[Behind the Scenes] Kim Soo-hyun wraps Seo Yea-ji in a warm hug | It’s Okay to Not Be Okay [ENG SUB]

A peek behind the scenes with Kim Soo-hyun and Seo Yea-ji as they rehearse the knife-grabbing scene and perfect the Butterfly Hug, making our hearts flutter in the process. 🦋

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Gifty Osas
Gifty Osas:
The man that played Sang-tae is the best actor, like it’s so believable it’s crazy 👏
Is no one gonna talk about Sang Tae actor??? He's such a great actor!
Marielle Jae
Marielle Jae:
it feels like they're writing the script while filming 😂
Cindy O
Cindy O:
My nephew is autistic. Seeing the actor play those common mannerisms so well made my heart teary. I think he was superb!
FLawLesS TaStE
FLawLesS TaStE:
YOO, I do not watch Korean Movies or Dramas so much or at all almost, but dam actors are so different vs what I see with K-Pop Idols.
Their interaction between different groups and gender...etc Is it because of what young fans write about them and think if they would interact like actors does?
Just genuinely interested about this topic lol, thanks.
Elle Anne
Elle Anne:
First of all Sang Tae's actor did a great job in portraying Sang Tae, he deserves an award.
Amara Zzz
Amara Zzz:
Yes , I know Seo YeJi is absolutely gorgeous. But can we just take a moment to appreciate her acting ?

In the entire drama , her acting looked so real and effortless as the powerful , psychotic Ko moon young .

The way she held herself with that grace and composure seems to come naturally to her

Like her role , I feel like she also has the same Aura of power and calmness like Ko Moon young .

