Chris Evans Accidentally Leaks his Nude Pictures on Instagram and Twitterati are Confused

Chris Evans Accidentally Leaks his Nude Pictures on Instagram and Twitterati are Confused.
Don't blame Chris Evans if he starts hating technology from now on. The actor is currently the top trend on Twitter after he accidentally leaked his nude pictures on Instagram. Yes, we said nude and yes, we mean Captain America actor Chris Evans. Turns out the actor was playing the game of “Heads Up” and shared the video with his 5.7 million followers on social media. He, however, forgot to trim the clipping and ended up revealing some of his personal pictures including one of his penis. Defending Jacob: Will Chris Evans' Apple TV Series Return With Season 2 To Justify The Mysterious Ending?
While the actor was quick in deleting the video from the Instagram story but his fans and followers had already shared the same on social media. The damage, as they say, was already done. While Twitterati is currently wondering and discussing Evans' major goof up, others are simply reacting and joking about his 'huge' error. Check out some of their reactions. Chris Evans Opens Up On Why He Agreed To Play Captain America After Rejecting The Role Several Times.

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Mr. Leo
Mr. Leo:
He is making America great again
rochelimit's hangout
rochelimit's hangout:
I think he's a narcissist, I'm getting that vibe the first time I knew him in Fantastic 4
Everyone is here to see that
Mona Singh
Mona Singh:
Where can i see it 🙃
Robert Bench
Robert Bench:
The fact that he plays a superhero from a studio who cater to children means he has a lot of young boys who follows him on Instagram. It means a lot of those young boys probably already saw his adult junk. For the first time in Hollywood history! A PG superhero icon like him just accidentally shared a photo of his junk for everyone to see regardless of their gender and age. This is something that we never thought would happen in Hollywood.
Missy Taurus
Missy Taurus:
😤😤😤😤 where is that thing , don’t see it 🙊🤣🤣🤣