Authorities attempt to stop Hong Kong protests

Millions of Hong Kong citizens have taken part in protests demanding democratic reform and an investigation into police brutality. SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for more videos: Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: For more content go to and download our apps: Apple: Android


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Barrel Rider
Barrel Rider:
if this doesn't stop. it would turn to much larger chaos without even china getting involed. just because of them. economy would drop as well.
Irvin WC
Irvin WC:
When China has had enough of the protesters. They will come down on them with an iron fist. Just like in 89'. Then, Americans will realize why we need a 2nd amendment. That's it's purpose!
Sky News wants these protests to go forever so they can report on Boris Johnson less.
Mark Stengel
Mark Stengel:
I've been eating Hong Kong goulash since 1967 when Mrs Hong Kong showed me recipe.
Alex Xu
Alex Xu:
Western media are having a field day over HK.
Amanda True Crime
Amanda True Crime:
They are surprised?? Lol where are the yellow vest protests Sly news?
British rule time in 1956 and 1967 riots broke out. The British did a good job no police brutality only 59 killed in 1967 and 51 killed in 1956. How many this time under China rule “0”.
I'll just leave this quote,
“Never give in--never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.”
― Winston Churchill
Emperor Charlemagne
Emperor Charlemagne:
Britain agreed to protect Hong Kong from exactly this...
Possibly the worst airport security ever.
nel c
nel c:
Which authorities?

And If they “authorises” would like to stop it, it should be done long long ago. No need wait till today or tomorrow or who knows when.
Ray Mak
Ray Mak:
What if this happens in US?
Bryan Wagner
Bryan Wagner:
Since when did protesters turn into anti-government separatists? Next there going to be terriosts. These are people standing up for there rights not anti government
Ørjan Arvikk
Ørjan Arvikk:
Here's hoping this doesn't end up like another Tiananmen square.
Then against it's China so anything is possible if it meets party interests.
Lady Blushes
Lady Blushes:
Prayers for Hong Kong.
Dj Doolittle
Dj Doolittle:
Whoo hoo! ... Whoo ohh ohh ohh !
Hong Kong Garden 💚😷☝️
d'joy S
d'joy S:
No more Tianmen s pl.
R T:
CCP keyboard warriors going hard I the chat with every article I see.
Clouds Cosmos
Clouds Cosmos:
Hong Kong Riots, CNMB!
Telstar 89
Telstar 89:
The Hong Kong Freedom movement needs a political arm.
Joe Tree
Joe Tree:
God bless those in Hong Kong !! Fight for your freedoms brothers & sisters !!
Steve Jones
Steve Jones:
they will kill em like the monks in the hills.
saniv kumar
saniv kumar:
It's always fun to watch how truth been manipulated.
Fox Ino
Fox Ino:
Aww these poor souls, they are so peaceful n innocent, they are not bullies, they've never attacked police, they've never beaten up tourists, they have no weapons, they never sacrifice others' freedom for their own gains, and most importantly, they are not paid by anyone.