And I'm ABSOLUTELY in love with her voice . ❤️
Wooly Varo
Wooly Varo:
Honestly, whoever watches any of the behind the scenes from It's okay no to be okay, knows how good these people are at acting, because they are nothing like their characters
Kelvin Nguyen
Kelvin Nguyen:
I love how K-dramas are shot mostly in real life locations, rather than in a studio or behind a green screen. It’s very different from American style filmmaking and I think it’s probably one of the reasons why I started to enjoy watching K-Dramas
Simina Anton
Simina Anton:
I have an autistic brother and I guarantee you the actor playing Sang tae is absolutely amazing, his acting is so spot on and realistic af
Isabella Lin
Isabella Lin:
I want to see the kid’s behind the scenes they acted so well
Dara Puspitaningrum
Dara Puspitaningrum:
Aside being an actor, Kim Soo Hyun seems to be a director's assistance when he give suggestions, idea, and focus on details in their act 😂
Gerra Mae Velasco
Gerra Mae Velasco:
Yeji is the only woman I approved for Soo Hyun
UBR Entertainment
UBR Entertainment:
Love this
Am I the only one back here after this Kdrama ended cuz I can’t get enough of it
Oh jung se, who plays the character of Sang tae, deserves an Oscar for his role. I saw him previously in When camellia blooms, but now he blew my mind with his acting
Iron Kookie
Iron Kookie:
I like how Seo Yea ji is cheerful and shy person in real life but still she plays role of cruel and rude female lead smoothly,it tells how great actress she is
Shirley Edun
Shirley Edun:
The gentleman who played Sang Tae deserves a freaking Oscar for his brilliant acting. He made that character so believable!
Jennies lost socks from last week
Jennies lost socks from last week:
Came here after the scandals, I just don’t understand how someone as cute as her can do that, anyways I hope it’s not true, she just started getting recognized as an actress😭🤚🏼
Nunex Mamba
Nunex Mamba:
Yea ji's smile were precious. Look at the way she smile and laugh on the set. Thats why i dont believe in the issue that shes a bully.
Mark Rosario
Mark Rosario:
Kim Soo-hyun has always been a big star and his performance here did not disappoint. However, Seo Yea-ji's performance in this drama was truly outstanding. She will surely become Korea's top actress after this.
Anika Rahman
Anika Rahman:
*He deserves the title of most* *highest paid actor in Korea*
I love how my recommended has videos of Seo Yeji lined up now that she is getting more hate. Some of y'all have nothing better to do then jump on a bandwagon of hating any celeb.
As someone who has had friends on the spectrum,I can say that the actor who played Sang-tae was beyond talented. I almost forgot he was acting.
You haters are so pressed. If soo hyun had a problem with her they wouldn’t be in the same agency.
Alliah Rose
Alliah Rose:
Kim Soo Hyun will be a great director someday.
Kevin Erlangga
Kevin Erlangga:
pretty MinMin
pretty MinMin:
I love her so much having dead scandal just B4 awards ceremony seems fishy to me
Also if genders switched ppl be calling it cute it's true and makes it more sick
Korean medias are a joke they can't make us follow or listen to them just bcoz we like K-pop and kdrama .kmedia's drama is worse than north Korean Kim Jung un's will to give ppl a life
The guy played sangtae is such a great actor. I'm so impressed
Princxss. LoudeJina
Princxss. LoudeJina:
It looks like the crew members are close with each other, even after watching the scandal it’s hard to believe that’s how she really is.
hold up
hold up:
bruh no wonder he’s the highest paid actor in korea look at how he keeps on suggesting ideas to make the drama more detailed we stan a multitalented man
Seo Yea-Ji is a Visual Queen and an Acting Goddess PERIODT.
G r a c y R e m o s
G r a c y R e m o s:
I just came here because of the scandal of Seo Yea-Ji, Like look at Yea-ji she's so cheerful and so adorable, for me i will not gonna judge yea-ji until someone confirm it😊❤
RLL Real Lazy Lives
RLL Real Lazy Lives:
4:19 why does Kim soo Hyun looks so cute when he gets easily startled for not saying his line 😂😂😂 it’s too cute 🥰
Aarty Kaur
Aarty Kaur:
She has a cold look but then when she smiles 🥰 . She is so pretty and cute . Her eyes 💕
Gipsy Avenger
Gipsy Avenger:
I hope she does a comedic role next. She commanded every scene she was in with this drama. She eats up the camera .
I like how Soo hyun isn't just acting. He's contributing to the drama, suggesting how to make a scene better, pitching in ideas, taking care of co stars. I mean- Kim Soo Hyun, my highest respect! 💯
Nunex Mamba
Nunex Mamba:
She is really Beautiful. They look good together
In my opinion, i say that Seo ye ji is one of the most beautiful actresses i have ever seen. She is a talented actress.😍❤❤❤
Kpop For Life
Kpop For Life:
Can we just take minute to appreciate Seo Yea-ji's absolutely gorgeous dresses
Like who can wear such beautiful dresses so well except for Seo Yea-ji
Audrey Reyes
Audrey Reyes:
We can see that Kim Soo Hyun is a veteran actor. He jokes around but at the same time, gives input and also helps his leading lady to have a great shot. He even thought about the backdrop! 👏 👏 👏 👏
SYJ did so wellllll in this movie. Her acting and look like a queen
Nunex Mamba
Nunex Mamba:
I regreted not watching this when they aired this on netflix. My friend kept telling me to watch this but i ddnt mind her. But now im on ep 16 and i dont want to this movie to end hoping for season 2. I really love them esp. Seo yie ji. And their chemstry was LITTTTTT..
H3Ll0 StRaNG3r
H3Ll0 StRaNG3r:
That scene when his brother cover his brother's head/face and hugged him.... That made me cryyyy😭😭😭😭
vivi rahmawati
vivi rahmawati:
I like how passionate he is about his work. He doesn’t just sit around waiting for the director to tell him what to do. Instead he gives his thought and idea about how things should get done.
even after seo yea-jis scandal i still love her
Maria Elizabeth Rubio
Maria Elizabeth Rubio:
I really love it when Yea-ji smiles without her eyes 🥺 She's so precious uwu
Vivianna Jeson
Vivianna Jeson:
I love every actor in this drama!!!! Perfect combination of actors!!!
Ludmila Gomez
Ludmila Gomez:
it's amazing how munyeong's character is cold and serious when her actress is someone so adorable
Padma Ramana
Padma Ramana:
She's looking insanely beautiful
The actors were so so so good. For me Seo Yea-ji and Oh Jung-se impressed me the most. Seo Yea-ji yet again taking on a method acting role and giving her all despite the affects method acting has on actors mental health. Everything about how she played her character was perfect. I hope she’s doing okay because I can’t imagine the toll it would have taken on her. And Oh Jung-se played Sang-tae so believably, professionally and respectfully I actually had to search whether the actor had autism himself. Truly amazing
Story Lucky
Story Lucky:
Ko Mun-Yeong’s stylist is very talented
Seo Ye Ji and Kim Soo Hyun working so well together on set no wonder their chemistry is on fire 8:14, love both of them so much. They are amazing.
hichmat abdoul wahid
hichmat abdoul wahid:
I'm here after the controversial about seo ye ji. I hope this is not true 'cause she's a great actress, she don't deserve this hate. I hope don't get a mental breackdown but it's okay to not be okay stay healthy ♥♥♥♥♥

