinda advise has led to deaths munange.people have comited suicide
Seera Mary
Seera Mary:
Not just a song but this things do happen to married pipo, who agree with me hit alike here
Jeniffer kabahweza
Jeniffer kabahweza:
Ho else has watched this like me while reading comments 😂😂😂😂
ndanyi vena
ndanyi vena:
The song is now my sleeping pills
Fausta Keyz
Fausta Keyz:
Whoever thumbed this song down has a mental health issue
Nadunga Esther
Nadunga Esther:
I have watched this song more than ten times
G kstar
G kstar:
Who agree with me that Chris Evans is best in this
Oliver Kabasinguzi
Oliver Kabasinguzi:
Now i think that the woman who will get married to chris will be so lucky and blessed because now he has to much experience
Ninsiima Elizabeth
Ninsiima Elizabeth:
Who else sow Chris counting money from the kabox haha old notes
Osob Abdirahman
Osob Abdirahman:
I'm not from Uganda and yet I like this song very much, it's interesting and hopes someone will translate the general idea thanks. sending love and respect from Ethiopia
Hamurang Eunice stanley
Hamurang Eunice stanley:
Future hubby if u don't bring Chris on my wedding tontwala yarabi
💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃 who else has watched this twice
joanah kanyesigye
joanah kanyesigye:
Seriously this song is so touching.. jst remembered the things ma mum went through.😘😘big up to Serena Bata en Chris evans🙏
John Morfaw
John Morfaw:
I am from West Africa and have fallen in love with East African rhythms despite the linguistic barrier- I do not understand Swahili. but music transcends cultural barriers. Kudos
Nakacwa Zainah
Nakacwa Zainah:
I can't stay in such marriage, this is were we find violence always in such marriage, women move on men who respect women are there, y do you wait to understand him and until when
namuwawu sharifah
namuwawu sharifah:
Chris Evans gwe asinga mu kintu kino I really loves your voice and your songs big up mukama yakuwesa ebiri
Namugaya Zamzam
Namugaya Zamzam:
Woow so educative massage 💯✔️Bambi thanks ba dia
Blessings to everyone here🙏❤️
Damiant Holywuud
Damiant Holywuud:
Honestly Evans u make me feel ur music so much wen ever I listen to voice this art is so amazing thanks for the courage massage
Davis Kabiswa
Davis Kabiswa:
Have always thought Serena is underrated oba not lucky but talent 🔥
Herbert Alijuna
Herbert Alijuna:
Yes, yes, that's real Chris Ivan thanx man with ur babe voice series
Emily Mugisha
Emily Mugisha:
Who has watched it more than 5 times
Daphyn Frankyston
Daphyn Frankyston:
Serena shouldn't go back to sipapa she should concentrate on her music career....What a nice voice💜
Nambozo Jane
Nambozo Jane:
I love the song bambi but I feel pain as if am theone through this message God will bless you Serene bambi
Sumaiyah Atugonza
Sumaiyah Atugonza:
Sendegeya Aromatic films( I love everything in this song)
Ssali Aisha
Ssali Aisha:
Who else came here after watching Serena's interview on NTV Mwasuze Mutya by Faridah.
I don't even know why I cried a bit!!!!!!
Keisha Tamah
Keisha Tamah:
My fast time to watch it on Facebook I was crying 😭 cz these things happen in most relationships thank you guys for the message bambi
ndikuno eliphas
ndikuno eliphas:
Am still here in this quarantine. 2020.
Annet Nakato
Annet Nakato:
I remembered yesterday calling my big bro about my relationship thanks chris
Vicky Me
Vicky Me:
I can't get enough of this song. Thank you serena and Chris for such a wonderful message
Mariam Nantumbwe
Mariam Nantumbwe:
Indeed ssendegeya aka conrade was the best in the position of abad guy .sipapa
Lyric Serenity
Lyric Serenity:
The way my 2yrs old enjoys the bikalubye thing this song is lit
Zabasajja Kaspher
Zabasajja Kaspher:
Wowo serena v been waitin' 4 de video, i rilly lyk yo voco n music tu❤💕
Kim Ashiraf
Kim Ashiraf:
Same to me ,, am always crying for him,, but he still says am his love,, for real love eluma,, am like serena,, because of him I react from where !!!!