All of those are fake news. ;)
death is a preferable alternative to communism
SteelersGoingFor 7
SteelersGoingFor 7:
So many Chinese.
Casper LI
Casper LI:
Chuan Hui
Chuan Hui:
soft as a silk
Sniper Viper
Sniper Viper:
Better dead than red
Joe schmo Larry
Joe schmo Larry:
This comment section is full of paid shills, the trollfarms workin overtime. Propaganda alert!
Daffy Duck
Daffy Duck:
There gonna get the PLA it will be bloody!
Bryan Thompson
Bryan Thompson:
There's more photographers and reporters than protesters. LOL!
Two people tied up and beaten up , where their freedom of speech and freedom of choice.
Jasper Ckv
Jasper Ckv:
Too many reporters .....
Togo Burrows
Togo Burrows:
three rice cookers in new york=solidarity
Freedom 0017
Freedom 0017:
Teh Chuan
Teh Chuan:
Violent mobs
Dickson Chee
Dickson Chee:
That the end of HK byby 🤣
In the meantime, movement leader Nathan Law is in the United States being admitted to Yale for a degree, remote controlling his minions.
jhon doe
jhon doe:
Hollywood loves to virtue signal about humane right accept when it threatens their Chinese profits then they get quite
Henry Townshed
Henry Townshed:
So many people going into surgery
Xin Gaming
Xin Gaming:
Sit it out and talk as Trump said.
Must be trendy
When smb is gonna help poor Hongkongers??
Tommy li
Tommy li:
Press “like” for hk police millions times, this is the right thing to do. Restore the Social order to the people. That is the basic of democracy, which has been taken away by the people who claim to fight for it few days ago.
Fair & Square Justice
Fair & Square Justice:
jhon doe
jhon doe:
Freedom not made in china
Blake Logan
Blake Logan:
I love my neighbourhood and my pet husky. When the town council decides to enforced a no pet allowed policy in my neighbourhood without my approval. Should I vandalise my lovely neighbourhood and spit on the hardworking neighbourhood security watch which was paid by my tax-cut just to get the town council to notice me fighting for my rights? or should I just move to a pet loving community and resume my peaceful life with my husky or I could get rid of my husky and obliged peacfully
Mr. No B.S.
Mr. No B.S.:
Hong Kong wins, China feels humiliated.
Sally AH
Sally AH:
2.58: The Chinese army is on the streets now? What is thiis reporter talking about? Fake news.
Flexxi Gota
Flexxi Gota:
Good job pushing china's narrative sky
tsai yinwen bucu tsai Gay
tsai yinwen bucu tsai Gay:
BILL randell
BILL randell:
Molon Labe!!!
systematic self organization
systematic self organization:
who is the ding dong in Hong Kong who started all this
Francis Lee
Francis Lee:
Correction: Hong Kong riots, not Hong Kong protests.
Johnny Smith
Johnny Smith:
Every one talking of repeat of Tian An Men. Tian An Men was in Beijing the centre of China. Hong Kong is 1,500 km away and there Tian An Men even repeated will not be of much significance in the political life of China.
Sally Pan
Sally Pan:
It shocks me that Hong Kong wants to keep their way of life and not be subjected to Chinese overberance.... I mean who really likes freedom of speech anyways,right?
Jamie C
Jamie C:
The true wester values are: democracy, rule of law, personal liberty, mutual respect. these rioters destroyed everything in the fake name of "democracy" and their own "freedom"
Bill Christian
Bill Christian:
This should have happened days ago.
Mike Perkins
Mike Perkins:
Why are their signs in English? 🤥🤫
No one can tolerate this kind of violent...please help yourself don’t put the yourself in shame. And jeopardise your country
Minecraft hunger games Hong Kong Edison
Alan Shin
Alan Shin:
first those r not protester those r rioters or terrorist and a "HUGE SUPPORT TO THEM ??" hypocrite bias media
Dane Pacheco
Dane Pacheco:
To defeat the Chinese government and communism..... Now would be a good time to call Godzilla Hong Kong....
B. K.
B. K.:
The men who were beaten were mainland agents. One was journalist taking pictures of unmasked protesters and the other was a police officer there to create violence and make the movement look bad. Both are being hailed as heroes in mainland China for this
Cristina Lexy Reef Tank
Cristina Lexy Reef Tank:
😯 Is China a 🔫🔪Mafia State trying to colonize the world buying it and putting people into submission.Now going after Hong Kong?
Hong Kong needs many photographers in that region to show China's evil intent if their military makes a move. Free Hong Kong and kill communism.
dimsum den
dimsum den:
The reporter said 2 men were bound and beatened for many hours but did not mention who did it. Why he did not say the protestor mobs did this to the 2 men. The 2 men suffered inhumanely.
Dan H
Dan H:
uneven wealth distribution, here's the consequence
Glass Jiatai Wong
Glass Jiatai Wong:
A long time riot has disrupted local economy.
HK was a famous window of economic and politics for foreigners come here before 2000.
But now isnt, HK is full of voilance and unconvenience for tourists.
CCP Central will support HK SAR government to maintain the steable, prosperous and horse riding situation.
Cult Of Malgus
Cult Of Malgus:
God bless the people of Hong Kong. And goddamn the CCP! A Pox upon all Communists everywhere!
baby Cool kid
baby Cool kid:
Warning: china shills in the comments, winnie the po toe suckers haha
Bilbo Baggins
Bilbo Baggins:
All these security precautions are active at Heathrow. No tickets. No obvious reason to be in the Airport. No access!
The Tiananmen Square protests were student-led demonstrations calling for democracy, free speech and a free press in China. They were halted in a bloody crackdown, known as the Tiananmen Square Massacre, by the Chinese government on June 4 and 5, 1989.

Pro-democracy protesters, mostly students, initially marched through Beijing to Tiananmen Square following the death of Hu Yaobang. Hu, a former Communist Party leader, had worked to introduce democratic reform in China. In mourning Hu, the students called for a more open, democratic government. Eventually thousands of people joined the students in Tiananmen Square, with the protest’s numbers increasing to the tens of thousands by mid-May.