sorry for my bad english
pixie dust
pixie dust:
when Gang-tae had to grab Mung-yeong’s hand and after, he asked her “did i grab too hard?” 🥺🥺🥺
cinnamon roll
cinnamon roll:
I still love her ngl
Nhey Calma
Nhey Calma:
The most versatile actor here is Sang-tae, his acting is superb! 👏👏👏
aeman Siddiqui
aeman Siddiqui:
The effort and detail Kim Soo Hyun looks after while acting has made me fangirl over him alllll again!!!
Sathvika D K
Sathvika D K:
This is the kind of drama that should be 30-40 episodes long not just 16. I'm already missing the drama, gonna rewatch it again and again forever.
The actress is soooo darn cute.
This series is so perfect 😍😍😍😍.... It's the most beautiful series I have ever seen... 🙏🙏For the writer and director
00:56 I don't know how she didn't fall in love with him immediately after that gorgeous smile...
Sheesh, Seo Yeji is so glamorous without even trying.
Mark Abellar
Mark Abellar:
Sang Tae should receive best actor award.damn he is good on his role.
Kim Soo Hyun is an amazing actor! I cried so many times because of him 😍😍😍
Chikamso Gloria
Chikamso Gloria:
kim soo hyun is a good director to like the fact that he is helping out. seo yea ji on the ohter side is so so so beautiful. borahae for this movie
Wow so Amazing
Wow so Amazing:
I swear they should just get married I will 110% support it.
The actor for Sang-Tae deserves an award
kim soo hyun looks so cool and composed in most of his films but he's actually the most goofy of all of them 😄
하은 Ha-eun
하은 Ha-eun:
kim soo hyun's lips is very unique. maybe that's the reason why he's good at kis---
Seo Yea Ji is my all time favorite actress. I love her so much. She deserves all the happiness in this world <3 I am proud to be a Yeye!
- --another hit drama of Kim Soo-hyun. He really had a greet chemistry whoever he paired with (im sorry for my bad english)
As Someone who has a Disability myself.. It’s Heartbreaking watching Sang Tae scream and act like that and I’ve seen that back in school days when I was 15 (2015) and now I’m 20 (present)

But come on
He’s such a great actor pulling this off
Bee gud
Bee gud:
Sang-tae's role is not really easy! The one who portrayed sangtae gave justice to it he is a great actor really! 👏
Dolen Thokchom
Dolen Thokchom:
I really love this couple
May Vang
May Vang:
They're cute together.
Kim Soo Hyun such a great actor! Love him so much!!
Joon Hopes Chim ate Jin's Kookie n Tae with Suga
Joon Hopes Chim ate Jin's Kookie n Tae with Suga:
She is so pretty already and when she smiles she gets even prettier 🤩
They are so cute together. I won’t be surprise if they date during or after the show ❤️
Jellen Park
Jellen Park:
Kim soo hyun is really so passionate about his work. He doesn't just sit around and wait for the director to tell him what to do. Instead he really gives his ideas to make the scene more beautiful. SO I KNOW WHY HE IS CALLED THE KOREAN'S MOST HIGHEST PAID ACTOR.
Multilingual Mess
Multilingual Mess:
Can we talk about Kwak Dong-Yeon, he acted soooo well when I watched his episode I felt a deep attachement to his character
Almond milk.
Almond milk.:
Shruti Murmu
Shruti Murmu:
The cute face Kim Soo-Hyun made when he saw he's bleeding ...I love that baby face...
Najma Berylia
Najma Berylia:
Can't wait SYJ AND KSH say "Hey swoonies!"
Stephanie Liew
Stephanie Liew:
Oh Jung Se is so talented omg like honestly it didn’t occur to me the whole time how intricate it must have been to play sang tae and all the little characteristics he needed
Inalivi Awomi
Inalivi Awomi:
I love Moon Sang Tae. His acting deserves so much appreciation
Tanvee .n
Tanvee .n:
Sang tae deserves to be appreciated too! He did a marvelous job :)
Yea ji we love u, its okay, u got us, dont worry, we love u. We will always here for u
it’s cool to see everyone so bubbly in real life because the show is so cold that and the actors/actresses are so good 💛💛
Kintan Dyah
Kintan Dyah:
I wonder soo hyun will be a true director for his project in the future ,not only an actor / co-director like in this bts👍🏼 he was detailed in every scene.
Anyway I see good atmosphere around the crews and actors, love it✨✨
Nancy Veronica
Nancy Veronica:
I really like professor Oh. He is so humble character 🤍
Surabhi Aivalli
Surabhi Aivalli:
Soo-hyun is adorable😭
she seems so sweet here, but the rumors with her ex boyfriend make her sound so cold, i hope they were fake, i acc liked her acting.
Ελένη Σ.
Ελένη Σ.:
Being an actress seems so hard.. I would be so embarrased to show emotions with so many people looking at me.. They are truly talented
now i know why he's the most highest paid actor
Killa Cali
Killa Cali:
I love this show and woe
She is awesome and her voice match her personality so well in this series...
One of the best 5 rated drama’s ever seen!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED must watch.
Crazed Mazed
Crazed Mazed:
KSH has his goofy side that's so cute...will miss you Moon brothers.