Am so touched
Melita Ole Tanchu
Melita Ole Tanchu:
Good tune
Though here in Kenya we ain't getting shit
Must be a heartbreaking love story
The OneLove Family
The OneLove Family:
Who liked the video be4 watching it bikalubye baba
Eng izo256
Eng izo256:
It's worth the wait, u never disappoint 😍♥️💃🕺
I've listened to this song for 1 month and half but Relationships and marriages are hard to maintain.
Hajarah Nagawa
Hajarah Nagawa:
I really love Chris's music
Nalubowa Nwanje Prossy
Nalubowa Nwanje Prossy:
The two are my favorite .and Chris u killed it .much love for Serena.
Amos Hank
Amos Hank:
Sendegeya was the perfect guy for the song
Mariam bint Jawali
Mariam bint Jawali:
Wawooo it's massive 💪💪
Banange I can see Ssendegeya wa meron 😂😂😂bambi nyc video big up ba dia
anyango priscilla
anyango priscilla:
This is a true love story by serana so emotional and touching. Hope life goes on well but don’t dare give your ex another chance
Delphine Nabafu
Delphine Nabafu:
I can't have enough of this song. Its really good.
shamsa nambuusi
shamsa nambuusi:
Indeed we women pass through alot nae God bless you all Chris and serena
Nasuna Liz
Nasuna Liz:
Woow who else enjoyed the creativity in Chris's single room
Nyangoma Phionah
Nyangoma Phionah:
The song that I feel,😪😪😪...I hve been patiently waiting for the video. Thank u for not disappoting me....
anabel Juliet
anabel Juliet:
The song has met my expectations.
Big up Chris and Serena!!
Tamale khassim Hassan
Tamale khassim Hassan:
I love this song
Hit more likes but love needs respect, but always God first,
2021 Mr president bobi to be
Eng izo256
Eng izo256:
The ending is superb 🔥🔥🔥
Bianky Mobile
Bianky Mobile:
Am seeing my Ssendegeya ,,Ntunusi actor .
Thanks for nice tune
Mulinda Faridah
Mulinda Faridah:
Who still remember that digital life in Chris's love, if you love it drop yo likes love
Sarah mellisar
Sarah mellisar:
Much love Chris... Evans from. Dubai..
Komuhendo Sarah
Komuhendo Sarah:
Whenever i load data i have to watch this video I have loved it to the fullest it gat a nice message ......keep up u guys
Milicent Taaka
Milicent Taaka:
I'm in love with this song though sielewi the meaning..much love from kenya👏👏
Nagawa Resty
Nagawa Resty:
People kam en see talent here everything is Unique in the vidio how can u clean your hands on yr own blanket naye Cris u will kill me one day
Stella Naka
Stella Naka:
Finally I give up darling all the best
Charles Bageze
Charles Bageze:
I can't get enough of this song, I have watched it several times but still I can't get tired of it, big up Chris and Serena
Charles Bageze
Charles Bageze:
I can't get enough of this song, I have watched it several times but still I can't get tired of it, big up Chris and Serena
I compare this one with Linda with Rema then u just 💪💪💪
Sheilah Sheilah
Sheilah Sheilah:
Naye Chris amagezi goowa muno simalunji as if we women we don’t have feelings 😢
Prayer Altar
Prayer Altar:
Thanks for this powerful message bambi, thanks big Chris my brother..
Nacksy Molly Miriam
Nacksy Molly Miriam:
My ssende onkolera wadde sometimes you make me cry. I dedicate dis song to all strong ladies like me
Esther Stephen
Esther Stephen:
Best .baby
Eeeee musika today is hear like him in acting... again he has made this more best.just keep up musika.cris kavoice keko.serena bulichimu in the song i have lliked .its mai tune.
Just keep up.
Team saudi you can only like if God is still keeping you alive and all teams beside i love you all
My favourite part of the song 3:50👇

Serena Bata: Luli nasanga obupiira😢
Chris Evans: Oyo mulungi yekuuma nyweza
Tovu Great
Tovu Great:
Am in love with the song already at the first time
Meri Al
Meri Al:
It's true that's what is happening in marriage now
Jalirah Muwonge Lugemwa
Jalirah Muwonge Lugemwa:
This song saved my marriage most women are going thru alot God we hope you hv a special place for us in heaven
Birungi Milly MM
Birungi Milly MM:
Am in love with the song , love you bingi Chris
kyokunzire agnes
kyokunzire agnes:
Beautiful song.... beautiful combination, Serena & Chris had to make a hit🔥❣️
Asha Byandala
Asha Byandala:
I am madly in love with de song ,thanks papa Evans n Serena.i don't know hw many tymz i hv watched it
Nakiseka Rahmah
Nakiseka Rahmah:
Sende sende sende. Wow actually this part suites him
Nakaima Mastula
Nakaima Mastula:
Wow thanks so much dear one's.
Much love and God bless you.
So beautiful ❤️😍
Anshemeza Santina
Anshemeza Santina:
😭😭😭this song is so emotional, watched it like 10 times
I love you Chris in Jesu's name Amen, your my number one musician
Lana Namubiru
Lana Namubiru:
I'm in love with this song walai
Speaks a lot in Married people's life, nze nadukayo dda
tusubira diana
tusubira diana:
The way I love this Evans yeyongede
Naluzze Gorret
Naluzze Gorret:
Much respect guy's thanks dear
Am in love with this video 😍😍😍😍 and I can't stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 walahi let me download it rytnow 😍😍😍
Kebirungi Daina
Kebirungi Daina:
I love this hit oh my God, I don't know how many times ve watched t,big ups my stars Evans and Serena
Mutoni Becky
Mutoni Becky:
Beautiful song🔥🔥
Joan Babirye
Joan Babirye:
Woooowh the song is too woowh 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️thanks Chris and Bata
Noby Yut
Noby Yut:
Woow woow u never disappointed us dia Chris waffe
Krstina Bob
Krstina Bob:
Thank you for using ma best acter Yiga Conrad Peter I love that guy
Olive Newton
Olive Newton:
😭😭 men... i love the song this is reality
Nakayenga Resty
Nakayenga Resty:
Chris ur e best who agree banange

En this really happening to pipo
Milly Nikisha
Milly Nikisha:
Ssendegeya 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 u used the right person
Nabaggala Prossy
Nabaggala Prossy:
My super star am in love with your voice big up man God bless you 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
nabwami teddy
nabwami teddy:
Real life experiences... I love the song SO so very much. Can't stop watching
Grace Stylez
Grace Stylez:
Thanks for good message in it but guys i feel like giving up on my guy i feel like i can't hold it anymore
Drileba Jonathan
Drileba Jonathan:
Never tolerate nonsense my darlings,
You will be teaching them how to treat u
Nabwonso Rebecca
Nabwonso Rebecca:
Finally it's out. am happy
I dedicate it to all wifes in Uganda but most especially bakadama
Annet Nakawungu
Annet Nakawungu:
This is 🔥 🎶 2020
Nadunga Esther
Nadunga Esther:
Nze sijja kweyombekela kangendde nsome obusister 😂😂😂😂
Glosh Petra
Glosh Petra:
wow my Chris bigup its a nyc song ate sme pipo pass through that