READ MORE: Communism Timeline

At issue was a frustration with the limits on political freedom in the country—given its one-party form of government, with the Communist Party holding sway—and ongoing economic troubles. Although China’s government had instituted a number of reforms in the 1980s that established a limited form of capitalism in the country, the poor and working-class Chinese still faced significant challenges, including lack of jobs and increased poverty.

The students also argued that China’s educational system did not adequately prepare them for an economic system with elements of free-market capitalism.

Some leaders within China’s government were sympathetic to the protesters’ cause, while others saw them as a political threat.

Martial Law Declared

On May 13, a number of the student protesters initiated a hunger strike, which inspired other similar strikes and protests across China. As the movement grew, the Chinese government became increasingly uncomfortable with the protests, particularly as they disrupted a visit by Prime Minister Mikhail Gorbachev of the Soviet Union on May 15.

A welcome ceremony for Gorbachev originally scheduled for Tiananmen Square was instead held at the airport, although otherwise his visit passed without incident. Even so, feeling the demonstrations needed to be curtailed, the Chinese government declared martial law on May 20 and 250,000 troops entered Beijing.

By the end of May more than one million protesters had gathered in Tiananmen Square. They held daily marches and vigils, and images of the events were transmitted by media organizations to audiences in the United States and Europe.

Tiananmen Square Massacre

While the initial presence of the military failed to quell the protests, the Chinese authorities decided to increase their aggression. At 1 a.m. on June 4, Chinese soldiers and police stormed Tiananmen Square, firing live rounds into the crowd.

Although thousands of protesters simply tried to escape, others fought back, stoning the attacking troops and setting fire to military vehicles. Reporters and Western diplomats there that day estimated that hundreds to thousands of protesters were killed in the Tiananmen Square Massacre, and as many as 10,000 were arrested.

Leaders worldwide, including Gorbachev, condemned the military action and, less than a month later, the United States Congress voted to impose economic sanctions against China, citing human rights violations.

" These were mainland China people" , Don't forget them !
Sean Pan
Sean Pan:
Calling Mighty Mouse(PLA).........
nishant kumar
nishant kumar:
these protesters are jobless and some of them are on college vacations that's why they are protesting...get a job...
hernan canaveral
hernan canaveral:
Free Hong Kong china means slavery in English
Support Hong Kong Police
Tom King
Tom King:
HK protesters look like terrorists -- wearing masks and daring not to show their faces.
Leo leo
Leo leo:
Following what they did tuesday I have lost all respect for the protesters
Dom Perignon
Dom Perignon:
the EU are the same as china smash the EU tyrants
yo dasxi
yo dasxi:
Nice video of PLA drilling on ball busting and skull cracking on Chinese site, Hong Kong protesters be scare and thanks Joshua bananas wongworm.
Tony Marano
Tony Marano:
The two men held were undercover police masquerading as demonstrators.
Communists has always caused deaths to their own people. And China has a long history of killing their own and at this rate they will do it again if people doesn't watch out
Alpha Heat
Alpha Heat:
In our fight for freedom, we know no fear, we know no threat, we know no mercy...... in fact, we know NOTHING!
Eddie Kianana2014
Eddie Kianana2014:
Long live people power, government is for the people by the people, world must support courageous people of Hong Kong, not only that they are fighting for their freedom, but they are also fighting for freedom of their brothers, and sisters in China 1.4 billion of them, and for rest of the world. This mob of brutal, ruthless, inhumane regimes in China and around the world must be ruled by people not the other way around. One million people can commit suicide, EVIL regime in China doesn't give a damn, they have killed thousands in Tiananmen Square and millions of Muslims are in concentration camp, people of the world must confront these brutal gangster regimes around the world.
Xingdong122 Kao
Xingdong122 Kao:
HK police is doing a good job, very professional, a supporter here.
KT Chong
KT Chong:
Thoes protestors are either British or Vietnamese, they are not Chinese. They want to go back to UK USA. UK USA should bring them home, but so far UK USA are NATO -- No Action Talk Only !
Quak! Quak!
we will make HK great again! (message from that Donald Duck, USA)
this is horrible is this what we get for fighting g for democracy EXTINCTION REBELLION IS BEHIND THE PROTESTERS IN HONG KONG
S S:
UK and US must summon china criminal party to UN and international court violating Sino British Joint Declaration and human rights in HK
Keith Micheal
Keith Micheal:
FREE HK from the protesters and rioters. we are tired of their antics. Bring back law and order. Punish those who disobey.
David Kartawidjaja
David Kartawidjaja:
Support HKG PD.
mvrns lxndr
mvrns lxndr:
Death to Beijing
Holo Polo
Holo Polo: